A few days ago I posted that cigarettes will now cost $11 a pack in New York City. I knew the law would go into effect on Thursday July 1st so I decided that I would not smoke another cigarette as of Wednesday July 30th.

I’ve tried to quit in the past but realize now that it was always a half assed attempt. I would quit for a few days, have a bad day at work and there was my excuse to buy a pack and light up. I tried the patch but it made my heart race so I stopped using it and started smoking again.

In my most recent attempt I used Nicorette gum. However, from talking to friends and doing research online I’ve found that most people who used Nicorette in an attempt to quit smoking wind up getting addicted to the gum.

The only other alternative is to man up and just stop. No damn patches, no Nicorette gum just quit cold turkey. Of course I’ve been using the gum for the last two days but have chewed a total of 6 pieces. So as of this posting I’m not using the damn gum either.

What’s my motivation? Well $11.75 a pack for starters as well as my son continuously telling me that smoking is bad for me and that I should call 311 because that’s the number to call when people want to quit. So I will start depositing $11.75 a day into my big jug each day and will count it up at this time next year.

If anyone is trying to quit like yours truly, visit the below banner for some inspiration.

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