Every so often I’m able to utilize this blog for it’s very purpose as in “I need to fucking vent.” There are things that are driving me absolutely bat shit crazy and my head and heart are about to fucking explode! As such, it time for your man KnowItAll to to vent about all the dumb shit that is driving him, as in me, crazy. I need to fucking vent so without further ado….

1. High School Dropouts! We are in the year 2014 yet stupid ass clowns all across the country are dropping out of fucking high school? High school? Listen up fucktards a college degree is the equivalent of a high school diploma 20 years ago and if you’re stupid enough to drop out of high school in this day in age you should be hit in the face with a fucking bat. Better yet, do me a favor, down a 12 pack and run towards oncoming traffic on any major highway as you’re on the fast track to having my tax dollars support your stupid fucking ass! “But Ima gettin my GED!” The G-ood E-nough, D-iploma was ok back in the day but is fucking useless NOW! You’re a high school drop out, can’t get a decent paying job so you go out and get housing assistance, welfare and food stamps!! You decided it was too difficult to pass general education yet feel it necessary to be pissed at the world when you have to scrape by. Blame yourself dumbass!!!

2. The United States does not have an immigration problem! The United States has an ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION PROBLEM!! Irregardless of popular opinion the U.S. doesn’t have an immigration problem. Anyone with an ounce of common fucking sense in their itty bitty heads would realize that the U.S. has a fucking HUGE ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION PROBLEM. “UHHH DUHHH, the U.S. was founded and thrived under immigrants.” Yes it fucking did as in LEGAL IMMIGRANTS! You know the fucking historical books of signatures that can be found on Ellis Island. Try to illegally immigrate into any other fucking country not named the United States and see how fucking fast you would get bounced. If you want to come to the United States do it legally. I don’t feel sorry for any fucking person in the U.S. who gets deported. If you don’t belong here you shouldn’t be here. Plain and fucking simple!

3. Illegal Immigrants don’t take away jobs from Americans! Yes I know that illegal immigrants should not be in the country but if you’re competing for a job with a guy or gal who doesn’t speak a lick of English while you were born in this country, afforded public education and public higher education and need to compete with Jorge for a minimum wage, or below, job you should be fucking deported. Illegal immigrants work jobs that Americans are too fucking lazy to do. If I owned a potato farm in Idaho I would higher Gustavo over you’re dumb ass as I can pay him minimum wage and know that Gustavo will actually show up to work. Yeah his back will hurt and his hands will be jacked up but at least he’ll show up every day and give an honest days work. If you are a United States citizen and find yourself competing with Guadalupe for a menial, “who the fuck in the world would want to do this fucking job’s” ass, please carefully follow the instructions contained in rant paragraph number 1!!!!

4. Technology driving up the price of new cars! This is how a car is supposed to work. You open the door, adjust your mirrors, stick the key in the ignition, turn the fucking key forward, start the engine and drive to wherever the fuck it is you need to go. I don’t need the car to say good morning to me, heat my ass or cool my ass. Push button start?! I don’t have a problem with turning a key forward to start the engine or to stick the key in the fucking door in order for me to get into the car so I can turn the key forward to start the fucking engine. Blind spot warning system?! What the fuck?! It’s called leave enough space between your vehicle and the vehicle in front of you in order to turn your head to CHECK YOUR BLIND SPOT. Brake assistance?! If you need the car to help you stop you shouldn’t be fucking driving! Parking assistance?! If you can’t park a car you shouldn’t be driving a car. The price of new cars continue to rise due to all the bullshit a car does not need yet people keep paying as they think they need them. We are heading towards self driving cars! Yeah, I trust my life to a computer. What the fuck happens when you’re doing 80 MPG on the highway and the cars’ computer gets stuck during the middle of an upgrade! I NEED A NEW CAR ENTREPRENEUR AUTOMAKER! (I smell a another post!)

5. Any “reality show” not in line with “reality” “Real Housewives of Any Fucking City.” A “real” housewife has a husband! A real housewife raises her children and cleans her own fucking home! A “real housewife does not receive alimony, have a fucking nanny and is DIVORCED! Shouldn’t a basketball wife be married to a basketball player?! These shows need the word “EX” in their respective titles. FUCK! Why don’t I make a reality show called “NATURAL BEAUTY” where the shows cast all have had over $100,000,000 in plastic fucking surgery! Better yet where is the reality show called “Blue Collar Workers” featuring CEO’s of mega billion dollar corporations? How in the fuck do people watch this shit?!

6. The cost of houses in New York City! You can be the proud owner of a semi-attached house in a middle class neighborhood in Queens, New York for the low low price of $600,000. It’s a steal and only needs to be gutted where you need to spend over $100,000 just to make the shithole livable! It’s a fucking shame that after only 8 years I couldn’t afford to buy the home that I live in if I wanted to buy it today. As real estate is worth what people are willing to pay how is it fucking possible that so many people are buying overpriced shitholes which keeps the cost of a home ludicrously expensive? I don’t give a flying fuck how “convenient” the neighborhood where a house is located is. The price of a home should be somewhat inline with the median fucking income of the people who live there. FUCK I HATE NEW YORK CITY!!!

7. People who visit my blog who found it by searching vulgar keywords who are pissed at me for using vulgar language! Let me get this straight! You are pissed off and decided to type in “Fuckity Fuck Fuck” into Google. You find my blog, read the post, bounce around and become pissed off that I used the term Fuckity Fuck Fuck and that I write what I write about? There is FUCKING “X” located at the type right of the screen you are viewing. Click on it and never visit again. Spread the fucking word so I don’t have to constantly reply to intellectual fuck tards!

8. People who visit my blog, disagree with a negative review and attempt to drive traffic to the bullshit opportunity by including links! Obviously I feel that the opportunity is shit or wouldn’t have wrote the fucking review. If the “opportunity” is so fucking great, create your own fucking blog and promote the bullshit opportunity! Don’t get pissed off when I replace your link with with something like http://imastupidfuckingidiotassholewhoshouldknowbetter.com (probably available for anyone who wants the domain name.) I can’t believe how pissed off people become when I do this.

9. Socialists! Listen up you socialist pieces of shit. If socialism is so fucking great stop bitching and go live in your uber fantastic socialist society. Oh, that’s right socialism is impractical and if actually attempted would have to be dictated in order for socialism to possibly work. Yeah you crave socialism but live in the United States so if that’s the way you feel get the FUCK OUT. The United States is a capitalistic society. As such you will always have the “have” and “have nots.” Get over it and shut the fuck up. Simply point to a successful socialist society and eat my words! Having an issue aren’t you?

10. Those who believe that stupidity is not contagious! Simply disagreeing would prove that stupidity is contagious!! If you have no idea what the fuck I’m writing about read this sentence from the very beginning.

UGGH!!! Fuckity Fuck Fuck!!!!