Does a person person who places a Coke, fries and a burger into a paper bag and says “Thank you, come again” while the register tells them how much change to give back to a patron worth $15 an hour? I don’t think so and feel with the strongest of conviction that The fight for $15 is ridiculous! Even though the fight for $15 is ridiculous fast food workers in New York City have been successful in the fight and will soon be able to earn a yearly wage of a little over $31,000 per year. With that being said I would like to state to these New York City fast food workers “Be careful for what you wish for!”

Making $8 bucks in change must have sucked but that’s the job you chose. The job didn’t choose you. Going in when you filled out your one page application you knew exactly how much money you would make per hour and what the responsibilities of your position would be the same way I did when I took a fast food job when a was 15 years old. Yes, you had to seek housing assistance and obtain food stamps to get by but since you have now won your fight you can be welcomed into the real world and now pay your own way!

“Pay my own way?” LOL…. yup you will no longer qualify for public assistance and instead of having things handed to you, you will now have to do what the rest of us have always done and pay for your own groceries and housing. But KnowItAll, I only receive $300 a month in food stamps. Yeah I know its rough but that’s only 20 hours of your new $15 an hour wage. Oh wait, your tax bracket is going to go up so accounting for federal, state and city taxes you’ll really be working more like 25 hours per week to pay for your own groceries. Wait a minute, you didn’t know? ROFL!!!! Than again that’s if you’re luck enough to keep your jobs!

Forgetting for the moment that the fight for $15 is ridiculous and that all these “hardworking” people chose the job why is it that not one single person took a step back just for a minute? Let’s just say that I’m the so called evil CEO of McDonald’s. As CEO of McDonald’s my bottom line is profit. I always strive to increase profit year after year and I’m now faced with almost doubling my expenses for my workforce. What shall I do? I know, since I now have to almost double my workforce expense I need to cut back on the amount of my workforce. Why should I have to pay 8 workers double the wage when I can simply fire 4 and demand twice the production from the 4 I decide to retain?

I don’t know about you but my local supermarket has self checkout aisles. You simply scan the bar code of each item, select your payment method, bag your items and leave. My local supermarket has approximately 4 of these self checkout aisles. Of course, they do have 1 employee that is on stand by in order to assist anyone who may be having an issue with any of the machines. However, instead of paying 4 more cashiers my supermarket was able to eliminate the need of having 3 cashiers by investing in technology. How hard would it be for the fast food industry to come up with something similar?


LOL, McDonald’s is starting to roll out the above self service kiosks. The amusing thing is that they started looking into these self serve kiosks prior to the $15 wage increase, approximately 11 years ago. Even better is that in the locations where these machines were tested McDonald’s found that order times were decreased by approximately 7 seconds and customers that used these kiosks spent more money! Expect to see these self serve kiosks in McDonald’s sooner than later with pretty much every other fast food eatery to soon follow suite. Best of all combining the 7 seconds with an average of around $1 more spent per customer would lead to increase in profits of 1 to 3 percent which could equate to millions of more dollars in profit. (thanks to for the image and information.)

So why my utter hatred for fast food workers earning $15 dollars an hour? Listen I’m all for increased wages but only for occupations that are deserving like our brave men and women of the US armed forces and home health aides. You need no special skills to be a fast food worker. Our man and women of the US Armed forces are risking their lives for us and occupations such as home health aid workers are responsible for the well being of another person. What in the heck is a fast food worker special skill set?

In closing yes the fight for $15 for fast food workers is ridiculous and fast food workers should have been careful for what they wished for. Now they can deal with layoffs and having to find another job in which the have no special skills to offer!