FlexKom Review – Are They Really This Stupid?

Earlier today a site visitor left a comment on the BeepXtra review I wrote and made mention of a company named FlexKom so of course I had to check it out asap. It appears that FlexKom is a German based company that is changing the economy of a country although what country is cleverly omitted.

During my research I visited FlexKomSystem.com where there is a 21 minute Vimeo video on the homepage. Within 2 minutes I knew that this “opportunity” was nothing more than a crock of shit. Why? In order to get into the super profitable discount loyalty card business with FlexKom a person in the United States would have to pay $2,000 for a franchise license? A franchise what? You know the same thing that your would need to become a franchisee of McDonald’s? Are these people smoking crack? Comparing McDonald’s to FlexKom?!!

You would think that the geniuses in charge of FlexKom would stay far and clear from the term “franchise” here in the United States considering that the FTC regulates all franchise activity in the country. The FTC Franchise Rule requires franchisors to provide each prospective franchisee with a disclosure document. Laws in more than a dozen states also require franchisors to provide a similar disclosure document. Because the FTC format for disclosure does not satisfy the state-law requirements in these states, most franchisors choose to use the UFOC (Uniform Franchise Offering Circular) format which is acceptable in all of the registration states.

The franchisor must give the UFOC to the prospect at the earlier of:

the first face-to-face meeting with the prospect involving a discussion about the sale of a franchise; or
at least 10 business days before the prospect signs any agreement with the franchisor; or
at least 10 business days before the prospect pays any money to the franchisor.
The franchisor also must provide the prospect with a complete version of the franchise agreement (with all blanks filled in) at least 5 business days before the prospect signs any agreement or pays any money.

Of course FlexKom simply provides a fucking video and asks people for $2,000 in order purchase a franchise license in order to become a FlexKom coordinator with no face to face meeting!!! I can’t believe that the people behind FlexKom could be this fucking stupid. There are 14 registration states in the United States and I can’t find any evidence that FlexKom is registered with any of them. FlexKom could have easily called this a membership fee or a registration fee but these dumb asses chose to use the term franchise license. Using the term franchise opens FlexKom to all sorts of liability and compliance issues but I don’t think they’re bright enough to figure this out as there are probably thousands of stupid fucks here in the United States that are proud and happy that they are now FlexKom franchisees and are thinking about all the money they’re going to make.

It appears to me that these discount loyalty card MLM’s are popping up like mad in the UK and are finding their way across the pond to the US of A. BeepXtra and now FlexKom with probably a dozen or more so to follow if they’re already not in existence. Stay far and away from FlexKom as this company is heading straight to the crapper faster than a Bugatti can get from 0-60 MPH. I can’t wait to the genius comments on get on this review.

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14 thoughts on “FlexKom Review – Are They Really This Stupid?”

  1. they are trying to get in PANAMA, how can we get CONFIRMED information that this company is a SCAM, fraud

  2. My oh my oh my! The author of this article sounds like a teenager with a filthy mouth. “KnowItAll incorrectly and stupidly bases his entire argument against FlexIon on his limited knowledge regarding franchises in this country. I can speak from research and from experience, Flexcon USA has never been and never will be attempting to sell franchises in the USA. If the unduly self-important author, or authors, only did a little minor investigation, they would find the term “franchise” in the 43 other countries where FlexKom International is opening (hundreds on the horizon) means something totally different in the USA. It appears the author/authors have a very large gripe about something of which they have no working knowledge. As an advertising franchisee of a large American franchise for 26 years I can tell you this: the FlexKom M-Commerce business platform has the best chance to change the financial horizon for literally millions of the hurting small and medium-sized business owners in this country. The author(s) of this article inexplicably must not care.

  3. “FlexKom” in lines six and eleven were transcribed in the response to the above article incorrectly as “FlexIon” and “Flexcon”

  4. First and foremost the name of the company is not called FlexKom nor Flexlon. Second, the “term” franchise” does mean something different in other countries why is why the article clearly pointed out the it is sheer stupidity to use the SAME TERM to market here in the United States!

    Yup, FlexKom is the best chance to change the financial horizon for millions of hurting small and medium sized businesses by having these hurting businesses make more money by discounting their services. Makes perfect sense! I can barely pay for my overhead but by discounting my services I’ll sure as hell be able to make a killing as I can hope that someone from Ireland visits my store in Williamsburg Brooklyn. I can also turn my fortunes around by distributing cards to my current customers this cutting further into my profit margins.

    Since your an excellent researcher please explain what the difference is between the bullshit BeepXtra MLM and the bullshit FlexKom MLM if you were even aware of BeepXtra. As a franchisee of a “large American Franchise” I find it disturbing that you would entertain representing a company like FlexKom, especially with 26 years of business experience. Surely, you must have some sort of head on your shoulders to be in business for almost 3 decades. Change my mind about FlexKom so that I can easily write a super awesome nice review and build my own FlexKom MLM empire.

    No I’m not a teenager and I do have a filthy mouth. In fact it’s a fucking filthy mouth!! ROFL!!!!!!!!!

  5. Seriously dude? That’s the best you can come up with after my response to your post? You misspelled the name of the company?

    C’mon man! You come to my blog, attack me for foul language and basically call me an adolescent but choose not to address questions that I posed. You should have thought long and hard about those questions before jumping on the FlexKom Kool-Aid drinker bandwagon and should have easily been able to address those questions.

    Apparently your 26 years in business hasn’t taught you much. Maybe that’s why you’re looking into get rich quick MLM scams instead of concentrating on your bread and butter. On the other hand your years in advertising may have taught you how to drive traffic to your “opportunity” by leaving blog comments. Think again……LOL!

  6. In my opinion it is a pyramid scheme.
    However, we should NOT underestimate their ability to recruit thousands and thousands of people. They are experts at brainwashing people. They mostly recruit through training events around the world and through their existing licensees… I’ve done quite a bit of research on them recently, I see that they DO have licensee agreements, merchant agreements, marketing plan, etc. etc. Hundreds + of websites and blogs as each licensee seems to have his own. I find that all the corporate material looks soooo darn CHEAP… cheap videos, cheap app, cheap websites (that are just a big fat FlexKom commercial), cheap powerpoint slides, with ancient sales training techniques and brain washing arguments. They do not care so much about attracting merchants which is what they call Phase 3 (their final Go-to-market step). That phase is always delayed in every country… What they really want is to sign up as many licensees as they can for as high as 4500$… and get them to do 2 things: 1) buy X units of their cheap POS terminal for 450$ (tablet worth 85$ US retail), and 2) signup X number of licensees. Licensees can’t really approach merchants until they have done 1 & 2. It will take months (if not years) before people realize they have been scammed.


    In all seriousness your comment is spot on. FlexKom will make a killing leaving a path of financial destruction behind them. However, as people are generally stupid FlexKom will continue to thrive.

  8. Dear “Knows a little” and “Professes a lot”,
    The facts about Flexkom America and Flexkom International regarding their concerted approach to helping the small and medium sized businesses appears to be of no importance to you or else you are simply not doing any proper due diligence. (BeepXtra, along with numerous other programs do have valud attributes, and in time, hopefully some will flourish). Therefore I have been silent, not to waste yours or my time, but I cannot help myself to just give you one or two thoughts to contemplate: 1) The ever improving proprietary software on our “cheap” tablets, has already been awarded innovative product of the year by the independent Networking journal Obtainer Magazine for 2012-13. and 2) There are hundreds of us, as merchant liasons, working, for almost nothing, volunteering seemingly countless hours, to help set the stage, so that in the next 6-9 months, thousands upon thousands of average American Families will seamlessly shop at Flexkom partnered merchant partners, across the U.S., who will share each others customers, many telling their friends and passing along the Merchants phoneapps to friends, thus growing our merchants customer numbers. This will happen with the bussinesses spending quite a bit less than they regularly spend for the normal ‘pay and pray’ advertising they have in the past. The savings CAN MORE THAN pay for the 5, 10 or perhaps 15% discounts they offer their FlexKom customers. Do some proper homework, rather than clearly show lack of preparation….or….you could just …..sign up and work for something life-changing.

  9. I have done my due diligence. Simply because you do not agree with me doesn’t change the fact.

    Are you fucking kidding me with Obtainer Magazine? Shocking that a direct selling online publication would push a direct selling company. Afterall what would an online publication write about if it were not direct selling companies.

    Homework? Are you talking to me about fucking homework? When was the last time you did any as opposed to spewing the sales line of the company you represent. Here some fun facts for you.

    1. Many small and medium sized businesses do NONE as in 0 advertising and rely on location which was chosen based on due diligence with regard to population and competition within that geographic area.
    2. Most people shop within a 5 to 10 mile radius of their homes!
    3. Discount advertising is NOT NEW!!
    4. Cash back rewards are NOT NEW! In fact Bank of America offers 10% cash back rewards to their customers. Want to know who utilizes this method of advertising? FORTUNE 500 COMPANIES!!!

    Now ask yourself a serious questions if you are capable. Restaurant.com offers discounted coupons to various restaurants throughtouth the country. For example I could pay $8 for $15 worth of food at a participating restaurant. It’s so fucking great! Why doesn’t every restaurant sign on with them? Do some research and get back to me.

    Any business can advertise with Groupon and instantly have their offer of 50% off of a product or service sent to millions of subscribers. Why doesn’t every business utilize Groupon?

    What you seem to be missing in your infinite wisdom is that a profitable company, with a competent owner, knows he or she will lose money by discounting their product or service offering to their already loyal customers. What would than result is not a flood of loyal customers but a flood of loyal discount shoppers. As soon as the discount ends those customers do not return as the only reason the customer went to that location to begin with was due to the discount!!!! Don’t agree, do some fucking homework instead of attempting to insult my intelligence.

    If FlexKom or BeepXtra for that matter is such a unique and life-changing business where in the fuck or all the private as in non MLM companies going down this path of guaranteed success? For example, I could have my own POS created, sold for half the price of the competition and hire 1099 independent contractors to sell for me. In exchange I pay the independent contractor a handsome commission on the sale and pay a residual monthly commission of say 35% on that store’s revenue.

    The bottom line is that these companies are attempting to put a different spin on things that have been around for decades. I said it before and I’ll say it again. Where are all the small to medium size business owners attacking me here on this blog telling me I don’t know what the hell I’m talking about? The only people disagreeing are those hocking the service.
    I received 1 comment from a business owner who happened to agree with me 100%. Could it possibly be that business owners doing their research and coming across the very same reviews actually agree with me and as such see no need to defend?

    C’mon homework man, school me since I profess a lot yet know little.

  10. hmmmm yeah Gary has a point you are pretty clueless about FlexKom LOL. Everyone should know you don’t know shit about FlexKom and therefore you are unqualified to give advice in the matter.

  11. Doesn’t take much to come to a conclusion that something is shit when it indeed is a shit. What the fuck is the major difference between FlexKom and BeepXtra? You should be able to tell us that since you seem to know much more than I…right?!

    I’m not giving advice, I’m giving my opinion. If you don’t know the difference open a dictionary.

  12. Thanks to make this post, I agree with the author, FlexKom is a Scam.
    Everyday more people must make post like this to defend people from Scams
    Best regards

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