Bill_Cosby If you’ve stumbled across this post hoping to find the Bill Cosby “I’m 83 and Tired” rant sorry to break the news to you but you won’t find it here as Bill Cosby never wrote the rant to begin with. However, whoever wrote the actual “I’m 83 and Tired” rant has inspired me to create the “I’m in my 30’s, Live in NYC and Fucking Tired” rant.

I’m tired of having to pay $15 to make a round trip across a fucking bridge when the purpose of the toll was to pay for the construction of the bridge that took place 20 years before I was fucking born. I’m tired of watching people jump out of their $50,000 cars, cut me in line in the supermarket and whip out their WIC cards.

I’m tired of GEICO telling me that they can save me 15% on my auto insurance when I’m insured with GEICO and they charge me too much fucking money to begin with. I’m tired of having to pay over $4.00 for a gallon of fucking gas when the company selling me the gas for $4.00 a gallon is making billions of dollars in profit per year.

I’m tired of hearing how comments made are racist but 100% based in fact and reality. I’m tired of parents arguing with teachers about how the teacher is not doing his or her job when the parent can’t take 10 minutes out of their days to read a book with their kid or to check the kids homework. I’m tired of stupid people spitting out kids they can’t afford and populating the earth with their stupid offspring. I’m tired of people with 5 kids complaining they can’t support their families on minimum wage.

I’m tired of news channels claiming to be unbiased when the news channels are nothing but biased. I’m tired of politicians claiming to change things for the better prior to taking office only to watch things get worse regardless of party affiliation. I’m tired of paying my cell phone bill and getting taxed in order to pay for cell phones for people who shouldn’t have a fucking cell phone. I’m tired of getting whacked for upwards of 40% of my paycheck so my money can be spread among those who choose not to work. I’m tired of the illegal immigration problem being referred to as an immigration problem.

I’m tired of being fucking tired!