Living in New York City SUCKS!!!

Being a lifelong New Yorker I’ve decided to create this post to deter anyone thinking about moving to the “City That Never Sleeps” in the hope that I can save a few people from making a HUGE mistake. Since I’ve never lived anywhere else it would be easy to deem this post as simple “NYC Hate” but I don’t hate New York City….I simply dislike it and dislike for a variety of reasons. You may be a recent college graduate, a person who has always dreamed of living here or simply a person looking to make it here because making it here means you can make in anywhere. So with no further ado here are a few reasons why to stay far away from New York City;

1. The M.T.A.! They have us New Yorker’s by the, for lack of a better term, nut sack. It’s pretty simple when the MTA starts running low on funds they simply increase rates. Why? Millions of commuters who rely on the transit system and millions of drivers who need to cross bridges. They simply keep raising fares and tolls because millions of New Yorkers have no choice but to pony up the extra dollars. How bad is it? Let’s say you would like to go from Queens to the Bronx and back. Only $15 round trip! Of course if you have EZ Pass it’s only $10.66.

2. New York, New York the City that never sleeps. They may have referred to the night life in the past but can now represent what you would have to do in order to purchase a home in Manhattan….work, work and work. Why? Median sales price for a home in Manhattan is only $1,100,000! Of course if you would like AFFORDABLE housing go out to Long Island and you’ll only have to drop around $400,000. Of course you can choose to rent an apartment in Manhattan and it will only cost you a little under $4,000 a month.

3. Manhattan ranks #1 in cost of living, Brooklyn #2 and Queens #6 as the places to live with the highest cost of living. If you can’t afford Manhattan or Brooklyn but Queens is more than doable you may be better off heading to Honolulu Hawaii, San Francisco California or San Jose California.

4. Middle class living at only $102,000 per year. That’s right ladies and gentleman, if you would like to join the “middle class” in New York City you only need to rake in a measly six figure income. Of course with a median income of around $48,000 per year per household few belong the middle class. Even with a six figure income most are just above broke.

5. Our fantastic job market has the unemployment rate hovering right around 9%! Listen to the politician and the media and they’d have you think that New York City is flowing with jobs. Sure the jobs are flowing but good paying jobs are not. There’s no way to make it in this city by flipping burgers or making sandwiches unless you can get on section 8 and WIC!

I could continue but the above should scare the ever living crap out of you. You’ve been warned.

16 thoughts on “Living in New York City SUCKS!!!”

  1. Yes I agree NYC sucks!! Another thing I hate in NYC is the overcrowded boroughs and the foreigners! I’m so sick of catering to foreigners!! NYC needs to start enforcing their zoning laws because let’s face it the only reason why NYC is soooo expensive is because of foreigners!!

  2. Foreigners? You’re entitled to your opinion but the cost of living has more to do with crap politicians than foreigners in my opinion.

  3. It’s because of all the fucking dirty puertoricans and castaway reject Europeans like the gypsies and Jews!

  4. I agree NYC is a disgusting, filthy, and overrated place to live. It smells like a bucket of piss and full of ghetto ass hoodrats.. so sorry i moved here, it was the biggest mistake of my life. wanna know why its so rich? because New Yorkers will suck you and scam you out of every dollar and then take your soul. its an awful place to live, dont be disillusioned by it, its not what it appears to be.. and yes they cater to foreigners!

  5. I’m an immigrant from Uzbekistan and I hate NYC. If I had to choose to live in the city or Uzbekistan i’d choose my home country. NYC is a shallow place. There is nothing valuable you can get it from it as a human being. You will only lose. You’ll lose your soul, health, many interesting opportunities and many more things. Its almost impossible to improve your English because of foreigners. Its expensive for no reason. It could be a much better place but because of lazy and greedy politicians no one gives a fuck. I can’t wait to graduate and move some other place. I strongly suggest you all to move out of the city. You have no idea how greatest thing it would be in your life. Cheers people!!

  6. “Its almost impossible to improve your English because of foreigners.”

    Is there a distinction between being an immigrant and being a foreigner? FML! A perfect example why NYC sucks! The guy from Uzbekistan is pissed off that people from the Dominican Republic cannot help him with his English!!!!

  7. you have 100% correct, nyc sucks. Colleges cater to immigrants to boost their grants from the government. While all types of companies hope to get cheap educated labor, while native new yorker suffer with all the competition for simple jobs.

  8. The thing that sucks about NYC is that everything you do here costs a lot of money. If you want to go out – that’s a lot of money, if you want to see a movie – that’s a lot of money. If you want to not live in a sardine can – that’s a lot of money. The gym costs an arm each month but the toxins you inhale from taxi-cab emissions help them grow back. You cant walk down the sidewalk leisurely because there are too many people and they’re all in a rush to get off the dirty, noisy, person infested sidewalk and get back to their sardine can or expensive rendezvous.

    No way most people can actually accumulate any savings living here. I grew up in the area, I would go into town all the time and it was wonderful in those doses. I’ve lived there before – it was dreadful, but it’s trying to suck me back. I’m not doing it in the NY office. No f**ing way.

  9. Grew up in NY and keep hearing it is the place to be. I just laugh thinking of all the crime, hate and rip off artists that live there. The place is dangerous as fk all lies about the crime rate going down. They are just trying to sucker people into going there to control the population! Ha! What a joke!

  10. Yep, New York sucks, yes, its looks like there is a lot of money and jobs, but look at the fine print, the people who got the money in NY are Jews, yep, JEWS, or people on good terms with JEWS, or at least half Jewish or pretend to be JEWISH. Or if they are not, they are white. The only other rich people in NY are self employed Asians. Everyone else is just getting by or poor, New York does not have any space, its steel and concrete, its full of immigrants from third world shithole countries whose sole purpose in life is to serve its Jewish and white overlords, and their children’s lives are meant to be the same. The Asians are the only ones smart enough to realize the game is rigged against non-whites and become self employed and run their own business and live in their own segregated communities mostly in Flushing and East Queens.
    Blacks and Hispanics serve to be ghetto trash and wind up in prison or worse, if they are lucky they might become rappers or other degenerates.
    Yet the entire stupid world full of morons think New York is cool, even the stupid Arabs who are our enemies think New York is cool, cool enough that they open up chicken and rice carts and sell rotten chicken and rice in the cold streets of NY to us Jews who would eat rat shit if its doused in mayo.
    The worst thing about this place is the weather and the people, its cold in winter, and hot in summer, there are no open spaces or outdoors, the people are unfriendly and aggressive, you cannot even talk to them, if you try to even say hello they might punch you in the face. Most New Yorkers claim not to be racist, which is a load of shit because New York is probably the most racist city in America, more racist than any small town in the American South, its just that people are not obvious about it but you will figure it out if you live here for a while.
    Another day begins in this shithole of a city, and more morons enter this shithole of a city with some expectations of the allegedly greatest city on Earth. They are in for a surprise.

  11. I’ve been here for a year now but I’m leaving as soon as possible!! What I hate the most is the smell and how dirty it is! There is nothing pleasant or charming about smelling human feces or seeing rats everywhere. I grew up in Chicago and lived in London, Boston and DC. The people who think NYC is so great are either natives or kids from small and wholesome suburban neighborhoods who think it’s cool because they’ve been sheltered their whole lives and never experienced city living. But for the rest of us who grew up in the slums, the slums ain’t so appealing. And I hate the people here. They all look dirty and homeless and stressed out. I know I’ll miss all the action and fun though. I will miss the entertainment and accessibility to everything but I just can’t live here everyday. It’s a great place to visit and party but living in this madness…is just NO. And Im surprised you didn’t mention how awful dating is here. Also it’s racist as phuck!! Like seriously, I’m a black woman who has lived in predominately white neighborhoods most of my life and I never experienced racism. But here where you see blacks all the time, people of other races are very standoffish towards me. I can feel them judging me. I have a law degree and I work at a big law firm in Manhattan yet people are treating me like I’m Shaquita from the ghetto and they look at me like I don’t belong in certain places, even if im dressed professionally I still feel the judgement. It’s unbelievable! Never experienced that in my entire life! Can’t wait to move!!!

  12. I AGREE WITH THIS POST. And to add to it, myself being a longtime NYer. I lives in NYC 36 years. I have been a fitness professional since 2001. Up until around 2009 the powers that be have not only been dumbing down humanity but started dumbing down the fitness industry. Every machine is easier now to give you a false sense of accomplishment. Every guy is completely run by people who are NOT fitness enthusiast!!p Majority are women or out of shape slob men. Both are unprofessional and don’t even exercise. I have watched my bank accounts dry up incredibly fast trying to keep up with the politicians stealing in NC and the ever increasing subway far and simple beverage at a local store. $1.50 for a can of soda in most stores in Manhattan. A slice of pizza is $3.00. Its just cheese and bread!! Just NUTS!!! They keep pushing that envelope on the subway far too. Soo it will be $3.00. Rents are way out of control. You will get a shoebox studio for about $1500 – $1800 in a decent neighborhood! $2000 or higher for a studio in a good neighborhood. Even in the ghettos of Harlem and the Bronx a studio is $1300. In Florida I rented a whole house for $1100.

  13. Good Jessica. Yeah GTFO. This city is for sc*mbags. You are too good for it. And yeah the people here are what makes this city such a horrible place to live!! Talk about nasty, litterbugs, selfish, jaded, unfriendly, racist, shallow, rude, anti-social, texting junkies, zero situational awareness, and everybody looks like a bum. These people can’t dress!!! They all look sloppy and worn out. Mostly the females.

  14. Yes living in New York sucks, the working class and middle class do not exist, the rich here are mostly Jewish or people on good terms with the Jewish here. And yes the Jews here tend to be very Jewish supremacist in their views, if they think you are anti-Semitic or anti-Israel, you are shit in their eyes, although in recent years they have softened to a degree for the most part the upper crust in this town are the Jews, but I have noticed for the past four years many Jews here have kept a very low profile. Who knows maybe its Obama or the fact the economy has gotten so different for the regular people versus the very wealthy.
    New York 30 odd years ago was made up of Italians, Irish, Jewish, Blacks, and Puerto Ricans. The Italians and Irish have left the city in droves, many to other states, a decent sized Jewish population remains, the original German Jewish population remains in Manhattan but not in the outer boroughs, the outer districts mostly has Jews from Russia and other former USSR countries, also a few Israelis here and there.
    The people who have replaced the whites in New York are mostly Latinos, Asians, South Asians, and other groups from developing countries, there are a lot of people from Muslim countries living in New York now, I find that interesting given the historically large Jewish population here and the fact many New York Jews are fervent Zionists who have strained views of Middle Eastern Muslims. Its a very uncomfortable mix here in this city. Sure there is diversity here, its here in spades, but there is a lot of tension here as well.

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