Admittedly I have never watched a full episode if this “hit” TLC show that revolves around beauty pageants for tots. I’ve only come across it a few times while clicking through the channels and stopped for a few seconds to think WTF!

My 3 Year Old Looks Like a Hooker.....AWESOME!?There is something really wrong with dressing up 3 year olds and trying to make them sexy! Wendy Dickey dressing up her 3 year old Paisley to look like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman was super DISTURBING. I even more disturbed that these pageants exist in the first place. Toddler should be drinking milk, reading books and playing tea time not prancing around a damn stage shaking their butts acting like super divas.

Yes, Toddlers and Tiaras is disturbing but what’s even more disturbing is that over 1.8 million viewers tune in each week to watch this crap. Over 1.8 million viewers? Who in their right mind watches this show? I’ll take a guess and say that half are pageant moms and the other half are pedophiles as neither can ever be considered to be in their right minds.

Someone at TLC has to know right from wrong and pull the plug on this show.