After NBA2K14 last year I swore I would not purchase another NBA2K anything again. Than I happened to get a PS4 for Christmas and in sheer stupidity went out and purchased NBA2K15.

Yeah I know the title of this post is “Fuck NBA2K15” but I actually enjoy playing the game but there are quite a few things that drive me absolutely bat shit crazy! So here is my list of things that make me shout FUCK NBA2K15!!

1. If the Playstation network isn’t down it seems that 2K servers are down which means you can’t play the fucking game and earn virtual currency!

2. Worthless fucking locker codes! What the fuck is the point in releasing locker codes if they expire?! What the fuck is the point in releasing locker codes that have a fucking use limit?!

3. Why the fuck can’t I change my fucking shoes/sneakers? Yeah I got a fucking shoe contract and made my kicks. I decided to sign a free agent contract with another team. Looks pretty fucking stupid wearing Knicks sneakers when my player is on the fucking Houston Rockets! I know I’ll just edit my shoes and change the colors. Seems simple enough but it doesn’t fucking work! Yup I’m back to wearing 2K generics….great.

4. Game settings! Try playing on Hall of Fame mode and it will make you won’t to never play again. The team you’re playing doesn’t miss a shot yet your teammates can’t hit a wide open fucking layup? You have got to be kidding me. It’s cool that your opponent plays much tougher but makes no sense that your teammates play like they are drinking booze instead of Gatorade on the sidelines!

5. NO VC when simulating! Why do I have to play an entire games to earn VC? I know it’s because 2Ksports wants us to spend actual currency!! It would be nice to at least earn a few coins for the part of the game I played.

6. Playing park games suck! You have to run around basketball courts and wait to fucking play! Why the fuck did they do away with simply wanting to play and bam you can play a fucking game? Instead I have to run around court after court like a crackhead and wait to play a game!!

7. Yes My Player free agent time. Before I sign on the dotted line I want to check out the rosters of the teams offering me a deal. Oh wait….I FUCKING CAN’T! I purposely didn’t sign with the Kings as I didn’t know if Demarcus Cousins was staying or going. I signed with Houston and Cousins resigned! WISH I WOULD HAVE FUCKING KNOWN!

8. If I pass the ball to my teammate and he fumbles the fucking ball, tries to shoot and gets stripped that is not my fucking turnover! Why am I getting charged for it?!

All in all I believe NBA2K15 to be a solid basketball game but for the reasons listed above I say FUCK NBA2K15!