It may be a bit overdue but here is my Michael Sam rant! Now, if you’re looking for a homophobic Michael Sam rant you won’t find it here but nonetheless this post is damn sure going to be a rant about Michael Sam.

I can give a rats ass that Michael Sam is gay or if any other collegiate or professional athlete in any sport is fucking gay. However, where I draw the line is being subjected to watching a dude kiss another fucking dude on national fucking television!

“Oh, but wait a minute KnowItAll! I thought you weren’t homophobic?!” I’m not but it doesn’t change the fact that I have no desire to watch two men kiss. If I wanted to I could easily find it online but it’s a different story when I have a house full of relatives and kids watching television in my house and have to be subjected to watching Michael Sam lock lips with his boyfriend Vito Cammisano!

I really don’t get why Michael Sam announcing that he is gay is such a big fucking deal to begin with. He’s is not champion of a cause nor is he the modern day Jackie Robinson. He told his Missouri teammates he was gay before the season started! Supposedly, no one on the fucking team gave a rats ass.

Michael Sam being the first openly gay football player to be drafted into the NFL is a big deal for what fucking reason? If there was a college football player who became the first football player to be open about the fact that he enjoys to lick his girlfriends asshole would the headlines be “First time an admitted ass licker to enter the NFL draft.”? When that player was drafted should we expect that ESPN would have had a camera on him while he stuck tongue inside girlfriends ass!?

Seriously, a fucking press conference for a player drafted in the 7th round, 249th overall only because he’s gay? What kind of fucking double standard is that? Is it about being gay is no one’s business or that being gay should be screamed from the rooftops although it’s non one’s business? Is it that Michael Sam should be celebrated or treated differently? WHAT THE FUCK IS IT?

Sam-Jersey1 What makes me irate is the Michael Sam’s draft stock plummeted after the NFL combine yet there were mindless assholes attributing that to the fact that Michael Sam is gay not that he had a poor showing at the combine! STAND WITH FUCKING SAM AND BUY HIS #10 JERSEY TO SHOW YOUR SUPPORT!!! Support for fucking what? That he enjoys the sexual companionship of a man over a woman? When in the fuck has a dude who was drafted in the 7th round ever had a jersey put up for sale? How about fucking NEVER!!

There are always going to be people who simply do not condone homosexuality. Michael Sam coming out and stating that he is gay and being drafted into the NFL is not going to change a fucking thing nor should it. People who don’t have a problem with homosexuals still won’t and people that do still will as it’s common fucking sense. In fact it brings back memories of Tim Hardaway stating that would have had a problem with having a gay teammate when John Amaechi stated he was gay. Tim Hardaway was called all types of shit and for what? For being fucking honest?!

As a hetrosecual I fucking love watching two hot chicks swapping spit. There are people in the world that find it repulsive. Know what? That’s their prerogative as it is mine to find the below repulsive!

michael sam kiss

If Michael Sam doesn’t make the Rams it’s going to be because he’s gay. If Michael Sam makes the Rams does it meant that he made the Rams even though he’s gay? I wouldn’t think so but that’s exactly what the media spin is going to be before the start of the 2014-2015 NFL season. The dude doesn’t have a handicap! The dude simply enjoys having his dick sucked by another dude!! SO FUCKING WHAT?!

Jason Collins is the first openly gay NBA player who is actually playing. Michael Sam is the first openly gay football drafted into the NFL. Does this mean we have the pleasure of watching hours upon hours of bullshit when the first openly gay baseball and hockey player come forward? It’s not like something like this has ever happened before. Oh wait a fucking minute it HAS FUCKING HAPPENED. If you are reading this and have no clue what the hell I’m talking about Google Martina Navratilova! FML!!