There has been anger and ignorance surrounding the proposed Mosque that is to be built near ground zero.  It appears that fear and hate has made the American public forget the freedom of religion is a constitutional right that we have in this country.

It’s amazing that politicians, regardless of party affiliation, have come out and stated that the mosque should not be built.  First and foremost I have no idea why politicians and the media is referring to the proposed Park 51 Mosque as the World Trade Center Mosque. The mosque is not to be built on Ground Zero but rather 2 blocks away.

The religion of Islam is the second largest religion in the world and not all Muslims are radical. The former home to the Burlington Coat Factory is currently being used as a Mosque. There was no anger about this but rather the anger seems to stem from the proposed mosque to be 13 stories high. To those who wish for the government to step in and violate our 1st Amendment rights; Do you truly wish for the government to start dictating where religious building can and cannot be built?

President Obama has been hammered in the press for supporting the building of the mosque. I’m proud that he is supporting the mosque. I would not and could not support our President if he were not in favor of upholding the Constitution of the United States of America. Separation of church and state exists for a reason!