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Proving Stupidity is Contagious!

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Amazing what a short few months can do to a person. Back in June 2016 I posted an article with a title of “I’m Not Ass Pissed Off Lately.” Here I am in Late October of 2016 and I seem to be more pissed off than ever!!

I WANT A FUCKING HOUSE! I was born in a house, raised in a house and once I married I moved to a small one bedroom apartment. I now own a “fantastic” 980 square foot condominium. It’s too small and I would love to move. I would not have a problem selling it but where in the fuck would I move to?! I have to stay in New York City for my job as well as my wife’s and even if I do sell my tiny shit hole condominium for top dollar I cannot afford to purchase a house in my own fucking neighborhood. $850,000+ for a single family, attached home with no garage? You have to be kidding me. Who in the hell would pay that much for a house that also need $100,000+ of work just to make it comparable to where the fuck I live now!!!!

SICK AND TIRED OF WORK!! Nothing like taking my tired ass to work day after fucking day to the tune of 18.5 HOURS EVERY FUCKING DAY. 1 hour set aside to commute, 16.5 hours of work, sit in traffic for an hour sometime an hour plus just to take a shit, eat dinner, take a shower, get a few hours of sleep if I’m lucky and do it all over again! My job consumes every facet of my life. “Hey KnowItAll….stop bitching and get another job!” Sure if it was that fucking easy. There is not a place on fucking earth that would pay me as much and give me a pension as well. I’m too fucking old to go back to Corporate America only to get my ass laid off in my mid 50’s! There’d be nothing like unemployment as a 52 year old trying to get a job where there is nothing but shitty jobs available.

SICK AND TIRED OF NEW YORK CITY!!! Why in the fuck is New York City so fucking expensive? I don’t get it. In Brooklyn we have the most unaffordable housing market but we also have one of the poorest counties in the country in the Bronx. It costs $8 fucking dollars to cross the White Stone Bridge, RFK Bridge, Throgs Neck Bridge and the Midtown Tunnel but if you have EZ pass that figure drops to an affordable $5.54?! Yeah I have EZ Pass but $11.08 just to make a 20 minute round trip from Queens to the Bronx and back? imagine if you live in the Bronx and worked in Queens or vice versa you would be spending $277 a fucking month in tolls. If you get the standard 2 weeks of vacation and never call in sick your yearly total for just tolls would be over $2,700 a year! Fuck driving I’ll just take the train. Sure but train fare is going up to $3 a fucking ride in 2017. Even without the train fare raise due to go into effect a 30 day Metro Card costs $116.50 right now! So if you have to take the train to work and get the standard 2 weeks vacation and never call in sick you would be spending over $1,300 in train fare!! In 2016 the median income for a family of four across New York City is $90,600. Let’s say you have an awesome accountant and your effective tax rate is 26% that would leave you with around $67,000 in gross income or $5,583.33 per month. Lets say you cram both kids into 1 bedroom so you have a 2 bedroom apartment somewhere in Queens for around $2,200 per month. Not too bad as it’s only a little under 40% of your gross income to put a roof over your fucking head! Deducting rent you are now down to $3,833.33. Let’s throw in another $100 per month for Electricity to Con Ed, $100 a month for basic Cable with Time Warner and $150 for a cell phone family plan and we’re down to $3,533.33. Let’s say you and the wife commute to Manhattan for work every day so lets deduct another $233 a month for Metro Cards and we’re looking at $3,300.33. Ah shit…people have to eat and feed their kids so lets say another $500 a month in groceries leaving us with $2,800.33. So a little over $2,800 left over each month not taking into account gift giving, personal care, clothing and entertainment. Also not taking into account as to whether the family four owns a car which may or may not have a monthly payment but would have a monthly payment of car insurance as well as spending money on gasoline. Its a fucking miracle that people are able to get by at all in New York City!!

FUCKING CAR INSURANCE!!! I don’t drive a fucking Lambo and my wife doesn’t drive a Ferrari so why in the fuck am I spending over $3,300 a year on car insurance! I haven’t had a car accident in over 20 years! My wife did have an accident but it was a NO FAULT ACCIDENT and that was well over 2 years ago yet still I’m getting banged for over $280 a month in car insurance. Better yet this is the cheapest fucking car insurance I can get for full coverage on 2 cars. I shopped around until I was tired of shopping around only to ultimately find that there is no car insurance company in the fucking country that can give me cheaper car insurance than the $3,300+ a fucking year I’m paying now! What’s even more ridiculous is that I was actually spending over $330 a month until I decided to get rid of my sports sedan and get something a bit more economical and affordable. What’s crazy is that New York City is supposedly 13th in car insurance premiums. If I lived in Detroit I would probably go on a shooting spree but than again I could buy a nice house in Detroit for around $150K.

I could continue to write but I would think you all get the gist as to why I’m more pissed off than ever.

I love cars and I love performance but it seems the American automotive industry is missing something and something obvious. Where in the hell can I buy an AWD Performance Muscle Car that doesn’t cost over $80,000!?

I have a job where regardless of weather, I’m expected to faithfully and dutifully show up for work. I love AMERICAN MUSCLE but what I don’t and wouldn’t love is trying to get to work in a foot of snow in a rear wheel drive (RWD) monster around a tight corner.

I’ve read ridiculous crap online such as that “True American muscle is a rear wheel drive (RWD) car that produces 400+ horsepower (HP) that was inspired by the muscle car era of the 70’s.” We’re in 2016 so why not redefine American Muscle? Why can’t the new American Muscle be redefined as American Performance that isn’t rear wheel drive (RWD)?

For those of us who have to get to work “no matter what” or who live in areas where snowfall is as common as breathing there are few options for American made all wheel drive (AWD) performance vehicles. There’s the AWD Dodge Charger that is the size of a small fortress and the $80,000+ Cadillac CTS-V. Of course you can get a Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT but it’s a truck and AWD. An AWD truck is as common as a peanut butter and jelly also commonly known as a 4×4.

As far as I’m concerned, the only true performance AWD car is the Subaru WRX, especially since Mitsubishi no longer makes Ralliart editions. Performance wise it fits the bill but in my opinion it’s ugly as hell. It’s like having a girlfriend with a 4 inch waist, double D’s and a nice round rump but you only want to be seen with her in public if she has a paper bag over her head.

I’ve always wanted a Ford Mustang. It growls, looks pissed off and screams “Get the hell out of my way!” but of course its only available in rear wheel drive (RWD). The Ford Focus ST looks awesome and I would buy one in a heart beat if I could get an automatic! While I’m at it why in the hell is it that performance has to be with a manual transmission? Super Cars of this era have automatic transmissions! Know why? The automatic transmission can shift faster, more smoothly and provide better performance that any person manually shifting the transmission!! If you don’t agree than I suggest you argue with Lamborghini and Ferrari who no longer offer manual transmissions!!! What I want is a badass looking, automatic, all wheel drive (AWD) American made performance car that as of this posting doesn’t exist. If it did it could be called the NEW AMERICAN MUSCLE CAR!!!

If you don’t thinks there’s a market for an AWD performance vehicle Subaru will beg to differ as they sold over 30,000 Subaru WRX/STI’s in 2015 and as of September 2016 have sold over 25,000. Granted the Subaru STI only comes in manual but the WRX can be purchased as an automatic. Why can’t an American automaker do the same thing? There is news that Dodge will be making an AWD V6 Challenger which I’m excited about but of course the Challenger is a coupe and I need a freaking sedan. The up and coming Ford Focus RS fits the bill as it’s mean looking and all wheel drive (AWD) but it only comes with a manual transmission!!

I guess I’ll just have to keep waiting or settle for a rice eater!!!!

I’m not too old but I feel myself getting there if you know what I mean. Things are so drastically different from when I was a kid it’s driving me crazy. America is now a nation of pussies. For the sake of this post I will describe the pussification of America as I see it unfold before my eyes.

PARTICIPATION TROPHIES!!!! Participation trophies? Oh I know, all the kids are good at sports so they get an A for effort. It doesn’t matter if the kid is good at the respective sport. All the kids needs to feel like winners! WTF!!!! If you suck at something you should not be rewarded. It should be more of a “Wow I suck at this, maybe I should try something different.” Instead our young children are being raised to believe that by simply trying something you suck at should result in a reward. What kind of backwards ass thinking is this?

IN SCHOOL CHILDREN ARE UNIQUE!!!! Let’s call the word “UNIQUE” what it actually is…..not as smart as the other children. I would never purposely wish stupidity on people but can we simply call a spade a freaking spade? The kid isn’t unique he’s simply not as smart or dumb compared to the other children. It’s better for these kids to know that they’re dumb than to fool them into thinking “The world will know I’m unique.”

ENTITLEMENT!!!!! Earlier today I was on FB and watched a “compelling” video of a returning veteran who works at KFC as a cook. He stated with conviction that he fought for this country and when he returned home chose to gain employment at KFC as a cook as he enjoys feeding people and that’s his passion. Yet he can’t afford to feed his family on minimum wage. Therefore, he needs $15 an hour!!! I have the utmost respect for our servicemen and women but as I had the choice to enter the military or not so did this particular gentleman. He chose to join the service they same way he decided to no longer be in the service and opted instead to become a cook at KFC. Sorry but just because you’re a former military man it doesn’t entitle you to earn $15 because you’re passionate about cooking Original Recipe Fried Chicken. Hell, I’m passionate about sitting in my undies, drinking beer and playing PS4 for 5 hours on an off day but should I get $15 an hour for doing so because I’m passionate about it or does it make more sense to obtain a job that can actually pay the bills?

EVEN MORE ENTITLEMENT!!!! A scenario: Born and raised in the USA you get shitty grades and decide to pass on college. Instead you drink and smoke weed all day and than decide its time to put your big boy pants on and start on life. You meet a great girl, decide to get married and spit out 5 kids yet it’s society’s fault you can’t get a job that pays more than minimum wage and you can’t put food on the table. “The RICH NEED TO PAY THEIR FAIR SHARE!!!” They already do!!!! The top 1% already pay nearly half of all federal income taxes! Why is it that politicians, as in “DEMOCRATS” love to use the “The wealthy need to pay their fair share” bullshit? Pussification states that when you give yourself lemons you need someone else to make the fucking lemonade? What the fuck ever happened to personal accountability? The land of opportunity is more like the land of punishing those who are successful and having them foot the bill for the unsuccessful.

USE YOUR WORDS!!!! A 10 year old gets punched in the face but its wrong to fight back. When the kid gets hit with a right cross instead of defending himself he is to use words? “Excuse Mr. Bully, why did you punch me in the face with a right cross? Mr. Bully why do you treat people this way?” You have to be kidding me! This situation happened to my little guy a few years back. A bigger kid struck him and he did what I taught him to do as to defend himself or in this case beat the balls of the aggressor. Had he not stood up for himself he now become a target and deals with crap this everyday. As he did stand up for himself all the little savages that were watching knew that he wasn’t the one to mess with. I’m not saying violence is always the answer but violence can be an answer at times. It this “Use your words” mentality that has kids jumping out of freaking windows due to FB posts and tweets.

POLITICAL CORRECTNESS!!! I don’t know when this happened but it seems to be that the minority of the US of A is changing the landscape for the majority. What do I mean by this? “I identify as a woman although I have an 8 inch cock. As such it should be my right to use the women’s restroom!” I don’t give a rats ass what you identify as. If you have a dick you are a man! Step into the men’s room, whip out your schlong and take a piss at the urinal. If you have a vajayjay it means you don’t have a dick so take your ass to the appropriate rest room. What is the world coming to? Since a small percentage of people in this country identify as transgender the rest of the population has to deal with unisex restrooms? If I had a daughter there is no way in hell that I would allow a MAN to enter the restroom at the same time as her! Does this make me a hater? Maybe so but I don’t give a damn about political correctness. “He’s not a midget he’s a little person.” Yup!!!! Leave political correctness to the politicians and leave the rest of us alone!

Sad but true….America is now a nation of pussies!

I have been a registered Democrat since I turned 18 and have always vote for the Democratic party. However, come this November there is no way in freaking hell that Hillary Clinton is getting this voters vote.

Why is it that I hate Hillary Clinton with such conviction? She is the very definition of a politician. All talk and no action. I have been getting turned off by the Democratic party for some time now but Hillary put me over the tipping point. From her fake smile to the way she speaks simply turns me off.

I freaking hate Here are a the Key Findings:

· Hillary Clinton would enact a number of tax policies that would raise taxes on individual and business income.

· Hillary Clinton’s plan would raise tax revenue by $498 billion over the next decade on a static basis. However, the plan would end up collecting $191 billion over the next decade when accounting for decreased economic output in the long run.

· A majority of the revenue raised by Clinton’s plan would come from a cap on itemized deductions, the Buffett Rule, and a 4 percent surtax on taxpayers with incomes over $5 million.

· Clinton’s proposals to alter the long-term capital gains rate schedule would actually reduce revenue on both a static and dynamic basis due to increased incentives to delay capital gains realizations.

· According to the Tax Foundation’s Taxes and Growth Model, the plan would reduce GDP by 1 percent over the long-term due to slightly higher marginal tax rates on capital and labor.

· On a static basis, the tax plan would lead to 0.7 percent lower after-tax income for the top 10 percent of taxpayers and 1.7 percent lower income for the top 1 percent. When accounting for reduced GDP, after-tax incomes of all taxpayers would fall by at least 0.9 percent.

I don’t now about you but I’m sick of being taxed to death! With Hillary’s tax plan its same old same. Let’s raise taxes to pay for more shit that we don’t need. But KnowItAll, isn’t it time that the top 1% pay their fair share? Newsflash people, the top 1% pay close to 50% of all Federal Income Taxes!!!! This is supposed to be the land of opportunity yet it seems to be the same old same of the more you make the more they take! It’s no secret that unemployment is an issue so why not roll with Hillary and lose an additional 300,000+ jobs while decreasing the GDP by 1%!!!!

I have to admit that I’m disappointed that Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are the 2 choices but I’m not throwing away my vote. I will be voting for Donald Trump come November. To be 100% honest I don’t give a rats ass about a private conversation that is a decade old. What I do care about is Illegal Immigration, Taxes and spending.

Trump’s tax plan decrease taxes across the board for everyone including the top 1% which I don’t have a problem with. The problem in this country is not that we don’t generate enough money it’s that government continuously pisses it away. Trump’s tax plan would require massive spending cuts which is not a bad thing. I like that Trump wants to tax the ever loving crap out of countries who don’t pay a dime to us now and wants us to stop being the police of the world unless we’re compensated to do so.

Hillary will not change anything should she be elected. All we’ll get is more taxes, more regulation, less jobs and less money in our pockets. If that seems appealing to you than go ahead and cast your vote.

It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of NBA 2K’s My Career Mode. I 100% hated NBA2K16’s My Career mode with the debacle of a story line created by Spike Lee. However, I was absolutely blown away by My Career mode in NBA2K17.

Your nickname is Prez, short for President as you have an American flag blowing behind you when you make your college announcement. I decided to take my PG basketball talents to UConn where I wound up winning the National Championship which resulted in my being drafted 10th overall by the Milwaukee Bucks. A young team with a ton of upside.

I started off as an overall 58 and quickly earned VC by attending open practices and using drills such as sprints, vertical jumps, ladder, hand/eye and squats. From time to time teammates stop over your place to hoist up 3’s, play one on one and even 3 on 3’s. After about 18 games I became a started along with teammate Justice Young. I played a total of 52 through the all star game where I won All Star Game MVP and decided to sim the rest of the season. I won Rookie of the Year as well as League MVP…no too shabby.

I made it to the 2nd round of the playoffs as I played one game and simulated one game before getting bounced by the Toronto Raptors. I thought I had a 4 year deal but at the end of the season I became a free agent and decided to leave Milwaukee for the bright lights of New York City as I signed on with the New York Knicks. To be honest I became a bit tired of the whole “Orange Juice” thing, a name that you and teammate Justice Young come up with during the course of the season and hoped I could part ways.

Unfortunately Justice also signed on with the Knicks so I’m stuck with Orange Juice for at least another season. One thing that I found to be a bit odd is that even though I signed a contract for 315 VC per game I don’t know how long the contract is for. I’m at the beginning of season 2 but hope that you do not become a free agent after every season.

The AI is much improved. The AI will set picks and screens to get open although one thing I absolutely hate is that it seems that almost all low post offense results in a foul. However, you don’t always have to call for the ball as in games past as teammates seem to be more willing to pass you the ball if you’re open.

I stared off playing on Pro but my numbers were getting ridiculous. On Pro it’s super easy to steal the ball. My player was turning into a quadruple double machine so I decided to play on All Star. As my player in now an overall 89 my numbers are once again going into ridiculous territory. My last game against my former team, the Milwaukee Bucks, I dropped 52 points, had 18 assists to go along with 8 boards. I’m seriously considering playing on Superstar but I do turn the ball over a ton and am not quite sure if I want to average 7 turnovers a game on Superstar.

For some reason regardless of difficulty level with 12 minute quarters your team seems to score 130 a game. I found 9 minutes quarters to be ideal as the final score is much more realistic and you can still put up decent numbers. One thing that I will say is that there are some games where the team you play against will not miss! It seems every jumper goes in and every rebound goes directly to the other team.

There is a ton to like about NBA2k17’s My Career Mode but there are a few things that I dislike. For one, missing team practices can result in loss of playing time. You also cannot simulate games without missing endorsement meetings and team practices. You also cannot skip cut scenes which I really don’t like as if I decide to create another player I have to sit through all the cut scenes again. There are also a few glitches that I have come across in season 2. The 1st is that during my first game of season 2 the commentators were talking about me going to the all star game. Really after one freaking game? The 2nd is that my cell phone seems to be stuck with 1 message even though I don’t have any new messages. It’s nothing major but it is a bit annoying. You also have attribute caps depending on what you make your player. For example, I’m a Sharp Shooting PG. As such I do have playmaking ability but will never be the 2nd coming of Pistol Pete.

All in all I really like NBA2K17’s My Career mode and am having a ton of fun playing it.