347-332-1135 – Antivirus Scam!!!

I had been working like a mad man and was trying to catch a few hours of shut-eye when I was awoken by my wife answering a call from Microsoft. (Or so they said.) All I wanted was to catch 2-3 hours of sleep before going in for another super fantastic day of work. Instead I am bombarded by phone calls from these jerks over a few days thus eliminating sleepy time. With a few days off and being a bit bored I decided to give “Jape” a call at 347-332-1135.

Considering I’m a bit computer savvy I felt confident that I could rebut any statements made but at times I did feel as if I was overmatched. Had I not been savvy at all I may very well had pony upped the $90 to $180 dollars it would have cost to “fix” my computer. Then again, that’s why these India assholes continue to run the same scam year after year.

HE ACTUALLY CALLED BACK!!! Now he’s simply trying to insult my intelligence. CMD ASSOC! Really! Really!! Really!!!

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