Once again New York State is proposing a New York soda tax, courtesy of the genius Governor Paterson and backed by Mayor Bloomberg. Of course the tax is meant to fight obesity.  A New York soda tax to fight obesity? Yes a New York soda tax! So how does New York State try to plug a looming $9 billion dollar deficit? “We can make a New York state soda tax and disguise it as a fight against obesity.”

So what is the proposed New York soda tax? The proposed New York soda tax is a tax of $.01 per each ounce of soda. The estimated tax revenue to the state would be approximately $1 billion dollars. This is a bullshit tax and there is no way that it should pass! To the anti soda people of the world, if you don’t like it don’t drink it. Why in the hell should I have to pay an extra $.12 cents for a can of soda? I’m not obese and I’m sure that soda consumption is not the main cause for obesity to begin with.

I guess New Yorkers should pass on the soda and drink bottled water. Oh yeah, New York recently began charging a $.05 cent deposit for recycling to combat littering. Of course the real reason for the $.05 deposit was to yet again increase revenue. Okay screw the bottled water just drink from the tap. Sure, but that will cost you as well.

So the answer for the incompetent handling of New York’s money is to pass a New York soda tax? If it passes the state just has to figure out how to increase revenue by another $8 billion dollars. So here are a few new ideas for the geniuses in Albany that can be disguised as a fight against obesity;

1. New York tax on hamburgers! – That’s right! Do you love a thick, fat juicy hamburger with everything? Not a problem, you only have to pay an extra $.02 per hamburger purchased at a fast food joint. Think of the possibilities, you could tax french fries as well.

2. New York tax on chips! Love a bag of chips from time to time? Keep eating them as it will only cost you an extra $.02 per ounce of chips.

3. New York tax on hot dogs! Do you like a nice dirty water dog from time to time? Just pay a tax of $.02 on hot dogs.

The New York soda tax has nothing to do with fighting obesity. It’s nothing more than a poorly disguised tax to increase revenue! I hope this does not actually become law. It will just create an opening to begin taxing everything and anything that can be “traced” to obesity.  Here’s an idea for Albany, you can start by cutting your salaries! MORONS!