No wonder the New York City school system is going down the crapper and will continue to do so with the appointment of Cathie Black as Chancellor of NYC Schools.

With the impending departure of super failure, accomplished absolutely nothing, business background a-hole Joel Klein the obvious choice for Mayor Douche was to appoint a woman who has never attended a NYC school, sends her children to private school and has no educational expertise or experience. WTF!!!????

Now just imagine appointing a NYC commissioner of police who was never a police officer or a FDNY chief who was never a firefighter. Doesn’t make much sense does it? So the failure of a mayor, spend millions on my campaign and barely win after over turning term limits appoints a fucking publisher?! Better yet, she gets a waiver from the state education commissioner for having no background in education because she’s qualified? Sorry but being a publisher does not qualify a person to run NYC Schools. Why not appoint a guy who owns a 10 Dunkin Donuts Franchises because he’s good with numbers?

A group of parents filed a lawsuit over the appointment and a civil rights lawyer filed a petition in Supreme Court in Albany but the end result will be that Cathie Black is Chancellor! As a parent I’m super pissed that this woman was appointed and furious that all efforts to remove her will fail.

Fucking ridiculous!