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I’m sick and tired with people who disagree with one of my review and have the audacity to state “What does this anonymous guy know about online marketing” as their main argument in disagreeing with a review. I don’t have issue with people disagreeing with my opinion in any review but I do have an issue with the statement that I don’t know about online marketing! So what does KnowItAll know about online marketing? You be the judge.

Google Analytics Data January 1, 2014 through March 25, 2014.

Google Analytics Data January 1, 2014 through March 25, 2014.

StatCounter Data January 1, 2014 through March 26th as of the posting.

StatCounter Data January 1, 2014 through March 26th as of the posting.

Google Analytics March 1, 2014 through March 25, 2014

Google Analytics March 1, 2014 through March 25, 2014

StatCounter Data March 1, 2014 through March 26, 2014 as of this posting.

StatCounter Data March 1, 2014 through March 26, 2014 as of this posting.

StupidityIsContagious.com Alexa ranking as of this posting on March 26, 2014.

StupidityIsContagious.com Alexa ranking as of this posting on March 26, 2014.

I am by no mean an expert in online marketing and didn’t start this blog with the intention of making one red cent but the fact of the matter is that I do know a bit about online marketing as you can see from the images above containing my traffic statistics. If it were my desire to operate a non foul language, non abrasive and standard informational blog I could crush the above traffic statistics within 1 calendar year. The fact of the matter is that I have no desire to operate such a blog.

Seeing the above traffic statistics and the fact that StuidityIsContagious.com generates revenue when I had no intention of generating revenue in the first place is enough for me. Granted now that this blog is generating revenue it makes me want to generate more and more revenue but I’m limited within this platform to generating what I do. In fact I created a category last year where I was going to show people how to blog for money by going the traditional route but decided against it. Why? I came to the realization that spending my free time, creating post after post about what I know and how to implement what I know would ultimately fall on deaf ears. Most people will not have the patience to follow through or the work ethic necessary to generate revenue and would leave dumb ass comments that I know nothing.

I have contemplated selling what I know in the form of an Ebook at a reasonable and inexpensive one time cost of around $50 but don’t want to have to deal with chargebacks and people calling my information a scam when again most people will again not have the patience to follow through or the work ethic necessary to generate any revenue let alone the $50 they would need to break even on the cost. Then again, any revenue is good revenue but that’s a subject for another post.

In closing if you are one of the many people leaving comments on this blog, making posts on your own blog and making the statement that I know nothing about online marketing SHUT YOUR FUCKING MOUTHS!

At this point in time you should have your niche and your domain name picked out. As I used GoDaddy.com for my needs this lesson will show you how to get your WordPress blog set up through GoDaddy. Read this entire article before you purchase anything.

    Step #1 – Register Your Domain Name

Domain names are, for the most part inexpensive. If you are serious about blogging for money online you will need to register your domain name for a minimum of 2 years. Don’t worry, a 2 year domain registration will not break the bank and should cost you around $14.

    Step #2 – Open a Linux Hosting Account

You don’t need a dedicated server. A shared hosting account will serve your needs just fine at this point in time. Also, you will be much better served with a Deluxe Hosting Account than an Economy Plan as you get unlimited disk space and can create as many websites as you like for only an extra $.50 cents per month. Best of all when you open your hosting account through GoDaddy you get a free domain name which will save you a few dollars. If you’re on a tight budget get a one year hosting account for about $59.

The Power of the Penguin – World-Class Linux Hosting from GoDaddy.com

It’s going to take a day or so for your domain name and hosting account to get setup but it can sometimes happen in the same day of purchase. However, at this point don’t lose your mind. Have a little patience, go about your day and log into your account the following day to find out if you are good to go.

    Step #3 – Getting WordPress Installed on Your Hosting Account

Thankfully you won’t have to lose your mind on a manual installation of WordPress as with you have WordPress installed on your GoDaddy hosting account with a few simple steps.

1. Log into your Account Manager.
2. Click Web Hosting.
3. Click Launch located next to your hosting account.
4. Go to the Popular Apps menu and select WordPress.
5. Click on WordPress.
6. Click Install Now
7. Select the domain name you picked for your blog.
8. Enter a database description and password, click Next
9. You want to have WordPress installed in the root of your directory so when a person goes to your domain name example.com they will be taken to your blog as opposed to having WordPress installed in a directory like example.com/blog. Make sure that when you are installing WordPress the directory appears as example.com and not example.com/blog or example.com/wordpress. Make sure to delete any text after your domain name so it will show as example.com.
10. Enter the Admin Name, Admin Password, Email and Blog Title for your WordPress installation.
11. Click Finsh

It will take GoDaddy around 24 hours to complete the installation. You will receive an email notification that the WordPress installation is complete.

Congratulations you are now step closer to Blogging for money!

The first thing you need to know about blogging for money is not to fall for any off the many bullshit scams you see advertised online. For example:

For How Much?

Since that’s out of the way you need to understand one very important fact. Blogging for money is not easy! It’s going to take hard work, time and most important patience. It would be great to simply create a blog, create a few posts and receive thousands of visitors but if it were that easy more than 2% of people who attempt to make money online from blogging would succeed.

Before I get into using WordPress, plug-ins and search engine optimization (Future lessons that will be posted here.) the most important thing you need to think about is what is your blog going to be about? If you’re stumped right now simply think about what it is that you know best. For example, if you’re a mortgage broker perhaps you would want to create a blog about homeownership, how to qualify for a home purchase or how to refinance your mortgage. What I’m getting at is that you need a niche. Something that your blog will become known for as a go to resource for whatever your niche will be.

STEP 1 – Select your niche!

If you don’t have a niche jut yet take some time to think about. If you do have a niche or a niche that you’ve already decided on don’t get too excited just yet. The next thing you have to do before anything else is find out how competitive your niche is. If you hadn’t thought of this just yet don’t feel bad. In my opinion this is where the majority of people get tripped up. A person has a niche, registers a domain name, opens a hosting account and starts blogging only to realize some time later that their niche is saturated and that there are a handful of blogs that dominate that niche. Whatever the niche is that you’ve decided on go to Google Search and type in a few keywords that you would type if you were searching for your niche. For example, if you’re niche is how to save money on household expenses you may want to go to Google and search for ‘how to save money on groceries.’ Look at how many web pages are indexed under that search term and visit the first five sites under the search term. This is not to say that you’re blog cannot be successful in a competitive niche, it just means that you will have to work much harder and it will take you more time to achieve your search rankings.

STEP 2 – Know your competition!

You now have a niche and know what your competition is doing. You feel comfortable and are ready to move on. Your next step is to decide on a domain name. Of course you can always get a free WordPress blog at WordPress.com but if you’re serious about making a go at making money online by blogging you NEED to register your own domain name. Your own domain name will allow you to brand your blog and hosting your blog on your own web hosting account will provide you with the maximum amount of control over your blog. It used to be that you could simply register a domain name and rank number 1 for that keyword in Google. For example my blog used to be ranked #1 on Google for ‘stupidity is contagious’ but now sits ranked at #6. Google is not giving a massive amount of weight to the domain name anymore but does give some weight. Either way, finding a domain name that is centered on your niche is not 100% necessary. Keep in mind that .com domain names with common terms are difficult to come by. People register these domain names and attempt to sell them at a premium price but there is no need to go that route. For example, some time ago I was thinking about creating a blog with a niche of visiting new york city. Yes, it is a saturated market but I know that if I had chosen to enter that niche I could have a successful money making blog. When I started researching domain names the obvious choices were taken but I decided on an available domain name that would have ranked well regardless. IdealVisitNewYorkCity.com! The most important thing was that I had “visit new york city” in the domain name and I could have used the word “ideal” to separate my blog for the rest. I decided against creating that blog as I didn’t have the time and still don’t for that matter. Take your time when deciding on a domain name and make sure you run the domain name by a few friends and family members. Of course I’m here to help as well so if you want to run your niche and domain name by me simply contact me through the contact form on this blog and I will give you my honest advice.

Step 3 – Select your domain name!

To recap Lesson #1 on How to Blog for Money;

1. Select your niche!
2. Know your competition!
3. Select your domain name!

Stay tuned for Lesson #2 on How to Blog For Money.

If you want to learn how to blog for money for free, KnowItAll has your back. You may be scratching your head right now and asking yourself “What does this guy with a mess of a blog know about blogging for money?” and “How much money can this guy be making from this blog?” Both are valid questions. However, before I answer those questions I need to explain a few things about this blog.

StupidityIsContagious.com was never created as way to blog for money or make money online in general. That’s right, I created this very blog with no intention of ever making a dime. With that being said, the obvious question is why did I create the blog if not for money.

The simple truth is that I created this blog with no other purpose than to rant about things that really pissed me off. I was full of angry thoughts about various topics yet had no outlet in which to vent my frustrations. I was tossing and turning one night and a thought entered my head…..why not just create a blog? Doing so would allow me to get my thoughts out and the responses I would get would provide me with pure entertainment. I would no longer have to worry about suffering from an aneurism.

In late January of 2010 I began to create StupidityIsContagious.com and the blog went live on February 28th, 2010 with my very first blog post. It felt great to get my thoughts out! However, I started to become bothered by a troubling thought sometime later, almost a year later in fact. I created the blog to vent my frustrations yet I had no idea as to how many people were reading my posts. What was the point of putting my thoughts into writing on a blog if I had no idea as to how many people by rants were reaching? I might as well be talking to myself and I’m right back to where I started!

January 2011 TrafficJANUARY 2011 – 48 Unique Visitors

I needed to rant and people needed to read my rants in order for me to feel fulfilled. I became a man on a mission! I spent whatever free time I had learning as much as I could about WordPress and search engine optimization and began to implement what I had learned when I came across an amazing FREE tool that allowed me to start tracking my blog traffic at no cost. I began to use StatCounter and started tracking my traffic on January 24th, 2011.

I spent almost all my free time researching and implementing what I had learned and the end result was 48 visitors! A lousy 48 visitors over the course of 8 days! An average of 6 freaking people a day after creating 44 blog posts! That’s hours of time that I spent on my keyboard typing away and I reached a freaking 6 people a day! Luckily I’m stubborn. There was no way that I could have possibly done everything wrong. All that I needed to do was tweak things a bit and tweak things I did!

February 2011

February 2011 – 1,907 Unique VISITORS!

Fast forward two and a half years and I get a steady average of a little over 1,100 unique visits per month. What does it cost me for this traffic? $0.00! Nada! Zilch! NOTHING!

All Time to This Posting!Back to the questions posed at the beginning of this post. What do I know about blogging for money? I know that approximately 2% of bloggers make money for their efforts. I know how to get traffic at no cost. I know that if I share my knowledge and you are dedicated to making money from blogging you can make a decent second income.

How much money do I make from this blog? Approximately $2 a month! Like I stated earlier I never had any intention of making an income from this blog. It’s nothing more than an outlet for me to vent about things that piss me off and I have NO DESIRE to start over from scratch with a niche.

I KNOW that if I actually implemented what I know I COULD make a minimum of $1,000 a month. The problem is that I don’t have the time or the desire to devote the time necessary to make that $1,000 a month. The fact of the matter is that I don’t need to make a penny from blogging for money. My wife and I earn over a six figure income at his point in time, which makes us middle class in New York City. However, we will be earning over $200,000 a year within the next 5 years.

At the end of the day, devoting 2+ hours a day to blogging to make $1,000 a month isn’t worth my time. After the tax man screws with me no lube I would stand to earn around $600 a month. $600 a month means nothing to me but may make a huge difference in your life.

If you’re willing to learn I can teach you and it won’t cost you any money or you can fall victim for the below crap like many do.

For How Much?