I’m not too old but I feel myself getting there if you know what I mean. Things are so drastically different from when I was a kid it’s driving me crazy. America is now a nation of pussies. For the sake of this post I will describe the pussification of America as I see it unfold before my eyes.

PARTICIPATION TROPHIES!!!! Participation trophies? Oh I know, all the kids are good at sports so they get an A for effort. It doesn’t matter if the kid is good at the respective sport. All the kids needs to feel like winners! WTF!!!! If you suck at something you should not be rewarded. It should be more of a “Wow I suck at this, maybe I should try something different.” Instead our young children are being raised to believe that by simply trying something you suck at should result in a reward. What kind of backwards ass thinking is this?

IN SCHOOL CHILDREN ARE UNIQUE!!!! Let’s call the word “UNIQUE” what it actually is…..not as smart as the other children. I would never purposely wish stupidity on people but can we simply call a spade a freaking spade? The kid isn’t unique he’s simply not as smart or dumb compared to the other children. It’s better for these kids to know that they’re dumb than to fool them into thinking “The world will know I’m unique.”

ENTITLEMENT!!!!! Earlier today I was on FB and watched a “compelling” video of a returning veteran who works at KFC as a cook. He stated with conviction that he fought for this country and when he returned home chose to gain employment at KFC as a cook as he enjoys feeding people and that’s his passion. Yet he can’t afford to feed his family on minimum wage. Therefore, he needs $15 an hour!!! I have the utmost respect for our servicemen and women but as I had the choice to enter the military or not so did this particular gentleman. He chose to join the service they same way he decided to no longer be in the service and opted instead to become a cook at KFC. Sorry but just because you’re a former military man it doesn’t entitle you to earn $15 because you’re passionate about cooking Original Recipe Fried Chicken. Hell, I’m passionate about sitting in my undies, drinking beer and playing PS4 for 5 hours on an off day but should I get $15 an hour for doing so because I’m passionate about it or does it make more sense to obtain a job that can actually pay the bills?

EVEN MORE ENTITLEMENT!!!! A scenario: Born and raised in the USA you get shitty grades and decide to pass on college. Instead you drink and smoke weed all day and than decide its time to put your big boy pants on and start on life. You meet a great girl, decide to get married and spit out 5 kids yet it’s society’s fault you can’t get a job that pays more than minimum wage and you can’t put food on the table. “The RICH NEED TO PAY THEIR FAIR SHARE!!!” They already do!!!! The top 1% already pay nearly half of all federal income taxes! Why is it that politicians, as in “DEMOCRATS” love to use the “The wealthy need to pay their fair share” bullshit? Pussification states that when you give yourself lemons you need someone else to make the fucking lemonade? What the fuck ever happened to personal accountability? The land of opportunity is more like the land of punishing those who are successful and having them foot the bill for the unsuccessful.

USE YOUR WORDS!!!! A 10 year old gets punched in the face but its wrong to fight back. When the kid gets hit with a right cross instead of defending himself he is to use words? “Excuse Mr. Bully, why did you punch me in the face with a right cross? Mr. Bully why do you treat people this way?” You have to be kidding me! This situation happened to my little guy a few years back. A bigger kid struck him and he did what I taught him to do as to defend himself or in this case beat the balls of the aggressor. Had he not stood up for himself he now become a target and deals with crap this everyday. As he did stand up for himself all the little savages that were watching knew that he wasn’t the one to mess with. I’m not saying violence is always the answer but violence can be an answer at times. It this “Use your words” mentality that has kids jumping out of freaking windows due to FB posts and tweets.

POLITICAL CORRECTNESS!!! I don’t know when this happened but it seems to be that the minority of the US of A is changing the landscape for the majority. What do I mean by this? “I identify as a woman although I have an 8 inch cock. As such it should be my right to use the women’s restroom!” I don’t give a rats ass what you identify as. If you have a dick you are a man! Step into the men’s room, whip out your schlong and take a piss at the urinal. If you have a vajayjay it means you don’t have a dick so take your ass to the appropriate rest room. What is the world coming to? Since a small percentage of people in this country identify as transgender the rest of the population has to deal with unisex restrooms? If I had a daughter there is no way in hell that I would allow a MAN to enter the restroom at the same time as her! Does this make me a hater? Maybe so but I don’t give a damn about political correctness. “He’s not a midget he’s a little person.” Yup!!!! Leave political correctness to the politicians and leave the rest of us alone!

Sad but true….America is now a nation of pussies!