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Politically incorrect opions on things people face in normal everyday life. Life is what you make it and stupidity in life generally leads to stupidity across many things affecting the quality of life.

What KnowItAll Knows About Online Marketing!

I’m sick and tired with people who disagree with one of my review and have the audacity to state “What does this anonymous guy know about online marketing” as their main argument in disagreeing with a review. I don’t have issue with people disagreeing with my opinion in any review but I do have an issue with the statement that I don’t know about online marketing! So what does KnowItAll know about online marketing? You be the judge.

Google Analytics Data January 1, 2014 through March 25, 2014.

Google Analytics Data January 1, 2014 through March 25, 2014.

StatCounter Data January 1, 2014 through March 26th as of the posting.

StatCounter Data January 1, 2014 through March 26th as of the posting.

Google Analytics March 1, 2014 through March 25, 2014

Google Analytics March 1, 2014 through March 25, 2014

StatCounter Data March 1, 2014 through March 26, 2014 as of this posting.

StatCounter Data March 1, 2014 through March 26, 2014 as of this posting. Alexa ranking as of this posting on March 26, 2014. Alexa ranking as of this posting on March 26, 2014.

I am by no mean an expert in online marketing and didn’t start this blog with the intention of making one red cent but the fact of the matter is that I do know a bit about online marketing as you can see from the images above containing my traffic statistics. If it were my desire to operate a non foul language, non abrasive and standard informational blog I could crush the above traffic statistics within 1 calendar year. The fact of the matter is that I have no desire to operate such a blog.

Seeing the above traffic statistics and the fact that generates revenue when I had no intention of generating revenue in the first place is enough for me. Granted now that this blog is generating revenue it makes me want to generate more and more revenue but I’m limited within this platform to generating what I do. In fact I created a category last year where I was going to show people how to blog for money by going the traditional route but decided against it. Why? I came to the realization that spending my free time, creating post after post about what I know and how to implement what I know would ultimately fall on deaf ears. Most people will not have the patience to follow through or the work ethic necessary to generate revenue and would leave dumb ass comments that I know nothing.

I have contemplated selling what I know in the form of an Ebook at a reasonable and inexpensive one time cost of around $50 but don’t want to have to deal with chargebacks and people calling my information a scam when again most people will again not have the patience to follow through or the work ethic necessary to generate any revenue let alone the $50 they would need to break even on the cost. Then again, any revenue is good revenue but that’s a subject for another post.

In closing if you are one of the many people leaving comments on this blog, making posts on your own blog and making the statement that I know nothing about online marketing SHUT YOUR FUCKING MOUTHS!

10 Easy Steps to Creating Your Own MLM Business

Hundreds of multi-level marketing companies pop up and go under year after normally leaving people feeling foolish, angry and in some most cases financially worse than when those people entered the latest and greatest business opportunity. Sucks for those people but it normally works out great for the people who created the multi-level marketing company in the first place. Heck, even if the company manages to last a short period of 12-18 months the company would have normally generated enough money to leave the creators millions of dollars better off which was the intent to begin with. With that being said, why join a MLM company when I’m going to give you 10 easy steps to create your own MLM business?

1. Come up with a service or product that sounds revolutionary. It could be some sort of new drink, networking website, marketing system or just about anything just as long as you hype it enough. Making your product or service sound like something amazing, although it is not, will lead people to want to investigate it more.

2. Create a super awesome and utterly confusing compensation plan but make sure that the person who registers with your company can get paid as many levels down as you can but that also keeps you in the black. For example, 20% than 10% of the 20%, 5% of the 10%, 2% of the 5% and 1% of the 5% all the way down to 10 people. The people who sign up first will obviously make the most money but they will go out and tell anyone and everyone they know about how much money they are making allowing them to not only recruit new members but have those people that they recruited recruit new members. The most important thing is that each and every time someone joins your company you will be making the lion’s share of the profit.

3. Compare your product or service to a well-known and successful product or service and show why your product is better. The easiest way to do this is to show that the successful service provider or maker of the successful product is not allowing their subscribers or consumers to take part in their financial success while you are. For example, if you are creating a networking platform that could be compared to LinkedIn give examples of how much profit linked in makes and show how much of that profit you are going to share with your members as opposed to keeping it all for yourself. People will think that it’s awesome that you’re doing so and will make it that much easier for them to drink the Kool-Aid that you’re serving.

4. Although your MLM business is a multi-level marketing business you want to stay far and away from the actual term of MLM. MLM has a bad name, for good reason and marketing your new business as yet another MLM business will make it more difficult to get off the ground. You can use terms like residual monthly income stream opportunity, global share program revenue model, viral marketing compensation method or anything you like just as long as you stay free and clear from the term multi-level marketing. Coming up with a name for your business system is not hard at all as I came up with the 3 above as a typed this post.

5. Credibility is key and you need to make your company sound credible and align yourself with people who sound credible. An easy way to accomplish both goals is to join a professional sounding organization, the Direct Selling Association for example, and to obtain testimonials from your highest earning members who also happen to be working professionals such a certified public accounts, lawyers, ceo’s and people who may be a higher up in a marketing firm. People who do not have professional titles will see those who do promoting your company giving you instant credibility. For example, “Wow, Doug Johnathan Davis has been a CPA for over 20 years and he’s promoting the company. He’s a professional and must know more than me!” Devote a section of your website to testimonial videos so people researching the opportunity can get that much more excited about the earnings potential but being sold on people who have obviously already been sold on what you’re selling.

6. A high price is the best price! Regardless of your product or service you need a high price point as it serves two important purposes. The first purpose of setting a high price point is to create the illusion that your product or service is ultimately more valuable than the well know service provider or product provider that you are comparing your business to. The second purpose is to assure that you can remain profitable even though you are paying thousands upon thousands of people multi-level commissions. Twice as high as the well-known will work well as your company is at least twice as good as the next.

7. Set up compensation requirements that are difficult to achieve but sound easy. For example, when a member first registers with you make a requirement that the person must recruit at least 10 new members within the first 30 days in order to being receiving commissions on the next level. If the person fails to register 10 people within the first 30 days the person must recruit 10 new members the following month, so on and so forth. “10 members are not that hard to achieve. You should be able to register at least 20 per month which is only 5 people per week. If you can’t this is probably not the right business for you!” If you have 100 new members who fail to hit their 10 per month goal that could potentially turn into thousands of people who are making revenue that you don’t have to pay additional commissions to. If you would like to go a step further, although I do not recommend it, is to make a quarterly goal requirements. For example, in order for a member to remain active the member must make at least 5 sales per quarter. Failure to do so will result in the member becoming inactive which will result in the elimination of that members commissions. In order to reactivate the member’s commissions, the inactive members must recruit 10 new members within 30 days. Taking it a step further will create a sense of urgency to the member who will promote much harder for fear of losing out on everything that member has worked for. Again, I do not recommend taking it a step further but many companies do this and manage to get away with it.

8. Stay in constant communication with your members. You want to create the illusion that you care about each and every one of your members and are creating a new avenue i.e. jobs for thousands of people. An easy way to stay in touch is to send out a few emails per week that inform members of how many new members the company has obtained, who the top earners are and any improvements the company has planned for the future or is in the process of rolling out. Be sure to include a little sentence at the bottom of each email blast that will entice members to communicate with you. For example “If you have any ideas on how we can improve but emailing us at….” Many people will actually look forward to receiving these emails and will use some if not all the information provided to recruit new members and to stay in touch with the members they have recruited.

9. Create a training or member’s area on your site. Many companies choose to charge for training as a way to increase revenue but a smart thing to do is to give this area to your members for free or at minimum include the area as part of the monthly member fee. Create flyers and have them posted so that members can download them along with business card templates, training videos and email templates that members can use to promote your company. Remember, you care about these people which are why you are helping them achieve their financial dreams by providing this area to them in the first place.

10. Event, events and more events. When you first begin you will obviously not be able to hold live events but that doesn’t mean that you can’t talk your members into holding them. Talk about how holding events is a great way to obtain new recruits. Once your company has enough members and you have enough data to know that you have a few hundred thousand members with a 20 mile radius of a major city it’s time to hold a company event. The smart thing would be not to charge for the event to assure that as many people who are involved show up. Make sure to record the event so you can post a video of that event on the company website. If you’ve successfully completed the above 9 steps this will be easy to do. Even if you’re MLM based business is never able to arrive at this step you would have already made enough money to pull the plug and live the rest of your life in the lap of luxury just as longs have abided by MLM laws and don’t have to worry about the feds taking you into custody.

There you have it folks, 10 steps to creating your own MLM business. It is not all that difficult to do and you don’t need a ton of seed money to begin. If you’re wondering why I have not personally started a multi-level based business if I know so much on how to start a multi-level business it’s because I have no desire to become wealthy through unethical means. I may be a lot of things to a lot of people but I am in no shape or form a crook. The risk in that even ONE (1) PERSON becoming financially ruined, possibly for life, as a result of my desire to become wealthy would not allow be to enjoy the wealth created.

I Hate Gay People!!!

I hate gay people. There I said it!! Gay people make me sick. How dare those fucking “faggots” walk among us straight people! Sure gay people eat, sleep, walk, talk, have family, friends and jobs. They have to deal with sickness, death, taxes and feelings. Those fucking faggots are just so different from us normal people!

The gays want to live prosperous lives, have children and teach those children the values that were instilled in them! These fucking gays are so different it make me fucking hate their guts. Can you believe the nerve of these fucking gays? Uck! Fucking gays want to love and have that love reciprocated. These fucking gays enter into relationships fall in love with the wrong person and are emotionally hurt. It makes the fucking queers question whether or not they will ever find the right person!!

Fucking gays want to share their feeling with the people that they love. What makes me so irate over the fucking gays is that want to marry each other! How fucking dare they want to spend the rest of their lives together and make sure that they can provide for one another! In the event that one should pass before the other how dare those fucking queers expect to be given the same privileges as us normal’s!!!

Yeah I’m a man! As a man there is nothing more that makes my dick hard they seeing two chicks with big tits, kiss each other, pull each others hair and watch them lick each other pussies but the very though of them engaging in such behavior off camera makes me sick!!!!

As well know if we allow gays, as in faggots, enjoy the same lives as us straights it will pervert the world and before we know it life as we know it will cease to exist. All boys will like boys, all girls will like girls and procreation will stop. Mankind will end!!!!!

What will be next? John will marry his horse Joanne, Bob will marry his dog Robert, Jill will marry her cat Joshua and the sanctimony known as marriage will be a fucking joke. Marriages will crumble resulting in more than half (50%) of those entering into the sanctimony of marriage exiting marriage!!!!!!

The nerve of these fucking gay faggots wanting to raise children. As we all know, a gay couple raising a child of any gender will result in that child being gay as well. There is no fucking way that two females acting like mom and dad or two guys acting like mom and dad could result in a well adjusted, educated and normal child. We would all be much better of having these kids raised in single parent households thus resulting in actual well adjusted, educated and normal children who never knew of the love and affection enjoyed by kids from a two parent household!!!!!!!

Seriously if God wanted people of the same gender to be together he would have created Adam and Steve or Eva and Eve. After all, God created everything that is and everything that ever will be and as we all know God is perfect as witnesses by this magical place called earth. It makes no difference that this place called Earth will be evaporated and all have no traces of having ever known to exist in a few billion years as long as queers are allowed to infect us straights with their immoral thoughts and actions!!!!!!!!

C’mon normal folk it’s not like this sort of behavior is condoned outside of our species. Could you imagine any other animals engaging in this sick and perverted manner? Of course not! There is no scientific evidence that shows any other animals of the same gender engaging in such erroneous behavior!!!!!!!!!

Finally, there is now way that allowing or recognizing the rights of gay people could lead to a better society where people simply lead their own lives. We’re all much better off having the rich and poor, the well and sickly, the educated and uneducated and don’t need to deal with the homo’s and straights!!!!!!!!!!

Starbury Sneakers – A Lesson to Be Learned

Back in 2006, before eating Vaseline on Youtube went Viral, Stephon Marbury attempted to do something admirable. He decided to create his own line of basketball sneakers and sell them for a grand total of $15. Marbury was born and raised in Coney Island, New York (Coney Islands Finest DUH), played a year of basketball at Georgia Tech and than took his basketball talents to the NBA which led to him playing in China after some absolutely stupid behavior where he has reinvented himself.

The sneakers were made the way sneakers are made…rubber, leather, padding and laces but of course due to the price tag people crapped all over them. They broke apart too easily and they weren’t as good as Nike, Reebok or Adidas not because they weren’t constructed in the same way (they were!) but because people are so fucking stupid that they think the price tag of a fucking basketball sneaker has anything and everything to do with how good the basketball sneaker.

Nike pays around $20 to make a fucking sneaker. They wholesale whatever the fucking wholesale them for and dumb ass tardfuckers spend over $100 a pair because King Douche, Melo, Durant and other basketball stars are paid a shit load of money to wear and market them. Lebron was paid $90 million by Nike before he ever set foot on an NBA court, Melo received around $60 million and now rumor has it that Andrew Wiggins may get a sneaker contract for over $100 million.

Yes the basketball sneaker industry is huge but apparently there is no current NBA star who has a problem with kids getting shot in the fucking head for a pair of their kicks. When Marbury tried to launch Starbury here in the states he was not even close to the best player in the league. Al Harrington attempted to sell low cost Protege sneakers through Kmart back in the day but who in the hell would have seriously showed up to a game and said “Check out my Harrington Protege’s!”? Amazingly enough Stephon Marbury had a problem with kids getting shot in the head 7 years ago but the news simply came and went as this is Stephon Marbury I’m referring to after all.

Where is today’s basketball star? Why doesn’t King Douche, Melo, Durant, Westbrook, CP3, Rose and Howard and the likes give a flying fuck? I guess it has to do with the ludicrous amount of money being thrown at them. High School star, college star, get drafted, get a shoe deal….”LOOK MOM I MADE IT!” It’s a fucking disgusting cycle.

Can’t wait until the day comes when a fucking sports star attempts to do what Marbury did so many years ago. Than again, I may as well wait for the 2nd coming of Jesus Christ. Stupidity is contagious………….

Fuck Google Not Provided Keywords!!

fuck yeah If you didn’t know the reason why I created is to vent so I wouldn’t wind up as a fucking vegetable from the rather large tumor in my brain that would have appeared from keeping all the things that really pissed me inside. I created this very blog for no other reason to vent and have enjoyed thousands of people coming to my blog every month to read the rantings of your very own KnowItAll.

However, to keep this rather large (or small for the matter) tumor from ever appearing I really have to rant about the Google “not provided keywords”!! I want to fucking know how people are finding my blog. I want to know EXACTLY what fucking keywords people are typing in to find I’m sick and fucking tired of having to work in reverse! Work in reverse? Yes fucking work in reverse!!! If you don’t know what I’m referring to it’s seeing what page a person landed on and having to manually type in the keywords on the page to find out where in the hell the person clicked through.

Over 10,000 fucking visitors yet I have the pleasure of logging into my Analytics account to look at this crap!

Fuck You Google

Over 8,000 visits I have no clue as to what the fuck a person typed in order to arrive at my blog!!! I don’t get it at all. Nothing was broken so why in the hell did Google have to “fix it!”? I know that this is not something that just went into effect but its been really pissing me off. I can’t imagine having to deal with this shit if I had an eCommerce store! Data on the web is king and search engine optimization is the best way to get traffic for free but Google found it necessary to block webmasters from getting their hands on the data? For what reason? Did they hope that people in need of traffic would start paying for adwords?

All I know is that I miss the days of being able to know exactly what keywords were used to find my damn blog.

How Do People Fall Victim to Shit Like This?

From time to time I check my spam folder to find out the kind of crap people are trying to send me. A few days ago I came across the below email and decided to have a little fun. I omitted my personal email but my responses can be found in bold.

Hello ,

Good day to you and your family, I got your email contact during my
random internet search while looking for a reliable and trustworthy
foreigner for assistance.I apologize if the content here under are
contrary to your moral ethics but please treat with absolute secrecy
and personal.My name is Engr. Dr. Ahmad Mualla from Damascus Syria. I
am now 66 years Old, and i am now a retired government officials I was
former personal investor & financial consultant advisers to some Top
Politician in Syria, also an oil Tycoon from Syria and Saudi Arabia.
Al Furat Petroleum Company (AFPC) the leader in the region in
Reservoir Management AFPC was established under Service Contract no.
210 ratified by Law no. 43 of 1977 and named as per decree-law no.12
in 1985.

AFPC is a joint venture company between the General Petroleum
Corporation (50%) and private shareholders Syria Shell Petroleum
Development (SSPD) etc I have plan to relocate my investment planning
to your beautiful country, out of Syria, Now that Syria security and
our Economic independent has been lost to the greatest lower level,
and our culture has been lost forever and our happiness has been
taking away from us, i will like to relocate my family out from Syria,
here in my country there is fire on the mountain, i need a foreign
partner to enable me transport my investment capital and then relocate
with my family, honestly, i wish you and i will discuss more and get
along, i need a partner because i don’t have any bank account outside
Syria.Am interested in buying properties houses, Building real estate
and some tourist places,I will appreciate your idea and knowledge
regarding this or any other profitable investment you may suggest,on
my next email i will explain to you the full details of this
investment Proposal.

I shall tell you more about myself and my family on my next email,
upon your respond, you may as well tell me little more about
yourself.Kindly reply to my private email address

I’m waiting for your good responds.


Engr.Dr.Ahmad Mualla
Damascus Syria.

Please tell me more. How can I help you?

I am so happy to read from you today and i truly appreciate your readiness to help me and my family out of our present situation. It is no more news what has been happening in my country Syria. I have tried since considering my age to stay but things are getting worst every day and it is affecting my family, my business and almost every thing I have worked for. This is why I contacted you for your assistance as i want to relocate my business out of my country to your country or any where you want us to put up the investment.

Again my family too I need to move them as well so that they will have rest of mind and settle down again.Meanwhile when the problem in Syria started, i quickly moved my fund out of my country being that my former position as personal investor & financial consultant advisers to some top politician in Syria, i had the opportunity to traveled in and out of Syria as i move funds oversea for some top politicians and the amount moved out is $27.5 Million which is presently lodged with KASIKORN BANK PCL,BANGKOK,THAILAND.

So please I need your help as a front and my next of kin to claim the said funds on my behalf for a possible yielding investment in your country that you will advise me on. Be rest assured that all due legal documents that will back you up in the claim will be make available to you.

It is also of utmost importance i let you know that this transaction is 100% risk free as i will be providing you with all due legal documents to ensure that the funds is move to any account of your choice successfully without any hitch. I am interested in real estate and any other possible yielding investment you may also advise me on.

To indicate your seriousness and readiness to assist me get out of this ugly situation in my country, you should urgently send me the below demands with A copy of your international passport/Drivers License to enable my lawyer commence on due legal documents that will back you up for this claim.


Full names: ………………………… …….
Complete Residential Address …………………………
Personal mobile number: ………….
Fax Numbers………………….
Profession/Occupation ……………………….
Marriage status: ……………………….

Those information is highly needed for self assurance and you have to promise me that you will not betray me because the money involve will be transferred into your account. On receiving this, I shall have my lawyer prepare a memorandum of understanding (MOU) for a better mutual agreement in this transaction and make sure you keep this transaction Strictly Confidential to yourself alone and no Third Party to avoid all that i have worked for not be taken away please note this.

Tell me more about your country, how good it will be to invest in your country. Such as real estate or any profitable investment venture that will yield good profitable values. I will appreciate whatever result you may brief me. Do let me know your idea and knowledge regarding this or any investment venture you may suggest. Tell me little more about yourself. Attached is a copy of my passport to know whom you are working with.

Waiting for your reply.


Engr. Dr. Ahmad Mualla
Damascus Syria

I would really like to help you but I’m concerned about how we came to meet. Did you just randomly email people? How do I know you’re not asking another person for the same help or 100 for the same help?

Before I provide my information, please provide me with the same information you seek.

Thanks for your message.However I came across your email contact and two others making it three email contacts during my random Internet search while looking for a reliable and trustworthy foreigner for assistance and I contacted you alone first for now waiting to hear your responds because I use to have a very good foreigner friend years ago when i was still in the University his name was Tony.

My Full Names:Engr. Dr. Ahmad Mualla
Current Residential Address : Refugee Camp for now.
Personal mobile number: None
Fax Numbers:None
Profession/Occupation :Retired Government Officials (Former Personal Investor & Financial Consultant Advisers)
Marriage status:Married
Age:66 years

Waiting for your reply.


Engr. Dr. Ahmad Mualla
Damascus Syria.

So because I have the same name as your friend you decided that I can be trusted? I guess if that’s what your comfortable with. You made mention of a politician you worked for. What was the name of the politician?

I received your email.I worked with Major General Bassam Abdel Majeed is the current Syrian Ambassador to Kuwait. He also served as the interior minister of Syria between 2006 and 2009.Please make sure that everything regarding myself, my family,yourself and this transaction is kept Strictly Confidential to yourself alone and no Third Party please.The war is becoming more worst here and the refugee camp is no longer safe for me and my family anymore.I need to move them out from here now asap so please let me know if you are ready and willing to help us by providing me with the requested information’s about your self below with A copy of your international passport/Drivers License to enable my lawyer commence on due legal documents that will back you up in this transaction.


Full Names: ………………………… …….
Complete Residential Address …………………………
Personal mobile number: ………….
Fax Numbers………………….
Profession/Occupation ……………………….
Marriage status: ……………………….
Waiting for your reply.

Your Sincerely,

Engr. Dr. Ahmad Mualla.

Full Names: You should have it genius!
Complete Residential Address: 742 Evergreen Terrace, Springfield, USA.
Personal mobile number: 212-857-6309
Fax Number: don’t have a fax #
Profession/Occupation: Fucking with assholes trying to scam me by email
Marriage status: Trying to find out if I’m available? I’m flattered but taken.
Age: Guess.

Waiting for your reply.

Next time I’m setting up a phone number so I can fuck with a person like this over the phone.

Something to Ponder By George Carlin

“The paradox of our time in history is that we have taller buildings but shorter tempers, wider Freeways, but narrower viewpoints. We spend more, but have less, we buy more, but enjoy less. We have bigger houses and smaller families, more conveniences, but less time. We have more degrees but less sense, more knowledge, but less judgment, more experts, yet more problems, more medicine, but less wellness.

We drink too much, smoke too much, spend too recklessly, laugh too little, drive too fast, get too angry, stay up too late, get up too tired, read too little, watch TV too much, and pray too seldom.

We have multiplied our possessions, but reduced our values. We talk too much, love too seldom, and hate too often.

We’ve learned how to make a living, but not a life. We’ve added years to life not life to years. We’ve been all the way to the moon and back, but have trouble crossing the street to meet a new neighbor. We conquered outer space but not inner space. We’ve done larger things, but not better things.

We’ve cleaned up the air, but polluted the soul. We’ve conquered the atom, but not our prejudice. We write more, but learn less. We plan more, but accomplish less. We’ve learned to rush, but not to wait. We build more computers to hold more information, to produce more copies than ever, but we communicate less and less.

These are the times of fast foods and slow digestion, big men and small character, steep profits and shallow relationships. These are the days of two incomes but more divorce, fancier houses, but broken homes. These are days of quick trips, disposable diapers, throwaway morality, one night stands, overweight bodies, and pills that do everything from cheer, to quiet, to kill. It is a time when there is much in the showroom window and nothing in the stockroom. A time when technology can bring this letter to you, and a time when you can choose either to share this insight, or to just hit delete.

Remember to spend some time with your loved ones, because they are not going to be around forever.

Remember, say a kind word to someone who looks up to you in awe, because that little person soon will grow up and leave your side.

Remember, to give a warm hug to the one next to you, because that is the only treasure you can give with your heart and it doesn’t cost a cent.

Remember, to say, ‘I love you’ to your partner and your loved ones, but most of all mean it. A kiss and an embrace will mend hurt when it comes from deep inside of you.

Remember to hold hands and cherish the moment for someday that person will not be there again.

Give time to love, give time to speak! And give time to share the precious thoughts in your mind.

And always remember, life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by those moments that take our breath away.”

George Carlin


I’ve been a gamer my entire life. Yeah I know I’m getting old as fuck but I love playing video games. Hell, if I manage to live another 30 or so years I’ll be a sixty something year old playing games on a Play Station 10. All I want to do is go to a video game store, buy my game and get the fuck home so I can play the game I just purchased.

Instead I have the “pleasure” of having to go to GameStop for my video game needs. Instead of simply going to the register, stating I would like purchase xyz game for the PS3 I have to be asked if I have a fucking Power Up card, if I would like to pre-order any of the soon to be released titles and interrogated about video game playing. If you’ve been to GameStop the following should be the norm.

GS -“Welcome to GameStop, how can I help you?”
ME – “I’d like to purchase XYZ for the PS3.”
GS – “Wow great game. If you like that I’m sure you would like ZXW, GRB, FFX and GR19! Would you like to pre-order any of those titles today?”
ME – “No, I just want to purchase XYZ.”
GS – “XYZ is a great basketball game. Do you enjoy playing non sports games?”
ME – “Yeah.”
GS – “Well we have a fantastic selection of pre-owned non sports games. If you like first person shooters I can suggest blah blah blah. If you like action adventure games I can suggest blah, blah.”
ME – “I know you have a selection of pre-owned games as I’m not blind and was able to see the hundreds of used games for various gaming systems as I’ve been waiting in line for 20 minutes even though there were only 5 people in front of me. I just want to purchase XYZ for the PS3 please.”
GS – “Of course sir. Do you have our membership card.”
ME – “Nope.”
GS – “With out membership card you can get more money for your trade ins, get discounts on new titles and earn rewards points that can be used to purchase games and accessories for your system of systems. In addition you get our super awesome video game magazine mailed to your home.”
ME – “I’m aware of that as each time I come in I’m told the same thing. You weren’t working here at the time as apparently GameStop must pay shit wages and work you people like slaves as every time I come in here there is a new person telling me the same exact thing you just did. I dont’ want to pre-order anything, I don’t want a membership card and I don’t want the shitty magazine that gives good ratings to all games as it’s sole purpose is to get me to come back here to buy a shitty game for $59.99 that I’ll hate so I can trade it back in a day later for $25 so this store can sell it some other pissed off gamer for $50! Can I please just buy XYZ for the PS3!?”
GS – “Sure. Would you like to purchase insurance for $3. In the event your game stops gets scratched and no longer works we’ll replace it at no charge.”
ME – “Listen, I’m not 5 and I don’t scratch my games.”
GS – “We have a used copy of XYZ for the PS3 so instead of paying $52 you can pay $45. Would you like a used copy?”
Me – “No as I don’t trust the eye test that you game advisers use when a person trades in a game. I’d rather buy a new copy.”
GS – “A used copy is just as good and you can save money.”
Me – “I know I can save money but like I said I would like a new copy!”
GS – “Okay sir that will be $52.”
ME – “Here you go.”
GS – “Thank you for your purchase and thank you for coming in today. See you next time.”
ME – “You’re welcome.”

Yes I know I can buy video games at stores other than GameStop but there not video game stores as I don’t have the desire to go into Best Buy, Walmart or Toys R Us and try to track down a person only to find out that the game I want is not in stock. All I want to is to go into a video game store buy my game and go home. Unfortunately, GameStop has, for the most part, monopolized the video game store industry so I have no choice but to go to them to buy my games. Yes, they get my business and will continue to get my business for that reason but it doesn’t change the fact that I FUCKING HATE GAME STOP. As such, FUCK GAMESTOP!!!!

MLM – Multilevel Marketing is for SUCKERS!

It amazes me that year after year people lose money with multilevel marketing scams only to join the latest and greatest multilevel marketing scam with the promise of becoming rich overnight. How utterly fucking stupid can people be? How long does it take to figure out the only people getting rich from these multilevel marketing schemes is the asshole(s) who created the MLM “opportunity.”

Before you get your panties in a bunch I’m fully aware that there are successful MLM based companies in existence. Companies such as AVON, Mary Kay, Tupperware and Amway to name a few. However, this doesn’t change the fact that on average 99.7% of people lose money on their oh so fucking great MLM opportunities. This doesn’t change the fact that 50% of people who join a MLM based company drop out within the first year. Heck, 90% of people drop out within 5 years. 64% of small business are not in operation within 10 years meaning that 36% last at least 10 years which is not a great statistic to begin with but much better than the 99.7% that crash and burn.

So again how is that people keep falling for the same crap year after year? Plain and simply the shear stupidity of the masses. A person would be much better off opening their own businesses than to get into a MLM based company. Of course that would be too hard and the promise of overnight riches, making money with little to no time invested and shear laziness leads to thousands of MLM based companies that open, make a ton of money off their “distributors” and then laugh their asses off while they drive their luxury vehicles, enjoy their McMansions and sip fruity drinks on some tropical island paradise off that money while Joan in Nebraska figures out how to pay off the $20,000 debt she racked up trying to “operate her own distributorship!”

Seriously how stupid can people be?! In order to sell MLM Great Companies product(s) I only have to pay a one time fee of $300. That $300 gets me 10 widgets but I also need to create business cards, order marketing materials. Luckily MLM Great Company will only charge me an additional $400 for a few hundred business cards and some flyers. Oh, but I need a website! No fucking problem, MLM Great Company will only charge me $30 a month for a generic “distributor” website. YES! Oh crap…I need to tell people about MLM Great Company and my family and friends aren’t buying. Luckily I can purchase MLM Great Company leads for an additional $500 a month. Oh boy, only $1230 to start my business and I’m going to be rich!!

If a company has a great product or service they more often than not create an affiliate program as in send me a customer and I’ll pay you a commission of say 20%. Amazing that hundreds of thousands of successful companies utilize affiliate marketing programs yet thousands of MLM based companies close their doors leaving a path of financial devastation for those who believed in the bullshit hype.

If you’re thinking about getting into any MLM based business “opportunity” I hope you’ve read this blog posting and it saves you from making a huge mistake. If you disagree leave a comment and I’ll roast your ass. Better yet, send me weekly updates on your progress until you crash and burn so I can laugh my ass off. Bottom line… MLM is for suckers.

The Health Insurance Industry

As owner and president of Super Douche, Inc. it is my mission to assure that my company receives more in “just in case” premiums than I pay out. You’re young and in good health so I’ll just charge you a “reasonable” premium in the case you become ill and need to seek medical care. The older you are the more likely you are to become ill so I’ll charge you more as you are more likely to need medical care.

However, in the event that either the young and in good health people and the older and more likely to become ill people are diagnosed with something serious I simply put in a clause which states that should your medical expenses exceed x amount of dollars they’ll be cut off. For fuck sake, I just want to make money and regardless of your age if you become sick and need serious care, which costs a shitload of money, I need to protect Super Douche, Inc. from going under.

After all Super Douche, Inc. is an insurance company. The bottom line is I need take in more than I pay out and if you’re sick and will die as a result of not receiving the care you need to live that’s your fucking problem!!! It’s not my fault that you went over your cap and that you didn’t set aside the half a million dollars you need in order to live. Blame your genes and your lifestyle asshole….Super Douche, Inc. will continue to thrive minus your non premium paying ass. Do not pass go, do not collect money just fucking drop dead as you’re ruining my risk analysis.

That’s the health care industry in a nutshell.