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Politically incorrect opions on things people face in normal everyday life. Life is what you make it and stupidity in life generally leads to stupidity across many things affecting the quality of life.

The Bill Cosby “I’m 83 and Tired” Rant Has Nothing on my RANT!

Bill_Cosby If you’ve stumbled across this post hoping to find the Bill Cosby “I’m 83 and Tired” rant sorry to break the news to you but you won’t find it here as Bill Cosby never wrote the rant to begin with. However, whoever wrote the actual “I’m 83 and Tired” rant has inspired me to create the “I’m in my 30’s, Live in NYC and Fucking Tired” rant.

I’m tired of having to pay $15 to make a round trip across a fucking bridge when the purpose of the toll was to pay for the construction of the bridge that took place 20 years before I was fucking born. I’m tired of watching people jump out of their $50,000 cars, cut me in line in the supermarket and whip out their WIC cards.

I’m tired of GEICO telling me that they can save me 15% on my auto insurance when I’m insured with GEICO and they charge me too much fucking money to begin with. I’m tired of having to pay over $4.00 for a gallon of fucking gas when the company selling me the gas for $4.00 a gallon is making billions of dollars in profit per year.

I’m tired of hearing how comments made are racist but 100% based in fact and reality. I’m tired of parents arguing with teachers about how the teacher is not doing his or her job when the parent can’t take 10 minutes out of their days to read a book with their kid or to check the kids homework. I’m tired of stupid people spitting out kids they can’t afford and populating the earth with their stupid offspring. I’m tired of people with 5 kids complaining they can’t support their families on minimum wage.

I’m tired of news channels claiming to be unbiased when the news channels are nothing but biased. I’m tired of politicians claiming to change things for the better prior to taking office only to watch things get worse regardless of party affiliation. I’m tired of paying my cell phone bill and getting taxed in order to pay for cell phones for people who shouldn’t have a fucking cell phone. I’m tired of getting whacked for upwards of 40% of my paycheck so my money can be spread among those who choose not to work. I’m tired of the illegal immigration problem being referred to as an immigration problem.

I’m tired of being fucking tired!

I Got 15 Kids & 3 Baby Daddy’s – Someone Needs to Be Accountable!?

Apparently the saga of Angel Adams and the city of Tampa, Florida has been going on for quite some time but yours truly, being in NYC and all, just found about this walking piece of shit a few days ago through FaceBook and my blood instantly began to boil.

This bitch had 15 kids and obviously can’t afford them which leads me to believe that she probably couldn’t afford 3 yet continued to spit out kid after fucking kid. Luckily 3 are old enough to care for themselves while the other 12, ranging in age from 6 months old through age 12, have to live a fucking nightmare. Little to no food, no change of clothes, no shoes and probably struggling with school if any of the of age children are able to get to school with no fucking shoes!

What kind of future do these kids have? In my opinion, a perfect example of kids who start out with 2 strikes against them who will never know what a loving, caring home is like where if you’re hungry or thirsty you go to the fucking fridge. Kids who don’t know what a birthday party with all the bells and whistles is like. Instead they all get to live in foster care, where they’ll all be better off anyway.

What really pisses me off is that this bitch had the audacity to state “Someone needs to be held accountable for all this!”? Accountability…..really Angel Adams?! How about you be held fucking accountable and be forced to work and give up 50% of your earnings to the city for having to support your fucking kids! How about you be held accountable for bypassing the cost of a fucking condom!

The sad fact is that ghetto pieces of shit like Angel Adams are all to common in this country. Do what you want without any though to financial ability and simply bitch, moan and hold your hand out as if there is nothing wrong with it. I highly doubt this bitch has a job as she was too busy spitting out a kid a fucking year. Of course the father of 10 of the 12 she had custody of was arrested and as far as I can tell is in jail where he should have been put to begin with for not having the decency to at least pull out!

It’s stories like this that make me realize that people with intelligence are shit out of luck as the dumb fucks of this country are procreating faster and faster. If you watch the below video and don’t feel as I do you’re probably Angel Adams!

Fuck the Minimum Wage Debate! Stupidity at it’s FINEST!!

Thank you Seattle Washington for creating ground zero for the minimum wage debate! I’ve read dumb shit in the newspapers, listened to dumb shit on the radio and have read enough online rhetoric online that it makes me want to smack the ever living shit out of any person who earns a minimum wage living but yet feels entitled! Entitled? Yes fucking entitled to such things as:

1. An apartment without a roommate(s)!
2. A fucking car!
3. A cell phone!
4. To support a family of four!
5. Other obvious shit that a person with an education would understand!

Minimum wage is the fucking bare minimum that an employer is mandated to pay a fucking person for their labor. How this simple fact of life is lost on thousands, perhaps millions, of ass clowns has almost left me speechless. When the fuck did minimum wage ever equate to living a life full of fucking luxuries?! Yes, I wrote luxuries. Please allow me to expand.

1. An apartment without roommate(s) – You earn minimum wage. An apartment absent of a person who is in the same miserable financial position such as yourself is what the fuck your life is about. You should be fucking happy to have a mattress on the floor bare of furniture and be thankful that you don’t live in a fucking card board box under a bridge!

2. A fucking car – Owning a car is a luxury and owning and maintaining a car can be expensive, especially for those who shouldn’t have one to begin with. Public transportation exists for a reason. If you earn minimum wage you should be thankful that public transportation exists. Gas is expensive, insurance can be and why the fuck should you be in a rush to get to your dead end job to begin with?

3. A cell phone – As a piece of shit minimum wage laborer you should know that you can actually get a free fucking cell phone paid for by the likes of this guy who must pay a fucking federal tax help pay for your free fucking cell phone. Granted, you can’t send text messages or post selfies of yourself online but why the fuck should you?

4. To support a family of four – This makes me more irate than I can even write about. You don’t earn enough to support yourself but somehow decided that the cost of a condom was to expensive when compared to bringing breathing living bodies into the world that you couldn’t afford to begin with. It’s not your fault that you can’t support your children it’s the asshole who had to be liquid $2,000,000 and spend over $1,000,000 to open the golden arch restaurant that you bitch about not paying you enough to fuck up my order of 2 burgers, fries and nuggets that is missing a burger and the fucking fries!

5. Other obvious shit that a person with an education would understand – If you have an education there is no need for me to expand. If you don’t have an education there is nothing that I can type to make you understand that you should have attended high school instead of smoking weed and drinking 40 ounces of malt liquor or why you should have kept your legs locked tight or required that the dude who fucked you should of wore a rubber times 4.

Thankfully, we have the great city of Seattle to thank for making minimum wage workers feel entitled to earn a wage on par with armed security guards, peace officers, health care attendants or any other field of work that doesn’t involve the question “To stay or to go.”

Fuck Seattle. If you think that ever rainy slice of heaven is expensive come visit the city that never sleeps and got back to me.

Ray Rice is Getting Screwed!!!

This may not be the popular position but I’ve never given a rat’s ass about holding a popular position. The bottom line is that I feel that Ray Rice is getting screwed. That’s right getting screwed in the ass with no lube.

After TMZ came up with the video of Ray Rice’s left handed punch that knocked out his than fiance, now wife, Janay Palmer, Rice is now indefinitely suspended by the NFL and has had his contract terminated by the Baltimore Ravens. It’s no secret that Roger Goodell took a public relations lashing for initially suspending Rice for 2 games which led to the policy change in a harsher penalty after the fact of 6 games with no pay for the 1st offense and a lifetime ban for a second offense but what in the fuck has changed in the facts of the Ray Rice domestic violence case other than the fucking video? Absolutely nothing!

Let me be clear….I was disturbed by the video but I never thought that Janay Parker wound up unconscious in an elevator and dragged into the lobby from a slap. Anyone, including Roger Goodell, knew full well what Ray Rice did in that fucking elevator for Parker to wind up the way she did. In fact, Rice fucking fully admitted to what he did not only to Roger Goodell but in a fucking court of law.

By all accounts Ray Rice seems to be a good guy who made a retarded and life altering decision when he knocked the ever living hell out of his woman. The facts are that they were both drinking, both being physical with each other prior to entering the elevator and Parker spit in Rice’s face prior to the punch. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not blaming Janay Parker for what happened. In my humble opinion, punching a woman for any reason is shit but when alcohol comes into play people tend to do things they would not normally do. Ray Rice fucking snapped. Again I’m not saying that what he did was right but the dude fucking snapped. I don’t agree with what he did but I can see how a person can snap, especially when booze and adrenaline are involved.

James McClain, the Atlantic County Prosecutor, agreed to let Rice enter a Pre-Trial Intervention program way back in May. If Rice completes the program and complies with other terms, the charges will be dropped as in no fucking conviction.

Why is this important? Defensive end Greg Hardy of the Carolina Panthers was fucking convicted on two misdemeanor counts!!! FUCKING GUILTY yet Greg Hardy played football last week as he’s appealing the decision. So fucking what?! Just because Hardy is appealing and has not been sentenced does not changed the fact that he was CONVICTED. At minimum Hardy should be sitting out until week 7 as dictated by the NFL’s domestic violence policy. So why the double standard? If Hardy’s appeal is unsuccessful he should also have his contract terminated and suspended indefinitely by the NFL meaning that the NFL policy is to not adhere to their own fucking policy!!

The Baltimore Ravens originally stated that Ray Rice was part of the Raven family and that they would stand by him. Ray Rice than had his contract terminated as in bye bye $40 million fucking dollars. Rutgers has removed Rice from their video highlight package prior to games. EA Sports is removing Rice from their video game. Nike has terminated their relationship with Rice. All the result of one stupid fucking decision. Losing 6 games checks and his endorsement deal is punishment enough but to take away his contract is way harsh.

One thing that I must get the fuck out of my system and that thing is a big FUCK YOU to TMZ! Janay Palmer now has to fucking relive an ugly situation yet again thanks to the unwavering need for ratings. No one, including myself, knows what goes on behind closed doors. Palmer married Rice after the incident and from what I have heard they have been attending counseling and are attempting to move forward in their relationship. Now Parker has to be victimized yet again for fucking ratings!

JPR Instagram As you can read Janay Rice is standing by her husband. One thing that really pisses me off is that so called domestic violence experts are assuming that since Parker was a victim of domestic violence that her standing by her husband is a tell tale sign that she is living with abuse as in an abusive relationship with an abusive partner. What seems to be lost is that perhaps this actually was a one time fucking event! Granted a reprehensible event but an event that could very well have been ONE FUCKING TIME!

Way back in 2000, Broncos wide receiver Rod Smith was convicted in a domestic violence case. He was never suspended but was fined $25,000 and represented one of the 85 arrests involving domestic violence charges since the year 2000. I guess that the NFL is now the moral compass of the USA even though they didn’t give a fucking rats ass about any of this shit last year.

Regardless of how reprehensible Ray Rice’s actions were he is now the official poster boy for domestic violence and is somehow being held to a different standard. I guess that being told what happened and seeing it happen deserves a harsher punishment than the NFL policy warrants. Perhaps Roger Goodell should change the policy to “Indefinite suspension and termination of contract if additional video footage is found thus voiding the punishment levied prior to the additional video evidence surfacing even though it can be concluded from the initial video evidence and admittance by the player to said offense that what is shown in the additional video footage is indeed what occurred.” To sum it all up Ray Rice is getting screwed!

People who have killed and sometimes murdered others are given a second chance after their respective punishments. Animal abusers are given second chances. A young man of 27 years of age deserves a second chance to resume the career that he has worked his fucking ass of for at some point in the near future. When this happens, and it will happen, there will of course be people who will always see him as a girl friend/wife beating asshole who shit rot in hell but than again stupidity is indeed contagious.

Are New Yorkers Really Rude? If You Think New Yorkers are Rude Think Again!

I’ve lived in New York City my entire life and one thing that drives me absolutely bat shit crazy is that statement that New Yorkers are rude. Let me shine some light on the question of “Are New Yorkers Really Rude?” No we’re fucking not rude. So why the general consensus that New Yorkers are rude? Simply put it is a stigma that has been obtained from ass clown visitors to New York City that have conducted themselves outside the New York City rules of conduct. Rules of conduct? Yes fucking rules of conduct as in the saying “When in Rome do as the Romans do!” So without further ado I’ll shall address the New York City rules of conduct for you 50+ million yearly visitors to this crappy city of mine.

#1 – Don’t stop in the middle of the fucking sidewalk! Yes we New Yorkers know you are a tourist as witnessed by you constantly looking up at the size of the buildings but stopping in the middle of the sidewalk is a major NO NO! People are trying to get where they’re going FAST and you stopping in the middle of the sidewalk to take a fucking picture is going to lead to a ton of pissed off people. Want to take a picture? Great, simply move to the far end of the sidewalk as in as close to the curb as you can get and snap away.

#2 – Let people off the fucking train/bus before you decide to try to get on! Face the facts, it not us New Yorkers being rude to people when this is being attempted it’s the person trying to get on the train or bus who is. The train is not going to pull away from the station or the bus from the street before people get off and you get on. By trying to get on before everyone who needs to get off gets off you’re being a rude asshole!

#3 – Don’t ask to go in front of a person on line simply because you feel you’ll be fast! Listen asshole, you’re visiting and that person in line you want to get in front of has a half hour is he is she is lucky to get what he or she needs to get before he or she goes back to their shitty menial dead end job. That person just spent 10 minutes on a fucking elevator and another 5 to 10 minutes walking to where they’re at while trying to avoid the ass clowns who are stopping in the middle of the sidewalk. That person now has around 10-15 minutes to make the walk and get back on the elevator and you want to get in front because you’ll be fast?

#4 – Don’t stop a person walking 50 miles and hour and ask for directions! Obviously this person needs to get somewhere fast and you have the fucking audacity to stop that person to ask for directions! When that person blows you off and doesn’t acknowledge you that person was not being rude you were. If you need to ask a person for directions look for a person who is walking a dog or who is standing still on the fucking street. Those people will be more than happy to help you not the person walking mach 5!

#5 – Don’t wait until you are at the turnstile to whip out you’re Metrocard! Time in New York is in high demand and short supply and you have the fucking nerve to stop in front of the turnstile and rummage through your wallet or pocket book for your Metrocard when you knew full well that you need the Metrocard to get onto the fucking train. If you want to avoid the stares, glares and possible jeers take the Metrocard out prior to arriving at the turnstile!

#6 – Make coughing sounds as you pass a person smoking a cigarette on the street! Yeah I know the guy smoking a cigarette on the sidewalk is a detriment to your health not the exhaust coming out of the 500 cabs and 50 buses on the street. I get it your a non smoker but that guy on the street spent $12 bucks for his pack of smokes and has no other choice than to smoke on the sidewalk as it is illegal to smoke in indoor private places in New York City. You may not like second hand smoke but you don’t have to act is if you’ve come down with the flu.

#7 – Leave your waiter or waitress a shitty tip! You may be used to leaving a few cents on the table as a tip where your from but we New Yorkers are notoriously generous with our tips. There is no minimum wage here for waiters/waitresses. He or she may be making a few dollars an hour or receiving shift pay and you have the balls to leave a dollar tip on a $50 bill and feel that the waiter of waitress is being rude when he or she states “Wow, thanks.” in a sarcastic tone of voice. Rule of thumb when tipping at a restaurant in New York City….at minimum match the sales tax!

#8 – Mistake the rudeness of a person you came across on your visit to New York City and claim that all New Yorkers are rude! People have bad days and you probably came across someone who was simply having a bad day. Instead of letting it go as such you decide that that one fucking interaction is indicative of the way all New Yorkers behave. It’s not and you’re doing nothing but contributing to the stigma that New Yorkers are rude based off the interaction with that one person out of over 6 million! That person may not have even been from New York.

#9 – When a can driver asks if your destination is in the city and you state “YES” when your destination is actually Long Island City or Brooklyn! Yeah I know, a cab driver refusing to go outside of Manhattan is actually illegal but its simply one of those New York City unwritten rules of conduct. Yes the 5 boroughs (Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, the Bronx and Staten Island) make up the city of New York but to us New Yorkers the city is Manhattan. If you need a cab ride outside of Manhattan simply state exactly where you’re going as in Brooklyn, Queens, etc.

#10 – Feeling a cashier is rude when the cashier places your change on the counter instead of handing it to you. Sorry to tell you but this is not being rude it’s simply commonplace. You may be used to having your change handed to you but here in NYC the change is placed on the counter more often than not. This is not considered to be rude to New Yorkers but simply the way it’s most often done.

I could continue but feel the 10 reason above should at minimum make you realize that New Yorkers aren’t rude but that if you have done one or a few of the above when in New York and considered it to be rude behavior, realize that it was not the New Yorker being rude it was you!

Fuck Cigarettes! I’m Done With Cigarettes For Good!!

Fuck cigarettes! I’m done with those nasty smelling, cancer causing, chemical infested, burning, leaving ashes everywhere, teeth yellowing, super expensive, pay to kill myself addictive fucking things!!

I have been smoking since I was 15 years old am completely amazed at the stupidity of my behavior for over the last 20 years of my life. I don’t know why the fuck I decided to start smoking in the first place but when I started smoking a pack of smokes cost around $2. Now in the year 2014 I have been paying around $12 a fucking pack for years. At a pack of day, sometime more, I have been killing myself and paying to kill myself at somewhere to the tune of close to $4,000 a fucking year! That’s like paying someone $10 a day to kick you in the fucking nuts.

My girlfriend at the time, wife now, hated the fact that I smoked. I promised her I would quite. That was over 15 years ago. I promised myself and her that I would quit when my kid was born. That was over 8 fucking years ago. I tried to quit cold turkey only to make some sort of excuse as to why I needed a smoke. I tried that patches only to feel that my heart was going to explode. I tried the gum but it tasted like shit. I tried e-cigs only to smoke those twice as much at a higher price and realized I was probably doing as much damage to my body. I thought about using Chantix but didn’t want to deal with the side effects. I thought about hypnosis but didn’t want to pay over $350 for something that probably wouldn’t work. I now realize that I never had any intention of quitting. If I did why the fuck would I continue to purchase pack after pack?

I have done a ton of dumb shit over the course of the last 20 somewhat years of my life in the pursuit of getting my fix. What do I mean? Here is a list of stupid shit I have done to continue the habit absent of all the money I have pissed away. 13 reasons to say “Fuck cigarettes!”

1. Went out numerous times in downpours without an umbrella to buy a pack of cigarettes. Fuck cigarettes!
2. Went out in blizzards to buy a pack of cigarettes. Fuck cigarettes!
3. Walked around NYC piss ass drunk at 3AM in the morning to find an open store where I could not only but a pack of cigarettes but only buy the cigarettes if the store had my brand of cancer sticks. Fuck cigarettes!
4. Purchased 2 packs of cigarettes to avoid the chance that I could run out at some point during the night to avoid having to go out at an inconvenient time. Fuck cigarettes!
5. Went outside in below 0 degree weather to get my fix although I couldn’t feel my face or hands.
6. Almost got kicked out of Yankee Stadium for smoking. Fuck cigarettes!
7. Smoked a cigarette during halftime of a Knicks game at MSG because I was drinking and “needed” one not giving a rats ass about all the kids there. Fuck cigarettes!
8. Counted the number of cigarettes left in a pack and calculated whether or not I may run out before I go to sleep as the deciding factor as to whether to buy another pack or run the risk of running out. Fuck cigarettes!
9. When asked for a cigarette by a fellow smoker lied and said “Sorry, this is my last one.” when asked for a cigarette. Fuck cigarettes!
10. When budgeting for my weekly expenses, worked backwards based on my smoking habit. Fuck cigarettes!
11. While driving to work one morning after a night of snowfall “needed” a cigarette and tried to open my driver side window but it wouldn’t open. The driver said back window did. I opened the back window so I could flick the ashes out the window. Fuck cigarettes!
12. Dropped a cigarette on the stove, setting it on fire on the stovetop as I couldn’t find a lighter or a book of matches. Fuck cigarettes!
13. Have chosen cigarettes over eating when not having enough money in my wallet for both to avoid going to an ATM. Fuck cigarettes!

The above is only some of stupid shit I have done to support my smoking habit. To make matters worse I FUCKING HATE CIGARETTES and here’s why:

1. I’m paying to kill myself. – Why not just pay someone $10 a day to kick me in the fucking nuts?
2. Makes my clothes smell like an ashtray.
3. Leaves ashes fucking everywhere.
4. Yellow teeth.
5. Makes me look older than I am.
6. Having to deal with the melodramatic non smokers of the world.
7. Stamina is effected.
8. All the $$$$ I have pissed away!

Again a short list and far from all inclusive but the bottom line is FUCK CIGARETTES as in FUCK CIGARETTES!!!!

I have wanted to quit smoking at various times for years and have actually done it for weeks at a time and for almost a month one time. Me being the asshole that I am have come up with what I feel is an ingenious way for me to finally kick the habit and kick the habit for good. I feel it’s ingenious although my wife thinks I’m full of shit but I recommend this to anyone who is as fucked up as I am. I BOUGHT A BRAND NEW FUCKING CAR!!!!

A brand new car? Not just any brand new car. A brand new car that I have wanted for what seems like forever. I sat down and calculated how much money I spent a month on killing myself. I than calculated what my payment would be on the car that I have always wanted. Stop with the absolutely stupid act of lighting a piece of paper filled with nicotine, tobacco and cancer causing chemicals and I could actually afford to drive the car I want leaving behind the responsible, soul sucking vehicle I drove for the last 8 years.

Now here’s the kicker. I can only afford my super awesome, turbocharged, amazing sound system, feel like a pimp, try to race me and be embarrassed new car if cigarettes are 100% taken out the equation. 1 pack….1 fucking pack and I’m short on my car payment. If I actually drive this car into a parking lot and buy a pack of smokes knowing that’s the difference between me keeping my ride or having the repo dude show up I deserve not only to be smacked in the back of the head with a bat but to be hung upside down by my nuts while being forced to watch gay make porn for 24 hours while having my eyelids kept open with toothpicks!!

A bit extreme? ABSOLUTELY! Complete and utter stupidity? PERHAPS but different strokes for different folks. I feel that this is a win win situation. I quit smoking thus allowing me to stop killing myself while I reallocate my former smoking funds to the car that I have always wanted. Should I buy a pack, ONE FUCKING PACK, said vehicle goes bye bye. It’s kind of like the movies “Tales from the Darkside” where a man’s wife would have her finger cut off if he smokes a cigarette. He does and she loses her finger.

Will I keep my ride or will the repo man come a knocking? Let me think!

Life Sucks?! Think Again…..

We all have those days and times when we think that life sucks. However, when you find yourself in that frame of mind it’s make it much easier to swallow when you can take a deep breath, exhale and realize no matter how bad and how hopeless you may feel at that particular moment in time there are a shitload of people who would gladly exchange places with you if given the chance. Believe me I know how much life can suck and how it feels to find yourself in utter despair but each day is an opportunity to turn things around. Don’t believe me? Try this life on for size.

Your grandfather dies from cancer. Your grandmother kicks the bucket on Christmas day later that same year. Your uncle dies of cancer not even a year later. Your other uncle also dies of cancer not even a year from the time your other uncle died from the same disease. Yeah that sucks but then your other uncle dies from a brain tumor. Your mother dies from cancer before before you make your 23rd birthday. Your brother is murdered not even a year later. Thankfully you married a woman who is everything you ever wanted. She’s smart, pretty and comes from a great family. After a few years of marriage you decide to try for a child and after months and months of trying the child is coming. Unfortunately the child is supposedly underweight and there is a good chance that the child will be born with down syndrome. Your father after having lived through all of this shit luckily makes retirement. As he begins to enjoy the work free lifestyle he suffers a stroke and is confined to a wheelchair for the rest of his life and lives on as a prisoner in his own body. Prior to the stroke your father married your mothers best friend, not for love but to help her out. She’s about to divorce him but when he suffers the stroke she gets $$$ in her eyes and fights you tooth and nail when you attempt to protect your fathers assets, prenuptial agreement be damned. You own a business and are less than a month away from being 100% debt free and 100% liquid but the industry in which you make your livelihood crashes leaving you with no other choice but to declare bankruptcy. Instead of going on your planned trip with your business partner to the Bahamas where you would sip fruity drinks and have a great time pissing away your hard earned money you instead find yourself trying to make a dollar from 15 fucking cents.

Yup, the above is the life that I have lived with a bunch of more fucked up moments than I care to disclose at this moment. What I’m getting at is that it would have been easy for me to throw my hands in the air and say “Fuck it, I’m done!” There were times when I felt as if I were cursed and no matter what I did to try to change my situation the cards were stacked against me. I would get knocked down, brush myself off and get knocked down again and again. I’m not a religious person but it felt as I was living in purgatory. It felt as if there was no way out!

I don’t remember exactly when it happened but it happened. It was a moment of clarity that allowed me to sleep peacefully for the first time in a long time and when I awoke from my sleep I felt as if I could conquer the world. It’s called STOP FEELING SORRY FOR YOURSELF! I realized that no matter how bad I felt my life was up until that point that there were a shitload of people that would gladly exchange places with me.

Death is a part of life and a certainty.

My mother died. – There are thousands of people who wish they would have been able to meet their mothers! I was privileged to not only have her in my life but to simply have her. I had her for 22 years which is more than many people can say.

My brother was murdered. – He is gone but not forgotten. I miss him everyday of my life. He protected me, taught me things that I will never forget and help mold me into the person that I am. His memory lives on through my child who carries my brothers name as his middle name. Whenever I play catch with my kid I remember who it was who taught me to catch and throw.

My business went bankrupt. – Shit happens. At least I had the experience of running my own business. Fuck, I had the balls to go out on my own which many people would never dare to do. There was nothing I could have done differently. It was a simple matter of circumstance. Business is about timing and the timing just happened to be off. I could drive myself crazy thinking about what could have been or simply accept it for what it was and is. I decided to choose the later.

Life sucks?! Think again. I felt life was hopeless but today I am thankful for the trials and tribulations I lived through and find myself in peace. I am thankful and happy with where my life is today. I have a beautiful wife who is also my best friend. I look forward to growing old with her and will hopefully have her by my side when it is time for me to leave this earth. I have an awesome kid and I look forward to raising him so that he can be everything that I’m not and provide for him so that his life will be easier than that of my own. I have a career and I’m steadily climbing to a six figure salary. I may never be rich but I will be able to live comfortably. I will be able to help those who I love financially in the future and look forward to doing so.

You may be way a was not too long ago but stay positive and keep pushing forward. Things will get better….I’m living proof.

I Need to Fucking Vent! Fuckity Fuck Fuck!!

Every so often I’m able to utilize this blog for it’s very purpose as in “I need to fucking vent.” There are things that are driving me absolutely bat shit crazy and my head and heart are about to fucking explode! As such, it time for your man KnowItAll to to vent about all the dumb shit that is driving him, as in me, crazy. I need to fucking vent so without further ado….

1. High School Dropouts! We are in the year 2014 yet stupid ass clowns all across the country are dropping out of fucking high school? High school? Listen up fucktards a college degree is the equivalent of a high school diploma 20 years ago and if you’re stupid enough to drop out of high school in this day in age you should be hit in the face with a fucking bat. Better yet, do me a favor, down a 12 pack and run towards oncoming traffic on any major highway as you’re on the fast track to having my tax dollars support your stupid fucking ass! “But Ima gettin my GED!” The G-ood E-nough, D-iploma was ok back in the day but is fucking useless NOW! You’re a high school drop out, can’t get a decent paying job so you go out and get housing assistance, welfare and food stamps!! You decided it was too difficult to pass general education yet feel it necessary to be pissed at the world when you have to scrape by. Blame yourself dumbass!!!

2. The United States does not have an immigration problem! The United States has an ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION PROBLEM!! Irregardless of popular opinion the U.S. doesn’t have an immigration problem. Anyone with an ounce of common fucking sense in their itty bitty heads would realize that the U.S. has a fucking HUGE ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION PROBLEM. “UHHH DUHHH, the U.S. was founded and thrived under immigrants.” Yes it fucking did as in LEGAL IMMIGRANTS! You know the fucking historical books of signatures that can be found on Ellis Island. Try to illegally immigrate into any other fucking country not named the United States and see how fucking fast you would get bounced. If you want to come to the United States do it legally. I don’t feel sorry for any fucking person in the U.S. who gets deported. If you don’t belong here you shouldn’t be here. Plain and fucking simple!

3. Illegal Immigrants don’t take away jobs from Americans! Yes I know that illegal immigrants should not be in the country but if you’re competing for a job with a guy or gal who doesn’t speak a lick of English while you were born in this country, afforded public education and public higher education and need to compete with Jorge for a minimum wage, or below, job you should be fucking deported. Illegal immigrants work jobs that Americans are too fucking lazy to do. If I owned a potato farm in Idaho I would higher Gustavo over you’re dumb ass as I can pay him minimum wage and know that Gustavo will actually show up to work. Yeah his back will hurt and his hands will be jacked up but at least he’ll show up every day and give an honest days work. If you are a United States citizen and find yourself competing with Guadalupe for a menial, “who the fuck in the world would want to do this fucking job’s” ass, please carefully follow the instructions contained in rant paragraph number 1!!!!

4. Technology driving up the price of new cars! This is how a car is supposed to work. You open the door, adjust your mirrors, stick the key in the ignition, turn the fucking key forward, start the engine and drive to wherever the fuck it is you need to go. I don’t need the car to say good morning to me, heat my ass or cool my ass. Push button start?! I don’t have a problem with turning a key forward to start the engine or to stick the key in the fucking door in order for me to get into the car so I can turn the key forward to start the fucking engine. Blind spot warning system?! What the fuck?! It’s called leave enough space between your vehicle and the vehicle in front of you in order to turn your head to CHECK YOUR BLIND SPOT. Brake assistance?! If you need the car to help you stop you shouldn’t be fucking driving! Parking assistance?! If you can’t park a car you shouldn’t be driving a car. The price of new cars continue to rise due to all the bullshit a car does not need yet people keep paying as they think they need them. We are heading towards self driving cars! Yeah, I trust my life to a computer. What the fuck happens when you’re doing 80 MPG on the highway and the cars’ computer gets stuck during the middle of an upgrade! I NEED A NEW CAR ENTREPRENEUR AUTOMAKER! (I smell a another post!)

5. Any “reality show” not in line with “reality” “Real Housewives of Any Fucking City.” A “real” housewife has a husband! A real housewife raises her children and cleans her own fucking home! A “real housewife does not receive alimony, have a fucking nanny and is DIVORCED! Shouldn’t a basketball wife be married to a basketball player?! These shows need the word “EX” in their respective titles. FUCK! Why don’t I make a reality show called “NATURAL BEAUTY” where the shows cast all have had over $100,000,000 in plastic fucking surgery! Better yet where is the reality show called “Blue Collar Workers” featuring CEO’s of mega billion dollar corporations? How in the fuck do people watch this shit?!

6. The cost of houses in New York City! You can be the proud owner of a semi-attached house in a middle class neighborhood in Queens, New York for the low low price of $600,000. It’s a steal and only needs to be gutted where you need to spend over $100,000 just to make the shithole livable! It’s a fucking shame that after only 8 years I couldn’t afford to buy the home that I live in if I wanted to buy it today. As real estate is worth what people are willing to pay how is it fucking possible that so many people are buying overpriced shitholes which keeps the cost of a home ludicrously expensive? I don’t give a flying fuck how “convenient” the neighborhood where a house is located is. The price of a home should be somewhat inline with the median fucking income of the people who live there. FUCK I HATE NEW YORK CITY!!!

7. People who visit my blog who found it by searching vulgar keywords who are pissed at me for using vulgar language! Let me get this straight! You are pissed off and decided to type in “Fuckity Fuck Fuck” into Google. You find my blog, read the post, bounce around and become pissed off that I used the term Fuckity Fuck Fuck and that I write what I write about? There is FUCKING “X” located at the type right of the screen you are viewing. Click on it and never visit again. Spread the fucking word so I don’t have to constantly reply to intellectual fuck tards!

8. People who visit my blog, disagree with a negative review and attempt to drive traffic to the bullshit opportunity by including links! Obviously I feel that the opportunity is shit or wouldn’t have wrote the fucking review. If the “opportunity” is so fucking great, create your own fucking blog and promote the bullshit opportunity! Don’t get pissed off when I replace your link with with something like (probably available for anyone who wants the domain name.) I can’t believe how pissed off people become when I do this.

9. Socialists! Listen up you socialist pieces of shit. If socialism is so fucking great stop bitching and go live in your uber fantastic socialist society. Oh, that’s right socialism is impractical and if actually attempted would have to be dictated in order for socialism to possibly work. Yeah you crave socialism but live in the United States so if that’s the way you feel get the FUCK OUT. The United States is a capitalistic society. As such you will always have the “have” and “have nots.” Get over it and shut the fuck up. Simply point to a successful socialist society and eat my words! Having an issue aren’t you?

10. Those who believe that stupidity is not contagious! Simply disagreeing would prove that stupidity is contagious!! If you have no idea what the fuck I’m writing about read this sentence from the very beginning.

UGGH!!! Fuckity Fuck Fuck!!!!

How to Uncover a Multi Level Marketing Scam

Although stupidity is contagious it still amazes me that I get so many comments in defense of multi level businesses that I tear to shreds in some of my reviews. However, simply using a bit of common sense and viewing a mlm opportunity, not with the thought of how much money one can make but rather looking at the mlm opportunity from an actual business perspective will lead my readers to arrive at the same conclusion. Here is how I uncover multi level marketing scams and hope you do the same before investing your time, money and energy into a losing endeavor. You may already be involved in a multi level marketing scam but have had the wool pulled over your eyes. If this is the case, read the below and get out now before it’s too late.

1. What is the product or service being offered. Is it a viable product or service? If you were not looking at the opportunity to make money but rather as a consumer would you purchase the product or service?

2. Can you test drive before you buy? When going into a brick and mortar business a person will take many factors into consideration. What is the level of competition, is my price point in line with my competition, how much do I need to spend on marketing and how many sales must I make before I can not only recoup my marketing costs but also turn a profit. Any company asking you to buy before you try is a clear red flag. After all, would you buy a car without test driving it first?

3. What is the price of the product or service? More often than not the price of the product is more expensive than comparable products or services in the marketplace. This is for good reason and a well known tactic used in the multi level marketing industry. A high price point is supposed to make it seem that the product or service is that good when in reality the only reason the price point is so high is to assure that the company has the revenue to pay level upon level down while still turning a hefty profit.

4. Is the multi level marketing company comparing itself to a well known and very successful company? More often than not a mlm company will attempt to make a comparison to a highly successful and profitable company. Comparisons to web based companies such as FaceBook, Twitter and LinkedIn is not uncommon. However, you as the opportunity seeker are to use a bit of common sense yourself and attempt to make a logical comparison on your own. However, this comparison should not be made to the successful company the mlm wants you to compare. Do a bit of research and make logical comparisons of your own.

5. Does the MLM company disclose that they are an actual MLM? Although many companies are multi level marketing companies many want to stay away from the term “multi level marketing” and instead will come up with a few different terms with regard to their compensation plan. For example, infinity commission, multi tier compensation, viral compensation plan. The bottom line is if the company is offering commission on top of commission on top of commission it is indeed a multi level marketing company.

6. How credible is the company and how long as the company been in existence? It is not uncommon for a failed multi level marketing company to close it’s doors only to open in another from sometime later. A credible company will post a corporate address on their website. A credible company will disclose who the owner or partners of the company are. Having to resort to a who is domain search only to find the domain has private registration is a clear red flag and an indicator that this business exists not to make money legitimately but to rip people off under the guise that the company is legitimate.

7. Can you lose your compensation depending on performance? Sure pay a one time registration fee of $100, an additional $10 a month for “tools”, additional money for “training” and have to hit certain performance goals before climbing the ladder. This is all very common in the multi level marketing industry. However, one thing that is somewhat common is the company have the legal authority to eliminate all of your compensation should you not be able to sustain a certain performance level regardless of your previous success or how much money you have made for the company. Many people will state that if you are in sales and do not perform you can be fired by your company. Absolutely true but did you pay your company for the opportunity to sell for them or were they paying you? There is not an infinite amount of people to sell to. Multi level marketing companies exist in order to make as much money as they can in as little time as they can. No matter the product or service there will be a saturation point that makes it near impossible to maintain a high level of production. The company making a ridiculous requirement to sell or else means stay far and away from that mlm company.

8. Is the mlm company constantly trying to stay in touch with you? If you’re constantly getting requests for conference calls, receiving “success” emails and emails to upgrade your account or purchase additional goods run away! The company wants to remain in constant communication to assure that you continue to stay involved and continue to be an additional revenue stream for them. They know there scamming you but want you to feel that they care about your success.

9. Does the company want to charge you for training? If any company want to charge you a fee in order to “train” you run away. The training may consist of online videos in a members area, a training guide or a combination of the two. Keep in mind that every person who pays for the training is going to attempt to implement that same exact thing that you are. Not only are the viable companies in your space competition but every other person who is involved with the company. If the company truly cares about your success they will not charge you one red cent for training. A mlm company attempting to charge you for training is simply padding their bottom line.

10. Super awesome events! Does the mlm company constantly release online videos selling the company and talking about how much money you can potentially make. Does the mlm company want you to attend any sort of gala or pep rally. A common practice of mlm companies is to hold large events where everyone is standing and clapping about how super awesome the company is. Of course these events are often recorded and placed online to not only assist in recruitment efforts but to keep those already involved motivated. Sure this event may look awesome and have 500+ people in attendance but the reality is you don’t know who those people are, how long they’ve been involved and how much money any of them are making. Out of the 500+ people 300+ could be brand new recruits.

As you know or can tell from the above I am no fan of multi level marketing companies as there are more fraudulent companies in existence and more that go out of business rather quickly while very few legitimate multi level marketing companies exist with even fewer having a track record of 10 years.

Of course, multi level marketing is not illegal and can be used to not only run a successful company but create successful representatives as well. However, I have yet to come across a new multi level marketing company that appears to have any sort of legitimacy and the successful mlm companies are overly saturated. Instead of trying to make a go of it in a new or existing mlm company you would be much better off making a go of it in your own business.

Cars Are Too Fucking Expensive!!!

As a dude, your vehicle as in an extension of your long appendage. The time in your car from the commute to and from work is YOUR TIME. The time when you leave all the things that have pissed you off and are pissing you off in the rear view mirror. You get into your car, turn over the engine and enjoy the drive. However, it absolutely sucks that you can’t enjoy the drive as the drive sucks!

My shit beater is running great as I keep up with the usual maintenance. The problem is I never wanted the car to begin with and only purchased it as I got a super sick deal and it was the “responsible” purchase. I had small child at the time and needed something large enough to safely transport a young one along with tons of young one shit need when making any sort of trip so I pulled the trigger.

Fast forward almost 8 years later and the damn ride is aesthetically beat to hell. Dings, dents, scratches and the normal crap that those of us who own a vehicle in New York City deal with on a daily basis. I HATE MY FUCKING CAR!! Sure it runs great but going 0-60 in 10 fucking seconds sucks. Having a full load of passengers and feeling the strain of the engine sucks. In fact the only good thing about the beast is that it’s 100% mine and I don’t miss the payments. However, from time to time I dream of blowing the fucking thing to bits and purchasing a vehicle I WANT. You know the car that has you looking forward to your commute. The car that allows you to blow past people from a dead stop. The car that is you. Than I start to look at the prices of new and used cars and become thankful that I have my shit beater. Whether new or used CARS ARE TOO FUCKING EXPENSIVE!!!!

Year after year the prices of new and used vehicles climb and IMHO look like shit! I can barely find a car that I find visually appealing and has the performance I would want in another car. All I want is a small car with a kick ass engine, a sweet sound system and a sun roof. Instead the options are a compact car with 120 HP for around $18K, a mid size cookie cutter family transport in the mid to high $30’s or a luxury vehicle in the $40K price range that has the performance but options I don’t want or feel I never ever would need.

Heck, even looking at used cars is a fucking joke. Yes, I can get a car that sold for over $32K 4 years ago and pay $20K for the same car 4 years later with a super low 70,000 miles! WTF! I realize I am getting older and everything is getting more and more expensive but this shit is crazy! The economy sucks, people are struggling to find work, student loan debt is through the roof, home prices are fucking insane and finding an awesome car at a reasonable price is damn near impossible!


1. Compact car that has a mid size feeling.
2. A kick ass engine! 240+ HP with matching torque would be cool. Heck, turbo charge it to boot.
3. A loud ass system so I can listen my music.
4. Making it look mean!

I don’t give a flying fuck about heated seats and mirrors, bluetooth connectivity, parking assistance, satellite radio or drive assist. I don’t need an in seat massager to rub my ass while battling traffic. All I want is the 5 fucking things posted above. That’s all I want instead all I get is…..

Only $35,000! It can be yours for $450 a month or  take a low mileage lease for $300 a month!

Only $35,000! It can be yours for $450 a month or take a low mileage lease for $300 a month!