Why I Hate Religion and Why God is an Asshole!




7 Reasons Why God is an Asshole!

Yes, I said it, I HATE RELIGION! Why do I hate religion? I hate religion as it separates people from one another based on nothing more than interpretations and beliefs in what equates to nothing more than “fairy tales” in various texts written thousands of years ago.

Religion is brainwashing and as used a device to control those who are intellectually incapable of living with the possibility that we as humans have no factual knowledge of how we became to be and what will happen to us when we cease to exist. Religion is based on fear of the unknown which is why I choose to live my life free from the confines of religion than to take part in Pascal’s Wager.

Yes, I hate religion for the above reasons but for no greater reason than the being called God, who the religious follow so blindly, who is an absolute asshole. You may be religious and feel that God is an asshole but have been afraid to say it out loud. I’m not and can yell to the “heavens” above “GOD IS AN ASSHOLE!!”

Logic and religion cannot coexist as religion in of itself is illogical. Forget for a moment that the Bible is full of contradictions. Forget for a moment that the being referred to as God did not write the Bible. Open your mind, if you are capable and allow me to elaborate on why God is an asshole.

God is an asshole #1 – God is a deadbeat dad! – The supreme being created us all but doesn’t have the decency to show himself or take part in our lives? I don’t know about you but where in the fuck was God when I was at little league. Oh yeah, he was always with me! Know he fucking wasn’t. He left it up to divinely inspired writing of various people to even let me know he existed in the first place.

God is an asshole #2 – God killed his son to pay for the sins of those who were not born yet! Makes perfect sense. Kill off your own kid to pay for wrongs that you created in the first place. Throw a naked man and woman in a garden with an apple tree and tell them not to eat from the damn thing. C’mon….any parent knows as soon as you tell a child not to do something the child is going to want to do it. He set them up to fail and than gets pissed off when they do? ASSHOLE!

God is an asshole #3 – God created evil! He’s the fucking being that created evil yet gets pissed off when people commit evil deeds?! It equates to creating the electric chair for the purpose of killing people but getting pissed off when the electric chair is used to kill people.

God is an asshole #4 – God gave us free will with contingencies! That in of itself is contradictory. We are to believe in him but if we don’t we get punished! Let me put this more simply. We who live in the United States live here with the belief that we are free although we are not free. Being free would allow you to do as you want, when you want and as you see fit. However, we must live within the confines of laws that prevent us from doing certain acts we want to do, when we want to do them and how we can do them. Confines and free are contradictory!!

God is an asshole #5 – God gave us a shitty place to live! Avalanches, blizzards, cyclones, earthquakes, floods, landslides, heat waves, cold waves, drought, tornadoes, volcanic eruptions, etc. and a planet that consists of over 70% of salt water. Fuck, we would all be much better off as some sort of fish being than the beings that we are yet God had to make us in his fucking image? Poor planning is yet another reason why God is an asshole!

God is an asshole #6 – God didn’t create ONE LANGUAGE! I don’t get it. God put us here, makes us worship him or else yet make it difficult to communicate with one another? God is the supreme being yet felt it necessary to allow over 6,000 languages to evolve? It would be much easier to get God’s message across if we human beings were all on the same page.

God is an asshole #7 – God gave us no instructions other than to worship GOD! At minimum this asshole could have given us some sort of clue on things we take for granted in this day and age such as water, fire, shelter and the sort instead of making us figure all this shit out for ourselves. Imagine having been alive 4,000 years ago and getting a rumble in your stomach and not having the luxury of the supermarket. Just drop us off on this shitty place to live with no idea on how to get rid of hunger pains but make sure you place that we believe in you or else. ASSHOLE!

I could continue this post but it’s way too late and I need to go to work tomorrow. At minimum I hope I at least gave you religious folk a few things to ponder as you continue to live your lives based on texts written thousands of years ago by people, not the almighty asshole being referred to as God.

136 thoughts on “Why I Hate Religion and Why God is an Asshole!”

  1. God is a cruel liar. God is a hypocrite! Murderers, rapists, dope dealers, child molesters thrive and this almighty God let’s it happen and when someone needs God or is begging God for something, he spits in their face and does nothing. Ask yourself why so many people suffer? That’s because God loves us and he is so wonderful? Ya, exactly…

  2. And that fucking filthy jew bastard retard that calls himself God never gave a good man like me a good wife and family that i really wanted to have since i am NOT SINGLE by choice.

  3. I agree. god is a virus. I see so many bad things happen to good people including myself, yet I will never submit to religion or evil. I wish god would just commit suicide in the most horrible way and burn in hell for eternity with everything he inflicted on us inflicted on him. And the reason I dont put his name in capital letters is because I dont have any respect for him, and I despise him.

  4. I want to fuck the skull of god For giving me so much stress that never stops building and i’m only 26 and i want to kill myself.’
    I can garontee you i wont though! I will murder all believers before i do that. So god is not real huh… Ok then let me kill all his holy people and abuse all their children to death!

  5. God will always be the biggest asshole of them all and a real filthy scumbag for punishing many of us innocent good people for no reason, and that retarded fucking low life piece of shit scumbag should go after the very evil people that are causing so much misery and pain on this rotten earth to begin with.

  6. I really wish that i had the power to cut God’s dick off and shove it down his fucking throat. Hail Satan.

  7. Yes, God is a fucking evil piece of shit who causes nothing but misery and trouble in this world. And he’s laughing his sick fucking ass off. He is the root of all evil. He and the devil are the same. God is a chicken-shit cowardly bully who helps no one.

  8. Well the real excellent reasons why God is a real fucking asshole is that he keeps punishing so many of us innocent good people for no reason at all, and never punishes the very evil people out there now that really should be getting punished in the first place. And with so many diseases and sicknesses that are everywhere these days tells the whole true story as well, especially after seeing so many innocent children that are dying from cancer. God what the fuck is wrong with you?

  9. Here’s why you’re wrong:
    One has to be reasonable about what’s actually possible within the realms of nature and physics. There are storms, for example, because they are NECESSARY. They bring up nutrients from the depths of the ocean to the surface. Without that occurring, the ENTIRE food chain dies.
    It is necessary to have a balanced ecology. That means you need predators.
    And that means you need a fight-or-flight response.
    Why does God allow suffering? He doesn’t.
    He told US to prevent it.
    Why doesn’t He do so?
    Stop cowering on the ground and step up, man.
    You’re a slave or you’re not. If you don’t act YOURSELF than you’re a child and therefore not achieving your potential. And THAT would be oppression. And oppression isn’t love.
    Why did He slow us down st every turn? You ever hear of this lil’ ol’ thing called the atom?
    Do you REALLY think the Roman Empire and China wouldn’t have had a full-scale nuclear war if they had the bomb?
    The natural state of man is complete annihilation by a few hundred years into the Roman Empire.
    And you know what? At a certain point we need to grow a pair and accept the responsibility for our actions. Not run around all over the place complaining that everything is all Dad’s fault.
    Again: You’re a slave or you’re not.
    To give freedom is to give Love.
    To ACCEPT freedom is to assume responsibility.

  10. How can god be an asshole?
    There is no god, there never has been.
    It is all silly superstitious babble created to control simpletons who are too stupid to deal with reality.
    If you have ever tried to tell a superstitious god believer there is no god, you have probably noticed how delusional these people are.
    At best they are suffering from a very very severe mental illness.
    All superstitious religious people should be put out of their misery.
    As the old saying goes, you cannot cure stupidity, BUT you can terminate the fools who try to poison other people with their mental illness.
    god is an asshole because the people who are mentally sick are assholes.
    I would personally terminate them all.
    To those of you who have your wits about you and are living in reality, I would expect your assistance.
    The world is a very fu%&ed up place, without having god assholes trying to tell us that rape, murder, incest and the likes is a good thing via gods word.
    Grow up, there is no god only assholes who think there is.
    To all, have a pleasant day.
    Warm regards.

  11. If God knows all, he knew people on earth were destined to suffer for thousands of years as he created it. Also, if he knows the beginning and the end, he knows who is saved and who isn’t already. It’s already decided who goes to heaven or hell, you can do nothing to change that. A drunken pygmy has as much chance of going to heaven as the pope!

  12. You severely misrepresent God…no surprise since you were obviously angry and hateful when you wrote this.

    Tim Rigney seems to be the only rational person on this comment list. The only one that isn’t raging at reality and who seems to understand the True nature of God.

    Grow a pair and take responsibility for your own lives. Jesus.

  13. Every living thing on earth understands the language of Life, except humans. Our many languages are not because God is an asshole, it’s because humans have deviated from God. If you’ve ever looked a cat or dog in the eye and known what it was thinking/feeling, then maybe you can come to understand this.

    God’s instructions for living are actually surprisingly easy….it’s only humans that suck at following them. Imagine life without the luxury of the supermarket? Literally every living thing lives without one, except humans….and even humans did for the first tens of thousands of years. But actually, there ARE some humans today who are entirely self-sufficient, off-grid, homeless-by-choice, without money….even some children. Apparently it is your choice to depend on luxuries to live. I’d bet if you were forced, even you would find a way to survive in the wilderness.

    There are literally TRILLIONS of living souls on this planet, and humans only comprise <0.01%. ….99.99% of life "gets it"……….it aint the animals and trees that are corrupt. Overall, I think God is doing an awesome job guiding his living beings.

    Look at life past your human-centric lens, temper your rage, and just be honest. Then maybe you can see the True nature of God for yourself. But if you want an immediate tangible proof, smoke a good hit of DMT.

    Stop lying, learn gratitude, and stop making excuses. Take accountability for yourself.

    Yeah, shitty stuff happens in life. MOST of that shitty stuff is because a LOT of humans choose to be assholes, choose to oppress, choose to do utterly evil shit. Is it always your father's fault if your sister hits you? Is it always your teacher's fault if the kid sitting next to you cheats on a test? Is it a manager's fault if a deranged lunatic starts shooting up a mall?

    Free Will exists. You can spend your entire life hating that fact. You can spend your entire life miserable, by your own volitional choice, raging against God for //giving// you and everybody else free will. Or you can USE //your// free will to make this life a little less shitty for somebody else. Maybe if less people hated the fact that life exists, and more people spent the time of their lives doing good things for others, there wouldn't be so many morons on forums like this talking shit and complaining about something they obviously know nothing about. Maybe you wouldn't have anything to complain about.

  14. You nailed it. I could believe in a religion that tells me that yes, God is an asshole because he can; get the fuck used to it.

    But God loves us and wants the best for us? Not even.

    If there is a god, the best I would be able to say is he made all this shit, wound up the clock and sat back to see what happens.

  15. Why call God all those names?
    There is no God! Therefore, calling someone names who has never existed, is rather silly.
    However, make the distinction that if there were a God of the Bible, which there is not, then this God would be this name or that name, you mention. Otherwise you are inadvertently acknowledging God exists and not calling it as it really is.

  16. After reading all of the comments above, it’s very apparent that a couple people still JUST DON’T GET IT, and NEVER WILL! I’m not going to reveal their initials or names, as they very well know who they are. To the rest, I concur with you, because you’re smart and you’re RIGHT ON!

  17. God ISN’T an “Asshole” because God does not exist.
    God is simply a human response to the age old questions, “who are we?”, “why are we here?” and, “what is our purpose in life?”
    The frail human mind has forever demanded such answers.
    Even the most primitive people through the ages have developed death rites and practices in response to a spiritual feeling that somehow exists within us.
    These rites and practices were ultimately taken over by zealots and other halfwits, who obtained power and credibility within their community because they offered more answers (crappy ones but enough for the herd to believe).
    That is all religion (of any type) is.
    An answer to an unanswerable question.
    What happens to us after death?
    We are all walking down the same road to that same place, whether we like it or not.
    What lies there (if anything) is anyone’s guess.
    Wailing every Sunday at a 2000 year old dead Jew in the sky or, some bearded pedophile at Friday morning prayers, isn’t going to change anything.
    Go to the pub and be social, get drunk and get laid, go home and piss on the neighbour’s car door, it doesn’t make any difference to your ultimate end.
    A six foot box, some flowers and everyone else getting drunk!
    Here endeth the lesson.

  18. I constantly see or hear people ranting about this entity called God.
    Usually they are Christians or ex Christians, because Muslims would never ever do this, their faith is too strong and Hindus, Sikhs and Buddhist ‘s are either true believers or if they don’t believe, then they don’t care enough to moan.
    White western Anglophiles however who aren‘t Christians, for some reason still need to rant and rage about this Non-entity that they don’t believe in and therefore offer credulity to it and thus, it assumes existence!
    This is stupid.
    If a thing does not exist, don’t talk about it!
    Look at all these wailing idiots, Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs, whatever, and all the sub branches who are even worse than the mainstream moronic herd, the Mormons, Pentecostalists, Jehovah’s lot, Isis, the Taliban etc,etc.
    Look what a miserable life they all lead.
    They don’t get drunk, they don’t have sex without begging God for forgiveness afterwards they can’t sleep in on Sundays or Friday mornings, and they are not supposed to look at their neighbours wives/ husbands / sons or daughters!
    What a boring life.
    They deserve it!
    Now, if they wanted a God (or two) what about the good old Viking gods, Thor and Odin?
    They were Gods who were worth worshiping!
    Fighting, drinking and sex with anybody was the order of the day!
    And if you got killed, you went off to Asgard to spend all day fighting and all night drinking!
    Casual sex was probably in there somewhere as well….
    Bring back the good old days!
    Let’s hear a cheer for Thor, Odin and anyone else they worshipped!
    And forget about this wimp baby Jesus and his pedophile mate Muhammed!

  19. Gratitude is pedophilia for christians and most people forcing to believe in their “TOXIC positivity”, they want you to molest each other, and watch porn with you and your family and do drugs, that is exactly what gratitude is to these people. Their fake smiles and fake positivity to ensure you fall for their fake ass happiness that doesn’t even exist.

  20. I just want to add to all who agree with this article I would rather spend eternity with you in hell than be in heaven with asshole god and all those asshole christians any old day!! Peace

  21. This article lists so many points agree with. My biggest issue with God is creating evil. Why? Why was that necessary. If you are omnipotent and know everything that will be why did you create Lucifer, knowing he was gonna rebel, get kicked out of heaven, tempt eve into eating the apple and letting humans fall from grace.

    You could have avoided all of this bullshit in the world easily but no. I dont care in the devil exists or not at the end of the day God is the badguy as well and he should get just as much of the blame as he does the praise. I have so many more points on this topic but this is one of the biggest ones for me.

  22. God is pure evil just as much as he is goodness. The torture he allows is just brutal. People getting shot up by militant groups like Boko Haram. Holocaust, wars, genocides. All this under the eyes of a loving god. And then you can look to torturous diseases. Chronic Lyme disease where 1 in 3 commit suicide it is so devastating. Trust me these people pray to god to be cured. No answer except, just kill yourself. There’s no free will when you lose your mind to a disease. And there’s no love from a god when all your prayers are met with death or torture.

  23. If God (of any flavour, ie, Jesus, Allah or the big Hindu elephant in the sky) exists, then he/she or it (deference to transgenders there) made Donald Trump President, his hideously ugly wife First Lady and his daughter and her oily Jewish husband far more important than they should ever have been!
    As such, God is either sadistically playing with us or, is demented (as is Donald) or is just a many millennial middle to Far Eastern cretin!
    In any event, God is not worth bothering with.
    On whatever day the sabbath falls in your region, instead of rising early to go to church /mosque/temple etc, just roll over give your partner another good “humping” And then go back to sleep.
    When arisen, spend the rest of the day viewing porn movies or westerns etc, drinking and eating.
    Leave the wailing and communion wafers to all those mid western and Bible Belt idiots who elected Trump in the first place and who are now gnashing their teeth!

  24. God has even punished me for things I did not do. Not to mention, I felt his spiritual nature push me down into a pit. Then, he blames me for any outcome from being in that pit.


    God likes fucking with people. He’s an asshole that is full of shit. I feel bad for people he talks to. For his own amusement he drives them insane. If he ever tried to communicate with you give him the bird.


  27. God is a rather simple fairy story. The concept is transparently a reflection of parents.
    Think about it, you are two years old and these enormous beings called parents change your diaper, feed you, clean you, keep you warm and so on. They fix everything.
    Even the language of religion (God the Father etc, etc) demonstrates this. And people pray to some immense being to… to fix everything.
    It would be interesting to compare alien species and their beliefs. I bet some Pan-Galactic Gargle being born from an egg left alone under a rock would not be religious.

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