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Proving Stupidity is Contagious!

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Amusing that I posted a few days ago that I’m not as pissed off as I used to be. Now this fucking Islamic piece of shit Omar Mir Seddique Mateen has to kill 49 people and injure another 50 at a gay club in Orlando, Florida!!!!

I’m sick to death over radical Islamic terrorists! What the fuck is wrong with these assholes? I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again….Islam and the United States of America cannot and will not co-exist!!!!

UGGHHHHH FUCK Omar Mir Seddique Mateen!!! This, thankfully now dead MUSLIM was apparently bi-polar and used to beat his wife. What a fucking man! Than again, beating your wife is pretty much common practice in Muslim controlled countries.  I don’t give a rats ass about what people think about Donald Trump! When Trump becomes Commander in Chief I hope that he levels every fucking country in the Middle East!!!!

But, but….KnowItAll, religious freedom is what makes America great. No it fucking doesn’t! People want to say over and over again how money is the root of all evil but logically speaking RELIGION is the root of all evil. In my almost 40 years on this planet I’ve found religious zealots to be the most ignorant, non understanding people walking the earth and I don’t give a flying fuck as to what religion becomes it’s all the fucking same!

People are oh so fucking concerned about what is going to happen to them when they die. You know what happens when you fucking die? YOU DIE! That’s it! Light’s out, ball game over!!! Don’t agree? Introduce me to one fucking person on planet earth that was actually DEAD and came back! No, I’m not talking about a walking zombie Jew either!! Besides no fucking person on earth as talked to this Santa Claus either unless speaking telepathically to a dead person who never answers counts for anything!

What the fuck did these people in Orlando do wrong? Oh I know they were gay! Who gives a flying fuck?! Apparently Omar Mir Seddique Mateen did without ever taking into consideration that just because a person is hanging out in a gay club doesn’t make them gay! Want to know who hangs out with gay males the most? Really fucking hot straight women!!!!!!

The main problem with Islam and America is that America has turned into one GIANT fucking pussy! Fuck being politically correct. Let’s do something we should have done a long fucking time ago. Make any person who praises or agrees with Radical Islam automatically guilty of treason, punishable by immediate death!!!!!

We can record the 1st execution and announce to the world that for every innocent life taken by an act of Islamic terrorism we’re going to kill 10 Muslims!!!!! Line them all up, shoot each of the 10 in the head. Take a piss and shit on them and finish it off by poking them all with a Wiffle ball bat! That’s right I said Muslims not radical Muslims as they’re all cut from the same cloth!  Let’s see 49 dead and 50 injured. Let’s call it 490 DEAD MUSLIMS and 100 MOSQUES burnt to the fucking ground.

Ever heard of the movie called the Purge? If you haven’t it’s a movie about open season and killing anyone you want to keep the population in control. Good idea but not perfect! What would be perfect is that 1 day each and every fucking year it’s open season on Islam/Muslims in America. We get to hunt down and remove as many Islams from the face of the earth as possible. A few years of this shit and Islam would be permanently removed from the US of A!!!!!!

FUCK Omar Mir Seddique Mateen! FUCK Omar Mir Seddique Mateen!! And if I wasn’t clear enough FUCK OMAR MIR SEDDIQUE MATEEN!!! While I’m at it FUCK ISLAM! FUCK Islam!! FUCK ISLAM!!!

The end of days is upon us and we can all thank ISLAM!

I hope this fucking asshole makes people open their fucking eyes to the fact that you can’t deal with or contain crazy. ISLAM is crazy and the only way to combat it is to be twice as FUCKED UP!








It’s no secret that I started this blog in order to create an outlet in which to vent. I find myself posting less and less these days and as a result my traffic has decreased steadily to a level I haven’t seen since I started this blog, going on 6 years now.

I was thinking about posting on this blog a few days ago when I realized something that startled me a bit. I had nothing to post about! It used to be super easy for me to go 0-100 on just about anything but it doesn’t seem to be the case anymore. I asked myself a few questions. What am I pissed off about or what has really pissed me off lately. The answer was simply “I’m not as pissed off lately.”

I’m not pissed off lately? Seriously? Amazingly enough I can’t seem to think about much of anything that is pissing me off. But why? I think a part of it is that I’m a bit older and wiser but when I get to the root of why I’m not as pissed off lately and analyze things a bit I think that I’m just in a good place.  Why?

When I started this blog I was working job(s) that I hated and wasn’t making enough money. It was really easy for me to become stressed, as anyone would be, when you seem to be working for no other reason than to pay bills. It used to be money comes in and money goes right out. I used to rack my brain with ways to become financially stable. Fast forward and I still work a job that I absolutely hate but I’ve been getting paid really really well.  I came to the realization that there are few people in the world that are fortunate enough to do what they love and earn a really good living. If I have to work a job that I hate at least I’m getting paid well for it which is more than many people can say.

I used to get really pissed off at ignorance and stupidity in general and although it does get to me some times I find it getting to me less and less these days. I think I came to the realization that some of us are just more intelligent than others and although it appears that the stupid are winning I’m thankful I’m not one of them. Hey most people are ignorant, dumb animals but what can you really do about it?

Nothing would irritate me more than some get rich quick internet mlm business being marketed as the next BIG thing when I knew that it was absolute garbage and I would go out of my way to create posts on this blog to blow the whistle. What I found more often than not was going back and forth with believers of whatever the heck I ripped apart. What’s the point? Like I said most people are stupid and will continue to get ripped off by online money making schemes and BS mlm “opportunities.” If a person does get ripped off than good. If a person is smart enough to market what an intelligent person would deem absolute garbage to the masses of stupid people than good for that person.

I would dwell on the past and drive myself crazy with “OHHHH what could have been!” I realize now that I was doing nothing but making myself miserable. Absent of a time machine there was nothing I could do to change the past and since I have no way to travel back and time in order to change things, what was I doing to myself? I’ll admit that it wasn’t easy but I decided to let the past stay in the past and concentrate on the here and now with an eye on the future. The things in my past that I used to dwell on that would make me angry now sometimes bring a smile to my face. Many, many things had nothing more than being young and naive. Being who I am today there would be no way that I would allow myself to do those things but I guess that’s what makes me wiser. Those things were learning experiences, albeit  EXPENSIVE learning experiences but those learning experiences are what makes us who we are.

I used to absolutely hate my car and even created a post about how new cars were too expensive. Thinking back the post wasn’t really about how new cars were too expensive but more so that I couldn’t afford to buy a new car let alone the car I REALLY REALLY wanted. Things have changed. Although it was a but much on my finances I did something that was needed. I went out and purchased not just a new car but the new car that I REALLY REALLY wanted. Sure I still hate my job and there are days when I think that I would rather do anything else but the feeling goes away as I start my engine, put the radio on ear shattering levels and put the pedal to the metal and take off like a bat out of hell. My job sucks but at least it put me into a financial position to get my greatest toy ever. I love my car and little by little I’m putting a few bucks aside to make little upgrades here and there. Tinted windows? Check! Wind deflectors? Check! Awesome set of racing rims? CHECK. Exhaust system? Not yet but I’ll have that as a birthday present to myself next year. What I find amazing is that something as simple as the vehicle I drive could have such an impact on my happiness. It’s not practical as in terrible on gas and a high insurance premium, even though I haven’t had a car accident in over 10 years and never ever received a moving violation, but just like Ricky Bobby this guy likes to GO FAST!

I have an awesome wife! Stating that most marriages end in divorce is like saying the sky is blue. I’m fortunate that I was able to find someone that not only makes me happy but who is also by best friend. She’s truly is my better half. For everything that I’m not she is. She’s always supported me, mentally as well as financially (most of the time and not so much these days) , since the start of our relationship. There is nothing more that I enjoy than simply sitting on the couch on talking about how our respective day went. She’s caring, intelligent, sexy and can be the silliest person I know at times. She lives in her own little bubble and is 100% comfortable with that. She’s of course is not perfect, as none of us are, but she’s perfect for me and I’m oh so thankful. How many people can say they’ve been with their better half for half of their life and still going strong?

I have an awesome kid! My kid is my most favorite thing in the world. Sure there are times when I wanted to absolutely kill him but what parent doesn’t get that feeling? He makes me proud each and every day. He’s like an old man in a little kids body. He’s a bit shy and lacks a bit of confidence but he’s still a kid and that’s what growing up is all about. He is so much smarter than I was and I hope that he embraces education and becomes everything that I’m not. I hope that he makes the right choices in life and that he one day meets the love of his life, had a successful marriage and children of his own. I don’t know if what I hope will become a reality but I will do and continue to do whatever I can to keep him on the right path. So far so good and I’m just really thankful and happy that not only is he super smart but that he’s happy and healthy. There are people who want children more than anything but can’t have children for a variety of reasons. Thankfully I’m not one of them.

I have awesome friends. Sure I don’t see them as much as I like. It’s way different being a teenager and in your early twenties starting out life than it is when you and they become married, have children and have little to no free time. I do know that if I ever truly needed any of them they would be there in a heartbeat as I would be there for them. Times do change. No longer is going out and partying, playing drinking games or calling in sick just to hang out later than you should. Amazing how getting together at a BBQ and talking about kids, insurance, investments and just plain old BS replaces what once was but it’s still as enjoyable. Besides drinking a little too much does still happen from time to time.

I attribute all of the above as to why I’m not ass pissed of lately. I think I’m just in a really good place right now and I hope that for as much things will change throughout the years to come things will stay the same. It wasn’t always that way but this is my new reality. Stupidity is still contagious and always will be but I just don’t care about it as much as I once did.

I hope that if you came across this post and see similarities between who you are now and who I was at a time in my life it at least gives you hope that things will change and even more so provides you with a few questions and a moment of self reflection to take a look at things and how you have the power to at least change some of it.



I love the game of baseball. I have to thank my father for my love for the game. My earliest childhood memories were of my father sitting in the living room, smoking a cigarette and drinking a beer, watching the New York Yankees play a game of baseball on channel 11.

My dad used to take me to Yankee Stadium a handful of times per year and I always had an absolute blast. The smell of hot dogs cooking, the pop that the baseball would make after leaving the pitchers hand and landing in the catchers mitt and the most amazing sound ever! The crack of the bat as the hitter put a good swing on the pitch and smoked the ball!!

I had never thought of actually betting on baseball but in my late twenties discovered that I had a talent. I could look at the match ups and pick what team would win. At that time I had been watching the game of baseball for over twenty years. Could I actually make money wagering on baseball? The answer was an astounding yes!

Betting on sports in the “Land of the free” is illegal, unless in your Las Vegas of course, so I had no choice being in New Yorker than to take my new found money making scheme online. I excitedly opened an online sports book account that was known for paying out to the good old US of A, went out and got a pre-paid debit card and funded my account with $500.

I was on fire and couldn’t be stopped. My $500 deposit quickly grew to over a grand ($1,000). I had a buddy who worked as an insurance salesman for some crock of shit insurance agency in Long Island and found out that there was a guy in his office that was taking action. I met with the guy, shook his hand, was given a url, a username and password and I was in business.


I still had my online sports book account going and had my winning days and losing days but I was still way up. I decided to go “stupid” with my buddy’s guy and started wager big! Long story short after one (1) week I was down $2,000! For the next two (2) weeks I slowly dug my way out of my hole.

During that time I was also a member of an online sports book forum. I would post my plays everyday, get feedback, discuss games, cheer when I won, cry when I lost but it was a blast. I happened to post how I was “buried” on this online sports book forum and how I was looking for someone to take my action. I received an email, chatted for a bit with the sticking point of “If I lose I’ll pay but if I win I expect you to pay as well” and opened an account.


I was on fire once again and slowly recouping my losses from my buddy’s guy. In comes week 3 of my adventure. I bet heavy with my buddy’s guy and not so heavy with the guy I met through the online sports book forum. I hit!!! My buddy’s guy owed me over $1,700 and my online sports book forum guy owed me over $600! I was on cloud 9! Not only did I recoup all of my losses but I was up over 2 g’s!


I called my buddy’s guy to meet up when I was met with a “Yeah sure!” I called my online sports book forum guy and got nothing by voicemail. WTF was going on?!  When I lost I paid so why in the fuck can’t I get paid when I win?!

My buddy’s guy wound up getting locked up for a bar fight and had a warrant so I couldn’t collect. Fucking great! This fucker owed me over $1,700 and I wasn’t going to get it?! I was even with this fuck and he had to get locked up! Bye, bye to over $1,700.

Moving on to my online sports book forum guy who wasn’t picking up his phone or calling me back. After being stiffed for over $1,700 I was on a mission to get my $600+ and that I did. I did a reverse search, found out who his cell provider was and called in a favor to a friend who worked at said cell phone provider. I now had his name and address which was an absolute shock to him when he finally decided to call me back. The conversation was that he wasn’t going to pay me since he didn’t have to since I had no idea who he was. The smile that came across my face when I yelled through the phone “I know exactly who you are and if I don’t have my money in the next hour I’m going to show up at xxxxxxxxxxxxx and take it on your ass while your parents watch!” I didn’t get my money in an hour but later that night I went to a check cashing/Western Union joint and collected.

Instead of cashing out the over $3,000 I had in my online sports book I lost it all in one (1) fucking day betting on football. Football! The one sport I should never bet on cost me all my $$$$.

I was back to square one (1). All this shit only to wind up in the hole $500!! Fucking football!! I vowed to never, ever bet on sports again.


I hadn’t laid a bet in well over 6 years. I would ever know if an online sports book would pay out since the online sports book I used to use was no longer taking action from the USA and I wasn’t going to subject myself to an assault charge by kicking the shit out of a local bookie who didn’t want to pay up. I was done!

I was working for a company as a salesman when I was told to “Pack your bags, you’re going to VEGAS for a trade show.” VEGAS as in LAS VEGAS?!” I was excited to go to Las Vegas but had an out of body experience as I walked through the hotel gambling area and discovered the “sports book.” Holy shit……. I can just walk up to the counter and place a wager on a fucking baseball game. Big screen televisions were everywhere and baseball odds were right in front of my face. I can’t even describe what I was feeling that day.


Yes I was in Las Vegas for work. Yes I wasn’t in good financial standing. However I did have $1,000 on me. I don’t know why I did it but I did do it. I laid $1,000 on the Yankees on opening day against the Angels at terrible, never lay that heavy odds of over -200. I went up to the counter, put up my $1,000 down on the counter and stated “A G on the Yanks on the MONEY LINE!!” I did feel a bit stupid when the clerk told me that a bet is on the money line unless otherwise stated so I gave a “I’m dumb” laugh and dropped $1,000 on the Yankees to win at -200. I just dropped $1,000 to win $500 and had to go to work at a trade show for 8 hours. WTF WAS WRONG WITH ME?

As I worked the trade show I didn’t think once about what I would do if I lost. I knew I wasn’t going to lose. The Yankees at that time never lost on opening day (FUCKING STUPID) and it was easy money. After the trade show I collected my $500. I turned that $500 profit into a little under $5,000 in 3 fucking day’s!!!!!!!


The plane landed in JFK and I was floating on air. If only I lived in Las Vegas. Money wouldn’t mean a fucking thing. I made more money in three (3) days than I did in 2 fucking months at work, working over 40 hours a week and being stressed the fuck out.

I was now back in the “City That Never Sleeps” where wagering on sports is illegal. I told my wife that we could leave this shit hole city behind us, cash the fuck out and live an awesome life in the dessert. She wasn’t having any of my shit! In order to convince her I started making paper bets with $1,000 units on an Excel spreadsheet and in a little over a fucking month I was up over $100,000!!!!!

Bottom line is that my marriage wasn’t going very well at the time and I love my wife more than life itself. There was no way to convince her that being the husband of a pro baseball gambler was the way to go and she’s not that type of person. She works hard, is not materialistic and is happy living a “normal life.” Work, get your pension and retire. I admire her to this day as she is everything that I am not. IT WAS OVER AND OVER FOR GOOD! Or was it?


From time to time I would get the bug and start capping baseball games just for “fun.” However it’s less like fun and more like torture when you know you can make more money on a fucking wager than you do in a week. It fucking sucks when you know the thing you can do best is illegal. It’s like being the worlds best crack dealer!

A fucking decade has passed since I bet on baseball, capped a fucking game or even paper played but you lucky fucks are going to be able to do what I should be doing by simply following my baseball picks. DISCLAIMER – BETTING ON SPORTS IS ILLEGAL EVERYWHERE IN THE U.S.A. EXCEPT FOR LAS VEGAS, NEVADA. IF YOU ARE TO FOLLOW ME AND PLACE WAGERS YOU ARE TO LIVE AND RESIDE IN LAS VEGAS NEVADA. 

I’m older and wiser which is why I’m going to share the DON’T  DO LIST with you.

1. Don’t EVER gamble more than you can afford to lose. Not being able to pay your rent because the White Sox beat the Twins in extra’s is not a good look.

2. DON’T FUCKING CHASE! The baseball season is a marathon and not a sprint. Each team plays 162 games which gives you well plenty of opportunity to make money. You’re going to have a bad run and wagering larger than you normally would just to recoup your losses is what a DEGENERATE does.

3. DON’T GAMBLE ON YOUR TEAM TO LOSE! I’m a die hard Yankees fan as in I’m a homer. As a die hard fan I want them to win every game they play but they won’t of course.I could bet against the Yankees when I think they’ll lose but that would take the joy of the game from me. If I bet on my team its when I know they’ll win. I can’t imagine watching a Yankee game and being happy when they lose.

4. DON’T FEEL LIKE YOU HAVE TO BET EVERY DAY!  As I stated earlier I’m older and wiser and know I’m good at betting on baseball as betting on baseball is easy for me. In order to make stupid money by betting on baseball you have to pick your spots. You don’t have to bet everyday and you shouldn’t. Betting everyday = BURIED!

5. DON”T WAGER ON BASEBALL IF YOU DON;T KNOW BASEBALL! I lost my shirt by betting on football when I had no business betting on football. Don’t bet on baseball unless you KNOW BASEBALL!

So why this long ass over 1950 word count post?  I’m going to be posting my baseball picks here on StupidityIsContagious.com for the rest of the 2016 baseball season. It won’t be every day as every day as that  is what a degenerate gambler does.