As a die hard Yankees fan I tried to take the high road when Cano bolted for Seattle for 10 years and $240,000,000. However, after watching his interview on ESPN where he says he was disrespected by the Yankees offer of 7 years for $175,000,000 I had no other thought than FUCK YOU ROBISON CANO!

Listen up asshole! You made $15,000,000 last year yet you only pay $600 a month in child support yet have the nerve to talk about respect! You could have become the face of the franchise and the next Yankees legend but now you’ll forever be known as a greedy, money hungry asshole who took a payday over a possible place in history as one of the Yankees best players of all time. You won’t have your number retired and you’re career is going to go to shit in Seattle.

There’s a big difference between hitting between Jeter and Tex and whoever the fuck you’ll be hitting between in the Yellowstone like dimensions of Safeco Field. You’re contract will go down as one of the worst in baseball history and will hopefully put an end to these fucking ridiculous contracts that are being handed out like candy.

You would have been overpaid with the Yankees to begin with! You’re not a $25,000,000 a year player yet that’s what the Yankees were willing to pay you yet you felt disrespected and have the balls to say they didn’t try hard enough to keep you? You are out of your fucking mind. Fuck you’re 9 year average is .309 24 97 yet the Yankees offer of $25 million for the next 7 years is a sign of disrespect? Fuck you!!

I can’t wait until you take you stupid fucking ass into the Bronx in April. I don’t want to see a fucking tear in your eyes or a frown on your traitor face either. You’re going to have 54,000 plus Yankees fans boo the ever living fuck out of you and you will deserve every waking moment of it. We put up with your non hustling ass for 9 years and lived with your shitty post season performances because you were a homegrown Yankee and one of our own. At least you can enjoy your money in Seattle when Mariners fan turn on your ass for the 15 homes and 80 rbi’s you’re going to give them next year.

While I’m at it, FUCK YOU JAY Z! You make a Yankees hat more famous than a Yankee can?!!! No you don’t and you can’t you ignorant fuck. You’re supposed to be a Yankees fan yet demanded a 10 year $300,000,000 deal from the Yankees and then lower your asking price to 10 years $250,000,000. Your the asshole who orchestrated this fiasco and Cano fucked himself as soon as he fired Boras for your dumb ass. A smart agent, like Boras, knows that the most money that could be made was a the centerpiece of the Yankees for the next 7 years not putting your player in a position to fail. I hope this contract prevents every fucking mlb team to refuse to negotiate with any of your clients so you can go back to making a living making shitty rap albums you fucking bumb.