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Motor Club of America (MCA) – Scam or Legit?

Motor Club of America, also known as MCA has been marketed aggressively online. So what is Motor Club of America? Motor Club of America is a roadside assistance program in line with AAA but offers additional services/discounts such Emergency Road Service, Travel Assistance Reimbursement, Trip Planning and Travel Reservations, Arrest Bond, Attorney Fees and more with varying levels of membership programs ranging from $9.95 per month up to $39.99 a month.

Motor Club of America appears to be owned by a company called TVC Matrix. Although the company is not accredit by the Better Business Bureau they do have a B- rating with most of the complaints being related to sales tactics by independent sales representatives of the company. There is nothing that I can find that will allow me to arrive at a conclusion that Motor Club of America is a scam. It appears that the services that are advertised are being provided. However, you may be researching Motor Club of America as part of your due diligence process from a business opportunity prospective. With regard to Motor Club of America from a business opportunity prospective I will not call Motor Club of America or TVC Matrix a scam but share a few things that turned me off about the opportunity.

For starters, in order to be eligible to earn commissions as a sales representative you have to enroll at the highest membership level of $39.99 per month. However you have to pay $79.98 for the 1st month, $39.99 a month up until the last month when another payment of $39.99 is due…a total of $559.86 a year. Why do I have to become a member in order to sell memberships or recruit others to sell under me? Perhaps if I wanted a membership I wouldn’t mind as much but I don’t have a need for any of it. I get road side assistance as part of my auto insurance policy, already have access to discounted legal fees and have prescription, eye and health coverage. Even if I didn’t have the coverage that I do almost $600 a year seems pricey to me.

Second, as a representative you are held liable for chargebacks as well as having to pay back any commissions that are fronted to you. Of course, this is not totally terrible as fronting commissions has long been practice in the insurance industry. However it is my opinion that this could potentially put someone in a serious financial bind if people cancel at a quick rate.

Third, many states view membership sales such as Motor Club of America as service contracts. As such there are 20 state that require a person to register and obtain a license with the respective state department of insurance. I cannot find any evidence online that states that TVC Matrix cares or even knows about this.

Fourth, the TVC Matrix website looks like it was put together by a 3rd grader. It is not visually appealing and doesn’t provide much information. As far as I can tell there is not a corporate website for Motor Club of America but rather dozens of websites that could be misconstrued as corporately owned but are run by affiliate marketers.

Last, professionalism and Motor Club of America does not equate. There are tons of YouTube videos with affiliate marketers waving cash in front of the camera, making wild income claims and dressed like they’re heading to play a game of pick up basketball. How could I go into an auto parts store or speak to a tow truck dispatcher and speak about all the great benefits that Motor Club of America offers only to run the risk that the person is going to do their due diligence online and come across the same garbage that I have?

In closing, I cannot say that TVC Matrix/Motor Club of America is a scam and that you can’t make money by selling memberships but I would think long and hard before jumping in for the reasons above.

[adrotate banner=”14″] Review – Turn Your Books, CDs, DVDs & Games Into CASH?

I used to be a CD junky. If there was an artist or song that I was into I would immediately go out and buy. Of course, as time has gone I listened to them less and less instead opting to listen online. Long story short, my better half was all over me to get rid of all those damn cd’s that I no longer listened to.

Of course, being a man I instead boxed them all up and threw the box in a corner of the living room. I was able to get away with it for a while until the holidays came about and my better half, with a puzzled look on here face, said “This better not be what I think it is! I’m throwing this box out.” Considering that I had wasted hundreds if not thousands of dollars them I instead started to try a way to at least make a few dollars.

During my research I came across The site itself is not all that impressive from a visual standpoint but I opened an account and one by one ran each bar code through the system to see if they would purchase the CD and if so for how much. Granted they weren’t paying much for most of the cd’s, usally around $.30 per each but the way I figured it was better $.30 than no cents. Besides they pay for shipping as well. All I had to do was box them up and take them to a local FedEx drop off location.

After running every single CD I ever owned through they system I had a price on a little over 70 of them. I submitted the list, printed the packing slip, threw them all in a box and dropped the box off at FedEx. Out of all the CD’s I sent they wouldn’t except 5 due to heavy surface wear but at the end of the day they paid me a little over $25 for a bunch of CD’s that were going to wind up in the trash.

All in all, dealing with was a pleasant experience and I’m probably going to wind up selling a few books to them if they will take them. If you have old books, CD’s, DVD’s and games that you no longer want and would prefer to make some cash instead of just tossing them into the trash, is the way to go.

FlexKom Review – Are They Really This Stupid?

Earlier today a site visitor left a comment on the BeepXtra review I wrote and made mention of a company named FlexKom so of course I had to check it out asap. It appears that FlexKom is a German based company that is changing the economy of a country although what country is cleverly omitted.

During my research I visited where there is a 21 minute Vimeo video on the homepage. Within 2 minutes I knew that this “opportunity” was nothing more than a crock of shit. Why? In order to get into the super profitable discount loyalty card business with FlexKom a person in the United States would have to pay $2,000 for a franchise license? A franchise what? You know the same thing that your would need to become a franchisee of McDonald’s? Are these people smoking crack? Comparing McDonald’s to FlexKom?!!

You would think that the geniuses in charge of FlexKom would stay far and clear from the term “franchise” here in the United States considering that the FTC regulates all franchise activity in the country. The FTC Franchise Rule requires franchisors to provide each prospective franchisee with a disclosure document. Laws in more than a dozen states also require franchisors to provide a similar disclosure document. Because the FTC format for disclosure does not satisfy the state-law requirements in these states, most franchisors choose to use the UFOC (Uniform Franchise Offering Circular) format which is acceptable in all of the registration states.

The franchisor must give the UFOC to the prospect at the earlier of:

the first face-to-face meeting with the prospect involving a discussion about the sale of a franchise; or
at least 10 business days before the prospect signs any agreement with the franchisor; or
at least 10 business days before the prospect pays any money to the franchisor.
The franchisor also must provide the prospect with a complete version of the franchise agreement (with all blanks filled in) at least 5 business days before the prospect signs any agreement or pays any money.

Of course FlexKom simply provides a fucking video and asks people for $2,000 in order purchase a franchise license in order to become a FlexKom coordinator with no face to face meeting!!! I can’t believe that the people behind FlexKom could be this fucking stupid. There are 14 registration states in the United States and I can’t find any evidence that FlexKom is registered with any of them. FlexKom could have easily called this a membership fee or a registration fee but these dumb asses chose to use the term franchise license. Using the term franchise opens FlexKom to all sorts of liability and compliance issues but I don’t think they’re bright enough to figure this out as there are probably thousands of stupid fucks here in the United States that are proud and happy that they are now FlexKom franchisees and are thinking about all the money they’re going to make.

It appears to me that these discount loyalty card MLM’s are popping up like mad in the UK and are finding their way across the pond to the US of A. BeepXtra and now FlexKom with probably a dozen or more so to follow if they’re already not in existence. Stay far and away from FlexKom as this company is heading straight to the crapper faster than a Bugatti can get from 0-60 MPH. I can’t wait to the genius comments on get on this review.

[adrotate banner=”14″] – Review of the Better Web Builder Affiliate Program

I’m always on the lookout for an honest way to make a few dollars online. It’s really not too difficult marketing online but what is difficult is finding legitimate opportunities to market online. In fact I must spend around 8 hours per month looking at different opportunities. An opportunity that I recently came across is Better Web Builder.

Better Web Builder is marketed as an affiliate marketing system in which you can promote your MLM opportunities, affiliate programs or pretty much anything you want for free. Better Web Builder promises $100 in free marketing tools. However, when you actually look at Better Web Builder what you will find is a multi level marketing program disguised as a “free” affiliate marketing system.

Let me be clear that the company is not being totally dishonest in that a person marketing Better Web Builder can make money without investing money as you do not have to upgrade in order to make a 5% residual commission on people you refer who purchase any of their membership packages. Membership packages are Free, Bronze ($9.95 per month) Silver ($19.95 per month) and Gold ($29.95) per month. So for example, you register as a free member you would make $.50 (Bronze) $1.00 (Silver) and $1.50 respectively for each person who joins and purchase the respective packages each month that the people you refer continue to pay.

Better Web Builder Packages

However, as you bounce around your free membership package you will find that Better Web Builder is geared towards getting a person to upgrade to a paid membership package as anything worth while comes with a monthly fee for free members. After all, why pay an additional monthly fee for certain tools when you can all those great tools with a Gold Membership for $29.95 a month?

I must give credit where credit is due and that is reserved for the income calculator which can be found in your free account and has a default setting of 3 referrals who refer 3 other 7 levels deep. This default setting will show you a monthly income of a little over $6,500 per month which equates to a little under $79,000 per year. I’m not going to get into how many people this equates to as I’ll assume you have at least a shred of intelligence and can figure it out for yourself.

Of course the best way to build your brand new web based business is by purchasing a Platinum Membership for the low cost of $249. With the Platinum Membership combined with your Gold Membership your on your way to building your very own successful on line business. Uh….what exactly is that business? It’s promoting Better Web Builder Membership packages and trying to sell those people on purchasing the Platinum Membership.

At the end of the day Better Web Builder is nothing more than a MLM company marketed as a free marketing system in which to build your very own web based business. If you disagree I say go for it but at least I can say you were warned.

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FUCK YOU 2KSPORTS!!!!!!!!!! NBA2K14 SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!

Only in the world of video games could companies get away with the same shit year after year and get away with it!

Personally, I don’t get it. If I’m an automaker who states my latest and greatest vehicle gets 50 miles per gallon but it really gets 10 a would be in a world of hurt. If I claimed you could rub some cream on your head and you would be cured for the flu within 10 hours and you weren’t I would be fucked.

However, after year after year of bullshit bugs and glitches I went out and purchased 2K14. Granted I would be considered a cheater in the gaming world but since I’m getting old and don’t have the same time that I did to play I decided to take the easy way out and buy my way into being a NBA star. My man was maxed out on skill points and I was breaking ankles and dunking on people all day long. That was until the All Star Break!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I took part in the 3 point shootout as well as the dunk contest. I didn’t even get to play in the fucking all star game. The game simulated until the playoffs!!!!!!!!! I don’t want to simulate. I wanted to continue to make teams my bitches my dropping 30/7/5 every game!! NOW I FUCKING CAN’T.

So what do I do? Do I play the playoffs and go into next season hoping that the same shit won’t happen? Nope, I’m fucking done with 2KSPORTS!!!! When they make NBA2K15 I won’t be a sucker yet again and hope that you won’t either. They charge you fucking $70 for a broken game but it’s OK…they’ll release updates?!!!

Know what…release my COCK! I say class action lawsuit against video game makers!! There must be a lawyer out there who also believe that this is BULLSHIT.

2KSPORTS – “Make your own player and play 82 games year after year until you retire!”
Reality – “I can play 50 games until I can’t finish the 1st FUCKING SEASON!!!!!”
2KSPORTS – “We’ll fix it next year! (We Won’t but who cares.. WE JUST MADE MILLIONS!!!!!!”
Reality – “Really…OK…I believe you.”


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BeepXtra Review – Is BeepXtra a Scam or Legitimate Opportunity

I came across BeepXtra on FaceBook around a month ago and was going to write a review back then but didn’t feel like posting at the time. I wish I had posted at the time as this opportunity was screaming scam to me at that time and even more so today. What is BeepXtra? It’s simply a discount and loyalty program marketed as the greatest thing since sliced bread.

Bottom line it’s nothing more than a MLM in one of many in a long list of MLM “opportunities” in which thousands of people will lose their shirts. Last month when I went to their site there was a sales matrix as well as information as to how much of a “few dollars” it would cost a business owner to integrate with their super awesome system. Today? All of that information is gone and in it’s place is some rather visually impressive sales fluff as to how great BeepXtra is!

How is BeepXtra supposed to work? As a BeepXtra card holder you can earn 10% cash back on purchases you make at participating BeepXtra locations. Sounds great. I get my haircut and a participating BeepXtra location and pay $10 for the haircut. I just earned $1 for doing what I normally do anyway….SIGN ME UP!

In reality you go to get your $10 haircut and your barber says $10. You say “Do you accept BeepXtra?” Your barber replies “No and what in the hell is BeepXtra?” You state “BeepXtra is a discount and loyalty program in which you would need to part with a few dollars if you wanted to join. You provide an affordable discount of say 10% with would only be $1 and best of all, if you hand out BeepXtra cards to your customers you will earn a commission when those people shop at participating BeepXtra merchant!” You’re barber states “Sounds great especially for a few dollars!” Yes you have a sale, now all you have to do is ask your barber to part with anywhere between $125 and $400. (A few dollars my ass!!) Your barber states “You are an asshole, get your haircut somewhere else from now on.”

It’s no secret that I think MLM companies are the spawn of stupidity everywhere. With BeepXtra you can earn a percentage of a percentage of a percentage of a percentage which will have you driving a new Lambo in no time. Thankfully BeepXtra earns 2.75% of whatever the discount is which leave tons of cash for you to start building your McMansion. Let’s do some math.

Your barber, in an alternate reality, agrees to pony up $125 to get involved. BeepXtra gives him a few hundred cards to dispense to his already loyal customers (more on this in a bit) so your barber won’t even have to cut hair anymore. He’s going to be fucking rich when he earns 12% of the 2.75% that BeepXtra earns. After all this thing is fucking global! Ah, the percentage of a percentage. Your barber gives a card to one of his customers who uses the card at a participating merchant close by who gives a 10% discount on his daily lunch special. Yeah that 10% discount on the $5 lunch special earns BeepXtra 2.75% of the $5 for revenue of approximately $.14 cents. Luckily your barber just earned 12% of the approximate $.14 for a commission of approximately $.02 cents. He’ll stop cutting hair in no time with those $.02 increments.

Loyalty! People shop where they shop because they like shopping where they do. There’s a fucking bagel store 2 blocks away from where I live but it doesn’t stop me from getting into my car and driving 5 minutes, paying for parking and waiting 10 minutes in line to get the bagels that I like best. Know why? They have the best fucking bagels! The shithole giving me back 10% on their shit bagels and allowing me to get back $.10 fucking cents wouldn’t deter me in my mission for the best tasting fucking bagel. Fuck, I would pay them $.20 cents so I wouldn’t have to put their shit product into my mouth!

But KnowItAll, BeepXtra is giving cash back! So fucking what!!! My damn bank gives me cash back for shopping at certain merchants as does 500 of the fucking credit cards that I have in my possession. Cash back is nothing new. What is new is some assholes who decided to open a company in the Virgin Islands promising riches by allowing people and businesses to earn 12% of $.10 cents who can then earn 50% of the 12%. Again, a fucking percentage a percentage of a fucking percentage!!!!!!!

Think of this bullshit logically if you can. I start a company and state that you can earn 20% of the revenue that I generate. I generate $.20 cents so you can earn $.04 cents. Yes, you only made $.04 for all of your effort so I sweeten the pot. I state that I will also pay 20% of the 20% that other people you bring on will make. Yes! 20% of $.04 for a grand total of $.008 cents! Now we’re talking.

Bottom line is that successful businesses have no need to discount their services, that’s why their successful. They already have a loyal stream of customers who patron their establishments. Those who do not learn from the past are doomed to repeat history. Have no clue about what I speaking about? Do some further research you lazy asshole. Seriously do I really have to get into the whole discounted “coupon industry.”

Luckily the believer in BeepXtra will be able to prove me wrong once launches in 9 short days. Once launches I will surely be made a fool of as there will be hundreds of thousands of worldwide stores who have signed on for this amazing opportunity. More like failing businesses who are grasping for straws in order to keep the lights on.

Be forewarned…..BeepXtra is shit and will always be shit. In other words BeepXtra is a scam!!! Don’t think so….no problem. I will pay you 20% of the 5% this blog generates each and every month just as long as you market your ass off. You’ll make a hell of a lot more money than you ever will getting into bed with BeepXtra. Stupidity at it’s finest but than again stupidity is contagious!


The above BeepXtra review was published on November 20, 2013 and earlier today I decided to head on over to BeepXtra to find out if was finally activated and holy shit it has been. However, in the 15 months since this post was published the amount of participating merchants is hysterical. Yup I was wrong as BeepXtra is setting the fucking world on fire. Right here in the United States there is a grand total of 29 stores using BeepXtra! Europe consists of a total of 413 merchants which would be OK if it were 413 merchants in one country but not so much when the 413 is the total of 23 countries. I truly hope that that one merchant in Estonia can somehow have a customer who visited the one store Croatia so both can participate in the global phenomenon that is BeepXtra. Yes comment leavers it does take time to build a global network of merchants but in the 15 months since the above post was created and a grand total of 498 merchants in the entire world is not a phenomenon but rather downright pathetic as observed by the one merchant in Australia. The Netherlands by far has the most participating merchants but only has 132 merchants. Perhaps in 2 more years there could be a total of 3,000 BeepXtra participating stores in the Network which would still be a blip on the radar and nothing in the grand scheme of things. People must be making a life changing income with BeepXtra!

Giant Cinema Scam?! Giant Cinema Is NOT a scam!!!

I was having a very pleasant conversation with the fine folks over at Giant Cinema when I was informed of something that infuriated me. To say I became a bit unglued after the conversation would be putting it lightly. It appears that many people who lack basic reading comprehension skills have been calling Giant Cinema to inform them that had created a blog posting stating that Giant Cinema was a scam!

Being the reasonable and intelligent person that I am I came to the conclusion that the reason that people were calling Giant Cinema to inform them that I made a posting about Giant Cinema being a scam simply DID NOT READ the posting. Rather those people went into their favorite search engines, typed in Giant Cinema scam and found the following;


NEWSFLASH geniuses…’s called a keyword as in a word or phrase that people can type into their favorite search engine in order to find information that they are looking for. The craziest thing about this misunderstanding is that in order for people to have found that particular search result they would have had to type in “Giant Cinema scam” in order to find it! So then the people find it and without reading the posting they contact Giant Cinema to tell them that I’m calling Giant Cinema a scam? At first it made no sense to me at all but after thinking about it for a few seconds I simply concluded that stupidity is running rampant in this day and age.

I created this posting to set the record straight and state beyond a shadow of a doubt that Giant Cinema is not a scam in any way, shape or form.

Cost to join? FREE!
Cost to promote? FREE!
Is Giant Cinema asking for money? NO it’s FREE!
Is Giant Cinema attempting to sell training of any sort? NO!
Is it a MLM based business model? NO it’s simply an affiliate marketing program!
Can Giant Cinema affiliates track who is signing up under them? YES, Giant Cinema has a back end system that not only keeps track of user sign ups but where the traffic is coming from!! In addition affiliate can create custom affiliate urls to keep track of what online marketing campaigns are delivering the best results!

If you have enough time in your day to call Giant Cinema to state that my blog is referring to them as a scam you should have more than enough time to spend 5 minutes to read the article to find out that you’re dead wrong!!!

The posting in question can be found here at Giant Cinema – Get Paid to Watch Television”

Courtesy to MisterSpud of for the below Giant Cinema Opportunity Video

Giant Cinema Review – WTF!

It has been almost 3 months since I came across Giant Cinema and all I can say is that the growth that the company is experiencing is nothing short of amazing. Considering that the company has not officially launched as of yet has me scratching me head in disbelief of how popular the website has become.

I went to earlier today to check on how Giant Cinema is doing and I can say is WOW! A United States traffic ranking of 25,677 and for the month of October 122,251 unique visitors!!! WTF!!!! There is no product yet over 100,000 people went to Giant Cinema last month? Let’s say that only 30% of the people who went to Giant Cinema registered for an account. That puts them at 30,000 registered users for October but lets take it a few steps further. Let’s say that those 30,000 people referred 5 people each who referred 2 people each who referred 1 other person.

30,000 x 5 = 150,000 x 2 = 300,000. Now those 300,000 people refer 1 person each resulting in another 300,000 registered users. That’s a freaking total of 770,000 registered users! Even if Giant Cinema did half of that in the month of September and half of what they did in September in the month of August that would put them at over 1.3 million registered users over 3 months! 1.3 million!!!!! It’s crazy to consider but the actual numbers may be far greater. However, good luck on trying to get an actual number from the company. I know as I’ve tried but mum is the word.

NetFlix has over 40 million subscribers who pay around $10 a month yet has a limited amount of content although from what I hear they are going to be going to into original programming if they have not yet done so. So how many people will ultimately register for a FREE streaming movie service where the people who hold the rights to the programs are free to upload whatever content they want and where affiliate marketers can earn a 10% commission? I don’t freaking know but the possibilities are through the roof!

I don’t know if Ross Cailen bumped his head on a toilet one day and the idea of Giant Cinema popped into his head like the professor in Back to the Future when the idea of the Flux Capacitor popped into his head but it is very possible that this company could become the biggest player in the game and create an entirely new industry.


Courtesy to MisterSpud of for the below Giant Cinema Opportunity Video

Ambit Energy Scam!

I was introduced to Ambit Energy a little over a year ago and I had no interest at all. About 2 weeks ago a co-worker started to talk to me about earning a 2nd income and I immediately knew what he was referring to, Ambit Energy.

The amusing thing is that there are tons of blogs and articles posted online about how Ambit Energy is a scam. Being the skeptic that I am I decided to do a bit of research. When attempting to find out if a company/opportunity is a scam there a just a few things to look at. Does the company have a good reputation? Does the company offer a viable service or product. Does the company make more profit from actual customers than affiliate members? Is the company financially stable?

Questions 1: Does the company have a good reputation? In my opinion, yes it does. Ambit has an A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau.

Question 2: Does the company offer a viable service or product? Yes it does…savings on electricity and gas.

Question 3: Does the company make more profit from actual customers than affiliate members? I would say so. The company has approximately 500,000 affiliate members but approximately 800,000 customers.

Is the company financially stable? $1 billion in annual revenue and over 1 million paying customers….draw your own conclusion.

So why is there so much Ambit Energy is a scam complaints and reviews on the internet? In my opinion it’s due to their MLM sales business model. If you take the time to carefully read through these “complaints” you will find that a majority are from unsuccessful sales representatives. People who pay the $429 one time fee and the $24.95 month fee who crash and burn.

A major problem with the MLM sales model is that a majority of people who join will not be successful. Many quickly burn through their warm market (family and friends) and throw their hands in the air and scream SCAM!

Can you build a successful and profitable business with Ambit Energy? Yes you can but like any business venture it will not be easy. Although it may seem easy don’t fool yourself and don’t quit your day job.

Like any other MLM based company the ideology is that you become a representative, sign up customers and representatives and those representatives sign up customers and representatives and you make a sick amount of money in the process.

The reality is that many representatives you sign up will pay the fees and do absolutely nothing. So how would I build a successful Ambit Energy Business? I live in New York so if you’re not in New York your approach may be different.

Step 1: Approach your warm market. – “John, I just became a representative for Ambit Energy. Since the market has been deregulated, Ambit will become your new energy supplier. Con Edison will still be reading your meter and billing you. However, you get guaranteed savings of 7% in your first two months and 1% each month thereafter. Of course it’s not a huge savings but you will also get reward points for each kw you consume which can be used for discounts on services and products. You also get a savings statement and the end of the year showing how much you saved by having Ambit as your energy supplier.” Pretty simple.

Now here’s where the majority of people fail. They’ve depleted their warm market and don’t know what to do. So here is what I would do.

Google Voice Number.
Get a fax number, home or efax, whatever works for you.
Spend a few bucks on business cards.
Print up some fliers and hang them in the post office, supermarket, etc.

POUND THE PAVEMENT! Remember I said this would not be easy and when things get hard most people would rather call something a scam than actually put in the time and energy needed. I’m not saying go to private homes and start knocking on doors. What I am saying is start going to small businesses in your area and make the pitch.

FACT! People in general would like to get something for nothing. What’s the something? Guaranteed Savings. What’s the nothing? Reward points for paying something that you are paying for anyway.

Keep it simple. “Sir, if you were able to save $2 a month on your cell phone bill and get reward points for every 10 minutes of talk time you spend on your cell phone would that be of interest to you? If you were able to save $2 a month on your cable bill but get reward points every time you paid your cable bill would that be of interest to you?

The bottom line is that if you are willing to devote the time and energy needed to make money you can. If you expect to do nothing and get something in return than you’ll find yourself posting angry comments on some BS consumer complaint site. Keep in mind that you’ll be making around $.25 for every customer you sign up who pay their bills on time and will need to burn through 50 representatives before you find 1 who is worth working with but it is possible.

I’m not affiliated with Ambit Energy at this time as I don’t have the free time necessary but I can see myself signing up with them in the future.

If you’ve researched Ambit Energy and feel that it may not be the right opportunity for you, check out the below opportunity video for Giant Cinema provided by MisterSpud of

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