My Advertising Pays Review – Is My Advertising Pays (MAPS) a SCAM?

A few weeks ago yours truly received an email requesting a review on a company called My Advertising Pays or MAPS. Considering I had nothing better to do today and I aim to please I decided to write a review on My Advertising Pays.

So what is My Advertising Pays? My Advertising Pays is supposed to be a marketing website where business owners can purchase banner ads, pop under’s or take part in a traffic exchange. With this being said there is a major fucking problem that any business owner with half a fucking brain should be able to see from the onset. If I want to advertise a business or get traffic to a website that I own in order to have the traffic generate into a sale the most important question is what is the quality of the traffic. In the case of My Advertising Pays the quality of the traffic is jack shit!

My Advertising Pays is being promoted heavily online by affiliates who claim to be making a ton of money. How are these affiliates supposedly making tons of money? My Advertising Pays affiliates simply get dumb asses to purchase credit packs for $50 a pop or $49.99 and which is supposed to pay back $60 over time through “profit sharing.” Of course 5% of that profit is automatically deducted from your earnings so you can purchase, in this case MUST PURCHASE, as a person cannot withdraw from the advertising fund!!

Now back to the advertising. I pay My Advertising Pays whatever they charge to advertise my e-commerce site. Who the fuck is clicking on my banner? The people who are making money by clicking on 10 fucking ads a day. These people have no intention of buying anything. They simply are told to click 10 ads per day, everyday, in order to receive $60 back in time where 5% of that $60 is held in an advertising fund which again cannot be withdrawn from! What successful company would use My Advertising Pays to advertise their business? Not fucking one that I can think of.

Ladies and gentleman if something looks like shit and smells like shit in all likelihood you are staring at shit. Shit of course being My Advertising Pays. Simply put it’s a circular loop that will need to continue to get dumb people to sign on by buying credit packs until the whole fucking thing crashes. Admittedly this is not one of my best reviews and was not meant to provide all information necessary to call My Advertising Pays a scam as it’s already been done and done quite well via a FaceBook page dedicated to exposing My Advertising Pays as a scam.

If my review isn’t enough for you to stay away and avoid being scammed do yourself a favor and check out the My Advertising Pays Scam FaceBook page!

It’s a damn shame that yet another MLM scam as in My Advertising Pays has managed to live for over a year now and make a ton of money in the process. By the time it’s shut down for good who knows how much money these cocksuckers would have made by than?

13 thoughts on “My Advertising Pays Review – Is My Advertising Pays (MAPS) a SCAM?”

  1. I knew you would,nt print my article……so much for fair conversation eh……maybe i was a bit overboard by calling you a “FUCKTARD”…….I was wrong….your an IDOTIC FUCKTARD who has no concept of business at all

    Your Stupidity is certainly contagious………

  2. First of all you left a fucking comment not an article which I did indeed approve. I wrote an article you left a comment….understand?

    I have no concept of business at all yet you fail to mention one fucking word within the article that you disagree with. Considering you have such high business acumen please explain how spending money to advertise to people who have no desire to learn about your product or service is a good business idea!

    With your business know how there is no doubt in my mind that you could bankrupt Apple. Stupidity is indeed contagious so please don’t procreate. If you already have you need to apologize to your children asap.

    Peace out TARDFUCK!

  3. Because your whole article retard is based on your baseless idiotic opinions
    mine are based on the fact i have earned over $40,000 in the last 9 months alone out of MAPS, and
    over $14,000 on affiliate commissions on the traffic you say does,nt work…

    IT WORKS SHIT FOR BRAINS…..i make money = YOU DONT…lol

    What is yours based on apart from your moronistic rambling hatred of MAPS?

    I wont answer the rest….its beneath me
    needless to say……i wont be back to your 9th rate crappy blog run by an uneducated ex con drug dealer
    Peace out Rentboy

  4. Just because you make money through MAPS does not mean that I do not make money shit for brains. Just because you may make money via MAPS does not make you the rule but rather the exception. See the difference moron? I highly doubt that you make anything close to what you state but that wouldn’t make you any different from any other kool-aide drinker would it?

    You won’t answer the rest because you can’t as in not capable. You simply revert to name calling and “I MAKE THIS MUCH BLAH BLAH BLAH” without countering any point I made in my review. Not surprising at all.

    By the way I am educated, have a career in my field of study, and am not an ex con nor a drug dealer. Amusing that you call me Rentboy when I actually own a home.

    Sorry to break it to you but I won’t miss your visits. I’ll simply have to make do with the thousands of others who visit each and every month FREE via organic search engine traffic.

    Peace out FUCKTARD!


    you thought calling you a rent-boy meant you did,nt own your own home…:)…:)…:)
    i rest my case
    Common sense just isnt that common where your concerned boy is it….:)

  6. Common sense dictates that I would refer to home ownership as opposed to the other thing…you know “Spicey & Fun” Dude, if you want a hook up please do so at the appropriate place as I don’t swing that way. Perhaps you can promote on MAPS.

    Do yourself a favor and don’t respond. Common sense dictates that the 200 plus people who view this post daily will think you’re a dumb ass. Besides I thought you were done responding on my POS blog? ROFL……bye bye LOSER!

  7. Some interesting posts here, and again we have the inbred in denial wankers that dont listen to logic or reason because they are earning money…whooppee fuken dooo…dont make it legal does it you bunch of defrauding cunts…just remember when maps get busted you will have to repay your stolen ponzi funds ha ha whos the losers now you inbred ponzi pimps…just google my advertising pays scam

  8. These SCAMS like My Advertising Pays have been regurgitated endlessly ever since the internet began providing quick access to gullible idiots and gambling addicts. There’s no end in sight unless the regulatory agencies come up with a streamlined method of shutting them down. Locking up a few of the widely recognized con artists who promote crap like this for their personal profit like Simon Stepsys, Faith Sloan and Ken Russo would be a good start.



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