BeepXtra Review – Is BeepXtra a Scam or Legitimate Opportunity

I came across BeepXtra on FaceBook around a month ago and was going to write a review back then but didn’t feel like posting at the time. I wish I had posted at the time as this opportunity was screaming scam to me at that time and even more so today. What is BeepXtra? It’s simply a discount and loyalty program marketed as the greatest thing since sliced bread.

Bottom line it’s nothing more than a MLM in one of many in a long list of MLM “opportunities” in which thousands of people will lose their shirts. Last month when I went to their site there was a sales matrix as well as information as to how much of a “few dollars” it would cost a business owner to integrate with their super awesome system. Today? All of that information is gone and in it’s place is some rather visually impressive sales fluff as to how great BeepXtra is!

How is BeepXtra supposed to work? As a BeepXtra card holder you can earn 10% cash back on purchases you make at participating BeepXtra locations. Sounds great. I get my haircut and a participating BeepXtra location and pay $10 for the haircut. I just earned $1 for doing what I normally do anyway….SIGN ME UP!

In reality you go to get your $10 haircut and your barber says $10. You say “Do you accept BeepXtra?” Your barber replies “No and what in the hell is BeepXtra?” You state “BeepXtra is a discount and loyalty program in which you would need to part with a few dollars if you wanted to join. You provide an affordable discount of say 10% with would only be $1 and best of all, if you hand out BeepXtra cards to your customers you will earn a commission when those people shop at participating BeepXtra merchant!” You’re barber states “Sounds great especially for a few dollars!” Yes you have a sale, now all you have to do is ask your barber to part with anywhere between $125 and $400. (A few dollars my ass!!) Your barber states “You are an asshole, get your haircut somewhere else from now on.”

It’s no secret that I think MLM companies are the spawn of stupidity everywhere. With BeepXtra you can earn a percentage of a percentage of a percentage of a percentage which will have you driving a new Lambo in no time. Thankfully BeepXtra earns 2.75% of whatever the discount is which leave tons of cash for you to start building your McMansion. Let’s do some math.

Your barber, in an alternate reality, agrees to pony up $125 to get involved. BeepXtra gives him a few hundred cards to dispense to his already loyal customers (more on this in a bit) so your barber won’t even have to cut hair anymore. He’s going to be fucking rich when he earns 12% of the 2.75% that BeepXtra earns. After all this thing is fucking global! Ah, the percentage of a percentage. Your barber gives a card to one of his customers who uses the card at a participating merchant close by who gives a 10% discount on his daily lunch special. Yeah that 10% discount on the $5 lunch special earns BeepXtra 2.75% of the $5 for revenue of approximately $.14 cents. Luckily your barber just earned 12% of the approximate $.14 for a commission of approximately $.02 cents. He’ll stop cutting hair in no time with those $.02 increments.

Loyalty! People shop where they shop because they like shopping where they do. There’s a fucking bagel store 2 blocks away from where I live but it doesn’t stop me from getting into my car and driving 5 minutes, paying for parking and waiting 10 minutes in line to get the bagels that I like best. Know why? They have the best fucking bagels! The shithole giving me back 10% on their shit bagels and allowing me to get back $.10 fucking cents wouldn’t deter me in my mission for the best tasting fucking bagel. Fuck, I would pay them $.20 cents so I wouldn’t have to put their shit product into my mouth!

But KnowItAll, BeepXtra is giving cash back! So fucking what!!! My damn bank gives me cash back for shopping at certain merchants as does 500 of the fucking credit cards that I have in my possession. Cash back is nothing new. What is new is some assholes who decided to open a company in the Virgin Islands promising riches by allowing people and businesses to earn 12% of $.10 cents who can then earn 50% of the 12%. Again, a fucking percentage a percentage of a fucking percentage!!!!!!!

Think of this bullshit logically if you can. I start a company and state that you can earn 20% of the revenue that I generate. I generate $.20 cents so you can earn $.04 cents. Yes, you only made $.04 for all of your effort so I sweeten the pot. I state that I will also pay 20% of the 20% that other people you bring on will make. Yes! 20% of $.04 for a grand total of $.008 cents! Now we’re talking.

Bottom line is that successful businesses have no need to discount their services, that’s why their successful. They already have a loyal stream of customers who patron their establishments. Those who do not learn from the past are doomed to repeat history. Have no clue about what I speaking about? Do some further research you lazy asshole. Seriously do I really have to get into the whole discounted “coupon industry.”

Luckily the believer in BeepXtra will be able to prove me wrong once launches in 9 short days. Once launches I will surely be made a fool of as there will be hundreds of thousands of worldwide stores who have signed on for this amazing opportunity. More like failing businesses who are grasping for straws in order to keep the lights on.

Be forewarned…..BeepXtra is shit and will always be shit. In other words BeepXtra is a scam!!! Don’t think so….no problem. I will pay you 20% of the 5% this blog generates each and every month just as long as you market your ass off. You’ll make a hell of a lot more money than you ever will getting into bed with BeepXtra. Stupidity at it’s finest but than again stupidity is contagious!


The above BeepXtra review was published on November 20, 2013 and earlier today I decided to head on over to BeepXtra to find out if was finally activated and holy shit it has been. However, in the 15 months since this post was published the amount of participating merchants is hysterical. Yup I was wrong as BeepXtra is setting the fucking world on fire. Right here in the United States there is a grand total of 29 stores using BeepXtra! Europe consists of a total of 413 merchants which would be OK if it were 413 merchants in one country but not so much when the 413 is the total of 23 countries. I truly hope that that one merchant in Estonia can somehow have a customer who visited the one store Croatia so both can participate in the global phenomenon that is BeepXtra. Yes comment leavers it does take time to build a global network of merchants but in the 15 months since the above post was created and a grand total of 498 merchants in the entire world is not a phenomenon but rather downright pathetic as observed by the one merchant in Australia. The Netherlands by far has the most participating merchants but only has 132 merchants. Perhaps in 2 more years there could be a total of 3,000 BeepXtra participating stores in the Network which would still be a blip on the radar and nothing in the grand scheme of things. People must be making a life changing income with BeepXtra!

69 thoughts on “BeepXtra Review – Is BeepXtra a Scam or Legitimate Opportunity”

  1. Interesting comments and I too could make similar comments about most MLM companies and I do. Most people join without doing any due diligence and pay out huge amounts of money to unscrupulous promoters of these schemes.
    Here I will state clearly that I have been the number one distributor in several MLM companies and I did just fine and so did those I coached and mentored. Now This could not happen in many MLM companies as most are set up for the HERO and the little guy never makes a dime..
    Beep Cash Back Loyalty Card may not be a NEW concept or even The Most Brilliant but at least it doesn’t Rip its promoters off as Some O f it’s competitors do.
    The Word FREE is very powerful in Sales and the general world Population LOVE IT ..they buy all sorts of SHIT to get a CRAPPY thing for FREE!
    Beep gives the little guy the down trodden guy a break to see if they can actually do something without costing them a fortune..
    And I am here to tell YOU it is working For MY TEAM we are joining up New Stores every single day and NOT JUST FAILING businesses!

    We Dominate two whole towns in New Zealand and have over 80,000 being delivered into our Market in the next 6 – 7 weeks.

    Whats MOST IMPORTANT here is that ONE Guy that was badly effected by LIFE and Broke is Going to be making a very NICE income!
    NOW That Makes Me Fell Really GOOD!

    Here’s a List Of The Types Of Stores that we are Getting to Join:

    1. Supermarkets …
    2. Petrol Stations
    3. Charities
    4. Real Estate Agencies
    5. Rental Property Managers
    6. Website Designers and Marketers
    7. Clothing Stores
    8. Coffee Bars
    9. Pubs
    10, Service Clubs
    11. Golf Clubs

    **The reason many join?
    “BECAUSE WE ARE CHEAPER THAN OUR COMPETITION!” in the Loyalty Programme business And Our Brand New Store openers Get Their ePOS for FREE.

  2. 80,000? 80,000 what? Representatives as there is now way in blue hell that there are 80,000 business in New Zealand let alone 80,000 business that would sign on for BeepXtra! Perhaps Beep Cards?

    Cheaper than the competition? Who is the fucking competition? Yeah I know you can’t tell me as this is yet another pathetic attempt from a BeepXtra douchebag rep attempting to drive traffic to his affiliate site.

    With that amount of businesses now in the BeepXtra system why the fuck can’t I search and find ONE?!

  3. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Too many young, well educated, up to their f’n necks in student debt KIDS are being suckered into this crap. Personally, I’m busy sick of the constant scammail I get from them begging me to hop into the proverbial bed with them. I live in the country. Like, remote, more trees than people I hunt my own food country. I don’t even know my distant neighbors because you never turn up a gravel road when you can hear the sound of gunfire. We shoot A LOT out here. If Mary Kay starts to market cammo, then maybe I’ll buy a starter kit and set up a sign at the feed store. I will not market your loving inspirational all my kids around my wrist crap ass jewelry, because, well, I have a real life Indian reservation up the road and they kind of invented that shit. I’m not hawking energy drinks, pills, wraps, or enemas to red necks because we make our own ‘shine out here and no way anything you GOT is better! Just because your church friends, book club, or the 3rd graders at the school liked your cupcakes, you are not a chef. I will not internet order any baked goods not marked Hostess. Please please please ask for a re do of your first year business and marketing classes. I’m sure there is a chapter titled, ‘ how to lose every person in your life by guilting them into buying useless shit and still winding up with a shitton of college debt anyway.’

  4. “how to lose every person in your life by guilting them into buying useless shit and still winding up with a shitton of college debt anyway.”

    ROFL!!!! You just made my day buddy.

  5. ROFL!!!!! That video was well put together and funny yet is misleading to an extent.

    One of my major pet peeves is when proponents of MLM compare the standard corporate structure with multi-level marketing. There is a major flaw in this argument in that one does not pay in order to become employed by the corporation.

    Additionally, I have a major issue with the statement contained in the video that “… person has a better chance of earning six figures in a MLM company when compared to being employed by a company.” Obviously if an employee of a company earns a salary of $40,000 per year that person does not have the opportunity to earn a six figure income. A better comparison, in my opinion, is joining a multi level marketing company as opposed to a person opening their own company. It’s factual that small business owners have a much higher success rate than MLM opportunists. It’s also factual that over 90% of MLM opportunist lose money on the endeavor.

    Regardless, I enjoyed the video as the main objective was to disprove that MLM companies and pyramid schemes are one in the same and I agree with your conclusion.

  6. U dont know half off it.. evrything is on the website.. including all prices.. its the cheapest option compare to advertisements.. and it stead of that, u get a life tim of payments.. and wait… for the ‘managers’ its free.. such a bad bad thing! how can they do that o no, no, no, they are reall bastards. and likewise u pay for mastercad of pin transactions.. u pay now for beepcustomers who really show up.. so instead of a adverisement somewhere else, not knowing who reads this and takes action, you pay 2,75% (same as credit card transactions?) and you know who reacts to it. no beeper? no costs. and you make money when your client is going to the another shop.. they really are so evil.. helping the stores And customers!

  7. Do you lack basic reading comprehension? This is like beating a dead horse already.

    1. What if the store does not advertise but rather gets a bulk of their business solely based on location?
    2. The store in addition to paying the 2.75% transaction fee is also absorbing the cost of the discount itself. Again, many small businesses cannot afford to discount their products or services!
    3. In addition to the 2.75% discount fee and discount the store owner must also pay an integration fee.
    4. In order for the store owner to make revenue through BeepXtra, the store owner MUST distribute the Beep Cards to his or her ALREADY LOYAL CUSTOMERS!
    5. Why would a successful small business owner provide a discount to his or her loyal customers when the customers are already making purchases from that store absent of discounts?
    6. It’s a proven fact that most consumers patron stores based on proximity to their residences. What is the likelihood that a consumer changes his or her shopping habits based solely on a discount?

    I can continue but what’s the point? Here is yet another pro BeepXtra commenter who has based an entire argument on nothing more than “DUH, it’s cheaper than paying for advertising!”

    BeepXtra has now been marketed for quite some time yet it is still not possible to conduct a search of merchants accepting Beep Cards on It’s not all too difficult to populate the site as merchants sign on board. What’s the holdup?

    A bit of logic if you will. I have been getting my haircut at the same barber for years as I like the service and the way my hair is cut. Over the years I have build a friendship with the barber. Would I cease going to this barber if another barber offered me a discount of 30%? Additionally, why would my barber discount his service to me by even 10% when I am already a loyal customer?

    It’s amazing that the only people who seem to disagree are those hawking BeepXtra. If BeepXtra is providing such a fantastic opportunity where are all the merchants disagreeing with my point of view. Thus far I have only received ONE comment from a merchant and that merchant 100% agreed with me.

  8. Evidently there are many people who view Beep as a GOOD business investment because there are many Beep stores around. The list of which is growing each and every day. If you think like an employee, then naturally you will view everything as a cost or an expense. Beep store owners see Beep as an INVESTMENT. An investment is something that will give you a greater return at a later time. Mindset is crucial to success in ANY business. Having the wrong mindset, means one’s longevity in ANY business will inevitably be short lived.

  9. There are many Beep stores around? Funny that none can be found on the website after months and months when there are supposedly thousands of stores taking part worldwide. A smart business owner will stay far away from this crap.

  10. And as a uber special once in a lifetime opportunity, Beepxtra has availed 300 [virtual] shares for their members to purchase for £600 upfront and £100 per month for 30 months.

    Get in now so when we get an offer from someone who wants to buy the whole company of Beepxtra for a gazillion dollars, you’ll be set for life as your shares will be worth a fortune. Gag.

    Anyone else see this coming?

  11. I have been introducing people to beep extra from the off. I’ve got my store up there and as it’s new it is slow. But I’ve had ten people ring me to use my stocktaking services which has paid for the integration fee plus commission . I wouldn’t have been contacted by these people otherwise. Also five of them are signing up to beep with there pubs. Another two of my pubs have started using it already. The one is my local who gives 10%cashback on a Sunday , the locals love it and the trade as trebled on that day alone in only three weeks.

    Fantastic idea, although a little complicated to get over to some people.


  12. You’re so full of shit. How the fuck do people find you and your pub buddies when not one fucking store can be found on the site as in

    Cheers my ass!

  13. I have read all the posts I could find on this blog and here it is Sept 2014. Not many posts there last months. I read the info over quite closely about BeepXtra. It looks very similar to the local Barter club in many respects but I think it may have some big advantages over the Barter system. I have been a member of the barter Club for many years and use it often. Yes with the Barter club I make less profit on my sales but I know for a fact that I get business that i would not have gotten if I was not a member. Also I drive quite a way farther sometimes to trade with a Barter member because it uses the credits I have gained from my sale of products to other Barter members. I once bought a $10,000 stallion on barter and I would not have been able to do that with out barter. While I have not researched the system completely I like the idea of promoting it to the Barter club members. I get my A/C serviced yearly and new tires on my cars, carpeting in my home, oil change in my vehicles, and many other items all on barter and I willingly accept the lower profit because it is with customers I normally would not have gotten any other way and in addition I build up volume from my sales I can use elsewhere. I see some better advantages with this Beep deal. I am still in the research stage and your whole Blog has not deterred me much. I think your vulgar language is a big and stupid distraction. Incidentally after 22 years as a financial planner making lots of money I joined a big (and my first and only) MLM, that was 20 years ago and it was the best decision I ever made. No more stress or continuing education crap and only one license a Drivers license, I have made more in the MLM because we sell good products and help lots of people lead healthy lives. Also part of my financial planning business involved insurance and that whole field is a horrible racket not to mention the securities business and the full exposure to attorneys. Over all I left a business 20 years ago that was filled with corruption. Sure there were some of us who had morals but we paid the price with lower earnings but a good nights sleep.

  14. I won’t apologize for my language as the language is part of what makes me….me. I see the correlation between your Barter club and BeepXtra with the exception being that there is no way for people to find BeepXtra businesses as their global directory of active BeepXtra businesses does not yet exist! Word of mouth and BeepXtra is contradictory to what BeepXtra is supposed to be. For example, I claim that if you pay me $.10 to list on my business directory so customers can find you, charge you $.10 for the service but do not provide the business directory what am I providing? Exactly what BeepXtra is providing….NOTHING!

    BTW – If your current MLM business is so good why are you looking at BeepXtra?


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