This may not be the popular position but I’ve never given a rat’s ass about holding a popular position. The bottom line is that I feel that Ray Rice is getting screwed. That’s right getting screwed in the ass with no lube.

After TMZ came up with the video of Ray Rice’s left handed punch that knocked out his than fiance, now wife, Janay Palmer, Rice is now indefinitely suspended by the NFL and has had his contract terminated by the Baltimore Ravens. It’s no secret that Roger Goodell took a public relations lashing for initially suspending Rice for 2 games which led to the policy change in a harsher penalty after the fact of 6 games with no pay for the 1st offense and a lifetime ban for a second offense but what in the fuck has changed in the facts of the Ray Rice domestic violence case other than the fucking video? Absolutely nothing!

Let me be clear….I was disturbed by the video but I never thought that Janay Parker wound up unconscious in an elevator and dragged into the lobby from a slap. Anyone, including Roger Goodell, knew full well what Ray Rice did in that fucking elevator for Parker to wind up the way she did. In fact, Rice fucking fully admitted to what he did not only to Roger Goodell but in a fucking court of law.

By all accounts Ray Rice seems to be a good guy who made a retarded and life altering decision when he knocked the ever living hell out of his woman. The facts are that they were both drinking, both being physical with each other prior to entering the elevator and Parker spit in Rice’s face prior to the punch. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not blaming Janay Parker for what happened. In my humble opinion, punching a woman for any reason is shit but when alcohol comes into play people tend to do things they would not normally do. Ray Rice fucking snapped. Again I’m not saying that what he did was right but the dude fucking snapped. I don’t agree with what he did but I can see how a person can snap, especially when booze and adrenaline are involved.

James McClain, the Atlantic County Prosecutor, agreed to let Rice enter a Pre-Trial Intervention program way back in May. If Rice completes the program and complies with other terms, the charges will be dropped as in no fucking conviction.

Why is this important? Defensive end Greg Hardy of the Carolina Panthers was fucking convicted on two misdemeanor counts!!! FUCKING GUILTY yet Greg Hardy played football last week as he’s appealing the decision. So fucking what?! Just because Hardy is appealing and has not been sentenced does not changed the fact that he was CONVICTED. At minimum Hardy should be sitting out until week 7 as dictated by the NFL’s domestic violence policy. So why the double standard? If Hardy’s appeal is unsuccessful he should also have his contract terminated and suspended indefinitely by the NFL meaning that the NFL policy is to not adhere to their own fucking policy!!

The Baltimore Ravens originally stated that Ray Rice was part of the Raven family and that they would stand by him. Ray Rice than had his contract terminated as in bye bye $40 million fucking dollars. Rutgers has removed Rice from their video highlight package prior to games. EA Sports is removing Rice from their video game. Nike has terminated their relationship with Rice. All the result of one stupid fucking decision. Losing 6 games checks and his endorsement deal is punishment enough but to take away his contract is way harsh.

One thing that I must get the fuck out of my system and that thing is a big FUCK YOU to TMZ! Janay Palmer now has to fucking relive an ugly situation yet again thanks to the unwavering need for ratings. No one, including myself, knows what goes on behind closed doors. Palmer married Rice after the incident and from what I have heard they have been attending counseling and are attempting to move forward in their relationship. Now Parker has to be victimized yet again for fucking ratings!

JPR Instagram As you can read Janay Rice is standing by her husband. One thing that really pisses me off is that so called domestic violence experts are assuming that since Parker was a victim of domestic violence that her standing by her husband is a tell tale sign that she is living with abuse as in an abusive relationship with an abusive partner. What seems to be lost is that perhaps this actually was a one time fucking event! Granted a reprehensible event but an event that could very well have been ONE FUCKING TIME!

Way back in 2000, Broncos wide receiver Rod Smith was convicted in a domestic violence case. He was never suspended but was fined $25,000 and represented one of the 85 arrests involving domestic violence charges since the year 2000. I guess that the NFL is now the moral compass of the USA even though they didn’t give a fucking rats ass about any of this shit last year.

Regardless of how reprehensible Ray Rice’s actions were he is now the official poster boy for domestic violence and is somehow being held to a different standard. I guess that being told what happened and seeing it happen deserves a harsher punishment than the NFL policy warrants. Perhaps Roger Goodell should change the policy to “Indefinite suspension and termination of contract if additional video footage is found thus voiding the punishment levied prior to the additional video evidence surfacing even though it can be concluded from the initial video evidence and admittance by the player to said offense that what is shown in the additional video footage is indeed what occurred.” To sum it all up Ray Rice is getting screwed!

People who have killed and sometimes murdered others are given a second chance after their respective punishments. Animal abusers are given second chances. A young man of 27 years of age deserves a second chance to resume the career that he has worked his fucking ass of for at some point in the near future. When this happens, and it will happen, there will of course be people who will always see him as a girl friend/wife beating asshole who shit rot in hell but than again stupidity is indeed contagious.