No one has been able to answer this very simple question for me so I decided to use the power of the internet in an attempt to get an answer to the oh so simply question. Why would the devil punish the wicked?

If you don’t follow the Lord than you will be punished by hell fire and brimstone. But why? The way I see it, if you steal candy from little kids, punch people in the face for no reason, lie, rob and steal why would the Devil want to punish you for those acts. The way I see it, you would become a disciple of the devil as in doing what he would do considering he is supposed to be the definition of evil. Wouldn’t you be considered the Devil’s pal as you are not following God?

Someone please give me a somewhat educated answer to my question. When I mean educated I mean a statement such as “Because the Devil is evil!” is not acceptable as this is the answer I keep getting over and over.