At this point in time you should have your niche and your domain name picked out. As I used for my needs this lesson will show you how to get your WordPress blog set up through GoDaddy. Read this entire article before you purchase anything.

    Step #1 – Register Your Domain Name

Domain names are, for the most part inexpensive. If you are serious about blogging for money online you will need to register your domain name for a minimum of 2 years. Don’t worry, a 2 year domain registration will not break the bank and should cost you around $14.

    Step #2 – Open a Linux Hosting Account

You don’t need a dedicated server. A shared hosting account will serve your needs just fine at this point in time. Also, you will be much better served with a Deluxe Hosting Account than an Economy Plan as you get unlimited disk space and can create as many websites as you like for only an extra $.50 cents per month. Best of all when you open your hosting account through GoDaddy you get a free domain name which will save you a few dollars. If you’re on a tight budget get a one year hosting account for about $59.

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It’s going to take a day or so for your domain name and hosting account to get setup but it can sometimes happen in the same day of purchase. However, at this point don’t lose your mind. Have a little patience, go about your day and log into your account the following day to find out if you are good to go.

    Step #3 – Getting WordPress Installed on Your Hosting Account

Thankfully you won’t have to lose your mind on a manual installation of WordPress as with you have WordPress installed on your GoDaddy hosting account with a few simple steps.

1. Log into your Account Manager.
2. Click Web Hosting.
3. Click Launch located next to your hosting account.
4. Go to the Popular Apps menu and select WordPress.
5. Click on WordPress.
6. Click Install Now
7. Select the domain name you picked for your blog.
8. Enter a database description and password, click Next
9. You want to have WordPress installed in the root of your directory so when a person goes to your domain name they will be taken to your blog as opposed to having WordPress installed in a directory like Make sure that when you are installing WordPress the directory appears as and not or Make sure to delete any text after your domain name so it will show as
10. Enter the Admin Name, Admin Password, Email and Blog Title for your WordPress installation.
11. Click Finsh

It will take GoDaddy around 24 hours to complete the installation. You will receive an email notification that the WordPress installation is complete.

Congratulations you are now step closer to Blogging for money!