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Sony Vaio Sucks!

Sony Vaio The picture to the left is of a Sony Vaio PCG-71511L which I received as a gift over 4 years ago from my super awesome brother who hated seeing me work on my little netbook. When I first received it I absolutely loved it but as time went I wanted to throw the fucking thing out the window.

In the very first year of ownership, approximately I was working on my Sony Vaio when all of a sudden it simply turned off. I attempted to turn it back on but the little green light on the power button wasn’t even there. I called Sony support and told them the problem and told that I technician would be sent to my home in a few days to take a look at it and to fix what was wrong. As promised a technician showed up to my home and final diagnosis was that my Sony Vaio needed a new motherboard. A NEW MOTHERBOARD?! In a laptop that wasn’t even a fucking year old? The motherboard was fixed and that was the only time the motherboard ever had to be replaced. Just in case you were wondering why I believe that my Sony Vaio sucks or why Sony Vaio sucks in general it’s not due to the motherboard having to be replaced within a year of ownership it’s because my Sony Vaio PCG-71511L was the killer of hard drives!

That’s right my Sony Vaio for no fucking reason had hard drive failure after hard drive failure due to simply just using the fucking thing. I never played video games on it and simply used to to create blog posts and to surf the net yet time and time again the hard drives kept going bad. The first time it happened I had to pay Sony around $80 to ship me recovery CD’s. I was kindly offered a replacement hard drive from them at something like $250 which I declined. Why the fuck would I want the same hard drive to be placed into my laptop that just went bad for no reason and pay over $200 as well?

On occasion my Sony Vaio let me know that the hard drive would soon need to be replaced as “Operating system not found” would sometimes pop up but disappear when rebooting. In the time that I used my Sony Vaio I had to replaced the hard drive over 5 times and reformat the hard drive at least 10 times.

Last week I was in the process of purchasing tickets online to a water park for a day of family fun when for no reason whatsoever my Sony Vaio locked. I had just finished paying for tickets and was going to print them when the fucking thing become 100% unresponsive. I held the power button down to do a hard reboot and than saw the dreaded “OPERATING SYSTEM NOT FOUND” yet one more time.

The next day I opened the bottom hard drive cover for what seemed like the 100th time and removed the hard drive and was going to purchase yet another hard drive until I realized how much fucking money I have spent on hard drives on my Sony Vaio for no fucking reason whatsoever. I know that hard drives dying is nothing new but hard drives dying over 5 times within 4 years is BULLSHIT! It was at that exact moment that I knew I had used my Sony Vaio PCG-71511L for the very last time.

What amuses me the most is that out of sheer frustration and anger I decided to type the term “Sony Vaio Sucks” into Google upon the first use of my new ASUS T100TA Windows Tablet with Keyboard I came across where hundreds of pissed off Sony Vaio Laptop owners have gone to vent their frustrations.

I always appreciate a gift but I can 100% say that Sony Vaio SUCKS and I will never ever purchase a Sony product due to my experience with my shitty Vaio laptop.

Chitika vs Google AdSense – A Honest Review of Chitika Compared to Adsense

I had looked into Chitika years ago and almost a year ago to the date of this posting decided to run Chitika on this very blog. Of course, I also run adsense on this blog. Bottom line is that comparing Chitika to Adsense is like comparing a baseball player just drafted and playing in the Rookie Rookie A League to Miguel Cabrera. Adsense is the biggest and best on the block and Chitika is not so much but considering they’ve been around for over 10 years there must be a reason behind it.

To be fair in this review I decided to run a side by side comparison by running reports for both Chitika and Adsense from January 1st, 2014 through June 7th, 2014. Granted a didn’t think it would be close but how far apart Chitika is to Adsense shocked me a bit. A check my Adsense earnings daily and Chitika almost never but WOW!


Page views – 72,219
Clicks – 290
Page CTR .40%
CPC $.56
Page RPM $2.25
Earnings $162.60


Impressions 84,689
Clicks -271
Page CTR .32%
CPM – $.05
Earnings – $4.52

I run various Chitika products on this blog so I fully expected the impressions to be higher than the impressions I received through AdSense and was quite surprised that the click through rate/clicks was not too far apart between the two. However, earnings are far far apart. With Adsense I’m earning $.56 cents per click whereas through Chitika I’m earning a little over a cent and a half. Where it’s get a bit tricky is that I run AdSense on other blogs of mine but do not run Chitika anywhere but here. On another one of my blogs I’m earning almost $1 a click through Adsense so I may install Chitika on the other blog to see if the disparity will be as great as it is here.

Hands down winner is AdSense as expected but Chitika is far from worthless. In my opinion any revenue is good revenue and Chitika does generate revenue. Chitika in my opinion does not generate substantial income when compared to AdSense but whereas with AdSense you can only get paid once your account hits $100 Chitika has a payment threshold of only $10. I have been declined by almost every ad network on the face of the planet do to the risque nature of this blog and my love of using foul language to rant and rave.

Of course if I were required to choose between AdSense and Chitika, Adsense would be the way to go but as you can run Chitika in combination with AdSense I really don’t see any issue in doing so as I have done for almost a year at this point.

In closing, in a apples to apples comparison where it’s Chitika vs Google AdSense, Adsense is the run away winner but Chitika does bring value and more importantly revenue to the table. If you have a blog and have not been running Chitika why not give it a try? It won’t make you a ton of money but if you like generating revenue anyway you can I say give Chitika a go.

Money Talks on CNBC – Darin Notaro AKA Steve Stevens – Inside the World of Las Vegas Sports Gambling

If there is one thing to know about me it’s a love sports. In fact I’ve long been a proponent of legalized sports gambling in the good ol U S of A. With that being said I was lounging around the house on one my days off when I came across a reality show called Money Talks on CNBC which follows Darin Notaro aka Steve Steven owner of VIP Sports in Las Vegas. Simply put it’s a reality show based around sales and sports betting, two things that are very much up my alley so I just had to check it out.

From a pure entertainment prospective I like the show and have been recording and watching it for around a month. Steve Stevens is personable, his live in girlfriend and baby momma, Kelly, is a straight hottie as is his right hand cougar gal pal, Paula. His sales crew also provides entertainment value. As I enjoy the show I hope it continues and is renewed by CNBC. However, aside from entertainment value Steve Stevens has apparently rubbed people in the sports handicapping industry the wrong way.

For starters, apparently no one within the sports handicapping scene in Las Vegas apparently ever heard of Steve Stevens and there have been a few sports gambling themed sites/blogs that have lambasted him. Stevens hasn’t helped himself either witch a bunch of nasty emails and voice mail messages that can be found online. Of course, the emails as well as voicemails are crude to say the least but Stevens appears to be a crude sort of guy to begin with. Sure, the guy has been arrested for phone scam frauds in the past, I believe around 4 times but from the information I can find the last incident happened approximately 13 years ago. Many have pointed to this as a way to show that Steve Stevens is a fraud. However, people do change and I am a firm believer that although a person’s past may be indicative of the type of person he or she is that it’s impossible to arrive at a conclusive decision about a person solely based on his or her past. Sure, Steve Stevens back in the day ripped off elderly people but now people are using that against him as ammunition that he is now ripping off sports bettors.

What I find amusing is that the people who seem to hate Steve Stevens and VIP Sports the most are other fucking sports handicappers. Steve Stevens has stated on air that the key to his business is “news” meaning new clients. What the fuck makes that any different from any other sales based organization. Do car dealers not need a stream of new customers in order to continue to sell vehicles? Do insurance agents not need new customers in order to grow their respective books of business? Simply put most people who bet on sports can handle winning but can’t handle losing. VIP Sports is no different than any other sports handicapping service but one thing that I take exception to is that Stevens has claimed to win at a 70% clip which I call ABSOLUTE FUCKING BULLSHIT!!!!!

I don’t give a fuck who it is, there is not a person walking the face of the fucking earth that can consistently win at a 70% clip! I watched an episode of Money Talks where Stevens gets a check in the mail from a client for over $70,000. If he hits at a 70% clip why have a sports handicapping service to begin with? Why not take the supposedly astronomical money that he apparently has and become an actual bookie killer? It’s because 70% is pure fabrication and there is more money to be made running a sports tout service than to bet on sports. For fuck sake look at VIP Sports’ pricing! Today’s Action Play $29, Today’s Play of the Day $50, Today’s Owner Selection $500 and 7 Days of Winners $2500. Of course this doesn’t make VIP Sports any different than any other tout service. However, as much as I enjoy the show I can’t believe that anyone with a fucking ounce of intelligence would agree to a 30% commission on winnings let alone a 50% commission on winnings. If there are such suckers around it’s no wonder why Steve Stevens aka Darin Notaro is raking in the dough.

Again, I like the show but fucking c’mon…a 50% commission on winnings?! This has to be the most retarded fucking thing I’ve ever come across. For example let’s do some simple math. I get 3 plays from VIP Sports at -110 odds across the board. I place 3 bets of $33,000 to win $30,000 where the final result is 2 Wins and 1 loss. The 2 Winners pays out $60,000 whereas I must deduct the loss of $33,000 for a gross profit of $27,000. I than have to cut a check to VIP Sports for $13,500 leaving me with a profit of $13,500. Not too shabby but what happens when VIP Sports, more specifically Steve Stevens goes 1 and 2? I lose $66,000 in straight bets and than have to pay Stevens $15,000 leaving me $51K in the hole? Of course I hate to make assumptions so it is feasible that Stevens has an agreement with those clients that he receives 50% of their profit which wouldn’t make the arrangement all that retarded but I have not seen any evidence of this on the show as of yet.

The one thing that I cannot get around is the claim of winning 70% of wagers as it’s fucking impossible. That in of itself simply leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Perhaps Stevens has not changed all that much since his days of ripping off old folks. Perhaps he’s doing what all other tout services do and is just simply ripping off ignorant sports bettors who have no business betting on sports to begin with. “But KnowItAll, sports handicapping services are not ripping people off!” BULL FUCKING SHIT! Every single sports handicapping service I have come across in my fucking lifetime rips people off by simply charging ludicrous fees for their shitty picks!

Where in the fuck is the sports betting tout service that can consistently pick winners and charge a reasonable fee of say $20 a fucking month? There isn’t such a service as consistent winning and sports betting is an oxymoron. If one Mr. Steve Stevens aka Darin Notaro comes across this article and takes exception to it fucking good. Take the sports tout service challenge and prove me fucking wrong. I know you won’t as you fucking can’t deal with the fact that I’m 100% correct!

I Hate New Yankee Stadium!

New Yankee Stadium It is now going on 5 years since the New Yankee Stadium opened it’s doors as the “House that George built.” As much as I’ve tried to like the new stadium I just can’t. Perhaps it’s due to my sentimental feelings towards the “House that Ruth built” but as a lifelong fan of the New York Yankees it goes beyond that. As much as I dislike the following statement I’m going to make it anyway. “I HATE THE NEW YANKEE STADIUM!”

Here’s just a few of the reasons why I hate the New Yankee Stadium.

1. Ticket prices! I can give a rats ass about Hal Steinbrenner stating over and over again the most of the seats in the stadium are at or around $50. That’s not the point. At the Old Yankee Stadium my $50 packed more of a wallop as in getting my broke ass closer to the damn field. Nothing like paying $50 to sit with an obstructed view! When the New Yankee Stadium opened in 2009 I sat in field level seats in right field. Of course you can’t see anything hit to center field or left center but at least you can watch the action unfold on a fucking television!

2. Price of Luxury Suites! For my 30th birthday, my wife purchased a private suite on the 3rd base/left field side of the Old Yankee Stadium and threw my an awesome surprise party that I will never forget. I had the time of my life. When I found out she paid $3,000 for the suite I was torn between hugging her for throwing me a surprise party in my own suite as it’s something I never thought I would ever get to watch a Yankees game from my own suite or choking her for spending such an insane amount of money for a damn baseball game. Fuck, that was a bargain. A comparable suite at the New Yankee Stadium now carries a cost of $7,000!

3. The Mohegan Sun Sports Bar in Center Field! Why in the hell does a baseball stadium in New York City need a sports bar inside of the fucking baseball stadium?! If I wanted to watch a game from a sports bar I can go to one of hundreds of sports bars located in New York City. What makes it so much more outrageous is that you have to pay in order to watch a game from the sports bar located inside New Yankee stadium as in a fucking cover charge. Best of all, the charge only covers the cost to enter the sports bar and does not entitle you to enter the fucking stadium!

4. THE ATMOSPHERE SUCKS BALLS! Don’t take my word for it, take it from “The Sandman” himself who stated “It doesn’t hold noise, or home-team fervor, anywhere near the way the old place did. The old Stadium was our 10th man — a loud and frenzied cauldron of pinstriped passion, with a lot of lifers in the stands. Maybe I’m wrong, but it’s hard to see that the new place can ever quite duplicate that.”

Want to know why the atmosphere of the New Yankee Stadium sucks? It wasn’t built for us die hard and true Yankees fans. It was built to cater to corporate suites who instead of going to a Yankees game to watch a fucking Yankees game use it’s overpriced seats and luxury suites to wine and dine clients! New York is expensive enough. Who the fuck has enough money to pay over $2,000 to sit behind home plate? Not many as witnessed by all the empty fucking seats that can be seen on each and every Yankees broadcast. Us real fans have been relegated to sitting far and away from the field of play and instead have no other choice than to sit with the pigeons. Die hard fans who used to be able to afford sitting close to the action have been replaced by corporate douchebags and the “well to due” who are polite and choose to use golf claps to celebrate an exciting play rather than jump up out of their seats and scream out “GREAT FUCKING PLAY!!!” Gone are the clever chants used to get under the skin of the opposing teams best players. Now we have a museum, a steak house, sports bars and the Hard Rock Cafe!

How did the New York Yankees get this so wrong?! If we Yankee fans want to eat steaks we would go to Ruth Chris or Peter Lugers! If we Yankees fans want to go to a baseball museum we would go to Cooperstown. If we Yankees fans wanted to go to a Hard Rock Cafe we would go to Times Square. What made the Old Stadium so great was that it was an actual fucking baseball stadium full of history and unforgettable moments.

Yes, the Yankees won a World Series in 2009, the very first year of the New Yankee Stadium but it just isn’t the same. In fact I didn’t attend a Yankees game last year. I attended a Yankees game every fucking year since I was 5 years old! It was a summertime tradition to at least attend a few games each year. The new tradition is that I no longer go to Yankees games.

Here was the clincher for me. My wife is simply not a sports fan. For the entire time we dated and well into years of marriage I could never get her to go to a Yankees game. That was until my son was born and as such I had the duty to instill the love of the New York Yankees in him the same way that my father had done. I guilted her into going by saying “How could you miss his first baseball game?” She relented and we all made the trek to the Bronx to the New Yankee Stadium. Around the 3rd inning my wife turned to me and said “I thought you said this place was insane, that people lose their minds during the game and that fans are relentlessly chanting and are loud as hell.” I turned to her and simply stated “This is not Yankee Stadium.”

So there you have it as the above are reasons why I hate the New Yankee Stadium. In fact FUCK NEW YANKEE STADIUM or as it’s now called Yankee Stadium!!

PS3 Review of MLB The Show 2014 Career Mode

I am a baseball junkie. I fucking love the game of baseball. Yeah, I’m a fan of basketball and football (you know real sports!) but the hardest thing to accomplish in all of sports is to hit a round ball with a round bat with less than a half a second to decide whether to swing or not. I’ve been playing baseball games since back in the day of the Nintendo NES. Normally 2K sports baseball games consist of an updated roster and some new graphics. After spending hour upon hour in career mode I abandon my hall of fame bid only to be greatly disappointed that the new version is pretty much the same game as the previous version.

I 100% was not going to purchase MLB The Show 2014 as I was in year 6 of MLB The Show 2013 and was half a season away from free agency. I was at the mall on Saturday and promised my kid that I was going to buy him Pokemon X since he crushed his last report card. Being the good dad that I am he and I went to GameStop to purchase the game when I said to the clerk “Let me see MLB The Show 14.” There is one reason I purchased the game and one reason only. When you start a career and the next version comes out you can import your career into the new game! You mean no more starting over from scratch? Yeah I know if I’m lucky this game was last another 2-3 years on the PS3 but I was sold.

WOW! Create your player based on a current MLB star or start from scratch? I’ll start from scratch thank you much. Assign your self 5 tool upgrades? WTF? In MLB The Show 14 you have 5 skill blocks you can assign to assure that your newly created player is not a super scrub. Want him to be a base burner? Want him to be a speedster? Want him to knock ball after ball over the fence? You can assign all 5 skill blocks to one category or spread them out.

After creating your player you go on to play in 3 game showcase against other prospects. Once the 3 games are completed you can choose to go directly to a team or enter the draft which is what I chose to do. I was select in the 2nd round by the Arizona Diamondbacks. I was than presented with an option to sign with the Diamondbacks, go to junior college for a year or more as well as go to college for a year or more. Since there was no way I wanted to play for that Arizona franchise I played 1 year of junior ball (simulated of course) and was able to one again play the 3 game showcase. I did well and was selected in the 1st round, 3rd overall, by the Chicago White Sox. WOO HOO!

I don’t know about you but the goals used to drive me bat shit crazy! This is supposed to be a baseball simulation yet the organization is telling me that in order to reach my goals I should drive in 20 rbi’s in the next 5 series, hit 8 bombs, or total 40 bases? “Sorry kid, your not working out the way we liked as you only hit 7 homers in the last 5 series and we were expecting 8?! So unrealistic!!

Thankfully in MLB The Show 2014 the goals are 100% GONE as in NO MORE! Gone are unrealistic expectations and enter a feature I absolutely love. It used to be that in career mode you could work on your contact or power against right handed pitching and your left handed contact or power would get a boost as well. This is no longer as when you boost an attribute only that attribute is effected.

Another feature in career mode that I love is that is takes a ton of skill points to boost certain attributes. My player is only a 64 contact hitter against right handed pitchers and at 60 for power against right handed pitching yet it costs around 125 points to boost up one skill level. Making the major leagues is hard and earning that many points is hard as well. In some games, even when you go 4-4 with 2 doubles and 2 singles may only earn you 40 points. At this rate it may take me 2-3 full seasons of minor league ball to make the show and I’m more than okay with that.

Yet another feature that I love is dynamic hitting. I opted for timed hitting and started at the rookie hitting level. After half a season at Double A where I hit around .280 with 3 homers and 20 rib’s (made the all star team?) I eventually graduated to veteran hitting level where I now am at. I was unhappy playing for the ChiSox minor league team so I requested a trade and was actually traded before my next game to the Rays.

Let’t get to the hitting! Fucking awesome!! There are a ton of pitches outside of the strike zone for a change. It used to drive me crazy that just because I was in the minors pitchers used to give me down the pipe fastballs. The pitching is much more realistic as the first 2 pitches may be out of the zone and if you’re up in the count 2-0 you may get something good to hit. Even if you time the swing perfectly you may simply hit a fly ball to center as your contact and power attributes are still low. “Throw me that shit next year and that will be 10 rows into the bleachers meat!”

Granted I don’t have a ton of time to play MLB The Show 14 but it’s a baseball video game experience I never thought would be possible. Even if I’m only able to play a 3 to 4 seasons that’s okay as I can simply purchase next years game and import my career so I can continue on.

The rest of the game is tight as well but I only play career mode. If you are a ‘The Show’ fan and play solely for career mode do yourself a favor and get a copy of MLB The Show 2014. Even if you’re not a career mode junkie like myself you can’t go wrong with MLB The Show 14.

Have to go as it’s time for me to get my CAREER ON LOL……………

The Best MLB Betting System – Review of The Betting System So Bad It’s Good!

Sports betting systems online are a big seller and for good reason. It’s a fact that sports gamblers, as in gamblers in general, lose and lose big time. It seems that people who want to make money betting on sports are always on the look out for a sports betting system that will allow them to win. The problem is that I have yet to find a sports betting system that works. Most of these sports betting systems consist of chase betting, progressive betting, revenge betting or all the other forms of nonsense that doesn’t work yet continue to sell season after season. I received a request for a review last night on the Best MLB Betting System and eagerly check it out earlier this morning.

The Best MLB Betting System has been online for a grand total of 4 days as of this post but it makes so much sense I feel like smacking myself in the face for not thinking of this myself. The Best MLB Betting System at this point in time is a theory and the blog author, FadeMaterial, is posting his losing plays all year long for free in hopes to prove that the Best MLB Betting System is a winner so he can sell the system picks in the future.

Based on what I read on the site, it appears that the blog author was a former baseball gambler who had a way to pick baseball winners at a decent clip that allowed him to be a profitable baseball bettor only to find himself in the same position that most gamblers find themselves in sooner or later, on the losing side. He lost so much that he stopped betting on baseball all together. He figured that since he knows his picks are bound to lose sooner or later that if baseball gamblers did the exact opposite of what he recommends that those people will win and win big.

I was a bit skeptical at first but when I sat back and really thought about it the more sense his position made. It’s a fact teams favored in baseball win more often than lose. However, since a person betting on a favorite has to wager more than they can possibly win combined with the fact that the more favorites a person bets on in a day the odds of winning decreases. For example, I decide to wager on the St. Louis Cardinals who are favored to win. The money line for the St. Louis Cardinals is at -130. I would like to win $100 so I would have to wager -130. Statistically I have a 50% chance of winning as the Cardinal will either win or lose. However, I also decide to wager on the Texas Rangers who are also favored to win at -150. I would also like to win $100 but now I have to wager $150 to win the $100. In total I would have wagered $280 to win $200. Now here is the catch. Unless both the Cardinals and Rangers win I will lose money!

So why does the Best MLB Betting System make sense? He only posts plays that pick favorites and regardless if he is good at picking games or not the probability that he will post winners more often than losers is low. Since he only posts plays on favorites that means if a person were to do the exact opposite the person could risk much less money and still come out on top? How? Let me explain. The Cardinals are favored to win at -130 and are playing the Mets who are underdogs at +115. The Rangers favored at -150 are playing the A’s at +130. If I wagers on both the Mets and A’s and would like to win $100 on each game I would wager $86.96 on the Mets and $76.92 on the A’s thus wagering a total of $163.88 to win $200. Since both teams are underdogs I would only need one team to win in order to make a profit. If the Mets lose and the A’s win I make $13.04. If the A’s lose and the Mets win I make $23.08. Of course it is possible that he could correctly select both winners but the probability is low, especially considering he seems to post 3 to 4 games per day.

Lets go just a bit further. If he were to post 3 favorites per day, even with a flat wager on each game he would have to win 2 out of 3 games in order to turn a profit or win at a percentage of 66%. The probability, even if he is some sort of idiot savant, is low. It is more likely that he will lose 2 out 3 or even all 3. The more plays he posts the lower the probability of him winning. Of course, the Best MLB Betting System can only become a successful system if FadeMaterial is really that bad at selecting winners. Time will tell as he is supposed to post his plays for the entire 2014 season. I’m not insane and of course will not wager at all but I will paper chase for this season to see how it all turns out.

You can check out the Best MLB Betting System for yourself by going to

Global Domains International (GDI) Business Review – You Have to be Kidding!

A buddy of mine left me a voice mail me a few weeks ago about this super awesome great company that he became involved with and I gave him a call back a week later. The conversation, almost verbatim, went a little something like this;

Buddy – “I know you are all about trying to make legitimate money so I want to talk to about a company I just signed on with.”
Me – “Sure, what’s the name of the company?”
Buddy – “Global Domains International. They are 100% legitimate, have been in business for going on 14 years, have a good reputation and most important people are making money with them.”
Me – “What does the company offer?”
Buddy – “They are the official registrar for .ws domain names. For only $10 a month you get your own .ws domain name, website builder, email addresses, a website builder and a web hosting package. This is right up your alley and I know you could do very well with them.”
Me – “Are you kidding me?”
Buddy – “No, I’m 100% serious. You earn $1 per month for every person that you sign up, $1 on whoever they sign up all the way down to 5 levels. On top of that they have sign up bonuses. For example, if you sign up 5 people in 1 week Global Domains International will pay you a bonus of $20. The more people you sign up in a week the more bonus money you can make. I know you can kill this.”
Me – “How many people have you signed up?”
Buddy – “Well it’s only been a few weeks but I opened a bunch of free 7 day trials.”
Me – “7 day trials for what?”
Buddy -“For the package. You can try it for 7 days and if it’s not right for you just cancel.”
Me – “Why in the hell would I want a .ws domain name?”
Buddy – “.ws is stands for website. It’s going to be the new standard in domain names.”
Me – “No, that would be .com. If the company has been around for almost 14 years why isn’t .ws the new standard already?”
Buddy – “Well, that’s not the most important thing. The most important thing is that you can earn income for life with GDI. Each month a person pays they’re $10 you get your $1 up to 5 levels down. I know $1 a head is not that much money but it’s all about volume. For your $10 a month you also get 5 affiliate websites that you can use to recruit others. There’s no selling involved, the websites do all the work.”
Me – “It’s always about volume. If 1,000 people gave me $1,000 I would have made $1,000,000. So let me get this straight. The company has been around for 14 years and sells .ws domain names which is supposed to be the new standard for domain names and it will only cost me $10 a month where I get a .ws domain name and basically 5 affiliate websites that I need to drive traffic to in order for people to open 7 day free trial accounts.”
Buddy – “You get more but you could say that.”
Me – “If I wanted a .ws domain name why wouldn’t I just go to GoDaddy and register one like $10 bucks for a year?”
Buddy – “You could do that but then you wouldn’t have the opportunity to earn income for life.”
Me – “Income for life being $1 a month for each person I register for GDI?”
Buddy – “Yeah plus the weekly bonuses and team bonuses.”
Me – “So instead of registering a .ws name with GoDaddy for around $10 bucks a month and getting a basic web hosting account with a free email address for around $5 bucks a month I should spend $120 a year instead of paying around $70 a year with GoDaddy? You are trying to talk me into spending an extra $50 a year just so I have the opportunity to earn $1 a month on every person I sign up?”
Buddy – “No man, plus $1 on the person they sign up 5 levels deep plus weekly and monthly bonuses!”
Me – “Fine. What’s the retention rate on the 7 day trial accounts and the retention rate on people who continue to pay monthly?”
Buddy – “I don’t know but it must be high. A company doesn’t last for 14 years without having paying customers.”
Me – “I hear what you’re saying but I don’t like it.”
Buddy – “Why not? You can make sick money!”
Me – “Sick money? $1 a head 5 levels down where I don’t I have any idea of trial accounts to paying customers and how many paying customers stay on per month? Why in the hell would I pay an extra $70 a year when I can get almost the same thing from GoDaddy for $70 less per year when .ws domain names are fucking worthless!”
Buddy -“.ws domain names are not useless and you’re missing the point man! It’s all about income for life!!”
Me – “Income for life based on $1 a head when again I don’t have an idea about conversion rates and retention rates?”
Buddy – “Who cares? The videos do all the selling. All you have to do is drive traffic to any of your 5 affiliate sites. Best of all when a person watches a personalized video you get an email giving you the persons name and email address so you can talk them into staying aboard.”
Me – “I though you just said that there was no selling involved!”
Buddy – “There isn’t any selling involved. The videos sell the person on opening a free 7 day trial. All you have to do is follow up with them.”
Me – “If you are emailing them and trying to talk them into opening a 7 day trial account you are trying to sell them!!!”
Buddy “No man! Your just following up with them.”
Me – “You know I love you bro but you have to be kidding me. If the videos are selling people on opening 7 day free trial accounts you would get an email stating that Joe Blow opened a 7 day trial account not an email stating that a person watched a video. By you sending these people an email in order to talk them into opening a 7 day trial account it tells me that the videos are not selling people on opening a 7 day free trial account, you are. How many people have you sold?”
Buddy -“None yet but it’s a process and it’s only been a few weeks.”
Me – “So you’re trying to talk me into paying $10 a month just so you can make $1 a month on me? If thats the case I can live with that but how are you going to market?”
Buddy -“Through you. I’ll make $1 a month on you plus $1 on people you sign up and you’ll earn $1 5 levels deep plus bonus money.”
Me – “So lets say I don’t want to market Global Domains International. What are you going to do than?”
Buddy – “You get sick traffic to your blog. All you have to do is right a positive review on GDI, stuff it with your affiliate links and I’ll do all the follow up for you. If it’s the matter of the $10 a month I’ll pay it for you.”
Me – “Please tell me you’re not serious.”
Buddy – “My man I’m 100% serious. I will pay the $10 a month for you and do all the follow up for you.”
Me – “BRO! This is seriously not worth the fucking time!! Let’s say out of 1,000 people who watch any video that is supposed to sell them on the free trial account results in a 2% personalized video conversion and you get 20 emails. Out of the 20 emails let’s say 5% open the trial account thats only 1 person or $1 fucking dollar.”
Buddy – “You get way more traffic than 1,000 people a month and the conversion rate should be much higher. Let’s say we get 5,000 video views that converts at 2% that’s 100 emails. Out of those 100 people I know I can convert at least 20 per month into paying customers.”
Me – “There is now way in hell you are going to covert at 20%. Even if you did that’s only 20 a month at $1 a head. Even if we could do that for a whole year and had a 100% monthly retention rate that would be 240 people a year. Even if you were able to talk 5 people per week to get the $20 bonus every fucking week that would be a little over $1,000 for the year. That’s only like $1200 a fucking year! There is no way you’re going to have a 100% retention rate. You’ll be lucky if you get a 20% retention rate. At a 20% retention rate that would be like 50 people a year. Now you’re looking at something like 50 customers. I’ll keep it simple. $50 a month times 12 months is $600 a year. You’d be paying $20 a month or $240 a year. Take away $240 from your $600 and you making $360 a year. Is $360 a year worth your time.”
Buddy “Can you just please do this for me? All I need you to do is write a positive review, and put up banners all over your blog. It will take you like 10 minutes tops to do this.”
Me – “You want me to turn my blog into a giant GDI promotion?!”
Buddy – “Please man, I need you to do this for me so I can give it a go. If you don’t do this for me I have no idea how I’m going to get this off the ground.”
Me – “Why in the hell would you get involved with something that requires online marketing skills if you don’t have any?”
Buddy – “I just thought you would help me man.”
Me – “You have to be kidding me! You know you are fucking guilting me in to doing this for you right?
Buddy – “So will you just write the positive review for me?”
Me – “You know I can’t write a positive review on something I don’t like. Why don’t you just ask me if it’s okay to kick me in the nuts?”
Buddy – “C’mon man it’s only 1 review. If this doesn’t work you can just take it down.”
Me – “I’m not writing the review but I’ll help you. Email me with whatever you have and I’ll do a few things.”
Buddy “So we’re in business than?”
Me – “Sure if thats what you want to call this crap. I’m telling you right now, I’m not doing any sort of fucking selling, that’s all on you!”
Buddy – “That’s the deal my man. I just need one of your credit cards.”
Me – “I thought you were paying for this.”
Buddy “I am but I can’t open more than 1 account using my card so I need yours.”
Me – “Wait a second. Isn’t this a free trial account anyway?”
Buddy -“Yeah but Global Domains International needs the card information up front so if a person doesn’t cancel they can start billing.”
Me – “No fucking way man. I’m not giving you my credit card info. In fact I don’t want you to pay for me. I’ll send any traffic directly to your affiliate shit.”
Buddy “OK.”
Me – “Just email me and I’ll do what I do but I’m not writing a fucking positive review.”
Buddy “Thanks man. I knew you would come through for me.”
Me – “Of course douchebag. I need a fucking drink. Talk to you.”

If he wasn’t such a good friend I wouldn’t have done this but the fact that he is and the fact that I would be a shitty friend if I didn’t help him out I delivered on my promise. I threw up an affiliate banner for him on the sidebar and threw up a few banners at the bottom on some of my review articles. I even used a redirect script to send additional traffic to one of his affiliate sites. A short 3 days later he send me a text telling me to pull everything down as he just cancelled his account. Being the asshole that I am had to call him just to bust his balls.

Me -“Bro why did you cancel?”
Buddy “It’s more work than I thought it would be. I talked to a few people this week and one of the most commonly asked questions people asked was how do I get customers? I told them all they had to do was drive traffic to their pitch sites but most people had no clue as to how to do that and if it weren’t for you I would have no idea either. I have no clue how to help anyone who signs up under me but I’m trying to talk them into paying $10 a month just so I can make $1 on them. I just didn’t feel right which is why I cancelled.”
Me – (Laughing) You my friend are a fucking dumb ass and I wish I didn’t have to do this but you know me. I FUCKING TOLD YOU SO HAHAHAHAH! (click)

So what’s the point in me making this very lengthy post about a conversion me and my friend had over Global Domains International? Really nothing more than to make a few points. First, there is no denying that Global Domains International is an actual company as they have been around for over a decade. However, the average person will not be able to make any sort of decent income with them. If a person is an internet marketing newbie and has no idea on how to get traffic to his or her affiliate site there is no way to obtain prospects. No prospects means no trial accounts which means no paying customers which means that Global Domains International is selling a dream to suckers across the globe. If a person is an expert in online marketing there is no denying that even at $1 a month per head an expert online marketer could make close to five figures a month. However, I feel that most people don’t fall into the category of online marketing expert and will realize that this isn’t so much a business as it is a dream. What do I mean by this statement?

You too can drive a Ferrari

You too can drive a Ferrari

First, Global Domains International needing to use a fucking Ferrari in order to sell people into spending $10 a month for a great opportunity speaks volumes. Know who has a Ferrari based on a relationship with Global Domains International? Probably the owners. Second, .ws domains are shit. Don’t believe me, do a Google search on anything you want and tell me how many .ws domain names show within the top 10 results of any search results not containing the .ws extension within the search itself? Third, think about any commercial you have ever seen on television directing a person to a website or any radio advertisement you have heard on the radio directing you to a website that ended in the extension of .ws. How many can you think of? I can’t think of a single one.

I believe that the Global Domains International business opportunity is not for the average person or even the novice online marketer. I will go as so far to state there probably aren’t many expert online marketers pushing GDI themselves. Yeah the company has been around for over a decade, there are probably people making a few bucks but not making anything remotely close enough to drive a fucking Ferrari. If you disagree with me, register like my friend did and find out for yourself just as he did with the exception being that I’m not helping you out. Your on your own with GDI unless you decide to buy leads from them but I hope that your smart enough to realize that GDI selling leads goes a long way as to why Global Domains International has been around for as long as the have been.

LibertaGia Review – An Honest Review of the LibertaGia Business Opportunity

I received an email earlier today asking me to review the LibertaGia business opportunity. Considering I’m a nice guy, when I choose to be, and considering that I really didn’t have anything important on my to do list today I decided to oblige and write this LibertaGia review.

First things first. is registered privately but the company website does disclose that Rui Salvador is the CEO and President of the company and is based in Portugal. Major red flag as Rui Salvador can be linked back to at least 6 other bullshit MLM based companies. It appears that Mr. Salvador has learned a lot from his previous experience and has decided to rip people off by starting his own MLM based company.

So what exactly is LibertaGia? It’s cloud based system with a social platform where you can chat with friends, blog and talk to people. The company motto is “Here People Do Not Lose Money!” Of course people will believe this as you can actually begin your “career” with LibertaGia without spending money by entering in the Bronze level. WOW!!!!

Of course being a MLM based company there are two other level in which to join being Silver and Gold. The cost for a Silver membership level is only $899 with the Gold Memebership level membership being an affordable $1,499. You have got to be fucking kidding me. If there is one thing that I cannot stand is a MLM company packaging services that can be had for FREE and charging an absolutely ridiculous price for it. Let me further explain.

LibertaGia is a cloud based service. Amazing!!! Not really as there are many free cloud based options. Granted that you are limited in storage space. In LibertaGia’s Gold Package you can get 1 TB of storage and it will only cost you $1,499. Much more affordable than’s $4.95 a month for unlimited storage, wouldn’t you say?

Okay, so LibertaGia’s cloud is way overpriced. At least you can get some other cool features such as:

1. Personal Email Address! – Ever heard of Google or Yahoo. Also forget that you can register a personalized domain with free email through GoDaddy for $9.99 a year.
2. Blog! – WordPress is FREE!!
3. Social Platform! – FaceBook is the largest social platform on the planet. Why in the hell would people simply drop FaceBook or Google+ for LibertaGia?

Of course, LibertaGia is banking on the fact that you are mentally challenged and get blinded by the ridiculous amount of money that you can make.


Become a LibertaGia Master Seller by earning $800,000 in a calendar year and you’ll get a fucking mansion!! Where is the mansion and is there a cost associated with getting your mansion? Why bother with semantics? The most important thing is that you can get a FUCKING MANSION!!! Of course, there are lesser seller achievements where a person can earn an iPhone, laptops, etc but c’mon a fucking mansion?!

LibertaGia is a straight “pay to play” MLM based company where an army of dumb ass people will believe the hype, leave dumb ass comments on this blog and act like LibertaGia is an awesome one of a kind company. The fact of the matter is that LibertaGia is following the MLM scam blueprint step by step.

Step 1 – Take free services, package them together, call it “state of the art” or “one of a kind.”
Step 2 – Promote like mad.
Step 3 – Make promises of riches and talk about luxury cars, goals and achievements to build hype.
Step 4 – Charge a ridiculous price which will make people believe that the product or service is valuable when in reality it is not.
Step 5 – The owner makes a ton of money while leaving a path of financial destruction behind him.
Step 6 – Rinse and repeat.

Now before LibertaGia Kool-Aid drinkers start pissing me off by leaving dumb ass comments ask yourself a few serious questions before doing so. If LibertaGia’s Live In Box is so great why does the company want to charge people $1,495 for it? If it is a viable, good service why go down the MLM path to begin with? Why not simply make it affordable, for example, $20 a month and create a two-tier affiliate program where a person can register for free to become an affiliate and earn say 25% on direct sales and 15% on sales made by affiliates who sell under them? I’ll tell you why! It’s because the service is neither viable or good and is run by a person, namely Rui Salvador, who has less than a stellar online MLM reputation.

Of course, you are free to create your own opinion on LibertaGia but don’t say your boy KnowItAll didn’t warn you.

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Trust Jacker – Honest Review of the Trust Jacker WordPress Plugin

Trust Jacker come to my attention about a week ago with the catchy tag of “Make a Profit from Everyday Activity.” The hard part of really trying to find out how much a person could make using Trust Jacker became aggravating as there is a ton of content available but pretty much all of it is sales hype from affiliates.

With this being said, the whole idea to Trust Jacker is that affiliate links are dead yet Trust Jacker is promoted through ClickBank. ClickBack is an affiliate portal to begin with which leads to the question, if affiliate links are dead why is Trust Jacker being promoted through affiliate links and not solely through Trust Jacker itself?

So what exactly is Trust Jacker? Without going into the backgrounds of the creators, Rob Jones and Gerry Cramer, Trust Jacker is a plugin for WordPress that sells for $39.95. Of course, there are up sells such as a blogger edition which sells for an additional $49.99 as well as up sells for additional “mastermind” training. Trust Jacker, in my opinion, is a way to deceive people into reading an article that you provide and share through social media with the intent of having a CPA offer completed after appearing as either a pop up or upon closing of the article. After all, the name says it all….Trust Jacker as in jacking someone’s trust as in stealing someone’s trust. The idea is that since the article is coming from a well known ans trusted news source that people will read the article, as it’s hot and trending, and when presented with a CPA offer, people will believe that the offer is being shown through affiliation with that trusted news source, for example USA today.

How is Trust Jacker supposed to work? Let’s say you have a huge following on FaceBook or Twitter. A famous music artist has a run in with the law and is trending hard. You simply use the Trust Jacker program to share the article and include a CPA offer that makes it seem as if the CPA offer is coming from the trusted news source that you just shared. A person reads the article, closes it and is presented with an offer of your choosing that is hopefully in line with the demographic that will be interested in reading the article to begin with. The person completes the offer, for example, providing his or her email address and you just made a $1.50 for that person having done so.

This is where I ran into a problem. Trying to find CPA offers that is in line with trending articles is a chore in itself and somewhat difficult. Why is it difficult? High paying and well respected CPA marketing companies do not approve everyone. Most of these companies will only approve seasoned marketers and the CPA marketing companies that are more relaxed in their approval process do not have many offers that would be in line with the trending articles that would worth being shared. For example, the USA beat Russia in Olympic Hockey on February 15th and was trending. I could have shared that article but I couldn’t find a CPA offer that would have be relevant to those reading the article. Furthermore, how many of my friends on FaceBook and my Twitter followers would even be interested in that article and what is the likelihood that even one of them would have taken “advantage” of the CPA offer being presented even if I could have found a relevant CPA offer?

It is for the above reason why I decide that Trust Jacker was not for me and in my opinion is not worthwhile with those who are new to online marketing. If you don’t have a specific niche, for example, people interested in working from home and are attempting to use Trust Jacker to make money it will be difficult as you would have to start a list in order to begin marketing. Without a niche or niche list for that matter you will be relegated to sharing articles with your family and friends and trying to make a few dollars here and there. How long will it be before your friends on FaceBook say “What’s up with all these articles that Ron is sharing everyday?” Regardless if you are attempting to start a website, blog, e-commerce store or anything online for that matter, traffic is king and without traffic you make nothing, zilch, nada.

On the flip side, if you are a seasoned online marketer Trust Jacker may work out very well for you. For example, say you have a FaceBook fan page of 5,000 people who are trying to make money online. You find a trending article for a trusted news source and include a ClickBank product to appear when those people close off on the article that those people can purchase making you a 35% commission or in this example $8 per sale. Out of the 5,000 people 500 people read the article and 20 people purchase the product. You just made a quick and easy $160.

I don’t believe Trust Jacker to be a scam in any way but just wish that it was being marketed and represented more honestly. Trust Jacker is not for everyone, especially those new to online marketing, but can be a great addition to those who are professional online marketers are those who are on their way to being proficient in online marketing. It really wouldn’t take many CPA offer redemption’s or affiliate product sales to recoup the cost and a person could very well make a few hundred or possibly a few thousand a month depending of course on their ability to promote.

As Trust Jacker is marketed through ClickBank and all ClickBank products have a money back 30 day guarantee you can give Trust Jacker a test drive and decide that if it’s now for you simply put in for a refund the same way that I did. I know that I wouldn’t make any substantial amount of money using Trust Jacker, maybe a few bucks a month, but you may feel differently and may want to arrive at your own decision.


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