Sony Vaio The picture to the left is of a Sony Vaio PCG-71511L which I received as a gift over 4 years ago from my super awesome brother who hated seeing me work on my little netbook. When I first received it I absolutely loved it but as time went I wanted to throw the fucking thing out the window.

In the very first year of ownership, approximately I was working on my Sony Vaio when all of a sudden it simply turned off. I attempted to turn it back on but the little green light on the power button wasn’t even there. I called Sony support and told them the problem and told that I technician would be sent to my home in a few days to take a look at it and to fix what was wrong. As promised a technician showed up to my home and final diagnosis was that my Sony Vaio needed a new motherboard. A NEW MOTHERBOARD?! In a laptop that wasn’t even a fucking year old? The motherboard was fixed and that was the only time the motherboard ever had to be replaced. Just in case you were wondering why I believe that my Sony Vaio sucks or why Sony Vaio sucks in general it’s not due to the motherboard having to be replaced within a year of ownership it’s because my Sony Vaio PCG-71511L was the killer of hard drives!

That’s right my Sony Vaio for no fucking reason had hard drive failure after hard drive failure due to simply just using the fucking thing. I never played video games on it and simply used to to create blog posts and to surf the net yet time and time again the hard drives kept going bad. The first time it happened I had to pay Sony around $80 to ship me recovery CD’s. I was kindly offered a replacement hard drive from them at something like $250 which I declined. Why the fuck would I want the same hard drive to be placed into my laptop that just went bad for no reason and pay over $200 as well?

On occasion my Sony Vaio let me know that the hard drive would soon need to be replaced as “Operating system not found” would sometimes pop up but disappear when rebooting. In the time that I used my Sony Vaio I had to replaced the hard drive over 5 times and reformat the hard drive at least 10 times.

Last week I was in the process of purchasing tickets online to a water park for a day of family fun when for no reason whatsoever my Sony Vaio locked. I had just finished paying for tickets and was going to print them when the fucking thing become 100% unresponsive. I held the power button down to do a hard reboot and than saw the dreaded “OPERATING SYSTEM NOT FOUND” yet one more time.

The next day I opened the bottom hard drive cover for what seemed like the 100th time and removed the hard drive and was going to purchase yet another hard drive until I realized how much fucking money I have spent on hard drives on my Sony Vaio for no fucking reason whatsoever. I know that hard drives dying is nothing new but hard drives dying over 5 times within 4 years is BULLSHIT! It was at that exact moment that I knew I had used my Sony Vaio PCG-71511L for the very last time.

What amuses me the most is that out of sheer frustration and anger I decided to type the term “Sony Vaio Sucks” into Google upon the first use of my new ASUS T100TA Windows Tablet with Keyboard I came across where hundreds of pissed off Sony Vaio Laptop owners have gone to vent their frustrations.

I always appreciate a gift but I can 100% say that Sony Vaio SUCKS and I will never ever purchase a Sony product due to my experience with my shitty Vaio laptop.