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Dear Loser Who Is My Parent!

Hello Loser Parent

Dear Loser,

“Dear Loser,
Why did you have me? You spend no time with me, never read me a bedtime story or ever talk to me. I’m a freaking baby!”
“I need someone to love me, play with me and to make sure that when I grow up I can have a better life than you did.  I’m not the one who told you to spread your legs or not wear a condom! I didn’t ask to be born, but here I am so step up loser.”
“Stop blaming everyone for your life! I’m a baby and it’s not my fault you have a Good Enough Diploma A.K.A. G.E.D., work at a fast food joint, have enough money to smoke weed but not for my diapers or that we live where you we do.  I’m your responsibility whether I like it or not.” 
“I’m here so deal with it so and do this for me. Put the drugs down! Get a student loan and go to college at night while you work to support me. Get a degree and get a good paying job! Raise me the way you weren’t so I can become something more than you are. Teach me what you did wrong so I don’t make the same mistakes you did.”


“Until you step up and do things right you will always be a loser in my eyes. If you care for me do what I ask. If you don’t then do the right thing and give me to someone who wants me before children’s services comes and gets me.”




The Baby of a Loser