Make Money Selling Erotica on Amazon – Can You Still Make Money Selling Erotica on Amazon?

It’s the year 2020 and some of you may be toying with the idea of entering the awesome world of smut writing, I mean writing erotica as a self published erotica author on Amazon in the hopes of making money.

Before I get deep into this (pun intended) I feel it necessary to point to what created the craze.

The year was 2011 and when E.L. James wrote the novel “Fifty Shades of Gray.” The long story short, she released it as an eBook and print on demand paperback. She wrote a couple of sequels, the books went viral and she’s has a net worth of over $100,000,000!

What followed was a craze of people writing their own smut…I mean romance erotica and many were making thousands of dollars per month.

Self publishing became a breeze with many self publishing platforms becoming available. In my personal opinion, the biggest being Amazon which is the biggest today.

Granted I don’t know a fucking thing about writing my own self published Amazon erotica but I do happen to know someone who has been playing around with it since 2017.

As of this posting, my friend has written what I feel is  a fuck load of erotica on Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing.  A total of 25, “books” ranging from super short reads, short reads and one very long attempt at a novel in the 400+ page range.

I’ll make myself clear on this point. She didn’t start writing to make money. She began writing to relieve her stress.  I like to drinks beers and shots of liquor when I’m stressed. She writes about lesbians falling in love and fucking.

If there is one thing in life I love is two hot chicks screwing each other’s brains out. I’ve read a few of her books and let’s just say my wife enjoyed herself with me afterward.

I  became curious how much a person could make by self publishing erotica through Kindle Direct Publishing as I’ve seen some insane numbers being thrown out on the internet.

I’ve even come across an entire program that sells for $149 that allegedly will show a person how to make $2,000 a month writing erotica.

Again, I don’t know shit about this so I invited her over to my house to have a few cocktails so I could pick her brain.

“Why Self Publish Erotica on Kindle Direct Publishing?”

When I asked her this question she told me that it’s easy to do and the most popular way to let people read her mostly (close to 100%) lesbian erotica books and stories so that’s why she writes exclusively on Amazon.

Here’s the kicker! When using Amazon and enrolling the work into Kindle Direct Publishing Select she’s agreeing that Amazon is her one and only source of delivering her work electronically. In other words, she can only sell through them and if she sells elsewhere and gets caught she’s saying bye to Amazon.

“How Much Money Have You Earned Publishing on Kindle Direct Publishing?”

This was the question I really wanted to know. Before I divulge her sales information I need to make a few things clear.

  1. She spends $0 on marketing.
  2. She doesn’t use her real name when she writes. She uses a pen name and as such does not have a Facebook fan page. I’m one of the few people who know she writes erotica.
  3. Within the last month she decided to attempt marketing her work. However, again at $0 cost. I made a small blog site for her which I host and she created an Instagram account.

To summarize the above, she spends $0 on marketing has no social media presence.

Total Sales and Pages Read from August 2017 through February 2020

  • 97 sold eBooks
  • 251 eBooks given away for free
  • 109,831 pages read through KDP Select
  • $850.87 earned over 31 months
  • $27.44 made on average over 31 months

When she provided me with the above statistics I was fucking stunned! I know she told me she didn’t write for the money but wow!

“Why Are Your Earnings So Low?!”

I may have had one two many in me by this point in our conversation but I think she did too.

When I asked her “Why are your earning so fucking low?!” she gave me a look that said, “Fuck you” and told me, “I told you I don’t write for the money. It’s a stress reliever!”

This didn’t make any sense to me. Granted she spent $0 on marketing, had no social media presence and no mailing list but come on! $27.44!

How in the fuck are people making thousands of dollars per month?

I still don’t know if people are making thousands of dollars per month by writing erotica on Amazon but it got me thinking. If I wanted to make money selling erotica on Amazon how would I go about it?

I thought long and hard and devised a plan.

  1.  Before I wrote a single fucking word I would set up all of my social media accounts. I fucking hate Facebook but why not create a fake account on Facebook?
  2. Before I wrote a single word, I would create a small site and most important create a mailing list.
  3. Write whatever the fuck I would write about. At the end of the end of the story write a short paragraph to whatever super horny fuck read my story directing him or her to my small site in the hope of getting the person to join my mailing list.
  4. Post a copy of the book cover on all social media sites.

I told her all about the above and she had zero interest which kind of pissed me off. I understand she doesn’t write for the money but I thought she would prefer to make more than $28 bucks a fucking month!

She called me an asshole (I am so no argument) texted me her log in information for her Amazon KDP account and gave me only three conditions.

  1. Don’t touch any of her books!
  2. Don’t write any books using her account!
  3. Give anyone her log in information and die!

Using her account and doing a bit of research on my own I asked myself the question yet again.

“Can a Person Make Thousands of Dollars Writing Erotica on Amazon?”

I’m not saying that a person can’t. I will say that I don’t believe that it’s likely a person in this day and age can still make thousands of dollars per month writing erotica.

There are a few reasons why I feel a person isn’t likely to earn thousands of dollars per month writing self published erotica on Amazon KDP.

Erotica is a Highly Saturated Market

For example, simply typing in the term “lesbian erotica” results in over 40,000 results. “Gay Erotica” results in over 50,000 results.

Even With an Awesome Niche It Would Be Difficult

Even if I were to find what I thought was an awesome niche I would have to write something that I may not enjoy writing about only to find out that no one wants to read what I wrote.

The Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing Select Commission!

The Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing Direct commission structure is ultimately what I found to be the biggest reason why I don’t think it’s likely for a person to make thousands of dollars per month.

What is the Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing Direct commission structure?

  • 35% max commission on stories/books priced from $.99 to $200.
  • 70% max commissio on stories/book priced from $2.99 to $9.99.

Prices are all over the place but I believe a sweet spot would be a price of $3.99 per book. I’m basing this on nothing more than a “best selling” author pricing most of her work at this price.

Make $2,000 a Month Selling Erotica on Amazon!

Pricing a book at $3.99 would allow me to make a commission of 70% or $2.79 per book.

In order to get to $2,000 per month earning a commission of $2.79 I would need to sell 717 books per month!

If I wanted to get to the $2,000 per month level solely depending on Amazon Direct Publishing Select at an average page read commission of $.003 I would need to have over 666,666 pages read per month. If I wrote a 250 page erotica book I would need around 2,667 people per month to read the entire book.

I can slice and dice the numbers over and again to get to the nice round number of $2,000 per month but I prefer to look at reasonable erotica book sale number to go along with a reasonable number of pages read.

My “reasonable” numbers may be different from your “reasonable” numbers but my numbers looks more in the realm of 100 books sold and 20,000 pages read.

  • 100 books priced at $3.99 at a commission of $2.79 = $279
  • 20,000 pages read at a rate of $.003 = $60
  • 100 books sold at $3.99 with 20,000 pages read at $.003 = $339

In picking apart my friend’s sales data I feel that her overall most successful month was as follows.

  • 19 books sold at an average price of ?
  • 11,306 pages read through Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing Select
  • Money earned = $104.74

Okay, I’ll admit that I could have provided an actual average price of the books she sold that month but I don’t fucking want to take the time out my life.

I don’t know what the true average commission is for the pages read through Amazon KDP select by I do know that it’s around $.0035 depending on the size of Global Select Fund in a given month.

I won’t lie! If I could write smut, I mean erotic romance with a niche of say, midget bisexual ass pegging space aliens and earn $150 per month I would do it.

Fuck! Where are my manners? I mean to say little people who are sexually fluid individuals who enjoy proving anal sex and make $150 per month I would do it.

Again, I’m no expet and my friend could potentially make a solid $200 per month if she became serious about making $200 per month. However, again, she doesn’t write for the money.

Myself, on the other hand, love making money and would be willing to give it a go but before I do I need to here from those of you with experience.

Help a guy out!

  • Do you make money writing erotica on Amazon?
  • How much do you earn per month?
  • How many stories/books have you written?
  • How long have you been writing erotica on Amazon?

For the first time (not really) your man KnowItAll doesn’t know shit abut making money writing erotica on Amazon.

Please comment and…