Being a lifelong New Yorker I’ve decided to create this post to deter anyone thinking about moving to the “City That Never Sleeps” in the hope that I can save a few people from making a HUGE mistake. Since I’ve never lived anywhere else it would be easy to deem this post as simple “NYC Hate” but I don’t hate New York City….I simply dislike it and dislike for a variety of reasons. You may be a recent college graduate, a person who has always dreamed of living here or simply a person looking to make it here because making it here means you can make in anywhere. So with no further ado here are a few reasons why to stay far away from New York City;

1. The M.T.A.! They have us New Yorker’s by the, for lack of a better term, nut sack. It’s pretty simple when the MTA starts running low on funds they simply increase rates. Why? Millions of commuters who rely on the transit system and millions of drivers who need to cross bridges. They simply keep raising fares and tolls because millions of New Yorkers have no choice but to pony up the extra dollars. How bad is it? Let’s say you would like to go from Queens to the Bronx and back. Only $15 round trip! Of course if you have EZ Pass it’s only $10.66.

2. New York, New York the City that never sleeps. They may have referred to the night life in the past but can now represent what you would have to do in order to purchase a home in Manhattan….work, work and work. Why? Median sales price for a home in Manhattan is only $1,100,000! Of course if you would like AFFORDABLE housing go out to Long Island and you’ll only have to drop around $400,000. Of course you can choose to rent an apartment in Manhattan and it will only cost you a little under $4,000 a month.

3. Manhattan ranks #1 in cost of living, Brooklyn #2 and Queens #6 as the places to live with the highest cost of living. If you can’t afford Manhattan or Brooklyn but Queens is more than doable you may be better off heading to Honolulu Hawaii, San Francisco California or San Jose California.

4. Middle class living at only $102,000 per year. That’s right ladies and gentleman, if you would like to join the “middle class” in New York City you only need to rake in a measly six figure income. Of course with a median income of around $48,000 per year per household few belong the middle class. Even with a six figure income most are just above broke.

5. Our fantastic job market has the unemployment rate hovering right around 9%! Listen to the politician and the media and they’d have you think that New York City is flowing with jobs. Sure the jobs are flowing but good paying jobs are not. There’s no way to make it in this city by flipping burgers or making sandwiches unless you can get on section 8 and WIC!

I could continue but the above should scare the ever living crap out of you. You’ve been warned.