Yes it’s 2017 but stupidity continues to run rampant. Maybe it’s just me but for the life of me I can’t seem to figure out how .3% of the population of the United States of America is causing such a fucking stir.

Let’s get this straight……You are a man who identifies as a woman so the fact that you have a penis doesn’t matter. You feel like you’re a woman so therefor you are? You are a woman who identifies as a man and the fact that you have a vagina doesn’t matter? Fucking seriously!!?? So knowing what I have known for my forty years on this fucking earth means nothing. You may look like a man, act like a man but since you identify as a woman I have to refer to you as a woman? No I fucking don’t!

Here’s the simple fact of the matter. If you have a penis your a man. If you have a vagina you are a woman. Case fucking closed. I don’t care about what you identify as. I identify as a 1990 Chevrolet Corvette even though I don’t have an engine, transmission or tires but because that’s how I feel that’s how society should view me!

Lets call this transgender stupidity what it really is….mental illness. No it’s not about me being insensitive or hating on people that I don’t agree with it’s called reality. Can’t anyone call a spade a spade anymore. Although representing a miniscule .3% of the entire US population upwards of 40% of the transgender community commit or attempt to commit suicide and it has nothing to do with social acceptance.

This entire transgender bathroom debate is fucking ludicrous. 99.97% of the US population is non transgender yet the rest of us have to conform to transgender mental health beliefs? It’s makes no freaking sense. Even more ludicrous is transgender children….that’s right TRANSGENDER CHILDREN! Yup I actually read an article where parents have stated that they knew their child was transgender by age 3. Age fucking 3!!! Let’s be real….at age 3 many kids can’t read or even spell their fucking names but a 3 year old boy can identify as a girl? What in the hell is going on with society as a whole for this to even be considered?

Before you go ahead and call me some sort of gay basher let’s be clear…..being transgender doesn’t make one gay does it? Oh yeah you may be a man who identifies as a woman who is sexually attracted to women! Besides I have tons of friends who are gay and lesbian and have family members that are gay. I don’t have an issue with homosexuality. If your a guy who is sexually attracted to guys or a woman who is sexually attracted to women than great for you. All I know is that this takes nothing away from transgender stupidity!