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Vote Redlich for Governor of New York!

Stop Wasting Money! Vote Redlich for Governor!!!!

Stop Wasting Money! Vote Redlich for Governor!!!!

Albany is need of a major overhaul and I feel strongly that Warren Redlich is the man for the job. If you watched the debate last night you will have found him to be well spoken and having a clear and concise answer to the questions raised.

When he called out Andrew Cuomo on all the special interest money he received for his campaign or how Cuomo is running on how transparent government should be when he has a $50,000 contribution that cannot be traced, Cuomo simply ignored him.

When Redlich called out Paladino on how he contributed to both Democrats and Republicans prior to running for office in order to play both sides of the fence, Paladino had no answer and was left speechless for a good 30 seconds.

Cuomo and Paladino do not have the solutions to the problems that plague New York. Warren Redlich has real solutions to our problems.

If the main stream media would give Warren Redlich the same coverage provided to Cuomo and Paladino I’m certain that Warren Redlich would be well ahead in the polls.

For those of you in New York State that truly want to see change in Albany, the choice is obvious. The choice is Warren Redlich.

To familiarize yourself with Warren Redlich please visit www.WRedlich.com.

Vote Redlich for Governor!

Mr. Warren Redlich

Mr. Warren Redlich