I was having a very pleasant conversation with the fine folks over at Giant Cinema when I was informed of something that infuriated me. To say I became a bit unglued after the conversation would be putting it lightly. It appears that many people who lack basic reading comprehension skills have been calling Giant Cinema to inform them that StupidityIsContagious.com had created a blog posting stating that Giant Cinema was a scam!

Being the reasonable and intelligent person that I am I came to the conclusion that the reason that people were calling Giant Cinema to inform them that I made a posting about Giant Cinema being a scam simply DID NOT READ the posting. Rather those people went into their favorite search engines, typed in Giant Cinema scam and found the following;


NEWSFLASH geniuses…..it’s called a keyword as in a word or phrase that people can type into their favorite search engine in order to find information that they are looking for. The craziest thing about this misunderstanding is that in order for people to have found that particular search result they would have had to type in “Giant Cinema scam” in order to find it! So then the people find it and without reading the posting they contact Giant Cinema to tell them that I’m calling Giant Cinema a scam? At first it made no sense to me at all but after thinking about it for a few seconds I simply concluded that stupidity is running rampant in this day and age.

I created this posting to set the record straight and state beyond a shadow of a doubt that Giant Cinema is not a scam in any way, shape or form.

Cost to join? FREE!
Cost to promote? FREE!
Is Giant Cinema asking for money? NO it’s FREE!
Is Giant Cinema attempting to sell training of any sort? NO!
Is it a MLM based business model? NO it’s simply an affiliate marketing program!
Can Giant Cinema affiliates track who is signing up under them? YES, Giant Cinema has a back end system that not only keeps track of user sign ups but where the traffic is coming from!! In addition affiliate can create custom affiliate urls to keep track of what online marketing campaigns are delivering the best results!

If you have enough time in your day to call Giant Cinema to state that my blog is referring to them as a scam you should have more than enough time to spend 5 minutes to read the article to find out that you’re dead wrong!!!

The posting in question can be found here at Giant Cinema – Get Paid to Watch Television”

Courtesy to MisterSpud of BecomeASpud.com for the below Giant Cinema Opportunity Video