$1 if you want a new MetroCard??

 The Mass Transit Authority, of course, is in an $800 million dollar deficit. Things like this tend to happen when you spend a few hundred million on security cameras that don’t work.

In an ingenious way to close the budget gap the MTA is proposing a $1 fee be charged for the purchase of MetroCards. In order to use public transportation in NYC you need a MetroCard. Of course it’s unclear if this $1 fee would be charged only on new MetroCards.

Another idea from the “brain” trust at the MTA also includes putting a cap on unlimited ride MetroCards. Is it just me or does the term unlimited mean no limit? If there is a limit on the amount of rides one can take when using an unlimited ride MetroCard than the card really isn’t unlimited. Maybe they can change the name of the card to the limited unlimited MetroCard.

 So in addition to the decreased service, we will have a fare increase coming and additionally may have to pay $1 in order to obtain the card which we need to use public transportation. Yet another example of increased expenditures in the great City of New York…..