As time continue it’s seems more and more people that I speak with are in favor of socialism which means that I’ve been speaking to more retarded people than usual. Socialists come in all different sizes, shapes and flavors but what I’ve found is that the people that I speak to about most about socialism tend to be, for lack of a better term, unsuccessful.

You know those people who stay in the same dead end job and day dream about what it would be like to make more money or have a better work position yet do nothing to improve their situations yet have a great deal of entitlement.

I had a conversation with a former colleague that I worked with close to a decade ago and his reasoning as a pro socialist was so utterly retarded and lacking in logic that I had I began to think that he must have some sort of tumor developing in his brain.

We were speaking about the salaries of CEO’s when he went on this long rambling tirade that CEO’s are way overpaid and since it’s the worker who is responsible for the wealth of the company and it’s the workers that provide for those at the top of the company to earn such hefty salaries that it would be a much better idea to have those at the top make less and have pretty much all of the profit disbursed among the workers. That in our current capitalistic society corporations are nothing more than a pyramid and as I should know pyramid schemes are illegal. Therefor corporations should be illegal as those at the bottom of the company will never be able to earn as much as upper management.

I asked one simple question that he could not answer which I found to be both comical and aggravating at the same time. The simple question that I asked is that if the workers were being compensated pretty much the same regardless of the amount of hard work they put in what was the incentive to work hard at all? It’s simply fact that no matter what type of business one works in there is always those people aka slackers. Slackers who do the bare minimum but get paid the same as the guy in the cubical next to him or her that has to work that much harder to pick up the slack. Whereas in our current capitalistic system the slacker gets fired and the guy or gal who picks up the slack gets a promotion in a socialistic society the slacker is viewed as less intelligent and not as capable so therefore the slacker should receive the same benefit as it’s not his or her fault.

Socialism lovers seem to hate CEO’s making millions of dollars yet fail to see what the CEO did in order to attain that level of success. Big deal, that guy come from nothing, paid his or her own way through college and graduate school, worked a full time internship while working a full time job, started in the mail room and through hard work and dedication climbed the corporate ladder. Socialism lovers fail to see that this same person would have never had the desire to do what I described above as success should have just been handed to him or her.

If you don’t agree show me one thriving socialism based society which I know can’t be done as it doesn’t exist!