Does your crack look like this?

I’ve been playing Need for Speed Hot Pursuit like a crack head, racking up over 600 wins in a little over 3 months. On Saturday afternoon I fire up my PS3 and insert the disc but nothing is happening. I’m thinking that it may be the system so I grab another title, throw it in and it loads up without a problem. WTF!!

Upon closer examination, I noticed a tiny crack in the disc. I’ve never, ever had a disc crack. I did a quick internet search to find that this happens quite often due to the disc holder. So now I really want to play and am pissed off that I can’t so I go to Game Stop to see if they’ll help me out. I spend a ton of money there and surely they’ll help me out. WRONG! “Dude, you broke it. Want to buy another one?” “Do you a used copy?” “Nah, no one trades these in but you can get a new one for $59.99.”

Ok, it is what it is so I start calling around to try to find a used copy but have no luck. Out of desperation I find my way over to EA and get a support guy on online chat. Long story short I had to send the game in with $20 for a replacement. I sent it off yesterday and am interested to see how EA takes care of me. They’re already on my shit list with the NBA Elite crap they pulled so if the screw me on this I’ll be done with EA for good and will move onto Test Drive 2 Unlimited. Of course, I was going to do this anyway but February 8th is a long way away for a gamer junkie.

If you came upon this post looking for help on how to repair a cracked PS3 game your shit out of luck as there is now way to fix it. Contact the publisher and they may be able to help you out.