Oh no! KnowItAll is writing about the holiest of holy books! Of course I am or I simply wouldn’t be me. One of the many things that drives me nuts is the complete and utter morons who must lake basic reading comprehension to state that the Bible doesn’t contain contradictions. Although I do enjoy writing my blog I do have a life and have absolutely no desire to point out the verses of chapters of the “good book.” I’ll leave that up to you bible thumping angry people who would like to disprove me.


God is satisfied with his works but is dissatisfied with his works.
God dwells in light but dwells in darkness.
God is seen and heard but is invisible and cannot be seen and heard.
God dwells in chosen temples but God dwells not in temples.
God is tired and rests but God is never tired and never rests.
God is all powerful yet is not all powerful.
God is warlike yet God is peaceful.
God accepts human sacrifices but also forbids them.