2-photoscops It’s been a few days since two New York City Police Officers, Officers Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos, were murdered in Brooklyn by piece of shit Ismaaiyl Brinsley, who sought revenge for the recent events with regard to Eric Garner and Michael Brown. Granted it’s only been a few days but I am as sick to my stomach today as when I first heard of the news, both with regard to the murder and just as much with the reaction by many to the news.

Ismaaiyl Brinsley was by all intensive purposes a waste of fucking life with 19 arrests in Ohio and Georgia and spending two years in prison for gun possession so it comes as no surprise that he choose to take his own life after being surrounded by police. Officers Lui and Ramos has their lives taken not because of anything they personally did but because many people as in the likes of Brinsley are too fucking stupid and ignorant to realize that they’re protesting for NO FUCKING REASON!

Let’s start with Eric Garner. I have no interest in posting the video here on my blog as I can’t stand the commentary but if anyone thinks that Eric Garner “Couldn’t Breathe” based upon a choke hold you’re a fucking idiot. Eric Garner died because HE WAS RESISTING ARREST! Had this upstanding citizen with more than 30 arrests in his lifetime had just shown his identification and followed officers instructions he would be alive, breathing and free to commit whatever other fucking crimes he would have. The bottom line is that had he not resisted he would have been breathing just fine and his medical history had more to do with his death than any actions of the police that day. Don’t agree? I could give a flying fuck! With regard to Michael Brown, I really don’t give a rats ass about the case to be frank. The bottom line is that if Michael Brown did not steal from a fucking store that day there would have been no need for police to attempt to apprehend him.

The above is the absolute brutal truth by Ismaaiyl Brinsley was apparently too fucking stupid and ignorant to realize any of the above and decided to seek revenge against 2 innocent people who only “crimes” were wearing shields and being employed by the City of New York as police officers. Anyone person with a fucking ounce of intelligence realizes that officers Ramos and Lui did fucking nothing to deserve to be executed and had absolutely nothing to do with events on Staten Island, New York nor Ferguson, Missouri yet apparently as they represented 2 out of over 760,000 sworn law enforcement fucking personnel in the United States it was justified. Just read some of the disturbing shit people chose to post on Twitter!!!




There is a ton of more Tweets similar to the above which makes me beyond irate! What pieces of shits we have in this country! Two fucking incidents and now there is a nationwide movement against police everywhere? How in the fuck does this make any sense. There are hundreds of thousands of good police officers who keep neighborhoods safe for shit pay and put their lives on the line every single fucking day yet because ignorant assholes have issue with 2 incidents two police officers get murdered by a piece of shit and people shout HOORAY?!

Justice would be gathering up all assholes who feel like the above and offer free blunts and booze on an island and blowing the whole fucking thing up so assholes like the above can’t procreate and bring other stupid fucking people into the world!

Want to know who has a fucking problem with police? People who break the fucking law as in criminals! “Duh, why dey be fukin wit me all da time yo?” It’s because you’ve been caught doing shit you’re not supposed to so many fucking times you walking around with a sign on yourself!!

There are going to be people who do the wrong thing in any chosen career. However, all the ignorant and down right stupid hold all accountable for the actions of a few. The bottom line is that I’m sick and fucking tired of stupid fucking protesters spewing nonsense, bullshit and hate. Instead of protesting, how about taking your selves to work and contributing something positive to society?

To the stupid fucks who claim that the NYPD is nothing but a bunch of racist assholes how is it that over 52% of the entire New York City Police Department consists of minorities yet well over 60% of all crime in NYC is committed by minorities? Get a fucking clue, shut the fuck up and get an education or at least use Google fucktards!