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Proving Stupidity is Contagious!

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I love the game of baseball. I have to thank my father for my love for the game. My earliest childhood memories were of my father sitting in the living room, smoking a cigarette and drinking a beer, watching the New York Yankees play a game of baseball on channel 11.

My dad used to take me to Yankee Stadium a handful of times per year and I always had an absolute blast. The smell of hot dogs cooking, the pop that the baseball would make after leaving the pitchers hand and landing in the catchers mitt and the most amazing sound ever! The crack of the bat as the hitter put a good swing on the pitch and smoked the ball!!

I had never thought of actually betting on baseball but in my late twenties discovered that I had a talent. I could look at the match ups and pick what team would win. At that time I had been watching the game of baseball for over twenty years. Could I actually make money wagering on baseball? The answer was an astounding yes!

Betting on sports in the “Land of the free” is illegal, unless in your Las Vegas of course, so I had no choice being in New Yorker than to take my new found money making scheme online. I excitedly opened an online sports book account that was known for paying out to the good old US of A, went out and got a pre-paid debit card and funded my account with $500.

I was on fire and couldn’t be stopped. My $500 deposit quickly grew to over a grand ($1,000). I had a buddy who worked as an insurance salesman for some crock of shit insurance agency in Long Island and found out that there was a guy in his office that was taking action. I met with the guy, shook his hand, was given a url, a username and password and I was in business.


I still had my online sports book account going and had my winning days and losing days but I was still way up. I decided to go “stupid” with my buddy’s guy and started wager big! Long story short after one (1) week I was down $2,000! For the next two (2) weeks I slowly dug my way out of my hole.

During that time I was also a member of an online sports book forum. I would post my plays everyday, get feedback, discuss games, cheer when I won, cry when I lost but it was a blast. I happened to post how I was “buried” on this online sports book forum and how I was looking for someone to take my action. I received an email, chatted for a bit with the sticking point of “If I lose I’ll pay but if I win I expect you to pay as well” and opened an account.


I was on fire once again and slowly recouping my losses from my buddy’s guy. In comes week 3 of my adventure. I bet heavy with my buddy’s guy and not so heavy with the guy I met through the online sports book forum. I hit!!! My buddy’s guy owed me over $1,700 and my online sports book forum guy owed me over $600! I was on cloud 9! Not only did I recoup all of my losses but I was up over 2 g’s!


I called my buddy’s guy to meet up when I was met with a “Yeah sure!” I called my online sports book forum guy and got nothing by voicemail. WTF was going on?!  When I lost I paid so why in the fuck can’t I get paid when I win?!

My buddy’s guy wound up getting locked up for a bar fight and had a warrant so I couldn’t collect. Fucking great! This fucker owed me over $1,700 and I wasn’t going to get it?! I was even with this fuck and he had to get locked up! Bye, bye to over $1,700.

Moving on to my online sports book forum guy who wasn’t picking up his phone or calling me back. After being stiffed for over $1,700 I was on a mission to get my $600+ and that I did. I did a reverse search, found out who his cell provider was and called in a favor to a friend who worked at said cell phone provider. I now had his name and address which was an absolute shock to him when he finally decided to call me back. The conversation was that he wasn’t going to pay me since he didn’t have to since I had no idea who he was. The smile that came across my face when I yelled through the phone “I know exactly who you are and if I don’t have my money in the next hour I’m going to show up at xxxxxxxxxxxxx and take it on your ass while your parents watch!” I didn’t get my money in an hour but later that night I went to a check cashing/Western Union joint and collected.

Instead of cashing out the over $3,000 I had in my online sports book I lost it all in one (1) fucking day betting on football. Football! The one sport I should never bet on cost me all my $$$$.

I was back to square one (1). All this shit only to wind up in the hole $500!! Fucking football!! I vowed to never, ever bet on sports again.


I hadn’t laid a bet in well over 6 years. I would ever know if an online sports book would pay out since the online sports book I used to use was no longer taking action from the USA and I wasn’t going to subject myself to an assault charge by kicking the shit out of a local bookie who didn’t want to pay up. I was done!

I was working for a company as a salesman when I was told to “Pack your bags, you’re going to VEGAS for a trade show.” VEGAS as in LAS VEGAS?!” I was excited to go to Las Vegas but had an out of body experience as I walked through the hotel gambling area and discovered the “sports book.” Holy shit……. I can just walk up to the counter and place a wager on a fucking baseball game. Big screen televisions were everywhere and baseball odds were right in front of my face. I can’t even describe what I was feeling that day.


Yes I was in Las Vegas for work. Yes I wasn’t in good financial standing. However I did have $1,000 on me. I don’t know why I did it but I did do it. I laid $1,000 on the Yankees on opening day against the Angels at terrible, never lay that heavy odds of over -200. I went up to the counter, put up my $1,000 down on the counter and stated “A G on the Yanks on the MONEY LINE!!” I did feel a bit stupid when the clerk told me that a bet is on the money line unless otherwise stated so I gave a “I’m dumb” laugh and dropped $1,000 on the Yankees to win at -200. I just dropped $1,000 to win $500 and had to go to work at a trade show for 8 hours. WTF WAS WRONG WITH ME?

As I worked the trade show I didn’t think once about what I would do if I lost. I knew I wasn’t going to lose. The Yankees at that time never lost on opening day (FUCKING STUPID) and it was easy money. After the trade show I collected my $500. I turned that $500 profit into a little under $5,000 in 3 fucking day’s!!!!!!!


The plane landed in JFK and I was floating on air. If only I lived in Las Vegas. Money wouldn’t mean a fucking thing. I made more money in three (3) days than I did in 2 fucking months at work, working over 40 hours a week and being stressed the fuck out.

I was now back in the “City That Never Sleeps” where wagering on sports is illegal. I told my wife that we could leave this shit hole city behind us, cash the fuck out and live an awesome life in the dessert. She wasn’t having any of my shit! In order to convince her I started making paper bets with $1,000 units on an Excel spreadsheet and in a little over a fucking month I was up over $100,000!!!!!

Bottom line is that my marriage wasn’t going very well at the time and I love my wife more than life itself. There was no way to convince her that being the husband of a pro baseball gambler was the way to go and she’s not that type of person. She works hard, is not materialistic and is happy living a “normal life.” Work, get your pension and retire. I admire her to this day as she is everything that I am not. IT WAS OVER AND OVER FOR GOOD! Or was it?


From time to time I would get the bug and start capping baseball games just for “fun.” However it’s less like fun and more like torture when you know you can make more money on a fucking wager than you do in a week. It fucking sucks when you know the thing you can do best is illegal. It’s like being the worlds best crack dealer!

A fucking decade has passed since I bet on baseball, capped a fucking game or even paper played but you lucky fucks are going to be able to do what I should be doing by simply following my baseball picks. DISCLAIMER – BETTING ON SPORTS IS ILLEGAL EVERYWHERE IN THE U.S.A. EXCEPT FOR LAS VEGAS, NEVADA. IF YOU ARE TO FOLLOW ME AND PLACE WAGERS YOU ARE TO LIVE AND RESIDE IN LAS VEGAS NEVADA. 

I’m older and wiser which is why I’m going to share the DON’T  DO LIST with you.

1. Don’t EVER gamble more than you can afford to lose. Not being able to pay your rent because the White Sox beat the Twins in extra’s is not a good look.

2. DON’T FUCKING CHASE! The baseball season is a marathon and not a sprint. Each team plays 162 games which gives you well plenty of opportunity to make money. You’re going to have a bad run and wagering larger than you normally would just to recoup your losses is what a DEGENERATE does.

3. DON’T GAMBLE ON YOUR TEAM TO LOSE! I’m a die hard Yankees fan as in I’m a homer. As a die hard fan I want them to win every game they play but they won’t of course.I could bet against the Yankees when I think they’ll lose but that would take the joy of the game from me. If I bet on my team its when I know they’ll win. I can’t imagine watching a Yankee game and being happy when they lose.

4. DON’T FEEL LIKE YOU HAVE TO BET EVERY DAY!  As I stated earlier I’m older and wiser and know I’m good at betting on baseball as betting on baseball is easy for me. In order to make stupid money by betting on baseball you have to pick your spots. You don’t have to bet everyday and you shouldn’t. Betting everyday = BURIED!

5. DON”T WAGER ON BASEBALL IF YOU DON;T KNOW BASEBALL! I lost my shirt by betting on football when I had no business betting on football. Don’t bet on baseball unless you KNOW BASEBALL!

So why this long ass over 1950 word count post?  I’m going to be posting my baseball picks here on StupidityIsContagious.com for the rest of the 2016 baseball season. It won’t be every day as every day as that  is what a degenerate gambler does.






Sports betting systems online are a big seller and for good reason. It’s a fact that sports gamblers, as in gamblers in general, lose and lose big time. It seems that people who want to make money betting on sports are always on the look out for a sports betting system that will allow them to win. The problem is that I have yet to find a sports betting system that works. Most of these sports betting systems consist of chase betting, progressive betting, revenge betting or all the other forms of nonsense that doesn’t work yet continue to sell season after season. I received a request for a review last night on the Best MLB Betting System and eagerly check it out earlier this morning.

The Best MLB Betting System has been online for a grand total of 4 days as of this post but it makes so much sense I feel like smacking myself in the face for not thinking of this myself. The Best MLB Betting System at this point in time is a theory and the blog author, FadeMaterial, is posting his losing plays all year long for free in hopes to prove that the Best MLB Betting System is a winner so he can sell the system picks in the future.

Based on what I read on the site, it appears that the blog author was a former baseball gambler who had a way to pick baseball winners at a decent clip that allowed him to be a profitable baseball bettor only to find himself in the same position that most gamblers find themselves in sooner or later, on the losing side. He lost so much that he stopped betting on baseball all together. He figured that since he knows his picks are bound to lose sooner or later that if baseball gamblers did the exact opposite of what he recommends that those people will win and win big.

I was a bit skeptical at first but when I sat back and really thought about it the more sense his position made. It’s a fact teams favored in baseball win more often than lose. However, since a person betting on a favorite has to wager more than they can possibly win combined with the fact that the more favorites a person bets on in a day the odds of winning decreases. For example, I decide to wager on the St. Louis Cardinals who are favored to win. The money line for the St. Louis Cardinals is at -130. I would like to win $100 so I would have to wager -130. Statistically I have a 50% chance of winning as the Cardinal will either win or lose. However, I also decide to wager on the Texas Rangers who are also favored to win at -150. I would also like to win $100 but now I have to wager $150 to win the $100. In total I would have wagered $280 to win $200. Now here is the catch. Unless both the Cardinals and Rangers win I will lose money!

So why does the Best MLB Betting System make sense? He only posts plays that pick favorites and regardless if he is good at picking games or not the probability that he will post winners more often than losers is low. Since he only posts plays on favorites that means if a person were to do the exact opposite the person could risk much less money and still come out on top? How? Let me explain. The Cardinals are favored to win at -130 and are playing the Mets who are underdogs at +115. The Rangers favored at -150 are playing the A’s at +130. If I wagers on both the Mets and A’s and would like to win $100 on each game I would wager $86.96 on the Mets and $76.92 on the A’s thus wagering a total of $163.88 to win $200. Since both teams are underdogs I would only need one team to win in order to make a profit. If the Mets lose and the A’s win I make $13.04. If the A’s lose and the Mets win I make $23.08. Of course it is possible that he could correctly select both winners but the probability is low, especially considering he seems to post 3 to 4 games per day.

Lets go just a bit further. If he were to post 3 favorites per day, even with a flat wager on each game he would have to win 2 out of 3 games in order to turn a profit or win at a percentage of 66%. The probability, even if he is some sort of idiot savant, is low. It is more likely that he will lose 2 out 3 or even all 3. The more plays he posts the lower the probability of him winning. Of course, the Best MLB Betting System can only become a successful system if FadeMaterial is really that bad at selecting winners. Time will tell as he is supposed to post his plays for the entire 2014 season. I’m not insane and of course will not wager at all but I will paper chase for this season to see how it all turns out.

You can check out the Best MLB Betting System for yourself by going to www.BestMLBBettingSystem.com