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Proving Stupidity is Contagious!

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It seems no matter where I go or what do there is no escaping Black Lives Matter.

In my world you’re either a piece of shit or you’re not but I must be in the minority as it seems the entire world is consumed by the “Black Lives Matter Movement” yet few understand it.

I’ve been told by #BlackLivesMatter  and the media that there is a war being raged upon black people.

The only war that is being raged upon black people is by black people but I’ll get to that in a minute.

A lie is being sold and people are buying at an alarming rate!

All life matters is now deemed a racist slogan. I’ve heard and read that all life cannot matter until all black lives matter.

However, how can all black lives matter when not all black lives matter to black people?!

Here’s the brutal fucking truth. All life doesn’t matter and yes, that mean that not all Black Lives Matter as well.

I don’t give a fuck about a persons race, religion, creed or sexual orientation.

A piece of shit is a piece of shit!

If you’re a rapist, racist, prejudiced beyond saving, a pedophile, abusive in a number of ways and/or are a member of “gang”, sorry but your life doesn’t matter.

Sorry not sorry!

The sad fact is that the #BlackLivesMatter could have been a great fucking thing, not the joke that it is, although few people see through the bullshit.

Stupidity is indeed contagious, a sad fact that is a fact nonetheless.

It starts with the name Black Lives Matter.

People become angry when black people kill black people and ask the question of “Where is Black Lives Matter?”

The above questions is asked over again by people of all races but it appears few have a basic level of reading comprehension.

It’s rather simple answer.

Black Lives Matter is an organization that concentrates  on the eradication of white supremacy!

#BlackLivesMatter doesn’t give a fuck about black people killing other black people because this is not what the political organization is concerned with.

If you don’t believe me it means you fucking morons don’t have a basic level of reading comprehension and dare I say you’ve never been to their website.

The problem with #BlackLivesMatter is creating a political organization whose primary purpose is to combat white supremacy!

White supremacy is a fucking belief people as religion is a belief. Belief that something exists does not make that belief factual!

Are there white supremacists groups? Yup, as of 2018 there were a total of 148 white nationalist groups.

I’ll state that each group has a ludicrous membership number of 10,000 people per group for a total of or 1,480,000 total members.

In the year 2020, the non Hispanic white population is a over 197 million or a little over 60% of the entire population of the United States.

Basic math would then state that white supremacy/white nationalism consists of .75% of the entire white population!

As of 2016 there were 197 black nationalist groups . If each group had a membership of only 5,000 members per group that’s 985,000 members.

However the black population encompasses a little over 13% of the entire United State Population or a little over 43,000,000 people which would mean that 2.2% of the black population are black separatists/black nationalists as compared to .75% of the white population for a difference of 495,000 people where I doubled the membership rolls for the white supremacists’!

So how much does the belief of “white supremacy” hold true in society? Black separationist groups are as much of a problem in society as white supremacist group, a very small problem.

Certainly not large enough of a problem where a political group is established to further separation between white people and black people.

The largest issue facing the black community is not white supremacy but rather the single parent household.

As of 2018 there were 6,1660,000 or 65% of black children being raised in a single parent household as compared to 24% or 8,526,000 white children and 41% or 7,301,000 Latino children.

Reversing the percentages means that 76% of white children and 59% of Latino children are being raised in a multi parent household compared to 35% of black children.

It’s no secret that most singe parent households consists of single mothers. If you don’t agree look it up yourself as I can’t do all of the thinking for you assholes.

It’s also no secret that there are implications for children who have an absent father consisting of but  not limited to mental health issues, poor school performance, substance abuse
gang involvement and drum roll please…criminal justice involvement.

The above graph is providing statistics from 2017 yet it’s clear. At the time black people accounted for 12% of the population but were the majortiy of those incarcerated for crime.












People lie, numbers don’t!

The above graphs represent 18 years of homicide data and it’s the same truth then as it is now…black people are the number one ethnic group to not only commit homicides but also be the victim of a homicide.

The fact is black people commit 50% plus of all fucking homicides!

The truth is that although black people consist of 13% of the entire U.S. population, black people commit the most violent crimes and also commit the most robberies which are not always violent.

If you think I’m hating on black people, I’m not as I’m about to prove a point as to why #BlackLivesMatter is full of shit.

The fact is that 65% of all black children are raised in a single parent household where single parent households mostly consist of absentee fathers and unless you’re a fucking moron you’d realize that there is a direct connection between absentee fathers and crime.

Children being raised in absentee father homes are more likely to be unsuccessful than successful yet #BlackLivesMatter is against the “Western-prescribed nuclear family structure…”

I’m not making this shit up. I snipped the below from the fucking website. Please read LOL….

“…supporting each other as extended families and “villages” that collectively care for one another, especially our children” hasn’t worked out too fucking well yet #BlackLivesMatter supports this!

What really pisses me off that they “dismantle the patriarchal practice that requires mothers to work doubles shifts…”

Who the fuck wrote this shit!?

A patriarch is a male head of household and as majority of black families do not have a male head of household it requires that mothers, single fucking mothers, work double shifts to support their fucking families!

It as if they believe that by using big words people won’t understand what they’re saying but their right as witness by all the bullshit this political organization promotes!

Fuck #BlackLivesMatter – “White supremacy” is as much of an issue as “black separatism” which is not much of an issue at all! The majority of society (closer to 100% than not) knows that both “white supremacists” and “black separatists” are morally and ethically wrong in their beliefs and make up a miniscule portion of society. Henceforth the primary of mission of #BlackLiveMatter is shit!

Fuck #BlackLivesMatter – There is a correlation between absentee fathers, criminality and lack of success for children of raised in single family households #BlackLivesMatter is against the patriarchal family! Doing the same thing over and again while expecting a different result is a definintion of insanity meaning the #BlackLivesMatter is not only insane but #BlackLivesMatter is shit!

If only I had more ammunition! Wait I do!

Patrisse Kahn-Cullors admitted that not only she but the other founders of #BlackLivesMatter are trained Marxists and they “spent a year reading anything from Marx, to Leni to Mao..”

Marx = Marxism, Leni = Leninism, Mao = Moaism

Want to know what other political organization were created and shared the same beliefs especially with regard to  Moaism?


If you don’t know what the Black Panther Party do some fucking research you fucking imbecile.

The Black Panther party ultimately ended in 1982 as most bullshit hate filled political organizations due but new life was breathed in as the New Black Panther Party was formed in 1989 and still exists to this day.

The New Black Panther Party is so fucking awesome that The Anti-Defamation League and the Southern Poverty Law Center include the New Black Panthers on their lists of hate groups!

Although the previous Black Panther Party wants nothing to do with the New Black Panther Party I find it hysterical that both organizations were created on the principles of black nationalism, anti-imperialism and anti-capitalism.

#BlackLIvesMatter is based on ideologies and beliefs that blacks should not integrate with whites, should secede from whites and want to abolish capitalism for socialism!

What a fucking awesome organization!

#BlackLivesMatters share the same ideology and belief system as the New Black Panther Party and as The New Black Panther is a hate group so should #BlackLivesMatter!

Fuck #BlackLivesMatter – The #BlackLivesMatter political organization believes in black separatism, ant-imperialism and anti-capitalism all of which are in against everything the United States of America stands for! #BlackLivesMatter = HATE GROUP

Fuck #BlackLivesMatter – 3 Reasons Why #BlackLivesMatter is Full of Shit!

  1. Fuck #BlackLivesMatter – “White supremacy” is as much of an issue as “black separatism” which is not much of an issue at all! The majority of society (closer to 100% than not) knows that both “white supremacists” and “black separatists” are morally and ethically wrong in their beliefs and make up a miniscule portion of society. Henceforth the primary of mission of #BlackLiveMatter is shit!

2.  Fuck #BlackLivesMatter – There is a correlation between absentee fathers, criminality and lack of success for children of raised in single family households #BlackLivesMatter is against the patriarchal family! Doing the same thing over and again while expecting a different result is a definintion of insanity meaning the #BlackLivesMatter is not only insane but #BlackLivesMatter is shit!

3.  Fuck #BlackLivesMatter – The #BlackLivesMatter political organization believes in black separatism, ant-imperialism and anti-capitalism all of which are in against everything the United States of America stands for! #BlackLivesMatter = HATE GROUP

I can easily provide more reasons but what’s the fucking point?!

Society has purchased the Kool-Aid and has been drinking gallons of it for some time now.

If you speak out against #BlackLivesMatter you’re automatically a racist even though #BlackLivesMatter the organization and the term Black Lives Matter are worlds apart.

If you speak out against #BlackLivesMatter and are a black person you’re automatically labeled a sell out or an Uncle Tom.

I don’t give a fuck!

















Mayor Bill de Blasio wants Rikers Island closed by 2026 with the idea of building smaller borough facilities in New York City. Allegedly it will make it more convenient for inmates to attend court appearances and make it easier for families of those incarcerated to visit.

de Blasio believes that housing inmates closer to their homes and courts will make New York City’s criminal justice system “smaller, safer and fairer.”

His plain for the new jails would include on-site support services to assist inmates in getting their lives back on track and reduce the likelihood of being incarcerated again.

Sure, this all sounds great in theory but I’m going to show you how absolutely fucking retarded this plan actually is!

Why close Rikers Island? Ask any bleeding heart liberal and they’ll say, “There’s a culture of violence,” or “Rikers Island is inhumane to those who are detained.” The truth of the matter is that de Blasio and liberal politicians don’t have a fucking clue!

Let’s get a few fucking things straight before I go on my complete and utter tirade! Riker’s Island is not a fucking prison, it’s a fucking county jail.

RIKERS ISLAND IS A COUNTY JAIL – Yup, Rikers Island is a county jail serving Queens, Kings, Richmond, New York and the Bronx as is in the 5 counties better knowns as the 5 boroughs that make up New York City.

Inmates on Rikers Island consist of people who are being held on parole violations, are fighting a criminal case or cases as in being detained and those who have been sentenced for their crimes to 1 year or less. Any person who is sentenced for a crime to a term of longer than 1 year are state inmates not city inmates.

The average stay of an inmate on Rikers Island is 176 days or a little under 6 months. “But what about Kalief Browder?” Rikers Island only releases inmates when the criminal justice system tells them to do so. It’s not Rikers Island’s fault that Kalief Browder spent 3 years on the island. However, it is Kalief Browder’s fault that he spent 2 years in solitary. You want to know who spends that much time in solitary confinement? Asshole inmates! The guy gets released, off’s himself and it’s the fault of Riker’s Island? Please!


A Federal monitor was appointed in 2016 to investigate and report on the culture of violence allegedly present on the island. The findings were that staff on the island “relished confrontation” with inmates, rather than avoiding confrontation. Incidents were described such as a correction officers using pepper spray on inmates who was in restraints, and other incidents of “unnecessarily” kicking and stomping inmates.

As a result of the report changes were made that basically stripped correction officers of any “power” they had. Changes were made in regard how much time inmates who did not abide by the rules of the various jails could spend in solitary and changes made to when an officer could and could not use force to deal with inmates who were losing their shit and not listening.

The result? An increase in violence. Why? Inmates need rules and to have consequences for breaking those rules. Take away the consequences of breaking rules and what is the point of following rules?


On average 20% of the Rikers Island jail population are known gang members! Bloods, Crips, Latin Kings, Trinitarios, MS-13 and other lesser known gangs.

Recidivism is fucking high! That’s right most people jailed on Rikers Island and released will return. In 2015 an experiment using a Social Impact Bond primarily funded by Goldman Sachs to reduce the reincarceration for juvenile offenders was to be used for juvenile offenders to work on personal responsibility education, training, and counseling. The result? It fucking crashed and burned. A $7.2 million-dollar failure that had zero effect as in none!

Of course, the above failure was directed at juvenile offenders. What about non juvenile offenders? Let’s just say that those fuckers love coming back. Why not? Inmates on Rikers Island receive three free meals per days, free medication, free eyecare and free healthcare. Need a hernia surgery you can’t afford? Just commit a crime, spend some time on Riker’s Island and the tax payers have got your back. Addicted to heroin? No problem, just show up with that shit in your system and you’ll get methadone treatment to make sure you get high for free.

If you think I’m skirting my own question, great! I love making a fucking point. In January of 2020 New York State bail reform sets in. At that time approximately 2,000 inmates will be released from Rikers Island and will be walking the streets.

Imagine waking up one morning and finding out that 2,000 inmates escaped from jail and were now walking the streets of New York City. Doesn’t that sound fucking awesome?

Of the 363 inmates who fit the bail reform bill, in Queens, who will be walking the streets come 2020 the average inmate will have had 6 felony arrests, five misdemeanor arrests, two felony convictions and six prior misdemeanor convictions. 80% of the 363 or approximately 290 are charged with fucking felonies! Doesn’t this make you all warm and fuzzy inside?

Remember the last time a mass bailout took place? If you don’t, I’m here to tell you it happened in 2018 when a non-profit called Robert F. Kennedy Humans Rights bailed out 23 people being detained on Rikers Island. About half of those who were bailed out were rearrested a total of 14 fucking times. “It was only 11 people?” ROFL, yeah it was, however, another 8 had bench warrants placed against them. That’s a total of 19 out of the 23 who were bailed out wound right back inside yet when 2,000 assholes, most of which who are fighting felony cases are released, what the fuck do you think is going to happen?

Despite crime rates going down, arrests going down and a dwindling jail population on Rikers Island violence continues to increase so what else? Programs are the answer! Liberal states, “There will be great programs at these new borough-based facilities.” Yeah, many of which already fucking exist! An inmate on Rikers Island can earn his or her Good Enough Diploma, (G.E.D.), obtain a CDL license, earn a food handler’s license and have access to many non-profit programs to “better” themselves. There are even programs that will pay for an inmate’s rent while he or she is being detained for a fucking crime! Even better, many of these programs will assist with helping these fucks get public assistance!

So, we already know that efforts in the millions of dollars was attempted to reduce recidivism among juvenile offenders, most adult offenders go back to jail and an attempt at mass bailout by a non-profit crashed and burned yet come January of 2020 thousands of people detained mostly on felony charges will be walking the streets.

Despite all this the plan to close Rikers Island moves forward. The cost? Only $11 billon fucking dollars! Of course, this is all contingent upon the jail population of New York City remaining below 5,000.

What the fuck is going to happen once this douche fucking mayor de Blasio leaves office after a failed bid to become President of the United States? When close to 90% of the inmates who will be released come January of 2020 go back to jail and when these awesome fucking programs do nothing?

I’ll tell you what the fuck is going to happen! New York City will have again wasted hundreds of millions of dollars to solve a problem by throwing money at it even though the problem was never understood! The number of incarcerated will go well above 5,000 and these new borough- based facilities will not be adequate. What will happen then?

Nothing is being said or done to deal with many of the mentally ill inmates! New York state continually pulled funding from mental health facilities and where did most of those people wind up? Rikers fucking Island is where!

What drives me insane is that no one and I mean no one can see the obvious. Who owns the island known as Riker’s Island? That would be the City of New York. Where is Rikers Island? It happens to be just behind LaGuardia Airport. You know that airport in Queens that is not an international airport but is going under extensive renovations to become one that is also owned by the City of New York?

I wonder how much money the city of New York could generate with 400 acres of land directly behind an international airport? There would be no fucking way that real estate developers would want to pay a premium price to build condominiums, hotels, casinos and perhaps a mall to serve those millions of international travelers flying in and out of LaGuardia daily.

The plan to shutter Rikers Island has nothing to do with the well being of inmates or a more just criminal justice system but has everything to do with the almighty dollar. The land that Rikers Island sits upon is valuable and de Blasio knows it. For a plan that is supposed to take 10 years to complete what’s the rush? Could it be $$$$?

Look what New York City has become like since de Blasio decided quality of life crimes were not worthy of prosecution. There are people pissing in the middle of the street in broad daylight. There are people taking shits on the train!

What’s really pisses me off about the plan to close Rikers Island is that government retards believe that taking the same repeat criminals off a jail on Rikers Island and moving them to small borough-based facilities is going to change the criminals.

Think about this logically! You have a dope fiend named John who does 15 days jail terms every other month to support his habit. Instead of John being housed in a jail on Rikers Island he’s housed at a borough facility in Brooklyn. Will this change John’s criminal activity simply because he’s now locked up in a different location? Absolutely not!

The cold hard truth is that the plan to close Riker’s Island is illogical and absolutely retarded! Becoming softer on crime in New York City then we already are while putting the safety of citizens in jeopardy at a cost of billions of dollars when it will accomplish nothing makes zero sense.

If you agree with the plan to close Rikers Island then I can only respond that stupidity is contagious!

Time after time I have to look at idiotic postings on blogs, Facebook and Twitter that have a recurring theme……#trumpisnotmypresident.

NEWSFLASH!!!!! Trump won the election in close to a freaking landslide! To you crying liberal jackasses it doesn’t matter that he lost the popular vote by 2,864,974 votes! The fact of the matter is that Trump won 30 states compared to Hillary’s 20 + DC. How could it be that Hillary garnered so many more votes but lost 30 states? DUH….it’s the reason for the Electoral College! Without the Electoral College California and New York would elect a Democratic President every 4 freaking years.

It amazes me that people are so upset! People across the country continue to protest? What in the hell are these people protesting? A fair election that was won by the candidate these people didn’t want to win? President Trump won more states (30) than President Obama did in 2012 (26 + DC) and in 2008 (28 + DC). In fact Obama lost the popular vote to Hillary in the 2008 Primaries! Where were you protesters…I mean terrorists back than? Yes I said terrorists!! Peaceful protests don’t erupt in to full fledged riots complete with beatings, breaking shit and setting fires!

Seriously people….a Women’s Rights March on January 21, 2017….one day after President Trumps inauguration? I find it irritating and quite disturbing that so many people chose to protest President Trump under the guise of Women’s rights! The Women’s Rights movement started in 1848!!! Back than Women of this country had to deal with the following:

– Married women were legally dead in the eyes of the law.
– Women were not allowed to vote.
– Women had to submit to laws when they had no voice in their formation.
– Married women had no property rights.
– Husbands had legal power over and responsibility for their wives to the extent that they could imprison or beat them with impunity.
– Divorce and child custody laws favored men, giving no rights to women.
– Women had to pay property taxes although they had no representation in the levying of these taxes.
– Most occupations were closed to women and when women did work they were paid only a fraction of what men earned.
– Women were not allowed to enter professions such as medicine or law.
– Women had no means to gain an education since no college or university would accept women students.
– With only a few exceptions, women were not allowed to participate in the affairs of the church.
– Women were robbed of their self-confidence and self-respect, and were made totally dependent on men.

Are any of the above issues that Women deal with in 2017?! Of freaking course not yet that didn’t stop hundreds of thousands if not millions of cry babies from protesting Trump under the guise Women’s rights!

#trumpisnotmypresident? Well do you live in the United States? Does the United States have more than one President? Sorry to tell you that Trump is your President as in #trumpismypresident! You don’t have to agree with his policies or even like him personally but what you have to do is stop being foolish and accept that one Donald John Trump is the 45th President of our United States the same way that people who did not vote for Obama in either election didn’t whine and cry about it. Instead of trying to divide the country why don’t people unite? Unfortunately it’s because the majority of people in this country are simply STUPID.

I have been a registered Democrat since I turned 18 and have always vote for the Democratic party. However, come this November there is no way in freaking hell that Hillary Clinton is getting this voters vote.

Why is it that I hate Hillary Clinton with such conviction? She is the very definition of a politician. All talk and no action. I have been getting turned off by the Democratic party for some time now but Hillary put me over the tipping point. From her fake smile to the way she speaks simply turns me off.

I freaking hate Here are a the Key Findings:

· Hillary Clinton would enact a number of tax policies that would raise taxes on individual and business income.

· Hillary Clinton’s plan would raise tax revenue by $498 billion over the next decade on a static basis. However, the plan would end up collecting $191 billion over the next decade when accounting for decreased economic output in the long run.

· A majority of the revenue raised by Clinton’s plan would come from a cap on itemized deductions, the Buffett Rule, and a 4 percent surtax on taxpayers with incomes over $5 million.

· Clinton’s proposals to alter the long-term capital gains rate schedule would actually reduce revenue on both a static and dynamic basis due to increased incentives to delay capital gains realizations.

· According to the Tax Foundation’s Taxes and Growth Model, the plan would reduce GDP by 1 percent over the long-term due to slightly higher marginal tax rates on capital and labor.

· On a static basis, the tax plan would lead to 0.7 percent lower after-tax income for the top 10 percent of taxpayers and 1.7 percent lower income for the top 1 percent. When accounting for reduced GDP, after-tax incomes of all taxpayers would fall by at least 0.9 percent.

I don’t now about you but I’m sick of being taxed to death! With Hillary’s tax plan its same old same. Let’s raise taxes to pay for more shit that we don’t need. But KnowItAll, isn’t it time that the top 1% pay their fair share? Newsflash people, the top 1% pay close to 50% of all Federal Income Taxes!!!! This is supposed to be the land of opportunity yet it seems to be the same old same of the more you make the more they take! It’s no secret that unemployment is an issue so why not roll with Hillary and lose an additional 300,000+ jobs while decreasing the GDP by 1%!!!!

I have to admit that I’m disappointed that Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are the 2 choices but I’m not throwing away my vote. I will be voting for Donald Trump come November. To be 100% honest I don’t give a rats ass about a private conversation that is a decade old. What I do care about is Illegal Immigration, Taxes and spending.

Trump’s tax plan decrease taxes across the board for everyone including the top 1% which I don’t have a problem with. The problem in this country is not that we don’t generate enough money it’s that government continuously pisses it away. Trump’s tax plan would require massive spending cuts which is not a bad thing. I like that Trump wants to tax the ever loving crap out of countries who don’t pay a dime to us now and wants us to stop being the police of the world unless we’re compensated to do so.

Hillary will not change anything should she be elected. All we’ll get is more taxes, more regulation, less jobs and less money in our pockets. If that seems appealing to you than go ahead and cast your vote.

Amusing that I posted a few days ago that I’m not as pissed off as I used to be. Now this fucking Islamic piece of shit Omar Mir Seddique Mateen has to kill 49 people and injure another 50 at a gay club in Orlando, Florida!!!!

I’m sick to death over radical Islamic terrorists! What the fuck is wrong with these assholes? I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again….Islam and the United States of America cannot and will not co-exist!!!!

UGGHHHHH FUCK Omar Mir Seddique Mateen!!! This, thankfully now dead MUSLIM was apparently bi-polar and used to beat his wife. What a fucking man! Than again, beating your wife is pretty much common practice in Muslim controlled countries.  I don’t give a rats ass about what people think about Donald Trump! When Trump becomes Commander in Chief I hope that he levels every fucking country in the Middle East!!!!

But, but….KnowItAll, religious freedom is what makes America great. No it fucking doesn’t! People want to say over and over again how money is the root of all evil but logically speaking RELIGION is the root of all evil. In my almost 40 years on this planet I’ve found religious zealots to be the most ignorant, non understanding people walking the earth and I don’t give a flying fuck as to what religion becomes it’s all the fucking same!

People are oh so fucking concerned about what is going to happen to them when they die. You know what happens when you fucking die? YOU DIE! That’s it! Light’s out, ball game over!!! Don’t agree? Introduce me to one fucking person on planet earth that was actually DEAD and came back! No, I’m not talking about a walking zombie Jew either!! Besides no fucking person on earth as talked to this Santa Claus either unless speaking telepathically to a dead person who never answers counts for anything!

What the fuck did these people in Orlando do wrong? Oh I know they were gay! Who gives a flying fuck?! Apparently Omar Mir Seddique Mateen did without ever taking into consideration that just because a person is hanging out in a gay club doesn’t make them gay! Want to know who hangs out with gay males the most? Really fucking hot straight women!!!!!!

The main problem with Islam and America is that America has turned into one GIANT fucking pussy! Fuck being politically correct. Let’s do something we should have done a long fucking time ago. Make any person who praises or agrees with Radical Islam automatically guilty of treason, punishable by immediate death!!!!!

We can record the 1st execution and announce to the world that for every innocent life taken by an act of Islamic terrorism we’re going to kill 10 Muslims!!!!! Line them all up, shoot each of the 10 in the head. Take a piss and shit on them and finish it off by poking them all with a Wiffle ball bat! That’s right I said Muslims not radical Muslims as they’re all cut from the same cloth!  Let’s see 49 dead and 50 injured. Let’s call it 490 DEAD MUSLIMS and 100 MOSQUES burnt to the fucking ground.

Ever heard of the movie called the Purge? If you haven’t it’s a movie about open season and killing anyone you want to keep the population in control. Good idea but not perfect! What would be perfect is that 1 day each and every fucking year it’s open season on Islam/Muslims in America. We get to hunt down and remove as many Islams from the face of the earth as possible. A few years of this shit and Islam would be permanently removed from the US of A!!!!!!

FUCK Omar Mir Seddique Mateen! FUCK Omar Mir Seddique Mateen!! And if I wasn’t clear enough FUCK OMAR MIR SEDDIQUE MATEEN!!! While I’m at it FUCK ISLAM! FUCK Islam!! FUCK ISLAM!!!

The end of days is upon us and we can all thank ISLAM!

I hope this fucking asshole makes people open their fucking eyes to the fact that you can’t deal with or contain crazy. ISLAM is crazy and the only way to combat it is to be twice as FUCKED UP!








As time continue it’s seems more and more people that I speak with are in favor of socialism which means that I’ve been speaking to more retarded people than usual. Socialists come in all different sizes, shapes and flavors but what I’ve found is that the people that I speak to about most about socialism tend to be, for lack of a better term, unsuccessful.

You know those people who stay in the same dead end job and day dream about what it would be like to make more money or have a better work position yet do nothing to improve their situations yet have a great deal of entitlement.

I had a conversation with a former colleague that I worked with close to a decade ago and his reasoning as a pro socialist was so utterly retarded and lacking in logic that I had I began to think that he must have some sort of tumor developing in his brain.

We were speaking about the salaries of CEO’s when he went on this long rambling tirade that CEO’s are way overpaid and since it’s the worker who is responsible for the wealth of the company and it’s the workers that provide for those at the top of the company to earn such hefty salaries that it would be a much better idea to have those at the top make less and have pretty much all of the profit disbursed among the workers. That in our current capitalistic society corporations are nothing more than a pyramid and as I should know pyramid schemes are illegal. Therefor corporations should be illegal as those at the bottom of the company will never be able to earn as much as upper management.

I asked one simple question that he could not answer which I found to be both comical and aggravating at the same time. The simple question that I asked is that if the workers were being compensated pretty much the same regardless of the amount of hard work they put in what was the incentive to work hard at all? It’s simply fact that no matter what type of business one works in there is always those people aka slackers. Slackers who do the bare minimum but get paid the same as the guy in the cubical next to him or her that has to work that much harder to pick up the slack. Whereas in our current capitalistic system the slacker gets fired and the guy or gal who picks up the slack gets a promotion in a socialistic society the slacker is viewed as less intelligent and not as capable so therefore the slacker should receive the same benefit as it’s not his or her fault.

Socialism lovers seem to hate CEO’s making millions of dollars yet fail to see what the CEO did in order to attain that level of success. Big deal, that guy come from nothing, paid his or her own way through college and graduate school, worked a full time internship while working a full time job, started in the mail room and through hard work and dedication climbed the corporate ladder. Socialism lovers fail to see that this same person would have never had the desire to do what I described above as success should have just been handed to him or her.

If you don’t agree show me one thriving socialism based society which I know can’t be done as it doesn’t exist!

Does a person person who places a Coke, fries and a burger into a paper bag and says “Thank you, come again” while the register tells them how much change to give back to a patron worth $15 an hour? I don’t think so and feel with the strongest of conviction that The fight for $15 is ridiculous! Even though the fight for $15 is ridiculous fast food workers in New York City have been successful in the fight and will soon be able to earn a yearly wage of a little over $31,000 per year. With that being said I would like to state to these New York City fast food workers “Be careful for what you wish for!”

Making $8 bucks in change must have sucked but that’s the job you chose. The job didn’t choose you. Going in when you filled out your one page application you knew exactly how much money you would make per hour and what the responsibilities of your position would be the same way I did when I took a fast food job when a was 15 years old. Yes, you had to seek housing assistance and obtain food stamps to get by but since you have now won your fight you can be welcomed into the real world and now pay your own way!

“Pay my own way?” LOL…. yup you will no longer qualify for public assistance and instead of having things handed to you, you will now have to do what the rest of us have always done and pay for your own groceries and housing. But KnowItAll, I only receive $300 a month in food stamps. Yeah I know its rough but that’s only 20 hours of your new $15 an hour wage. Oh wait, your tax bracket is going to go up so accounting for federal, state and city taxes you’ll really be working more like 25 hours per week to pay for your own groceries. Wait a minute, you didn’t know? ROFL!!!! Than again that’s if you’re luck enough to keep your jobs!

Forgetting for the moment that the fight for $15 is ridiculous and that all these “hardworking” people chose the job why is it that not one single person took a step back just for a minute? Let’s just say that I’m the so called evil CEO of McDonald’s. As CEO of McDonald’s my bottom line is profit. I always strive to increase profit year after year and I’m now faced with almost doubling my expenses for my workforce. What shall I do? I know, since I now have to almost double my workforce expense I need to cut back on the amount of my workforce. Why should I have to pay 8 workers double the wage when I can simply fire 4 and demand twice the production from the 4 I decide to retain?

I don’t know about you but my local supermarket has self checkout aisles. You simply scan the bar code of each item, select your payment method, bag your items and leave. My local supermarket has approximately 4 of these self checkout aisles. Of course, they do have 1 employee that is on stand by in order to assist anyone who may be having an issue with any of the machines. However, instead of paying 4 more cashiers my supermarket was able to eliminate the need of having 3 cashiers by investing in technology. How hard would it be for the fast food industry to come up with something similar?


LOL, McDonald’s is starting to roll out the above self service kiosks. The amusing thing is that they started looking into these self serve kiosks prior to the $15 wage increase, approximately 11 years ago. Even better is that in the locations where these machines were tested McDonald’s found that order times were decreased by approximately 7 seconds and customers that used these kiosks spent more money! Expect to see these self serve kiosks in McDonald’s sooner than later with pretty much every other fast food eatery to soon follow suite. Best of all combining the 7 seconds with an average of around $1 more spent per customer would lead to increase in profits of 1 to 3 percent which could equate to millions of more dollars in profit. (thanks to http://www.inquisitr.com/2135669/mcdonalds-self-serve-kiosks-a-response-to-higher-minimum-wage/ for the image and information.)

So why my utter hatred for fast food workers earning $15 dollars an hour? Listen I’m all for increased wages but only for occupations that are deserving like our brave men and women of the US armed forces and home health aides. You need no special skills to be a fast food worker. Our man and women of the US Armed forces are risking their lives for us and occupations such as home health aid workers are responsible for the well being of another person. What in the heck is a fast food worker special skill set?

In closing yes the fight for $15 for fast food workers is ridiculous and fast food workers should have been careful for what they wished for. Now they can deal with layoffs and having to find another job in which the have no special skills to offer!

Horses have been pulling carriages in New York City for 150 years yet here we are in the year 2014 and if organizations like NYCLASS, New Yorkers for Clean, Livable and Safe Streets have their way the new york city horse carriage industry will be no more.

A quick visit to http://www.nyclass.org/horse_drawn_carriages quickly made my blood boil! This organization is full of such bullshit is amazing that over 55,000 people have liked their FaceBook fan page. For example,

“They 220 horses (68 medallions) routinely work at least 9 hours a day, pulling a vehicle that weighs hundreds of pounds, on hard pavement, while breathing exhaust from cars, buses and taxis. Unaccustomed to the urban environment, horses can be “spooked” easily and cause accidents that inflict great damage on vehicles, drivers and most often, the horses themselves. There were more than 18 accidents in the past two years alone.”

“New York City has had more than 20 carriage horse accidents in the past few years alone.”

Where do these people get their information?! Amazing that over 55,000 dumb asses agree without bothering to do even a second of their own research. It is simply amazing that stupidity can run so rampant.

220 horses do work 9 hours a day but how may were actually working on a given day? Considering there are approximately 150 carriage drivers common sense would dictate that on a given day a minimum of 70 horses are not working. It has been estimated that approximately 6,000,000 new york city carriage rides have taken place over the last 30 years. That’s approximately 200,000 NYC carriage rides per year. Even if there were 220 carriage drivers and 100% of the horses were working everyday that would average to approximately 909 carriage rides per horse per year!!

Let’s a bit further with the 909 carriage rides per yer per horse. In order to remain in compliance with New York City law a carriage horse cannot work more than 9 hours per day, regardless, 909 rides over the course of 365 days is approximately 2.5 rides per day. However, to also remain in compliance with New York City laws carriage horses are required to be out of service for 5 weeks per year. Backing out the 5 weeks that’s a maximum of 47 weeks that a horse can possibly pull carriages. 909 rides over 47 weeks is approximately 20 rides per week. Also when taking into consideration that most new york city carriage horses work 5 days per week that’s approximately 4 rides per week on average!!!!

Oh, but the carriage weighs hundreds of pounds, those poor horses! A carriage horse can easily pull at least twice it’s weight. The average carriage horse weighs between 1200-1800 pounds meaning that the average carriage horse can easily pull between 2400 and 3600 pounds. The typical weight of carriages used in the world is approximately 1000 pounds which is less than half the weight of a typical carriage horse on the low end. That leaves, at minimum, 1400 pounds of weight for the driver and passengers to arrive at 2400 pounds that is easy for even the smallest average carriage horse to pull!

New York City carriage horses spook easily if you believe that over 20 carriage horse accidents over the last few years equates to spooking easily. Notice that NYCLASS didn’t use the couple of years as in the last 2 years so at minimum I will go with 25 accidents over the last 3 years. Using the estimated 6,000,000 carriage rides over the last 30 years for a yearly average of 200,000 rides per year that would equate to 25 accidents over 600,000 rides! An incident rate of .04%.

But the cruelty to the horses. There kept in such inhumane conditions! In February of 2010 Dr. Harry Werner, a veterinarian in North Granby, Conn., and a past president of the American Association of Equine Practitioners, was asked by the carriage horse association to make an assessment of the horses’ working conditions. “Based on that inspection, I found no evidence whatsoever of inhumane conditions, neglect or cruelty in any aspect.” was the statement made by Dr. Werner after he and three other veterinarians paid their own expenses to observe four of the five stables in operation at that time.

New York City carriage rides are part of the experience enjoyed by millions of tourists each year. Think of a romantic ride through Central Park where a man works up the courage ask his girlfriend for her hand in marriage, a fairy tale proposal for many women. Instead of the horse drawn carriage the same experience can be had in……


Why in the hell would anyone want to take a ride in a green taxi through Central Park in something that looks like it was taken from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang?! The cost for the above contraption if it were to replace the New York City Carriage Horse Industry? Approximately $150,000. Want to know a vehicle that can be had for $150,000?


So what is the real motivation to ban carriage horses in New York City? Could it possibly be politics and money?

Organization helps elect a mayor by making contributions. Said organization funds the creation of


which should sell for around $150,000 thus creating a new taxi medallion program for Central Park. Said mayor getting pressured do to the assistance of said contributions which assisted said mayor in getting elected pushes for a ban using said organizations ludicrous positions. Yet another reason why I fucking hate New York City.

Ban Carriage Horses in New York City? Yet another lesson is the stupidity of the masses!

Congratulations to Bill Deblasio who will become the next Mayor of New York City after receiving over 70% of the vote.

He won the election once NYC saw the below.

Bill Deblasio

Edward Snowden is accused of Espionage, specifically the Theft of Government Property, Unauthorized Communication of National Defense Information and Willful Communication of Classified Communications Information to an Unauthorized Person.

KnowItAll says “Fuck all that bullshit! Thank you Edward Snowden!!!” Here we have an American Citizen that did that the right thing and blew the whistle on the U.S. government’s intrusion into our 4th Amendment rights yet he is being vilified by the media as a traitor!
I get it because of the unconstitutional Patriot Act and the fact that Edward Snowden was contracted by a contractor of NSA and leaked information to the Guardian we the people should forget that the U.S. government can give a rat’s ass about the constitution….you know the rights we are afforded as citizens of this country.

Public sentiment is leaning towards feelings that Eric Snowden did the wrong thing but of course this has everything to do with stupidity being contagious than anything else. NSA spin control states that 50 terrorist plots were foiled due to NSA programs such as Prism and the citizens of this county feel that Snowden did the wrong thing as a result. You have to be kidding me!

Hey NSA, 50 terrorist plots were foiled? If that is indeed the case then there should be no problem in identifying exactly what those terrorist plots were, who was involved, who was arrested, who was charged with what and when those people involved of those 50 terrorist plots are scheduled for trial or better yet who plead guilty to what in order to avoid trial!!!!!!! Of course know when is demanding any of the above but the NSA stating the 50 terrorist plots were foiled seems to be good enough for the majority of people.

Here is what disturbs me about the NSA programs; I am doing nothing illegal. I wake up each morning, go to work, use my email, use my cell phone and use Google to search for whatever I’m searching for. The NSA, in breach of my 4th Amendment rights, collects all this data in order to “foil” a terrorist plot without a search warrant. I have conversation with a co-worker about how I would like to blow up my company using 800 tons of TNT and presto I’m now a terror suspect because some dumb ass at the NSA decides to open a file?

This terrorist scare bullshit has gone way too far. In the name of national security should the U.S. be allowed to do whatever they feel necessary to “foil” terrorist plots? Fuck, worked really well in Boston didn’t it?! Yeah 50 unnamed terrorist plots were foiled yet the one that managed to injury hundreds and take the lives of innocent children goes undetected. Fucking brilliant!!!!!!!!

Edward Snowden was privy to information, provided that information to the press and blew the whistle on the U.S. government crapping all over our rights yet I am to feel that Edward Snowden is a traitor? He may be a traitor as far as the U.S. Government is concerned but is far from a traitor to the citizens of the United States of America. Yes this citizen of the United States, land of the free, needed to attain asylum from Russia! Russia!!! RUSSIA!!!!!

“KnowItAll, he told China the U.S. was hacking or attempting to hack their networks!!” So fucking what? Was he not telling the truth? Was he attempting to sell classified information to China? Did he place a price tag of $25 million on that fact? NO HE DIDN’T!!!!!
You may very well be one of the many that feel that Edward Snowden did something wrong by alerting us to the government’s actions. If that is the case then I would infer that you would have no problem had President Obama came out and state the following:

“My fellow Americans, in the name of National Security I have authorized the NSA to gather information on your cell phone calls, capture data related to your internet searches and provide them, the NSA, with the ability to capture your email communications. Should you send a text message know that we will be capturing that message in the hope that it could possibly allow us to foil a terrorist plot. You may feel that this is an infringement on your constitutional rights but rest assured that these measures are necessary to avoid the next 9-11 although these measures could not prevent the events of the Boston Marathon.”

If you don’t have a problem with the above you must be mentally challenged (i.e. RETARDED) In fact you shouldn’t have issue with any of the following measures necessary to prevent future terrorist attacks:

1. National I.D. Card.
2. Lo-Jack tracking. The government will need to GPS track you by inserting a Lo-Jack into your asshole! At least they will use lubrication.
3. Voice recognition software in order to use your home telephone and cellphone in order to make or receive a call.
4. Permission to leave your state in order to enter another state. Failure to file the necessary forms will result in a fine and/or imprisonment as your Lo-Jack will allow the government to know that you have left your home state without permission.

The bottom line is that according to the government Edward Snowden did something wrong. However, if you have an ounce of intelligence you should realize that the man deserves to be thanked. That is unless you like having your constitutional rights violated.