10 Reasons Why Living in New York City Sucks

New York, New York the city so nice they named it twice. Being a lifelong New Yorker it amazes me that so many people regard New York City as the place to be. Of course if you can make it here you can make it anywhere. However this list of 10 reasons why living in New York City is terrible will make you think twice about if making it here is even worth the effort.

10. Smoking will kill you but so will trying to pay $12.50 for a pack of smokes! I know about this all too well. As a pack a day smoker I’m killing myself slowly at a yearly cost of around $4,000. Considering that the average cost of a six pack is only $6 I could stop smoking and turn into a raving alcoholic by drinking a six pack a day and wind up way ahead of the game.

9. Our fantastic job market has the unemployment rate hovering right around 9%! Listen to the politicians and the media and they’d have you think that New York City is flowing with jobs. Sure the jobs are flowing but good paying jobs are not. There’s no way to make it in this city by flipping burgers or making sandwiches.

8. The M.T.A.! When the MTA starts running low on funds they simply increase rates. Millions of commuters rely on the transit system and millions of drivers rely on bridges to get back and forth to work. The MTA simply keeps raising fares and tolls because millions of New Yorkers have no choice but to pay the extra dollars. If would like to go from Queens to the Bronx and back it will only cost you $15 round trip to cross the Triborough Bridge. Of course if you have EZ Pass it’s only $10.66. I will only cost you a little over $213 a month to commute to work if you live in the Bronx and work in Queens. What a bargain. Of course if you prefer not to drive you can take public transportation and pay $2.25 each way or save a few dollars and get a 30 day “limited” unlimited MetroCard at the rock bottom bargain of $112.

7. Middle class living at only $102,000 per year! That’s right ladies and gentleman, if you would like to join the “middle class” in New York City you only need to rake in a measly six figure income. With a median income of around $48,000 per year per household few belong the middle class. If you’re thinking about moving to New York City just think of what you can afford with your middle class income, a used 10 year old Honda and an apartment the size of a closet.

6. Manhattan ranks #1 in cost of living, Brooklyn #2 and Queens #6 as the places to live with the highest cost of living! Alternatives include Honolulu Hawaii or San Francisco. If you’re you need to make a six figure income in order to be included in the middle class why settle for a tropical paradise or “The Home of the San Francisco Treat” when you can live in the lap of luxury in Bushwick, Brooklyn? There is nothing like the sound of the J train zipping past your $1,500 a month apartment at 3am. You’ll sleep like a baby once you get used to the earthquake like conditions.

5. The City that never sleeps! This may have referred to the night life in the past but now represents what you’ll have to do in order to purchase a home in Manhattan, never sleep. Median sales price for a home in Manhattan is only $1,100,000. Of course if you would like affordable housing you can go just outside the city to Long Island and you’ll only have to pay around $400,000 but will have the pleasure of paying over $8,000 a year in property taxes. High home prices in New York City buy affordable taxes or lower home prices in the suburbs with sky high taxes. These are your options, aren’t you exited?

4. Hey Taxi! So you’ve managed to join the New York City “middle class” and need to take a taxi from Manhattan to JFK Airport, it will only cost you $52. If you want to plan your own taxi ride get online and figure out how many miles you need to go. $2.50 for the first 1/5 mile, $0.50 each additional 1/5 mile, $0.40 per minute idle, $1.00 Peak surcharge (after 4pm until 8pm Mon-Fri), $0.50 Night Surcharge (after 8pm until 6am), $0.50 New York State tax, trips beyond city limits may be under flat rates or have meter rate (double the price.), add $17.50 on trips from Manhattan to Newark Airport. At least there are no fees for additional passengers. Of course you can always take public transportation.

3. Public Transportation! There is no greater joy in life than waiting on a train or a bus in New York City. Of course there are schedules but I never have been able to figure out why the city spends so much money on printing schedules when the buses and trains arrive at random times. Once you have your route to work figured out you can get an idea of when your bus or train should arrive but never expect either to arrive at the same time. Sleeping for an extra five minutes may very well lead to you being an hour late to work.

2. Con Edison! There is nothing like having to pay the highest cost in the country for electricity only to have the power reduced when you need the electricity the most. If you’re lucky enough not to have the power go out altogether you can look forward to having to pay $600 for having your home cooled. At least they know their overpriced and are always willing to enter into a payment agreement.

1. Cost of Street Parking! In four out of the five boroughs street parking will cost you $0.25 per 15 minutes or $1 an hour. In Manhattan the cost rises to $0.25 per 10 minutes or $1.50 per hour. Be sure to have plenty of quarters in your car as the Muni Meter’s won’t take anything other than quarters or your credit card. Hopefully the Muni Meter will return your card before the meter maid tickets you for an expired meter. It will only cost you $35 for the ticket but $65 in Manhattan. Rest assured in knowing that there is no way that the city made it difficult to pay for street parking in order to generate revenue for expired meter violations.

2 thoughts on “10 Reasons Why Living in New York City Sucks”

  1. Yep…..im a nyer, born and raised! I hate new york shitty! Immigrants should be on your list too and so should tourists and illegals! New york shitty has 1.5 illegals living in it, 3 million more are immigrants, 1.5 million of those immigrants cant speak english! Tourists suck! I hate it when im in a rush to catch a train and all of a sudden a stupid tourist stops right in front of you and makes you miss your train because they want to stand in the middle of the damn path or street just to look at their stupid subway map- which means that I have to get around these stupid tourists (after short stopping so I wont have tp bump into them) by trying to find some damn room to get around them meanwhile a huge crowd of people keep coming in the direction of the only way that you can get around these dumb tourists.
    Also, panhandlers-especially the ones who are fat and begging for money claiming to be hungry! The other panhandlers cant even speak many words of English but insist that you need to help them! “I have no family here, please help”…..then to make it worst is that they panhandle with their children! How despicable!

  2. Following are the reasons why I feel New York City transit (MTA) is light years behind the other world class cities:
    1. The tunnels and collumns are filthy and full of rust.
    2. The stations and trains smell like rotten eggs
    3. There is enormous lateral jerk on board the trains – due to inappropriate track conditions
    4. Very few stations actually have escalators. A majority of them have old creepy staircases.
    5. The noise level is way above human ears can withstand.
    6. There is no air conditioning in the stations – making passengers boil like potatoes in hot and humid summer time.
    7. The ticketing system is century old. In the era of contact less RFID cards, people still have to pull out the magnetic strip metro cards and swipe them in a specific way in order to pass through the turnstiles.
    8. PATH trains are not well connected with NYC Subway at a super busy station like World Trade Center. But who cares about Jersey? People from Jersey will manage to walk those 3-4 uncovered blocks from WTC PATH to closest subway stations through rain or snow, through barricades and water logging. They love it!
    9. Port Authority bus terminal feels depressing with terrible bus engine noise, emission/pollution and long queues for late running buses.
    10. Finally, New York is served by separate commuter railroad companies like MTA Subway, LIRR, Metro North, NJ Transit etc (without counting Amtrak). In any modern city, one ticket/smart card could have worked for all. But it is New York!

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