Those damn illegals….they took our jobs! Thanks to the geniuses in Alabama it is now legal for law enforcement to stop anyone on the street who he or she feels may be an illegal immigrant. Furthermore, public schools are now required to check the immigration status of all students who attend.

Since the law went into effect there has been a mass exodus of illegals from Alabama opening up all those wonderful jobs that those damn illegals keep taking from hard working Americans. Of course, since many of the illegals in Alabama work on farms one would think that farmers would not have a hard time finding workers especially with so many seeking employment.

Well, two farmers in Alabama have reported a combined $400,000 in lost income due to the law? Why, those damn hardworking Americans don’t want to do the work. Those who don’t quit on their first day on the job show up late while others don’t have the stamina or experience the illegals provided. To add insult to injury it’s reported that if only 10,000 out of the 120,000 illegals in the state stop working, Alabama will have to somehow replace $130,000,000 in lost tax revenue. You mean illegals pay taxes? Yes they do.

I for one do not consider most politicians intelligent, especially Governor Robert J. Bentley who was the main proponent of the law. You think he could have taken 2 hours of out his day to watch a movie called “A Day Without a Mexican” a movie where every Mexican in the state of California simply disappears leaving no one to attend to lawns, wash cars and clean homes. Yeah, Governor Bentley, deport all those damn illegals, make up the lost tax revenue and magically find the $2.8 billion it will cost to deport them all.