Johhny Damon as a Detroit Tiger

Johnny Damon is an Idiot!

Calling Johhny Damon an idiot isn’t really saying much as you should know that Johhny Damon referred to himself as an idiot for quite some time. However, what makes me call Damon an idiot is the fact the he is no longer playing baseball for the New York Yankees.

It’s no secret the Yankees had a major decision to make when it came to bringing back Johnny Damon. The obvious is that both Damon and the Yankees were far better off being together than apart. A lefty hitter with power to right field in the home of the short porch who is adept on dealing with the media scrutiny that comes with playing for the Yankees.


Unfortunately at the end of the day it all came down to money. Damon didn’t want to take a pay cut from the $13 million a year he was being paid whereas the Yankees did not want to continue to pay that price for an aging player. Yes the Yankees were playing Damon $13 million a year but that was when Damon was a 32 year old starting center fielder with a weak arm. Damon is now a 36 year aging left fielder with an even weaker arm than before.
The Yankees offered him 2 years at $7 million per year for two years, a more than reasonable offer.  Damon declined and went on to sign a 1 year deal at $8 million with the Detroit Tigers.  Damon could have been playing for another ring knowing that he was guaranteed a second year.
Johnny Damon you’re an idiot! You cost yourself a guaranteed $6 million dollars a year becuase you let your agent talk you into thinking you were worth more. You’ve made over $100 million as a professional and instead of playing to defend a world championship and possibly watch Mr. Yankee himself, Derek Jeter get his 3,000 hits you can rot in Detroit. IDIOT!!!