There’s nothing more than I love than an entrepreneur. With the City of New York cutting back on public transportation leave it to a guy from Brooklyn to come up with a way to make a buck in these hard economic times.

The guy is Joel Azumah and he plans on running 10 vans along 4 defunct city bus routes. Hey, the City is no longer using the routes so why shouldn’t he cash in. Just because the City stopped running those lines doesn’t mean there aren’t people who still need them.

Of course he received a cease- and- desist from the Department of Transportation stating that he does not have a franchise agreement with the City and he’s not authorized to pick up people on the street. Now this is what I love about this guy. He states the he’s running a public charter service and all passengers he picks up are members of his Apple Core Transportation Club.

It’s not like the City of New York has any plans to reinstate these bus lines, at least not anytime soon. Why shouldn’t he be able to do this? It’s not like the City gave a crap about all the people who rely on those bus lines.

If I ever met this guy in person I would 100% shake his hand and give him a pat on the back. I think he’ll need it as I have a feeling that the City will try and make an example out of him for the others who have thoughts about following in his foot steps.