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Lightyear Wireless Review

I’m all about making money and will consider just about anything, as long as it’s legal. I came across a job posting on Craigslist some time ago and responded as instructed. Long story short I was told it was “an opportunity of a lifetime” but being the anal retentive a hole that I am I had to the proper research in order to find out if it was what it was being sold as.

Lightyear Wireless is a MLM based company that operates as a Virtual Mobile Network Operator on the Sprint network. There’s nothing wrong with that as there are plenty of successful companies who operate within the MLM business model and Sprint is a good company. However there was one immediate red flag that arose. A big selling point that comes from many representatives is that it’s a publicly traded company. Sure it is, but it’s also a publicly traded company that is running in the red. Since the company is still around 5 years old it’s understandable but still a red flag.

The key selling point is that you can get unlimited cell phone service, with text, email, web and tethering for only $59.99 a month and if you refer at least 5 people who take the same plan as you your only on the hook for taxes. Sounds great, unlimited cell phone service for less than $5 bucks a month….sign me up! Nah! If you would like to have the ability to send pictures within your text messages MMS as opposed to SMS that will cost you an additional $7.50 per month. Your cell phone bill is now $67.49 per month plus taxes. However, simply have 5 of your friends and family sign up for the same plan and you’re only paying the taxes each month.

Let’s take a look at the cost of becoming a Lightyear Wireless Representative. For the low low cost of only $299.99 plus a one-time $25 web activation fee your ready to roll. You even get a few websites (sites on Lightyear sub domains). Oh yeah since the “sites” are on sub domains you’ll have to register a few domain names. Domain names are cheap so tack on another $40 bucks. Better yet as a rep you’ll only need 3 referrals to get “free” service. Even better is that you’ll make a whopping $25 on each person who gets service from Lightyear. Yeah, 3 people, $75 bucks and “free” cell phone service.

Now if you can’t talk 3 people into switching their service to LightYear there is no way that you’ll ever make money with this company. Why? Based on their compensation plan you’ll need 50 paying customers a month just to pay the $50 a month they charge for their web package = break even. If you want to make real money, say $10,000 a month or so you’ll only need 1,667 customers. How does one compete with Sprint, Verizon, T-Mobile, Virgin Mobile, Metro PCS and the many other including Boost Mobile. Ah, Boost Mobile… the white elephant in the room. Boost Mobile is also a Mobile Virtual Operator that is also on the Sprint Network yet their cost is only $50 per month for unlimited service and you don’t have to pay additional money for sending pictures via text. Lightyear’s cell phone selection is terrible to say the least but they’ll be able to sell every phone that Sprint does but don’t really know when. They’re also still 3G not like the big boys running 4G right now.

The ideology behind the Lightyear MLM program is to simply get your 3 people through the door so each of those 3 people refer 5 people = 15 who also refer 5 people =75 who refer 5 people, etc., etc and to sign as many reps as possible below you. In the real world it’s not going to happen that easy. It would take years of hard work and money being spent on marketing to turn this into an actual business. If you know people who could care less about the phone they have and want decent service it may be worthwhile to sign up for to get free service but if you think this is going to be your golden ticket to riches and a new Porsche think again. No one knows who Lightyear wireless is and most people are not going to leave their carrier or pay to get out of their contract to go to a company they’ve never heard of just so they can try to get “free” cell phone service.

If you’re thinking about joining Lightyear as a rep think long and hard before you cough up your $299.99 fee, $25 activation fee, cost of domain registration plus $50 a month plus monthly marketing costs. Remember you’ll only need 1,667 customers to make that 10K a month.

PlumReward Review

This is one of those times when I’m almost left speechless about how original a company can be. Luckily for you, I can never be left 100% speechless and rushed to my computer to write this review.

So what exactly does PlumReward offer? They offer the ultimate customer loyalty and mobile marketing solution available. Ok, I know what you’re thinking. I own a business and already have a customer loyalty program in place. I hand out a business card and stamp it each time my customer comes in and give them something after 10 visits. Well that’s great but how do you assure that the customers come back other than to get their card stamped? Also, what happens if your customer loses his or her card? I would guess that you do nothing and your customer gets screwed like I did when I lost my damn coffee card. Now if you own a business and don’t have a customer loyalty program I will politely ask; “What the hell is wrong with you?!”

I know there are hundreds of companies trying to get business owners to utilize mobile marketing yet they all fail miserably. Why? I may come across an ad in a newspaper asking me to text Massage to 55329 but why should I want to? I’ve never been to your business and don’t want a business I never been to sending me text messages. However, PlumReward has eliminated all the challenges associated with mobile marketing. Here’s an example;

I love going to your coffee shop. I stop by every morning before I get to the train station and buy a large coffee and a muffin. Each day I come in and get my loyalty card stamped so I can get a free muffin after I buy 10 cups. However, today I come in and see a device the size of a blackberry in front of the register. When I go to pay you, you ask me if I would like to become a member of your card less customer loyalty program. I love your shop but hate having your stupid card in my wallet so I say yes. I enter my cell phone number into the device and it logs my visit. An hour after I leave I get a text message asking me if I want to receive special offers by text message from your shop. I reply YES. Now I don’t have to carry a card around with me anymore and you can send me a text message whenever you want.

It’s a crappy day business and weather wise a few weeks later so you decide to send a text message promotion to me and your other customers that if I buy I cup of coffee from you today, you’ll give me half off on any breakfast sandwich. I get your message, go to your store and enter my unique 9 digit coupon code into the device and show it to you.

According to PlumReward, approximately 50% of the customers who enter into a store’s customer loyalty program will also agree to receive text message offers as well. So let’s say you have 2,000 customers enter into your loyalty program, you may also get around 1,000 customers who want to receive text message offers from you as well. These are 1,000 customers that you can send one day only coupons, multi use coupons and one time use coupons to. On a day where business sucks you send a message out and get a hundred or so people in. Since there is a 9 digit coupon code tied to the cell phone number you don’t have to worry about people forwarding the message to their friends who will only come in because of the offer.

PlumReward provides all of their clients with a merchant control panel where the client can see how successful their campaigns are, how many members they have in their loyalty program and how many customers are also receiving text message offers. PlumReward also gives their clients a FREE keyword and a FREE listing on their consumer site which helps build up the clients’ database.

I love PlumReward so much I feel like opening a damn store just so I can use it. This company is huge in Florida and Georgia but it’s odd to me that I haven’t seen these devices here other than a few places. New York City is supposed to be the business capital of the world so it leads me to believe that PlumReward is new to the market here or that New York City business owners are stupid as hell. If you own a business, whether in New York City or elsewhere do yourself a favor and get in touch with PlumReward by visiting If you’re a consumer and what to see what businesses are using PlumReward in your area visit

I see big things for this company and the businesses that aren’t dumb and begin to utilize PlumReward and their awesome solution. I found this short video on YouTube so check it out –


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Nothing sells better than fear and this company is trying to corner the market.  What’s the fear? Hunger and possible starvation. What are they selling? Emergency supplies of freeze dried food.  In the event of a 2nd Katrina, you can have 2 week’s worth of freeze dried food for the super low price of $199.99 with their Emergency Pack. Best of all, the food is great tasting and on average only needs 1 cup of water to prepare.

However, in case something catastrophic happens you’ll need much more than a measly 2 week supply of food. Luckily they also offer a long term Emergency Food Supply Option.  For those of you who like to live in fear and would like to have the ultimate in peace of mind you can purchase a 2,528 entrée package for the price of $6,299.99. Wow, only $2.49 for a delicious gourmet freeze dried meal that only needs on average 1 cup of water.   I need to sign up ASAP but I won’t as I’m not mentally challenged.

Why would you be mentally challenged for signing up Food Insurance? Well, what if you only purchase a 2 week emergency pack and the “emergency” lasts 4 months? There are different factors to take into consideration to arrive at an actual date of when you can possibly starve to death but ultimately a person should be able starve to death within 4 months.  Congratulations, you just blew $199.99 plus any applicable tax and shipping to make sure you live for an extra 2 weeks before you starve to death.

Now let’s take a look at the ultimate in idiocy; the Emergency Food Supply Option. Why is it idiotic? Let’s say you’re single and purchase the ultimate 2,528 entrée’s. If you limit yourself to one meal a day you should be able to eat for a little under 7 years and all you need is on average 1 measly cup of water. This catastrophic event has somehow decimated the food supply but luckily there’s plenty of water.  Surely, there is no way that the water supply would be affected as well.  If such a catastrophic event did happen you would need the following to happen to assure survival!

  1. You need to survive the event.
  2. Your freeze dried food supply storage area would have to survive. The supply must be kept in a cool, dry place where the temperature does not go above 75 degree for a prolonged amount of time. Surely, these ideal conditions can be met in a catastrophe.
  3. You’ll need 158 gallons or more of water in order to consume all meals.
  4. You need to have the ability to watch other survivors starve to death.

So what do you think about Food Insurance? Am I a mentally challenged idiot for thinking that I would have to be a mentally challenged idiot for not getting it?


Penny Auction Site Review

Lose plenty of these and more with penny auction sites!The latest rage on the internet are penny auction sites.  Penny auction sites are cash cows for the site owners and cash suckers for most who use these sites to try and get a great deal on expensive items.

How are penny auction sites a cash cow for the owners?  Users of the site who wish to bid pay, on average, $.60 per bid. Each time a bid is placed the price increases by anywhere between $.01 and $.10, depending on the site. With the bid price starting at $0 and time of anywhere between 5 to 15 seconds added to the clock each time a bid is placed, the site owner stands to make $.60 each time a bid is placed. Additionally, since it takes 100 bids to increase the price of the item by $1 the site owner is making $60 for each time the item increases in price by $1.

What does this mean? Let’s say a site owner purchases a camera for $400. The bid price on this item starts at $0 and the winning bidder gets the camera for $200. It’s a great deal for the winning bidder but an even better deal for the site owner. Why? Well it took 20,000 bids for the camera to close at $200 which means the site grossed $12,000. Subtract the cost of the camera of $400 and the site just made a profit of $11,600.

So how does this make the penny auction user a sucker? In order to bid on any item you have to prefund your account by purchasing bids. Let’s say you purchased 75 bids for $45 and you’re going to be bidding on the camera in the above paragraph. Do you really think you’ll be able to get the camera with only 75 bids? You don’t know how many others are watching the bidding and plan to jump in at anytime. You don’t know how many bids these people have in their account and what they’re willing to spend. You also don’t know if the penny auction site is using humans, bots or a combination of the two in order to increase the bid price.  If the site owner paid $400 for the camera he needs approximately 667 actual bids to break even.  Of course, the site owner knows going in that there is no way he’s letting this camera go unless he gets 1,000 true bids or $600.  It could be only you and 3 other actual bidders on the site but you can be sure that all 4 of you will lose your $45 and possibly more.

Penny auction sites are a no brainer as far as business is concerned but something I would personally never get involved with as a consumer. If a time comes where any of these penny action sites are being audited, have been guaranteed to be bot free, there are no employees of the company able to bid I and I had 3 hours of free time to kill I would possibly delve into it. However, knowing what I know there is no way I would ever fund an account at one of the many penny auction sites and there is now reason why you should as well unless you suffer from the disease called stupidity.

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PreCharge Risk Management Review

Every so often I come across a product or service that’s so ingenious I wish that I would have come up with the idea. preCharge Risk Management Solutions is one such service.

A popular credit card policy for many ecommerce businesses is to only ship merchandise if a customer’s shipping address matches the customers billing address. In the alternative many ecommerce businesses will contact the customer and request the customer to contact their credit card company to place the alternate shipping address on file with the credit card company. Makes sense to the ecommerce business as a fraud prevention method but makes no sense in that most online consumers prefer to have their merchandise shipped to their work address or are making purchases as gifts and would prefer to have the merchandise shipped directly to the gift recipient without having to waste 15-20 minutes speaking to a call center in India. If I’m contacted by a website that I’ve made a purchase through and they make the request or simply refuse to make an exception I simply cancel the purchase. Many ecommerce businesses face the same situation daily. How do they cater to the needs of their customers while also protecting themselves from fraudulent transactions? Luckily preCharge provides the solution.

The preCharge Certified Payments Program provides ecommerce business with guaranteed chargeback protection. If they approve an order that results in a fraudulent chargeback (merchandise purchased with a stolen credit card) they reimburse the full ticket price and the merchant chargeback fee. preCharge Risk Management provides ecommerce businesses with the ability to increase revenue by shipping to non billing addresses through their Certified Payments Program. preCharge has been in business since 2003, is PCI compliant and Level 1 Visa Certified. They have an A rating with the Better Business Bureau and is recommend by, as a trusted service provider.

Merchants have the option of integrating with preCharge’s software or manually inputting orders through the secure web site. Average turnaround time for an order to be reviewed is approximately 1 hour although orders can take up to 24 hours to be reviewed. In the event a merchant receives a fraudulent chargeback the merchant simply submits a preCharge claim form, proof of shipping and the chargeback notification to the claims department. Claims are normally paid within 14-30 days, can take up to 45 businesses days and in extreme circumstances can take up to 180 business days. However, and most importantly, the company pays the claims.

preChage is compensated through a transaction fee and a warranty fee. They charge a transaction fee for every order that is submitted for review and if they approve the transaction they also charge a percentage of the ticket price. The pricing is merchant specific and depends on the average ticket size, the amount of orders the merchant will be submitting and whether the order is domestic or international.

That’s right, preCharge also offers verification services on international transactions as well. Many ecommerce businesses require payment by wire transfer and will not accept credit cards from international customers. Many ecommerce businesses will also only allow international customers to pay through third party payment providers. By accepting credit cards from international customers preCharge clients are not only more profitable but are able to capture business the competition isn’t. They offer verification services in over 200 countries worldwide.

So if you if you think the service is too good to be true you wouldn’t be alone as I wondered the same thing myself. That was until I told a friend about the service and he reported back to me after a year of using the service. They allowed him to use the service at no cost or obligation before he signed on as a client. It’s been a year since my friend signed on as a client. He has never filed a claim and is doing three times the amount in revenue he was doing previously.

If you’re an ecommerce business owner that sells tangible goods and does not ship to non billing addresses you owe it to yourself and your business to at at least try the service. It will cost you nothing to investigate a relationship and could make you more revenue if you sign on with them. Visit them at or call 877-751-6213. If you choose not to contact them to at least inquire as to whether the service is right for your ecommerce business well stupidity is contagious.