Why I Hate Religion and Why God is an Asshole!

GOD Yes, I said it, I HATE RELIGION! Why do I hate religion? I hate religion as it separates people from one another based on nothing more than interpretations and beliefs in what equates to nothing more than “fairy tales” in various texts written thousands of years ago.

Religion is brainwashing and as used a device to control those who are intellectually incapable of living with the possibility that we as humans have no factual knowledge of how we became to be and what will happen to us when we cease to exist. Religion is based on fear of the unknown which is why I choose to live my life free from the confines of religion than to take part in Pascal’s Wager.

Yes, I hate religion for the above reasons but for no greater reason than the being called God, who the religious follow so blindly, who is an absolute asshole. You may be religious and feel that God is an asshole but have been afraid to say it out loud. I’m not and can yell to the “heavens” above “GOD IS AN ASSHOLE!!”

Logic and religion cannot coexist as religion in of itself is illogical. Forget for a moment that the Bible is full of contradictions. Forget for a moment that the being referred to as God did not write the Bible. Open your mind, if you are capable and allow me to elaborate on why God is an asshole.

God is a deadbeat dad! – The supreme being created us all but doesn’t have the decency to show himself or take part in our lives? I don’t know about you but where in the fuck was God when I was at little league. Oh yeah, he was always with me! Know he fucking wasn’t. He left it up to divinely inspired writing of various people to even let me know he existed in the first place.

God killed his son to pay for the sins of those who were not born yet! Makes perfect sense. Kill off your own kid to pay for wrongs that you created in the first place. Throw a naked man and woman in a garden with an apple tree and tell them not to eat from the damn thing. C’mon….any parent knows as soon as you tell a child not to do something the child is going to want to do it. He set them up to fail and than gets pissed off when they do? ASSHOLE!

God created evil! He’s the fucking being that created evil yet gets pissed off when people commit evil deeds?! It equates to creating the electric chair for the purpose of killing people but getting pissed off when the electric chair is used to kill people.

God gave us free will with contingencies! That in of itself is contradictory. We are to believe in him but if we don’t we get punished! Let me put this more simply. We who live in the United States live here with the belief that we are free although we are not free. Being free would allow you to do as you want, when you want and as you see fit. However, we must live within the confines of laws that prevent us from doing certain acts we want to do, when we want to do them and how we can do them. Confines and free are contradictory!!

God gave us a shitty place to live! Avalanches, blizzards, cyclones, earthquakes, floods, landslides, heat waves, cold waves, drought, tornadoes, volcanic eruptions, etc. and a planet that consists of over 70% of salt water. Fuck, we would all be much better off as some sort of fish being than the beings that we are yet God had to make us in his fucking image? Poor planning is yet another reason why God is an asshole!

God didn’t create ONE LANGUAGE! I don’t get it. God put us here, makes us worship him or else yet make it difficult to communicate with one another? God is the supreme being yet felt it necessary to allow over 6,000 languages to evolve? It would be much easier to get God’s message across if we human beings were all on the same page.

God gave us no instructions other than to worship GOD! At minimum this asshole could have given us some sort of clue on things we take for granted in this day and age such as water, fire, shelter and the sort instead of making us figure all this shit out for ourselves. Imagine having been alive 4,000 years ago and getting a rumble in your stomach and not having the luxury of the supermarket. Just drop us off on this shitty place to live with no idea on how to get rid of hunger pains but make sure you place that we believe in you or else. ASSHOLE!

I could continue this post but it’s way too late and I need to go to work tomorrow. At minimum I hope I at least gave you religious folk a few things to ponder as you continue to live your lives based on texts written thousands of years ago by people, not the almighty being referred to as God.

108 thoughts on “Why I Hate Religion and Why God is an Asshole!

  • John

    God is a cruel liar. God is a hypocrite! Murderers, rapists, dope dealers, child molesters thrive and this almighty God let’s it happen and when someone needs God or is begging God for something, he spits in their face and does nothing. Ask yourself why so many people suffer? That’s because God loves us and he is so wonderful? Ya, exactly…

  • Best Answer Again

    And that fucking filthy jew bastard retard that calls himself God never gave a good man like me a good wife and family that i really wanted to have since i am NOT SINGLE by choice.

  • JayJAy

    I agree. god is a virus. I see so many bad things happen to good people including myself, yet I will never submit to religion or evil. I wish god would just commit suicide in the most horrible way and burn in hell for eternity with everything he inflicted on us inflicted on him. And the reason I dont put his name in capital letters is because I dont have any respect for him, and I despise him.

  • christhatred

    I want to fuck the skull of god For giving me so much stress that never stops building and i’m only 26 and i want to kill myself.’
    I can garontee you i wont though! I will murder all believers before i do that. So god is not real huh… Ok then let me kill all his holy people and abuse all their children to death!

  • And That Is No Lie

    God will always be the biggest asshole of them all and a real filthy scumbag for punishing many of us innocent good people for no reason, and that retarded fucking low life piece of shit scumbag should go after the very evil people that are causing so much misery and pain on this rotten earth to begin with.

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