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  1. Paul you are just described a Pyramid scheme.
    A pyramid scheme is an unsustainable business model that involves promising participants payment or services, primarily for enrolling other people into the scheme, rather than supplying any real investment or sale of products or services to the public

  2. Thanks KnowItAll for the write-up. I agree its a nice, long way to say most who join will get burnt. I can also tell your writeup has an effect on them because now they are comparing themselves to Linkedin.
    I considered it but like others, you feel foolish once you realize the amount of work required to make the fortune that NEURS is saying everyone can or will make Funny how folks have been burnt so many times by these type of MLM events. People absolutely forget that the money is in the initial launch and then the next launch and the next launch. Only those who get in early will make something and then like all the rest this will dry up fast.

  3. well, my friend, “Iknowitall” (your arrogant nickname probably is saying a lot about you…) I already challenged your “expertise” and opinions about NEURS few weeks ago when you criticized with nonsense NEURS…now everybody can see how wrong your opinions were (let’s see if you are brave enough to publish my comment), that NEURS is not scam and your intervention was ridiculous…

  4. You never challenged my expertise about Neurs on this blog. The only people who seem to think I’m wrong about Neurs are the morons promoting it. If you had indeed left a comment weeks ago, I would have approved and replied to that comment within a few days. With that being said, feel free to leave the supposed comment you left weeks ago that challenged my knowledge.

    As an aside, I would appreciate you not leaving the same comment on multiple posts. Your anger toward me and my stance on Neurs has absolutely nothing to do with my ability to drive unique visitors to my blog.

  5. I must say, this is a well done review with good research. I received an invite for this on Twitter last night and I was suspicious. This looks like an afiliate but I think it’s linked with the company. youtube video here XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. This youtube video, specifically targets keywords pertaining to Neurs like “Neurs review”. Sounds like your Blog carried enough weight because the video was uploaded recently. Thanks

  6. Well my main interest in this is how they have got so many people clicking through.

    I can smell BS within the first 10 seconds and the only reason I researched it further was cause I run a startup in Melbourne, Australia in the lead acquisition space. i work with leads and not referrals and we strive to be like the #1 company mentioned here.

    Fine tuning a message is hard thing to do and so I am quite curious as to how they have got so many page views. I am sure they don’t have the 4 million claimed pageviews but even a few 100k’s so soon after launch means a msg that resonates with a section of the populace. I checked a few stats place and yes they have got a few 100k page views over the last few months.

    Is it the network effect? Aren’t the networkers worried about their credibility given they are referring neurs? And in addition I can’t imagine people handing over money.

    Thanks for your write up. I shall go back to focussing on improving my startup now.

    co-founder of carrotleads.com

  7. It has nothing to do with the network effect. To answer your post in the most simplistic way possible it’s about $$$$$, MONEY, Money, money, MoneY and if I wasn’t clear $MONEY$!
    Any credible networker would be concerned with credibility but “credible networker” in of itself could be considered an oxymoron.

    The message given is make money. If you went the MLM route and promised a 30 tier compensation plan and charge $30 a month you too could obtain the Neurs effect.

  8. Thank you for the review. It made it almost instantaneous to confirm that this was some sort of MLM scam or other such worthless greedy unsubstantial pursuit. It was interesting at first to even look further because I thought that what they were attempting to do was something that I have been wanting to do; to provide resources for legitimate struggling entrepreneurs (like myself) that have great ideas and especially ones that focus on sustainability, that can’t get proper financing from traditional avenues.
    Because of your review, I will not waste any more time on this marketing scheme or whatever the hell it is, because it seem to be just what I thought; not a legitimate problem solving organization, but yet just some other get rich quick sucker scheme where only the founders of the scheme actually get rich. And whose money are they taking?…. the ones that can least afford it that might be trying to do something legit themselves with great intentions…..
    hooohuummmm when will the consciousness shift from these greedy intentions to those of love, comradery, cooperation, and getting things done for the good of society and the planet?

  9. There are plenty of free resources available for aspiring entrepreneurs. It is my feeling that the reason so many people are buying into it is because at face value Neurs seems to provide something different when in reality there is nothing special about it. Most people would like the freedom and financial independence self employment provides and Neurs is going straight for them.

  10. hello people
    very glad to be back…as I stated in my post few weeks ago, I challenged Mr I know it all and the rest who were spreading bad statements about NEURS to meet again in few weeks: and here I am…NEURS is operative already and working for the benefit of the people and most of your aggressive statements have been shown false…no need to add much more 🙂

  11. If there is one thing that I can’t stand it’s a LIAR. YOU NEVER provided any comments as to why my review was incorrect and for the most part posted the above similar comment but chose to ignore my comment.

    Neurs is operative? FANTASTIC. What’s the network like? Are people connecting with service providers and vice versa?

    You haven’t added anything so there is much more to add.

  12. I was contacted by someone names Sergi today about NEURS. Had not heard about it before. Curious, so I went to their website, a very succinct and well presented bunch of non-information. So I did a web search and found a few blogs about NEURS besides yours. I think you are probably right, a pyramid scheme. Have not spent a lot of time on it but I am actually happy with the time spent, your blog and a couple of others were worth finding. Your blog has very useful information which I look forward to exploring. Thanks for doing a great blog.

  13. Hello all,

    From what I have read in the review above, and the fact that there is absolutely no information in the “invitation” that I received, it looks to me like it is a pyramid scheme, or at least very close to one.

    I would, however, ask that you not confuse a pyramid scheme with MLM (multi-level marketing)/network marketing. There is a difference and there are many very successful examples of MLM companies that operate with a high level of integrity – Avon (the largest makeup country in the world), Arbonne, Mary Kay, Pampered Chef (owned by the most successful investor in the world, Warren Buffet), Passion Parties, ACN, 5 Linx, and even Amway since they’ve reorganized.

    There is a general mistrust about MLMs as people do often confuse them with pyramid schemes. A bit of due diligence and research will quickly show you which companies are worth getting involved with:
    1) Look them up with the Better Business Bureau and the Direct Selling Association
    2) Understand what the product/service they are selling is. If it has little or no value, why would anyone want to buy it.
    3) Read the contract and understand the compensation plan.
    4) If they tell you you will “get rich quick” look even closer. Any business is work and you have to put in time and energy to realize any gains.

    That’s just my 2 cents as a person who is very pleased with her association with an MLM.

    Good luck to you all!

  14. Hi Knowitall, You’re absolutely right that Neurs is a MLM product and a scammy one at that! All you have to do is go to their affiliate link and they have a diagram of people making money off of people, straight forward pyramid scheme. The fact that they charge you a hefty fee to be a full fledged affiliate and receive any compensation you are entitled is a scam. This is the exact same model that the Empower Network uses, and we all know how scammy that organization is!
    The Kevin Herrington thing cracks me up! Kevin’s stake in Neurs is about as vague as Neurs itself. There’s so much money at the top for pyramid schemes when they start to evolve that big players want a piece, it’s the little guy’s that get screwed.
    Donald Trump has been reported to be eyeing up MLM, I don’t think it’s to help the less fortunate! If you get Neurs supporters like I have, look at their domain names that accompany their posts, .net, org, .ca, all shitty marketers that have gotten in on the first floor and are hoping to ride the scam and reap the rewards. The average joe is the guy who is going to waste his money buying in and the guy at the top will be the one making the money. Should have turned this comment into another post, LOL. Neurs is still a scam and will go nowhere, that’s my prediction! Cheers Mike.

  15. I couldn’t agree more with your comment. BTW – Donald Trump got into the MLM game back in 2009 selling health and wellness products via the Trump Network. It must have been highly profitable as Trump sold it to a marketing company in 2012.

  16. Thank you for this excellent expose. I received a message from someone on LinkedIn, and in response to the “invitation” followed his link to Neurs. I watched the videos there and very nearly considered accepting the invitation. It was promoted as being like LinkedIn, but specifically for those with an entrepreneurial spirit. The compensation plan discussion in the videos left me with more questions than answers, so I wanted to speak with the fellow who had sent me the message on LinkedIn, before actually accepting the invitation. I left him several messages over the course of a week, each time giving him my phone number and asking him to call me. He never responded. Only then did I get the idea this may be a total scam. So I googled “neurs scam” and up comes your discussion. Thank you again for exposing this outfit. The idea of having a legitimate network by and for entrepreneurial types, where ideas and resources can be shared for mutual benefit, including angel investors and venture capital people, seems like a very worthwhile thing. Even the name “Neurs” is clever. I know Kevin Harrington, or rather, I know of him (he probably doesn’t know me), and he has great credibility in this space. I’d like to see some respectable folks like Kevin and his friend Loral Langemeier develop a legitimate networking group along the lines of what Neurs purports to be.

  17. All I need to tell you is that I am receiving invitations to Neurs every hour since 1 a.m. this morning. Needless to say I never connected to Neurs, never visited their website, never registered with them or any of their affiliates nor do I know the “user”(robot) that keeps on trying to get my invited to Neurs. Pyramid Scheme FTW!!!

    First they trying to lure people into becoming members with the exclusivity of a invite only policy but ending up spamming out invitations in a hourly manner. Very trustable business concept! <<< Sarcasm [people don't get it sometimes]…by the way, I am not an english speaker – so hold your horses grammar ninjas.

  18. Thanks for blowing the whistle on this. I need this kind of advice as I’m quite a sucker for these things. You have probably saved me £120! ($99!)
    I used to be a Grammar Ninja but I was called an English Teacher. TCIU seems ok to me – but I can always help with lessons.

  19. Kevin Harrington explains why NEURS is an amazing opportunity for Nuers to make a shit load of money off suckers who pay to get in. Looking forward to seeing the indictments that will be handed down in the future.

  20. hey people!! hello everybody! how are you?

    where are you now all the people who where throwing shit on NEURS??? I told you, months ago, that YOU WERE TOTALLY WRONG and time would show the truth 🙂 tatchannnn…and here we are!! so, come on, don’t hide now! :))

    NEURS is doing amazing, helping thousands and soon millions through http://www.fuckneurs.com, http://www.neurssucksballs.net and http://www.neursmorons.tv

    Scam?? lol, Stupidity is Contagious!! yes, I agree once with our beloved “IKnowitAll”” lol!!!

  21. I was totally wrong? ROFL!!!!! I stated from the onset that Neurs was not providing anything of value as 100% free alternatives have existed for quite some time. Of course Neurs is doing amazing, how could they not when they have suckers such as yourself paying a fucking arm and a leg for nothing special and pass the Kool-Aide to other suckers who jump for joy when they make a few hundred dollars? Wow, in order to be “matched” with business providers you have to spend credits in order to have the business shown to you. How in the ever living fuck is this “smart” business?

    Wow, Neurs is helping thousands and soon millions by doing what exactly? Oh I know charging people close to $100 a fucking month so they can be matched with business opportunities when such directories have existed for years already for FUCKING FREE!!!

    Yes Stupidity is indeed contagious….thank you so much for proving my point genius.

  22. Hi KnowItAll, I have to agree with you. I was invited to sign up by Sergi and ironically I had invested 7 years as a senior marketing advisor to a local incubator and then once convinced a smarter, integrated online support system could do better, I defined such on paper. When I first saw all the money put behind Neurs, and with a clear understanding of what real entrepreneurs needed, I started looking for evidence of value. Like you realized, all I heard was a lot of chest pounding on how rich vendors would get but nothing on how that will help entrepreneurs. Seeing this huge gap I alerted Sergi that Neurs seemed to fall light years short of having a compelling value proposition – all hype and no substance. I was willing to talk to Frank and make him an offer to save this ship before it sunk, which it will when people realize they were duped. It’s easy to find vendors. Qualifying them is another story and aligning their disparate services to both core foundational development needs which get them to the starting gate, and then real effective marketing to Win, Place or Show…all at a cost that is reasonable was evident in my plan and totally absent in theirs. Add to it how entrepreneurs get funded and what they have to learn in context to milestones and you have more substance in this last tow sentences that what you can glean after hours spent investigating Neurs. I kept things civil with Sergi as I understand English is not his primary language and what I was referencing was over his head despite essential. The best thing about Neurs is its name. The worst thing about Neurs is its game. It’s lame.

  23. Hi KnowitAll,
    Your review coincides nicely with what myself and others have asked up front and not seen or heard anything that shows real value to entreprenuers. I qualify my own input as a 7 year senior marketing advisor to a local incubator and because I was convinced more entrepreneurs needed greater help than incubators provide, I had defined that help system so I was well in the know. I was ‘invited’ by Sergi and I was straight up with him yet little mattered. I suspect his modest command of English, low comprehension to the real needs of entrepreneurs, and failure to own questions cast him as a cheerleading bobblehead. but we stayed civil. I was initially supportive and even offered to share what I learned if they were serious but just the Rah Rah make a lot of money videos followed absent of any real substance. It’s a shame as supporting entrepreneurs is critical but it has to be a system and vendors have to support that system too. no such thinking. So I appreciate your more in-depth analysis as had felt the same. Thanks.

  24. What a great, nuanced, well thought out review – Thank you!
    Disclaimer from the start: I have been building a business for the past 3 years that is related – doing some of what neurs “promises” to do, WITHOUT the egregious horse before the cart/non-value-pyramid-nonsense/pay to play portion.
    It’s interesting to find the detailed review here. We have been building our business (one platform recently launched, the other in beta) to give users the opportunities, but staying withing the confines of sound business practices – mainly so that we ONLY make money once our users start doing so.
    On that note, rather than state my business here – I would first ask permission from the blog owner if you’d like me to.
    Or if anyone is curios, welcome to ping me to discuss.

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