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Thank You David Lee

Thank You David Lee
Good Luck in Golden State

I was hoping that the Knicks would resign David Lee but unfortunately he’s no longer a part of the New York Knicks having been dealt to the Golden State Warriors in a sign and trade.  I just wanted to post to say thank you to David Lee.

As a late first round pick in 2005 I watched him work hard and become better each year. Each year he became a better player by continuously working on his game. The Knicks in hope of signing Lebron James basically threw the last two seasons away but you couldn’t tell if you watched David Lee play.

He became a double double machine, a monster on the boards and a first time all star. As a Knicks fan I didn’t have much to look forward to when watching the Knicks other than to see David Lee take his game to the next level. The Knicks have made some decent moves and look to hopefully get back to the team they were in the 90’s. It’s just a shame that Lee won’t be part of it.

It’s been a pleasure watching you play and congratulations on the 6 year, $80 million contract. I look forward to next season when you come back to the garden so MSG can show you the love you most certainly earned.

C’mon Knicks! Re-sign David Lee!!!

David Lee of the New York Knicks

 It’s driving me crazy that there’s all this buzz about Chris Bosh about to be wined and dined by the Knicks.

 You know that saying, “You don’t know what you have until it’s gone.”? I hope the Knicks aren’t saying this about David Lee come the 2010-2011 NBA season.

 Statistically, David Lee had a better year than Bosh during the 2009-2010 NBA season yet it seems that Lee is getting no love from the media or his own team. I’ve watched him develop from a role player into an all star.  He’s just entering his prime, much like the other free agents, yet he’s rarely talked about in the same regard.

Is Chris Bosh or Amare Stoudemire really an upgrade over David Lee? I don’t think so! The Knicks have thrown the last 2 years in the toilet to get to this point. Enough cap room to sign two max players. I hope they don’t make the mistake of signing two players for the max instead of 2 max players and let Lee sign with another team entering the prime of his career.

The Knicks need players, no doubt about it. I just hope they don’t let their only player leave to go somewhere else, especially if it means Lee is gone and I have to watch Bosh or Stoudemire  in his place.

The Summer of Lebron Begins

July 1st, 2010 will seem like forever to get here. Everyone has an opinion on where Lebron will wind up but until the man himself states where he will be going, everyone else’s opinion is moot.

Most feel that the most logical fit for Lebron will be the Chicago Bulls. The King may have a say in who the Bulls hire to coach the team and has a superstar point guard In Derrick Rose. The King’s idol is non other than Michael Jordan but Jordan is no longer associated with the Bulls as he is now the majority owner of the Charlotte Bobcats. Why in the world would Lebron want to play for the Bulls and have to deal with the MJ comparisons on an even higher level?

Many may think I’m crazy for even thinking this but I really feel that the Nets have a really good shot in obtaining the services of LBJ. The Nets now have the wealthiest owner in basketball and like the Bulls are in the process of searching for a new coach. Lebron can have a say in who the next coach of the Nets will be.

It’s no secret that Lebron James is a close friend of the rapper with the super hot wife and with the Nets relocating to Brooklyn will allow Lebron to play in New York as well. The Nets have the best shot of getting the number 1 pick of this year’s NBA draft where the consensus pick will be John Wall. The Nets also have a talented big man in the form of Lopez. So the Nets can offer Lebron the opportunity to play in New York, pick his own coach and come into a situation where he is still the man, has a talented big man as well as a potential superstar point guard.

The Nets have a ton of cap space and a major trade chip in the form of Devin Harris. There are a ton of teams that would love to have the services of Harris. Of course, my thinking is a moot if Lebron actually has no desire to play in New York.

However, I can say that I would be totally shocked if Lebron winds up in Miami with Mr. MV3. Lebron could go to Miami but at the end of the day the Miami Heat is Dwayne Wade’s team. He’s the man and has a ring. Could Lebron go to Miami and play second fiddle to D Wade? I really don’t think so. A more logical fit would be for Wade to resign with the Heat and bring in Chris Bosh.

No one will know where Lebron is going until Lebron tells us where he’s going. I still feel that LBJ will go back to Cleveland as he should but the fan in me wants nothing more than for King James to put on 41 shows at MSG for the rest of his career. I guy can dream, can’t he?

I Hate the New York Yankees!

Do you hate the New York Yankees? I hate the New York Yankees as well! Yeah they’re able to win because they have the highest payroll in baseball. They buy championships and it’s easy to win when you can spend as much as you want. I hate the New York Yankees.

In reality I love the New York Yankees. I was a New York Yankees fan when they weren’t good and you could buy a box seat on game day. If you actually hate the New York Yankees because of the reasons in my opening paragraph, well stupidity is contagious. Hate them because they kick the crap out of your team every time they play. Don’t hate the Yankees because they choose to operate the team within the rules of Major League baseball.

Do the Yankees spend a ton of money every year? Of course, but the New York Yankees also generate the most revenue. In business this is called being smart. Baseball is a business and it’s only fair that the team that makes the most revenue spends the most on their team. They also spend the most in revenue sharing. Don’t hate the New York Yankees because the owner of your teams puts the money into his pocket instead of investing in his team. Can you imagine McDonalds giving money to Burger King because McDonalds makes the most money?

The New York Yankees don’t buy championships! No Yankees hater had a problem with the Yankees spending the most money when they weren’t winning the World Series. So they win in 2009 and now it’s back to the stupid reason of buying championships? I guess it was OK when they had the highest payroll and missed out on winning it all in 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 & 2008!

Yes I know you hate the New York Yankees but I just love watching a good old fashion Derek Jeter fist pump as the Yankees hoist another World Series trophy. With this being the case, keep hating the New York Yankees.

Legalize Sports Betting!

Betting on horse races is legal. State run lotteries are legal. Betting on sports in the U.S. of A. is of course illegal unless you live in Sin City. So if I want to legally place a wager on a sporting event it has to be done in Las Vegas and in person as wagering over the internet is not allowed either. Of course you are allowed to wager on a horse race on line. WTF!

The great state of Deleware legalized sports gambling and planned on becoming the Vegas of the North East. Of course the U.S. Supreme Court shot it down. The NFL, NHL, MLB and NCAA fought hard to make sure that it did not become reality. The simple fact of the matter is that sports gambling is here in the U.S.A. and is not going to go anywhere. Instead of taxing it and creating jobs the U.S.A. simply lets millions of dollars in potential tax revenue escape to local book makers and offshore gambling sites.

Gambling on sports is alive and well in the U.K. Want to place a wager on a soccer game and throw a pint down your throat, it’s not a problem. So why does the U.S.A refuse to allow the legalization of sports gambling? STUPIDITY!

Gambling ruins lives! – So do cigarettes and alcohol but both are legal.
There is now way to prevent minors from gambling! Follow the U.K. dumb asses.
The Pro Leagues will fight it! – Cut them into the action. The Super Bowl, March Madness and World Series are all huge wagering days. I’m sure the leagues don’t want to make more money.

History has shown that prohibition simply does not work. People are going to do it regardless of whether it’s legal or illegal. The U.S.A. needs to stop fighting it and make it a reality. Tax it, create jobs and give the people what they want. Legalize sports gambling so I can “legally” lay $50 bucks on the Yankees while drinking a pint of Sam at my local sports book.

Lebron James Signs with the Knicks!

Lebron James Signs with the Knicks?
Lebron James Signs with the Knicks?

As a die hard and life long fan of the New York Knicks there is nothing I would like more than for Lebron James to sign with the Knicks this summer. I can see the back page of the Daily News now…. “The King of New York Has Arrived.”

Unfortunately, the likelihood of King James signing with the Knick is slim to none.  Sure the fan side of me says “It’s New York; he will be the man if he wins it all in New York.” The reasonable side of me says “It’s not going to happen.”

So why wouldn’t Bron Bron sign a deal with the Knicks………


1. He’s from Ohio – I don’t buy into the media crap that states he’s not from Cleveland so it won’t factor into his decision. WTF!


2. The McMansion – Lebron paid a ton of money and spent 5 years building a palace in Akron that he’s not going to live in? Seems to me the guy is getting settled for good.


3. Hated in your home state  – Lebron is Ohio. I don’t think for a minute that he won’t think about what it would be like to come “home” in another uniform.


4. The Cavs are trying to win – Mo Williams, SHAQ and now Jamison. Seems to me that the Cavs are trying their best to get the players Lebron needs to win a championship. 
The Knicks have a ton of cap space and the ability to get some great players next season and the season after that. It saddens me to know that Lebron won’t be one of them but it won’t stop the media from going nuts until he resigns with the Cavs.  The back page in the summer of 2010 will read “Lebron Stays with the Cavs.”

Johnny Damon is an Idiot!

Johhny Damon as a Detroit Tiger

Johnny Damon is an Idiot!

Calling Johhny Damon an idiot isn’t really saying much as you should know that Johhny Damon referred to himself as an idiot for quite some time. However, what makes me call Damon an idiot is the fact the he is no longer playing baseball for the New York Yankees.

It’s no secret the Yankees had a major decision to make when it came to bringing back Johnny Damon. The obvious is that both Damon and the Yankees were far better off being together than apart. A lefty hitter with power to right field in the home of the short porch who is adept on dealing with the media scrutiny that comes with playing for the Yankees.


Unfortunately at the end of the day it all came down to money. Damon didn’t want to take a pay cut from the $13 million a year he was being paid whereas the Yankees did not want to continue to pay that price for an aging player. Yes the Yankees were playing Damon $13 million a year but that was when Damon was a 32 year old starting center fielder with a weak arm. Damon is now a 36 year aging left fielder with an even weaker arm than before.
The Yankees offered him 2 years at $7 million per year for two years, a more than reasonable offer.  Damon declined and went on to sign a 1 year deal at $8 million with the Detroit Tigers.  Damon could have been playing for another ring knowing that he was guaranteed a second year.
Johnny Damon you’re an idiot! You cost yourself a guaranteed $6 million dollars a year becuase you let your agent talk you into thinking you were worth more. You’ve made over $100 million as a professional and instead of playing to defend a world championship and possibly watch Mr. Yankee himself, Derek Jeter get his 3,000 hits you can rot in Detroit. IDIOT!!!