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Politically incorrect opions on things people face in normal everyday life. Life is what you make it and stupidity in life generally leads to stupidity across many things affecting the quality of life.

Betting on Baseball is EASY!


I love the game of baseball. I have to thank my father for my love for the game. My earliest childhood memories were of my father sitting in the living room, smoking a cigarette and drinking a beer, watching the New York Yankees play a game of baseball on channel 11.

My dad used to take me to Yankee Stadium a handful of times per year and I always had an absolute blast. The smell of hot dogs cooking, the pop that the baseball would make after leaving the pitchers hand and landing in the catchers mitt and the most amazing sound ever! The crack of the bat as the hitter put a good swing on the pitch and smoked the ball!!

I had never thought of actually betting on baseball but in my late twenties discovered that I had a talent. I could look at the match ups and pick what team would win. At that time I had been watching the game of baseball for over twenty years. Could I actually make money wagering on baseball? The answer was an astounding yes!

Betting on sports in the “Land of the free” is illegal, unless in your Las Vegas of course, so I had no choice being in New Yorker than to take my new found money making scheme online. I excitedly opened an online sports book account that was known for paying out to the good old US of A, went out and got a pre-paid debit card and funded my account with $500.

I was on fire and couldn’t be stopped. My $500 deposit quickly grew to over a grand ($1,000). I had a buddy who worked as an insurance salesman for some crock of shit insurance agency in Long Island and found out that there was a guy in his office that was taking action. I met with the guy, shook his hand, was given a url, a username and password and I was in business.


I still had my online sports book account going and had my winning days and losing days but I was still way up. I decided to go “stupid” with my buddy’s guy and started wager big! Long story short after one (1) week I was down $2,000! For the next two (2) weeks I slowly dug my way out of my hole.

During that time I was also a member of an online sports book forum. I would post my plays everyday, get feedback, discuss games, cheer when I won, cry when I lost but it was a blast. I happened to post how I was “buried” on this online sports book forum and how I was looking for someone to take my action. I received an email, chatted for a bit with the sticking point of “If I lose I’ll pay but if I win I expect you to pay as well” and opened an account.


I was on fire once again and slowly recouping my losses from my buddy’s guy. In comes week 3 of my adventure. I bet heavy with my buddy’s guy and not so heavy with the guy I met through the online sports book forum. I hit!!! My buddy’s guy owed me over $1,700 and my online sports book forum guy owed me over $600! I was on cloud 9! Not only did I recoup all of my losses but I was up over 2 g’s!


I called my buddy’s guy to meet up when I was met with a “Yeah sure!” I called my online sports book forum guy and got nothing by voicemail. WTF was going on?!  When I lost I paid so why in the fuck can’t I get paid when I win?!

My buddy’s guy wound up getting locked up for a bar fight and had a warrant so I couldn’t collect. Fucking great! This fucker owed me over $1,700 and I wasn’t going to get it?! I was even with this fuck and he had to get locked up! Bye, bye to over $1,700.

Moving on to my online sports book forum guy who wasn’t picking up his phone or calling me back. After being stiffed for over $1,700 I was on a mission to get my $600+ and that I did. I did a reverse search, found out who his cell provider was and called in a favor to a friend who worked at said cell phone provider. I now had his name and address which was an absolute shock to him when he finally decided to call me back. The conversation was that he wasn’t going to pay me since he didn’t have to since I had no idea who he was. The smile that came across my face when I yelled through the phone “I know exactly who you are and if I don’t have my money in the next hour I’m going to show up at xxxxxxxxxxxxx and take it on your ass while your parents watch!” I didn’t get my money in an hour but later that night I went to a check cashing/Western Union joint and collected.

Instead of cashing out the over $3,000 I had in my online sports book I lost it all in one (1) fucking day betting on football. Football! The one sport I should never bet on cost me all my $$$$.

I was back to square one (1). All this shit only to wind up in the hole $500!! Fucking football!! I vowed to never, ever bet on sports again.


I hadn’t laid a bet in well over 6 years. I would ever know if an online sports book would pay out since the online sports book I used to use was no longer taking action from the USA and I wasn’t going to subject myself to an assault charge by kicking the shit out of a local bookie who didn’t want to pay up. I was done!

I was working for a company as a salesman when I was told to “Pack your bags, you’re going to VEGAS for a trade show.” VEGAS as in LAS VEGAS?!” I was excited to go to Las Vegas but had an out of body experience as I walked through the hotel gambling area and discovered the “sports book.” Holy shit……. I can just walk up to the counter and place a wager on a fucking baseball game. Big screen televisions were everywhere and baseball odds were right in front of my face. I can’t even describe what I was feeling that day.


Yes I was in Las Vegas for work. Yes I wasn’t in good financial standing. However I did have $1,000 on me. I don’t know why I did it but I did do it. I laid $1,000 on the Yankees on opening day against the Angels at terrible, never lay that heavy odds of over -200. I went up to the counter, put up my $1,000 down on the counter and stated “A G on the Yanks on the MONEY LINE!!” I did feel a bit stupid when the clerk told me that a bet is on the money line unless otherwise stated so I gave a “I’m dumb” laugh and dropped $1,000 on the Yankees to win at -200. I just dropped $1,000 to win $500 and had to go to work at a trade show for 8 hours. WTF WAS WRONG WITH ME?

As I worked the trade show I didn’t think once about what I would do if I lost. I knew I wasn’t going to lose. The Yankees at that time never lost on opening day (FUCKING STUPID) and it was easy money. After the trade show I collected my $500. I turned that $500 profit into a little under $5,000 in 3 fucking day’s!!!!!!!


The plane landed in JFK and I was floating on air. If only I lived in Las Vegas. Money wouldn’t mean a fucking thing. I made more money in three (3) days than I did in 2 fucking months at work, working over 40 hours a week and being stressed the fuck out.

I was now back in the “City That Never Sleeps” where wagering on sports is illegal. I told my wife that we could leave this shit hole city behind us, cash the fuck out and live an awesome life in the dessert. She wasn’t having any of my shit! In order to convince her I started making paper bets with $1,000 units on an Excel spreadsheet and in a little over a fucking month I was up over $100,000!!!!!

Bottom line is that my marriage wasn’t going very well at the time and I love my wife more than life itself. There was no way to convince her that being the husband of a pro baseball gambler was the way to go and she’s not that type of person. She works hard, is not materialistic and is happy living a “normal life.” Work, get your pension and retire. I admire her to this day as she is everything that I am not. IT WAS OVER AND OVER FOR GOOD! Or was it?


From time to time I would get the bug and start capping baseball games just for “fun.” However it’s less like fun and more like torture when you know you can make more money on a fucking wager than you do in a week. It fucking sucks when you know the thing you can do best is illegal. It’s like being the worlds best crack dealer!

A fucking decade has passed since I bet on baseball, capped a fucking game or even paper played but you lucky fucks are going to be able to do what I should be doing by simply following my baseball picks. DISCLAIMER – BETTING ON SPORTS IS ILLEGAL EVERYWHERE IN THE U.S.A. EXCEPT FOR LAS VEGAS, NEVADA. IF YOU ARE TO FOLLOW ME AND PLACE WAGERS YOU ARE TO LIVE AND RESIDE IN LAS VEGAS NEVADA. 

I’m older and wiser which is why I’m going to share the DON’T  DO LIST with you.

1. Don’t EVER gamble more than you can afford to lose. Not being able to pay your rent because the White Sox beat the Twins in extra’s is not a good look.

2. DON’T FUCKING CHASE! The baseball season is a marathon and not a sprint. Each team plays 162 games which gives you well plenty of opportunity to make money. You’re going to have a bad run and wagering larger than you normally would just to recoup your losses is what a DEGENERATE does.

3. DON’T GAMBLE ON YOUR TEAM TO LOSE! I’m a die hard Yankees fan as in I’m a homer. As a die hard fan I want them to win every game they play but they won’t of course.I could bet against the Yankees when I think they’ll lose but that would take the joy of the game from me. If I bet on my team its when I know they’ll win. I can’t imagine watching a Yankee game and being happy when they lose.

4. DON’T FEEL LIKE YOU HAVE TO BET EVERY DAY!  As I stated earlier I’m older and wiser and know I’m good at betting on baseball as betting on baseball is easy for me. In order to make stupid money by betting on baseball you have to pick your spots. You don’t have to bet everyday and you shouldn’t. Betting everyday = BURIED!

5. DON”T WAGER ON BASEBALL IF YOU DON;T KNOW BASEBALL! I lost my shirt by betting on football when I had no business betting on football. Don’t bet on baseball unless you KNOW BASEBALL!

So why this long ass over 1950 word count post?  I’m going to be posting my baseball picks here on for the rest of the 2016 baseball season. It won’t be every day as every day as that  is what a degenerate gambler does.






Grand Theft Auto 6 (VI)

If you didn’t know now you know that your man KnowItAll is a huge Grand Theft Auto fan. In fact I’ve played ever single Grand Theft Auto ever made including the original Grand Theft Auto for the NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) which was nothing close to the games that followed.

Admittedly I was a bit late to the party with Grand Theft Auto V (5) having purchased it only a month or so ago. However, GTA 5 is by far the best Rockstar Games has ever made. After beating the game I started it over and now find myself just driving around, stealing and customizing cars and picking up prostitutes as there is nothing left to do. I may just have to start the game over once again while I dream about what Grand Theft Auto 6 (VI) could possibly be.

It’s not a matter of if Grand Theft Auto 6 will be made but when. Based on what a could find online it appears that Grand Theft Auto 6 won’t be available until sometime in 2018 but there are a bunch of things online that I find super interesting. It appears that the lead character may be female and the setting for Grand Theft Auto 6 may be the entire United States.

I’m not sold on a female lead character, although it may be interesting, but I would be more than okay with having a female character that you as the player can switch to as you switched to the 3 different characters in Grand Theft Auto 5. As far as the setting is concerned an open world USA may be a bit ambitious but 3 different cities to travel to can be more than doable.

As great as Grand Theft Auto 5 was and is I do have a rather extensive wish list for Grand Theft Auto 6 as there are a few things that leave me with a bit to be desired concerning Grand Theft Auto 5.

So without further ado here is my wish list for Grand Theft Auto 6.

1. More buildings/places to enter. – The graphics are fantastic but it sucks to see all this cool looking places that you can’t enter.

2. Purchase as many homes as you can afford. – Driving around town there is no shortage of foreclosures, homes for sale and places to rent. However, when you dial the number you get some sort of weird music or a voicemail. Wouldn’t it be cool if you could actually connect with the realtor and buy the home being sold?

3. Furnish your home(s). – It’s cool that you can go to a variety of clothing stores but I think it would be super cool if you could actually furnish your own home and any homes that you purchase along the way.

4. Female companionship. – As Michael you can bang as many prostitutes as you want but there is no way to bang your wife Amanda. Sure you can hang out and play tennis, catch a movie or get drunk but that’s pretty much it. Why not make it so that you can have an actual relationship with that special someone?

5. More businesses. – What in the hell is the point of being able to make a billion dollars in the stock market when there is a grand total of 15 businesses that can be purchased? For Grand Theft Auto 6 why not make it that there is a ton of businesses that you can purchase and better yet run? In Grand Theft Auto 5, Franklin seems to be the “car guy” so why not have a businesses where you can purchase/steal cars, customize and than sell those cars at your very own car business?

6. PRISON! – In Grand Theft Auto 5 there is a prison present but you can’t do anything other than get shot to death. How is it that you can get arrested but be out in a few hours after killing 10 cops, destroying 20 cars and causing millions of dollars in damage? For Grand Theft Auto 6 why not have the characters who get arrested have to spend time in the clink and either serve their sentence or be forced to break out somehow?

7. The ability to change your primary vehicle. – I like that each character in Grand Theft Auto 5 has their very own vehicle but it would be awesome if you had the ability to change their primary vehicle.

Granted I wish that Grand Theft Auto 6 was ready to roll next month as opposed to waiting upwards of 3 years for it but I give Rockstar credit for not rushing anything. You now know my wishlist for Grand Theft Auto 6 so what’s you wishlist?

Pissed Off and Fed Up!

Sure I haven’t posted in a while but I feel the need to post today as I’m pissed off and fed up. Pissed off at what and fed up about what? Hmmmm where shall I begin?

BLACK LIVES MATTER – I’m not saying black lives don’t matter but why in the hell did Martin O’Malley have to apologize for stating that “All Lives Matter!” Yeah Black Lives Matter is supposed to be a rallying cry for blacks being killed by white police but the fact of the matter is that police kill more white people than black people! Don’t believe me? Do some research and get back to me. Better yet I agree with “All Lives Matter.” Regardless of race, religion, etc all people deserve to be treated fairly and equally. Stephen A. Smith was called an “Uncle Tom” and worse by simply stating factually that it appears black lives matter only when the black life being taken is at the hands of a white person. What about black on black crime? Where is the voice of reason on that front? Please give me a phuken break!

WORK YOUR ARSE OFF AND WHERE’S MY/YOUR MONEY?! I don’t know about you but I work my ever lovin arse off yet when my check arrives all I can see is the absurd amount of money being deducted from my check! Seriously how in the hell is a person supposed to get ahead when almost 45% of a damn check is gone in deductions?! I swear I often think I would be much better off if a became a straight deadbeat. Cry that I can’t get a job, get some food stamps, housing assistance and find a job off the damn books. I would be able to a public assistance package in the range of $40K a year and get a freaking job that pays $500 a week cash or $25K a years in straight cash money which would equate to me making around $38K a year legit while still having to pay for my own damn groceries! It’s no wonder why we have such a high dead beat population here in New York City!! Maybe Sonny was right…..”The working man is a sucker.”!

THE COST OF HOUSES EVEN IN THE BURBS! The thought has crossed my mind to up and leave the City and head on off to the burbs so I can deal with a 1 hour commute to work and at least enjoy drinking a beer in the comfort of my own backyard. Unfortunately the burbs seem to be hit or miss with regard to schools. If I am going to be forced to pay upwards of $8,000 a year in taxes I expect a good school district yet this is often not the case. Even worse people in the burbs must be losing their ever loving minds. I actually had a realtor tell me a home was a steal and priced right to sell at the low low cost of $469,000. Sure if the damn house didn’t need new windows, needed the kitchen gutted and replaced, the bathroom gutted and replaced, need steps to be added to the side of the house so I could actually access the backyard without having to walk out the front door, needed the driveway repaved, a new garage door and needed new retaining walls!!! Priced right? How about priced $50K to high? How about I have no desire to purchase a house at $489K and still need to drop another $40K in renovations. Than again it may be a better option than trying to buy a $600K single family house in a crappy area of NYC and need $100K in renovations and still not have a lawn in my backyard!

BLOG SPAMMERS! – In years past I have created posts about this very topic but this is really pissing me off lately, even more than usual. If you spam my blog I am NOT APPROVING YOUR COMMENT!! It takes me a grand total of 5 seconds to delete all spam comments with the simple click of a button but it makes me more than angry to see all the nonsense comments that are left. Let it be known, leave a well though out and somewhat intelligent response to a post and I will approve your comment. Leave a comment such as “Your writing is amazing and think well. You are most awesome and I’ll be sure to come back to find out more.” As I was typing this paragraph in this post the following comment was left “Ebola made our children forget lots of things in school, said Mary Thomas, who works in Liberia. Some of them have forgotten about basic math and hardly know how to comprehend. I am worried. n louis vuitton outlet.” Seriously does this person think a sane person would buy a fake Louis Vuitton bag from some crap hole website from some 3rd world country somewhere through ARRGGHHH!

MUSLIMS! – I’m beyond fed up with Muslims or shall I dare say “Extremists.” Whenever some bat shit crazy Muslim shoots people for no freakin reason I have to hear about Muslims who are upset that people are talking smack about their religion. WELCOME TO THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!! Muslims are allowed to practice their religion and I’m free as a citizen of the greatest country on Earth to talk smack about Islam if I damn well please. If Muslims are oh so upset go back to whatever freaking country you come from and feel free to rape little girls, chop off the hand of a thief of whatever other barbaric thing you do which is acceptable over there.

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I’m Sick and Tired of Online Business Scams!

For the most part, things are good. I have a good job, money in the bank, am able to pay my bills, have a lovely lady and an awesome kid. Health is 100% “A” OK and I even went out and bought the car that I wanted for the longest time. However, like most people I still dream of being able to operate some sort of online business that will allow me to leave the rate race and some how get magical checks that arrive in the mail week after week, month after month and year after year that will afford me the ability to stop working my job.

The above brings me to this statement….”I’m sick and tired of online business scams!” I’ve been looking for legit online business opportunities for years now and have come up with absolutely nothing. How these so called online business opportunities continue to thrive is beyond me! How “new” online business opportunity scams continue to pop up astounds me. I have a a few scam reviews within this blog but I could, if I wanted to, create an entirely new blog and write scam review after scam review each and every day as there is no shortage of online business scams available. Granted there are many people out there who lack a basic level of intelligence but there seems to be no shortage of people who have no common sense! For example here a are just a few selling propositions by online business scammers……

100% commission! – If a company pays a person 100% commissions or 100% of the sale why in the hell is the company operating to begin with?! NEWSFLASH!!! In order for a company to continue operating the company has to turn a profit. If I sell a service for $100 and pay you $100 how in the hell am I making any money? If I’m not making money why in hell would I continue to operate this business? 100% commission does not exist!

The latest and greatest technology! – Boy oh boy. XYZ company has the latest and greatest technology and you can get it right now for x amount of dollars and x amount of dollars per month. Don’t worry you’ll recoup your money in no time as everyone will want it. Hmmmm if everyone will want it why not just bring it to market without the MLM business model? For example, I have the most awesome cell phone ever invented. As the inventor why not sign an exclusive agreement with the one of the big players in the cell phone service industry? Why not simply create and affiliate program?

I’ll show you how to make $100K a month for only $X amount! – If some person out there actually had a way to make $100K a month in his or her pajamas why the fuck would that person tell everyone else for a price of say $100? Why wouldn’t that person simply keep doing what they’re doing and continue to make a $100K a month? Well it’s because that person is making $100K a month selling their worthless information or service to suckers who believe that they can make $100K a month by paying $100! No person in their right fucking mind would create thousands of competitors by revealing his or her fool proof way to make money!

The above are just a few of the selling propositions that I continuously come across with regard to online business scams. So the question remains….how is it that these online business scams continue to pop up and thrive? The answer is pretty simple. Many people are simply unhappy in their jobs or careers. Like myself, their simply tired of the rat race. You know, working your ass off for a decent wage or wage for that matter, sitting in traffic day after day, paying your bills month after month after working your ass off and looking at your bank account month after month and yelling out loud….”There has to be a better way.”

The fact is that coming up with an original idea that solves a common everyday problem is difficult. So difficult in fact that most people will never have an original idea of their own. It’s much easier to latch on to someone that supposedly has the answer to the question for the low low price of a $3,000 one time payment than to come to the realization that it is actually much easier to become a scammer. That is if you have no fear of prison.

Happy 5 Year Anniversary to!

Post #165 here on is 100% self serving. A little over 5 years ago I was pissed off and needed to rant and thought it would be a good idea to create a blog to prevent myself from suffering from a fucking stroke.

For as much things have changed many things remain the same. Here I am 5 years later and;

I still smoke and drink too much.
I still get pissed off way too much.
I still hate my fucking job.
I still hate living in New York City.
I still hate religion, especially Islam.
I still love the New York Yankees, the New York Knicks (Yeah I’m a real fucking fan!) and my New York Giants.
I still hate spammers.
I still think that people who hate homosexuals are retarded.
I still hate racism.
Basically, I still hate everything I did 5 years ago!

So what has changed? Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think that thousands of people would come to my foul language, rant and rave blog each and every month. Of course I could be an asshole and attribute this to my superior search engine optimization skills but for once I’m going to be humble and instead choose to say thank you. So thank you and go fuck yourselves. Seriously, you should all know me by now.

James Dolan is a Douche!

It’s no secret that I’ve never been a fan of “Silver Spoon” James Dolan but this former alcoholic, former drug addict, CEO of Cablevision and my beloved New York Knicks, piece of shit crossed the fucking line big time! Filmmaker Aaron Bierman’s sent the following email to James Dolan:

Subject: I have been a knicks fan since 1952

At one stage I thought that you did a wonderful thing when you acquired EVERYTHING from your dad. However, since then it has been ALL DOWN HILL. Your working with Isaiah Thomas & everything else regarding the Knicks. Bringing on Phil Jackson was a positive beginning, but lowballing Steve Kerr was a DISGRACE to the knicks. The bottom line is that you merely continued to interfere with the franchise.

As a knicks fan for in excess of 60 years, I am utterly embarrassed by your dealings with the Knicks. Sell them so their fans can at least look forward to growing them in a positive direction Obviously, money IS NOT THE ONLY THING. You have done a lot of utterly STUPID business things with the franchise. Please NO MORE.


[Aaron Bierman’s dad]

Pretty tame considering what the fuck I would have sent if I was somehow able to get a hold of James Dolan’s email address. The guy has been a fan since 1952 and the gist of the above email simply requests that the Knicks be sold. Dolan could have disregarded the email but instead chose to respond with the following email reply:

“You are a sad person. Why would anybody write such a hateful letter. I am.just guessing but ill bet your life is a mess and you are a hateful mess. What have you done that anyone would consider positive or nice. I am betting nothing. In fact ill bet you are negative force in everyone who comes in contact with you. You most likely have made your family miserable. Alcoholic maybe. I just celebrated my 21 year anniversary of sobriety. You should try it. Maybe it will help you become a person that folks would like to have around. In the mean while start rooting.for the Nets because the Knicks dont want you.”

You have got to be fucking kidding me. For a guy who has supposedly been sober for 21 years the above typo filled email makes me think that Jimmy Dolan must have fallen off the wagon. Aaron Bierman’s dad surely must be a miserable person and alcoholic simply because he was able to tell Dolan what all us Knicks fans want to tell Dolan but haven’t been able to? It’s official ladies and gentleman James Dolan is a douce! If I wasn’t clear let me expand. James Dolan is a HUGE FUCKING DOUCHE!!!!

Go root for the Nets? How about James Dolan talks daddy into selling the Knicks, Jimmy buys the Nets and bankrupts the fucking Nets?

Sure I liked Aaron Bierman’s email to lil Jimmy but here is what he should have wrote!

“Jimmy….you are a worthless piece of shit and your are unfit to run the Knicks or any of the many hot dog stands that reside just outside of Madison Square Garden. I understand that you claim to be sober for over two decades so can you please explain how you have been running the Knicks as if you’ve been drinking 2 bottles of Jack Daniels daily since you have been put in charge of the fucking team? Seriously if you’ve been sober for the entire time I would love to see you drunk at least once in my life for simple shits and giggles.

I hate to break it to you but the fact the people continue to pay money to see the Knicks lose game after game does not make a you a good business man. It simply means that you were lucky enough to be put in charge of a team whose fans are that passionate about basketball. That and all the corporate suites who now purchase a shit load of tickets. Had your daddy purchased the Minnesota Timberwolves instead of the Knicks the teams who have been liquidated by David Stern 3 years into your run.

Words cannot express how much I want your worthless ass to be disassociated with the team that I have been a fan of in excess of your supposed sobriety. In fact I should sue your fucking ass for turning me into a fucking drunk due to my death wish of believing the Knicks will ever sniff a fucking championship during your rain of terror! Jimmy Dolan you are a fucking douche and I hate your fucking guts!

In fact after your done blowing your boyfriend, Isiah Thomas, after playing a set with your joke of a fucking band you should take a fucking leap from whatever high rise you reside in. Us Knicks fans will rejoice with a parade down the Canyon of Heroes which is the only way such thing would happen while you are in charge of the fucking Knicks!! FUCK YOU YOU FUCKING DOUCHEBAG PIECE OF SHIT!!!!”

If anyone actually has lil Jimmy Dolan’s email address please send the above to him! In the meantime I feel the need to drink another beer. Thanks Dolan!!!


2-photoscops It’s been a few days since two New York City Police Officers, Officers Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos, were murdered in Brooklyn by piece of shit Ismaaiyl Brinsley, who sought revenge for the recent events with regard to Eric Garner and Michael Brown. Granted it’s only been a few days but I am as sick to my stomach today as when I first heard of the news, both with regard to the murder and just as much with the reaction by many to the news.

Ismaaiyl Brinsley was by all intensive purposes a waste of fucking life with 19 arrests in Ohio and Georgia and spending two years in prison for gun possession so it comes as no surprise that he choose to take his own life after being surrounded by police. Officers Lui and Ramos has their lives taken not because of anything they personally did but because many people as in the likes of Brinsley are too fucking stupid and ignorant to realize that they’re protesting for NO FUCKING REASON!

Let’s start with Eric Garner. I have no interest in posting the video here on my blog as I can’t stand the commentary but if anyone thinks that Eric Garner “Couldn’t Breathe” based upon a choke hold you’re a fucking idiot. Eric Garner died because HE WAS RESISTING ARREST! Had this upstanding citizen with more than 30 arrests in his lifetime had just shown his identification and followed officers instructions he would be alive, breathing and free to commit whatever other fucking crimes he would have. The bottom line is that had he not resisted he would have been breathing just fine and his medical history had more to do with his death than any actions of the police that day. Don’t agree? I could give a flying fuck! With regard to Michael Brown, I really don’t give a rats ass about the case to be frank. The bottom line is that if Michael Brown did not steal from a fucking store that day there would have been no need for police to attempt to apprehend him.

The above is the absolute brutal truth by Ismaaiyl Brinsley was apparently too fucking stupid and ignorant to realize any of the above and decided to seek revenge against 2 innocent people who only “crimes” were wearing shields and being employed by the City of New York as police officers. Anyone person with a fucking ounce of intelligence realizes that officers Ramos and Lui did fucking nothing to deserve to be executed and had absolutely nothing to do with events on Staten Island, New York nor Ferguson, Missouri yet apparently as they represented 2 out of over 760,000 sworn law enforcement fucking personnel in the United States it was justified. Just read some of the disturbing shit people chose to post on Twitter!!!




There is a ton of more Tweets similar to the above which makes me beyond irate! What pieces of shits we have in this country! Two fucking incidents and now there is a nationwide movement against police everywhere? How in the fuck does this make any sense. There are hundreds of thousands of good police officers who keep neighborhoods safe for shit pay and put their lives on the line every single fucking day yet because ignorant assholes have issue with 2 incidents two police officers get murdered by a piece of shit and people shout HOORAY?!

Justice would be gathering up all assholes who feel like the above and offer free blunts and booze on an island and blowing the whole fucking thing up so assholes like the above can’t procreate and bring other stupid fucking people into the world!

Want to know who has a fucking problem with police? People who break the fucking law as in criminals! “Duh, why dey be fukin wit me all da time yo?” It’s because you’ve been caught doing shit you’re not supposed to so many fucking times you walking around with a sign on yourself!!

There are going to be people who do the wrong thing in any chosen career. However, all the ignorant and down right stupid hold all accountable for the actions of a few. The bottom line is that I’m sick and fucking tired of stupid fucking protesters spewing nonsense, bullshit and hate. Instead of protesting, how about taking your selves to work and contributing something positive to society?

To the stupid fucks who claim that the NYPD is nothing but a bunch of racist assholes how is it that over 52% of the entire New York City Police Department consists of minorities yet well over 60% of all crime in NYC is committed by minorities? Get a fucking clue, shut the fuck up and get an education or at least use Google fucktards!

Why I Detest The “Reverend” Al Sharpton!

FAS Being a life long New Yorker one thing has been a constant….the dumb fuck named Al Sharpton!

Al Sharpton is supposed to be a Baptist Minister as in preach the Lord’s gospel. Granted I am no fan of religion but when a person is supposed to devote their life to God why in the fuck would the person act otherwise? Whenever there is a white on black crime or something questionable that takes place between a person who is white and a person who is black in New York City, or anywhere else for that matter, I can guarantee that the stupid fucking “Reverend” Al Sharpton will be front and center spewing bullshit!

It amazes me that a person who is supposed to devote his life to God instead chooses to use his position to do nothing more than spew hatred between black people and white people. As a supposed leader in the black community why doesn’t this racist fuck ever hold a protest when a young black person kills another young black person? Why doesn’t Al fucking Sharpton have anything to say when a black person kills a white person?

This walking talking piece of shit has made a career of doing more harm than good so I must applaud those who are sick and tired of his shit, especially a family who had a black male killed by a non black New York City police officer namely Akai Gurley.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the Akai Gurley case, Mr. Gurley was shot and killed by a rookie NYPD officer, Peter Liang, who was walking around in non lit stairwells in a housing project with his gun out and “accidentally” shot and killed Akai Gurley for no reason other than walking in a stairwell.

Of course as this is a black person being killed by a non black person Al Sharpton took it upon himself to state that he would be providing the eulogy without ever having discussed doing so with Mr. Gurley’s family! How in the fuck does a person eulogize another without ever having spent one waking fucking second with the other? Apparently little details such as not knowing Akai Gulrey didn’t stop Al Sharpton from wanting to do so!

Seriously, where in the hell is Al Sharpton when a young black girl is walking home from school and gets shots by a young black male attempting to shoot another black male?! Where in the fuck is Al Sharpton asking black people not to judge others simply because of the color of their skin as a person who claims to be acting in the name of God would do! This so called man has made a career of racial division and separation beyond what I thought was humanly possible.

Racism is solely not reserved for white/black relations as in there are white people who are racist against black people as there surely are black people who are racist against white people as in Al “Walking Piece of Shit” Al Sharpton! If you don’t know now you know…AL SHARPTON IS A RACIST! Not only is he a racist but he is he worst of all people walking the face of the fucking earth, AL SHARPTON IS A RACE BAITER!!

Back in 1991 Al Sharpton was stabbed in the chest in Bensonhurst and although he was in serious condition managed to recover. It’s too bad the guy who did it didn’t do a better job!

Brutal Fucking Truth – Mr. Charles R. Patrick I Applaud You!

I don’t know who Charles R. Patrick is, where he resides, where he was raised and who raised him. What I do know is that I am happy that I came across the below YouTube video as what he states is nothing but positive! Here we have an intelligent person with a positive message…. PERSONAL FUCKING or in this case DAMN RESPONSIBILITY!!

There is something that disturbs me way beyond religion, believe it or not, and it’s racism. I believe that slavery has been the greatest atrocity to face the human race thus far and can’t imagine what it could have been like to be a slave. Than again I personally don’t appreciate being put on the hook for something that I had absolutely nothing to do with and don’t appreciate being looked upon as some sort of racist, fuck black people person simply because I’m not black.

The truth of the matter is that I judge all people, regardless of race or religion, for that matter, on an individual basis. In my life I have met people of different races and religions that I have like and detested as well. The bottom line is that we are all HUMAN BEINGS! We are in the year 2014 yet for as much as things have changed things also remain the same. Many people find it necessary to point to religion, politics and/or race when something that should not happen winds up happening.

Yes, I’m not black but as one Mr. Charles R. Patrick is sick of shit so am I. If you take my written words to be racist so be it but I feel the need to state things so I shall. Why is it that black people are incarcerated so much much more than others? Why is it that when a person who is white kills a black person, law enforcement or not, the despicable Reverend Al Sharpton finds it necessary to bring his ignorant ass to the front line yet has absolutely nothing to fucking say when a young black child is killed in his or her living room, while while watching television, by a young black male who was shooting at another black male but just so happened to miss?
Why is it than when a black person kills a person who is not black people don’t march or try to boycott shit?

As I stated before, I cannot imagine what slavery was like but as Mr. Charles R. Patrick stated in the below video, I’m not a slave, you’re not a slave and don’t know a person who was a fucking slave. 70 fucking years after civil rights we as a society continue to deal with the same shit year after year! The black community needs a voice, a FUCKING LEADER! Sorry to break it to people but that person is not Al Sharpton or fucking Jesse Jackson!! It’s not a fucking rapper nor is it a pro athlete. Perhaps that voice can be Charles R. Patrick who is not speaking of hate, racism, 40 acres and a mule but is speaking of personal responsibility!!!

Society will always consist of the “have” and “have not’s” but the bottom line is that race has NOTHING to do with fucking anything. What has everything to do with “it” is PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY. Yes, some of us have it easier than others but so is life. Mr. Charles R. Patrick I applaud you and truly hope that your video does indeed go viral. I hope that this post on my little blog can help your cause.