I used to be a CD junky. If there was an artist or song that I was into I would immediately go out and buy. Of course, as time has gone I listened to them less and less instead opting to listen online. Long story short, my better half was all over me to get rid of all those damn cd’s that I no longer listened to.

Of course, being a man I instead boxed them all up and threw the box in a corner of the living room. I was able to get away with it for a while until the holidays came about and my better half, with a puzzled look on here face, said “This better not be what I think it is! I’m throwing this box out.” Considering that I had wasted hundreds if not thousands of dollars them I instead started to try a way to at least make a few dollars.

During my research I came across EagleSaver.com. The site itself is not all that impressive from a visual standpoint but I opened an account and one by one ran each bar code through the EagleSaver.com system to see if they would purchase the CD and if so for how much. Granted they weren’t paying much for most of the cd’s, usally around $.30 per each but the way I figured it was better $.30 than no cents. Besides they pay for shipping as well. All I had to do was box them up and take them to a local FedEx drop off location.

After running every single CD I ever owned through they system I had a price on a little over 70 of them. I submitted the list, printed the packing slip, threw them all in a box and dropped the box off at FedEx. Out of all the CD’s I sent they wouldn’t except 5 due to heavy surface wear but at the end of the day they paid me a little over $25 for a bunch of CD’s that were going to wind up in the trash.

All in all, dealing with EagleSaver.com was a pleasant experience and I’m probably going to wind up selling a few books to them if they will take them. If you have old books, CD’s, DVD’s and games that you no longer want and would prefer to make some cash instead of just tossing them into the trash, EagleSaver.com is the way to go.